Who is Next.....?

Islamic Supreme Council of Canada

The escalation of hostilities between India and Pakistan is setting up the stage for the next phase of war against Muslim countries. After September 11 terrorists attacks in New York and Washington DC when United States started the war against terrorism, President Bush made it very clear that the attacks on Afghanistan is just a beginning of a long war. It is evident that the United States is targeting Muslim countries only and using terrorism as an excuse. Although there have been several known terrorists organizations, USA is not concerned about them. For example; Tamil Tigers of Sri Lanka has the most sophisticated suicide bombers and horrible record of terrorism. The drug Mafia of South America carries out more number of terrorist attacks on US interests than any Middle Eastern group. The separatists in Spain carry out deadly attacks in Spain. The IRA in UK and Ireland is still a threat for UK. The Red Armies of Japan and Italy do have their networks of terrorism. But US government cares less about them. It is clear that the US government has a bigger plan than just eliminating Al-Qaeda terrorist network. US government is using Al-Qaeda as a scapegoat in order to impose the New World order of the US government. 

The New World order of the US government is an Old World order. This New World order is similar to what European powers had when they made third world countries as their colonies. For example; when British occupied India they did not remove NAWABs, RAJAs and MAHARAJA's of various states within India. In fact, British government encouraged and helped these NAWABs, RAJAs and MAHARAJAs in their rule. The British government used them in order to maintain control over India. The NAWABs, RAJAs and MAHARAJAs were told to keep law and order in their territory and punish or eliminate any person or group in their territory who create or may create problem for British rule in India. British rulers used to control public through these NAWABs, RAJAs and MAHARAJAs. If any NAWAB, RAJA or MAHARAJA failed to serve the British purpose then he was removed immediately. This policy helped the British rulers not to get involved in direct confrontation with the local people and minimize British casualties.

The US government has taken the same old British approach of divide and rule. The war in Afghanistan is wrapping up quickly, US government wants to go to the next target. The potential next target is Pakistan. But one may say that how US will go after Pakistan? Pakistan helped US to succeed in Afghanistan. Pakistan was US ally in Afghanistan. However, we must understand the difference between Pakistan being an ally of US and US as an ally of Pakistan. When US government decided to attack on Afghanistan after September 11 attacks, Pakistan government had no choice but to be an ally of USA. General Musharraf made the best decision under given circumstances. Otherwise, America would have started its bombing campaign from Pakistan. However, General Musharraf did not change the US targets list. General Musharraf's decision to support USA during the war in Afghanistan only "delayed" the attacks on Pakistan. 

Under the present circumstance, it will be difficult for USA to justify attacks on Pakistan. On the other side, Pakistan's nuclear installations, strong army and strong Muslim population are considered as threats not only for India but also for USA. In order to remove these threats and still remain innocent, US would like to use India to attack on Pakistan. The recent drama of Airplane hijacking in India and the suicide bombing attacks on Indian Parliament are part of a carefully developed plan. It is absolutely wrong to say that Pakistan is involved in these incidents. When Pakistan knows that its enemies are looking for an excuse to attack on Pakistan then why Pakistan will provide that excuse? Last week, the way President Bush spoke in favor of India and blamed Pakistan for having terrorists in Pakistan indicates that the US will not hesitate to change its policies with the blink of an eye. US have proved many times in the past that Pakistan is like a napkin. When USA needs Pakistan, Pakistan becomes valuable and important friend but as soon as the mission is accomplished Pakistan becomes a used napkin and goes into trash. 

US campaign will not stop in Afghanistan or Pakistan. It is about all Muslim countries. This is a new campaign of colonialism and imperialism. America was looking for an opportunity or excuse to start this campaign. September 11 incidents provided that opportunity and excuse. 

There has always been a foreign country or an ethnic group target of US policies. US government had never been at peace completely. For example; the settlements in America started with the hostilities against Native Indians. Then, war against British rule, civil war, occupation of Philippine, World War I, World War II, atomic bombing of Japan, War against Vietnam, War against Korea, long and hateful slavery of Black people, continued hostile relations with Cuba, cold War against Russia and East Europeans, Gulf War against Iraq, etc.. After the Cold War era people thought that peace might come to America but peace is not in American nature. Therefore, America selected a new target of conflict called "Muslims" because US thinks that the followers of Islamic faith are capable of challenging US desire to control the world.

Strategically Pakistan is located at the gate of the Muslim world. Next to Pakistan is Iran. As we all know, Iran is the only Muslim country, which did not surrender to "mighty" superpower of the world and survived. USA has a long outstanding hate for Iran's Islamic government. In order to make a tighter circle around Iran, US needs control over Iran's surrounding countries. In Turkey, US already has bases. Afghanistan has now become a new US colony (Once USA will be out of money in Afghanistan things will quickly change). If USA gets control over Pakistan then it will be easy (apparently) for USA to squeeze Iranian government.

As far as Iraq is concerned, the bombardment and sanctions are being carried out since early 90's. The Iraqi people are used to these attacks and sanctions. What seems to have changed is the desire in USA about Saddam Hussain. After the Gulf War, Saddam Hussein was purposely protected and kept as the ruler of Iraq. The presence of Saddam Hussain gave an excuse to USA to be stationed in Saudi Arabia and other neighbouring countries. Now, US government is talking about the removal of Saddam Hussain. This excuse will provide more opportunities to destroy Iraq, just like Afghanistan. After the removal of Saddam Hussain, British and US forces can stay in the region by using another excuse called "peace keeping and humanitarian mission". How long this "peace keeping and humanitarian mission" will continue? No one knows.

After Iraq, the next in line is Lebanon. US cannot forget the killings of hundreds of its marines in Beirut. The excuse in Lebanon is Hizbullah. Hizbullah has not only been allegedly engaged in attacking American interests in the Middle East, but Hizbullah is also a big threat to Israel. On the other side, the Syrian connection of Hizbullah is also a strong excuse for the Americans to infiltrate in Lebanon and Syria. 

The issue of Palestine has to be kept alive in order to propagate hate for Arabs and Muslims. Apparently, it is the US policy to pump modern weaponry into Israel and to keep Palestinians at bare minimum. This way the Palestinians cannot have more than few suicide bombers to defend themselves. This policy works for the western people. Because when the westerners see killings and destruction of humanity through sophisticated F-16, tanks, missiles, smart bombs, cluster bombs, etc., they do not see it as cruel or unjust. But when a suicide bomber blows up buildings and kills some people, the westerners see it as terrorist, uncivilized, unsophisticated and cruel action. Therefore, it looks like that USA would like to maintain the circumstances in which suicide bombers can be created and the western media gets an excuse to present Muslims as terrorists. 

The US would never tolerate to have any Muslim country strong and prosperous because the US does not trust Muslim countries. US have betrayed Muslim countries many times and Muslims do not see the US as an honest and sincere friend. US policy makers see Islam as a threat. Therefore, it is in the interest of US to see Muslim countries remain engaged in wars or facing economic depressions. When Malaysia and Indonesia were on the path of prosperity and both countries were becoming very industrialized countries, USA used IMF and World Bank to stop this prosperity. Suddenly, these two strong Muslim countries went in to economic and political turmoil and still are not able to recover from it.

The past colonialism and imperialism was imposed upon Muslim countries by the Europeans and now the people of same mentality are trying to impose modern style but worse form of colonialism upon Muslims. The US style modern colonialism has already been implemented in most of the Muslim countries in the form of dictatorships. These dictators are similar to what British had in India as NAWABs, RAJAs and MAHARAJAs. These NAWABs, RAJAs and MAHARAJAs are responsible to keep law and order in their states and make sure no one raises any voice against the monarchy of United States (US president acts like a king).


Under these conditions Muslims have three choices.

1. Keep the status quo and whine once in a while, and expect Allah to change the situation. This option will not help Muslims and the sufferings will continue. Allah does not help those who do not help themselves. 

2. Take an extreme position and try to hurt USA as some people did on September 11. This position is absolutely against the teachings of Islamic faith and will hurt Muslims more than USA. Therefore, this is not a good choice. 

3. Unite and establish a European Union style union of Muslim countries. This union of Muslim countries will lead them to re-establish Khilafat. We know that for twelve centuries Muslims remained superpower of the world because of their unity in the form of Khilafat (union). The establishment of Khilafat (union of Muslim countries) will not be possible unless Muslim countries increase their trade within themselves and minimize their dependence on USA. The economic independence of Muslim countries will make them politically independent from USA. Muslim governments need to trust each other and keep their money within the Union of Muslim Countries. Muslim countries must establish their own organizations compared to WTO, WHO, UNISEF, UNHCR, etc... United Nations is no more a neutral organization. It is controlled and operated by USA and European Union. Why no Muslim country has a permanent seat in Security Council? Why no Muslim country has a veto power in the UN? 

As long as someone else continues to decide destinies of Muslims, Muslims will never reach to destiny of their choice. It is high time for Muslims to think and decide their destiny in this world. The first step towards deciding the destiny is the unity and economic independence of Muslim countries. 

If the US does not change its policies towards Muslim countries, the bigger conflict between Muslim countries and USA is inevitable. It is a matter of time that slowly US will freeze all Muslim assets and then Muslims will realize how foolish they were.

May Allah unite us and bless us with the sincere and honest leadership. Ameen

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