France: Attempt to Discredit and Silence Tariq Ramadan

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Sami Ramadan discusses his family’s ongoing legal fight for due process in the case of his father Tariq Ramadan.

He explains that when the accusers came forward last October his father viewed this as another attempt to silence him as had been the long standing history in France - it is a known fact the accusers had been in touch with his sworn enemies.

But his father had faith in the justice system thinking they would treat him fairly.

What we see today is totally the opposite.

From day one, the justice system and the judges consistently denied his rights.

The family have legitimate questions with the discriminatory manner Tariq Ramadan has been treated, despite demonstrating legally that the accusations are full of holes and have fallen apart.

Sami Ramadan also explained the French political context. Tariq Ramadan represents the emergence of a European Muslim intellectual elite and response from French politicians from the left and right to his ideas on Islam, identity and the vivre ensemble have been totally rejected.

In fact, there is outright hatred for him because he speaks not of passive “integration” to which Muslims must submit but of active and free “participation.”

For many, such a message, coming from Muslim personalities who dare to refer to anything other than the modern Euro-centric model, is unacceptable.

Published on Aug 28, 2018

  Category: Audio, Featured, Highlights, Life & Society
  Topics: Injustice, Tariq Ramadan
Views: 1453

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