Global Relief Foundation Reacts To Freeze Order

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BRIDGEVIEW, Illinois (Dec. 14, 2001) - In response to government action freezing its assets, the Global Relief Foundation (GRF) made the following statement:

"A compound tragedy has occurred today. We just commemorated the three-month anniversary of the first one. The second was inflicted this afternoon when the assets of Global Relief Foundation were frozen by our government. By halting medicine, food and other humanitarian aid, we risk the slow starvation and gruesome death in parts of the Muslim world that rely on such badly needed aid. In return for a false sense of security, our government has inflicted a great tragedy on countless innocent victims.

"For weak, suffering and innocent victims, the timing of this action could not have been worse. This is the month of Ramadan, when Muslim-Americans are most generous in opening up their pocketbooks to help those in need. With only two days remaining, while maximum resources were making their way through GRF, the assets were frozen and the group's world-wide humanitarian operations were immediately halted. While GRF fully expects to be vindicated, with its assets one day released, this action to halt the flow of charitable aid from the most generous nation in the world will forever cast a blemish on America's reputation to give to the world's needy.

"As President Bush prepares to host Muslim children in the White House to celebrate the holy day of Eid-ul-Fitr, we ask him to explain why Muslim-Americans cannot send aid to Afghan, Palestinian and other children in Muslim regions through Muslim charities. Why must religiously obligated charity destined to help the freezing, starving children of Afghanistan languish in a U.S. bank on this holy day and beyond?

"Representatives and supporters of Global Relief Foundation (GRF), a non-profit humanitarian organization founded in 1992, strongly deny any links to terrorism. We are in the business of helping innocent civilians and take every precaution to ensure our aid does not go to support or subsidize any nefarious activity. Just as we would call the police if our collection box or computer equipment were being stolen, we would certainly alert the authorities if we had reason to believe the intended humanitarian purpose of our aid were being subverted to harm innocent lives.

"GRF understands and appreciates both the seriousness and urgency of identifying potential threats to the United States and of locating terrorist operatives and those who sponsor them. At the same time, GRF also emphasizes the equal seriousness and urgency of conducting such investigations with precision and care. GRF intends to fully cooperate with the investigation and seeks a dialogue with federal authorities in order to determine standards of conduct and suspicious activity reporting. We owe a religious and legal obligation to ensure that this money goes to intended victims of disaster, famine, war and terrorism.

"Our national security interests are best guarded through the good will generated from acts of kindness. It is no coincidence that American Muslims are perceived by Muslims throughout the world as their benefactors-in-chief. By importing this generosity, the U.S. will foster genuine admiration, a form of public diplomacy that cannot be bought with a billion-dollar PR campaign or photo opportunities with Muslim-Americans. By shutting the flow of this aid to the Muslim world, we risk losing the one aspect that could make us rise above any other developed nation: acts of giving."

CONTACT: Global Relief Foundation, Bridgeview, Illinois, USA, Roger Simmons, 240/603-7183; SOURCE: Global Relief Foundation submitted at Business Wire

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  Category: Americas, Life & Society
  Topics: Volunteering & Philanthropy
Views: 4471

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Older Comments:
I live in America..but she has been dead for many
years. The "statesmen" have long since left. Who-
ever has the most money makes president. Except for the elite..oppression is the order for her
peoples. Our borders are being closed, so that our
government can develope the dictatorship it wants
and needs, in order to better control the masses.
It will only take a handful of "officials" to set
this up, coupled with 1000s of military and law-
enforcement persons. You know..all the people in
those black suv, etc. Maybe the UN will loan us the 97 black helicopters that Fmr Pres. Clinton gave them. Maybe they'll recruit the Taliban to
handle the dissidents. F.P. Clinton hired them to
handle that's a terrorist activity. Reason? Oil and other industry. My Mom
used to say, "The fastest way to build an economy
is to get in a war with the US." We knock them, get them a government, and open a stock exchange.
The Afghan Fmr. King waits at Rome..the Vatican.
I do not know anything about the king..but the
Vatican is no place for a God-fearing man to be.
Interesting.. a crusader gives place to a Muslim.
I read every article of Usahma Bin Laden's...every
declaration (fatwa) and...unless he's working for
the USA he's on the right track. The covert actions of MY country are too numerous to count.
Political Assinations top the list. Re: holding
charities hostage, both foreign and domestic without provocation is a crime. We still have no
proof of Mr. Bin Laden's involvement. Play all of
his tapes and see if you can figure out what is
really going on. How many people do you know fight
for 20 plus years to 1-awaken the Muslim Nation,
2-work to spread the word of Islam to as big a part of the world as possible, 3-tell the Zionist
partners that they are unjust,4- try to awaken the
US citizens to our atrocities. Indeed, I thank him. Did he do the WTC? Absolutely not.."Man plans and Allah plans. Allah is

dear respected brothers and sisters in Islam,please don,t be blind to the true colors showing through in such an act as this.The enimies of Islam are not unaware of the Iman involved in giveing freely out of ones own pocket.Remember! We may be looking at the same coin,but unfortunatly, different sides.

I pray that GRF is cleared of all accusations very soon and is able to resume its service of helping poor and orphaned children in Afghanistan and the rest of the Muslim world as well as in other parts of the world...May Allah help us in these times of need...


Mohsin Sheikh,
My post was Robert (2119), not (2019). :)
Please don't group me with that misguided idiot. It was just a mis-type, I'm sure.
Thank you personally for responding to my post. I have nothing but respect for the Muslim faith. My writings reflect my pain, I'm sure that's obvious. My confusion is in not seeing a definate line being drawn between OBL and the True Islam followers. It just seems there is support for him from otherwise peace loving people.
It pleases me much to hear your calls for justice. I am against a public trial because it would be like giving him his own TV show and making him the star. I hope somebody captures him soon, just not alive. Then we can start the much needed healing process without the tons of fanfare.
I say it's time to cease the fighting which has already killed too many innocents, and personally I feel we (Americans) should get the hell out of Isreal too.
There is so much info on this great website, so I apologize for not having read your earlier comments. I will find that time soon and thank you for your upfront and candid heartfelt opinions.
With love for all,

God commands his children to pay tithing (or zakat, in arabic) in the Holy Quran. By the US Governments action of freezing obligatory tithing, surely God will not be pleased.

Most assuredly, there will be societal repercussions by denying tithing from reaching the poor and needy. And God knows best.


I think that the FBI's freezing of many MUSLIM charities appears to be a witch-hunt-like scenario. Only recently, I was planning to donate money to a few charities, including GRF. When the FBI gets done (like it ever will be) with shutting down MUSLIM charities, where are we supposed to give our Zakat and other charity to?

I am deeply saddened to know that so many innocent Muslims will be robbed. Americans are wonderful and generous people but unfortunatley some people in our government only care about American life not human life. They say God Bless America while we say God Bless this whole world. Why can't all life be valuable to them?

Sage - Agreed. I do think that America must rethink its Middle Eastern policies and Zionism should be put to rest. I don't know of a single American citizen who agrees with Zionism - though there may be some out there but they are few. But I do know many Americans who agree with the establishment of civil, ruly governments in the Middle East. There is a general belief that democracies will ease the struggling of these nations because of the atrocities put forth by Middle Eastern corrupt governments. As for Israel's actions in Palestine - absolutely unacceptable. The point of my prior comment was regarding the GRF specifically. Their public statement should have been that although the US should not have frozen assets, the GRF will cooperate because it will not accept the very thought of terrorism. But the GRF's statement did not say this. Instead, it stated that the actions would 'forever cast a blemish on America's reputation to give to the world's needy.' In fact, the GRF's comments may actually blemish their reputation. Comments were then posted in response stating that because of the freezing of assets, America is killing needy people. It is this that I do not agree with and nor should you. The rulers of the Middle East are killing their people directly and indirectly. Yet I have not seen a single post or comment defaming the Middle Eastern countries. I have seen many comments against America - this is a truly sad sign.

To G.M. ref. 2180:

When you make statements like "we are not KILLING anyone", you have to be very careful. We don't directly kill, we indirectly kill. Our ongoing support of the so-called only democracy in the Mid-East, is Murder in itself. Read the following:

"Foreign Office,
2 November 1917

"Dear Lord Rothschild,

I have much pleasure in conveying to you on behalf of His Majesty's Government the following declaration of sympathy with Jewish Zionist aspirations, which has been submitted to and approved by the Cabinet:

'His Majesty's Government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavors to facilitate the achievement of this object, IT BEING CLEARLY UNDERSTOOD THAT NOTHING SHALL BE DONE WHICH MAY PREJUDICE THE CIVIL AND RELIGIOUS RIGHTS OF EXISTING NON-JEWISH COMMUNITIES IN PALESTINE or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country.'

I should be grateful if you would bring this declaration to the knowledge of the Zionist Federation.

Yours sincerely,
Arthur James Balfour"

That is called the Balfour Declaration. Since the inception of the "State of Israel" they have been going against this declaration. They say security but many others, Arab and European countries, say Terrorism. The Israeli Defence Federation or IDF is guilty of countless crimes against Humanity. I believe it's the same Humanity you speak of. And yet, WE the people of the US, allow our government to support their economy and military by voting against resolutions put forth by the UN against this country and continue to give, not loan, $3 to $10 billion a year in aid. 30 to 40 per cent in military aid to help wipe out the Palestinians, their history, their culture, and their existence. Read "The Question of Palestine" by Edward Said, "The Fateful Triangle" by Noam Chomsky, and "Arabs and Israel" by Ron David. Then say that "WE ARE NOT KI

It's so upsetting to read about how America is killing innocent Muslims in the Middle East because we're not giving them MONEY. This is ludicrous.
We are not killing anyone. It's the government and clerics of the Middle Eastern countries that are KILLING their people by not forming solid, sustainable economies. These governments, Islamic Fundamentalists and corrupt 'royal' families are to blame. They are selfish and they practice atrocities on their own people. They are to blame for the poverty and malnutrition of their people. They are the evil ones. They have the problem. It is NOT America's issue to deal with. We do, however, deal with this issue by giving billions of dollars a year to these idiotic countries. America was Afghanistan's biggest humanitarian aid provider prior to September 11th even though we disagreed with the Taliban and had no economic presence. We did so because we are the United States of America and someone needs to follow the straight path of good will. Someone needs to fight against the terror and ill will governed by Islamic state nations. This is America.
So to hear that seizing the GRF's assets will blemish America's reputation is absolutely ridiculous. Nothing will blemish America's name in the history books to come. Time will tell. In 200 years when people are looking back on time, they will see that the Middle Eastern states created their situations themselves. And America went above and beyond the call of duty to help.
If you are American and if you think the America's reputation has been blemished, then leave. Go back to the nations that offer little if no freedoms at all. Go back to the poverty created by the government leaders. Go back and maybe then you will realize the greatness of the love and values of America. But until then, do not complain; for you are part of the greatest nation to ever exist on the face of this earth. The GRF is meaningless compared to the greatness o this country. The GRF should cooperate.

I'm writing not to accuse or belittle the Muslim population, but to stress my concerns about it and to try to give you a non-biased opinion. These comments are regarding the 'GRF Reacts To Freeze Order' and my concerns in general of the Muslims living in the non-free world.
Muslim led nations are the most atrocious nations in the world. Peoples' rights are held in bondage. Less than 20% of the Muslim nations in the world are considered free. It seems as though the Muslim world outside of the USA unfortunately lives behind an ignorant veil. The blame, however, should be placed on the clerics and Islamic state leaders who force-feed blinding and skewed realities. The Muslim world, now more than ever, must modernize and question the faith of its followers (OBL). It must seek answers to the questions that it is so desperately trying to avoid. America is great because it questions and seeks answers to atrocities. So too must you. I fear the day when the world's power supply shifts away from oil leaving Middle Eastern states to suffer from a crumbled economy. Maybe then they will learn to shift their ideals to build the sustainable economies and social structures that they are so clearly lacking. And maybe then it will be easier for the Muslim world to accept the deeds of OBL - one of its followers. America will not stop and, as a consequence, resistance will be crushed. So I beg you all to question your government and ask 'Does my state add positive value to the world?' - If not, you should reconsider. The world is progression. People must change. This brings me to the GRF article. I am concerned that Muslim Americans have their logic of events skewed. Why did the article question the freezing of its assets? The GRF should embrace America's decision and support the war against terrorism. Criticizing America makes it seem like the GRF is guilty. The GRF owes itself to America's economy, freedoms and love. America's eyes now question the GRF because of its hypocrisy.

asalamu alaykum brother i think the american don't went us as a muslim to follow our religion and pay zakkat and help our muslim brothers and sisters who are dying for hunger there are waiting for as to help them.

...will forever cast a blemish on America's reputation...

I saw a good documentary on the situation in Palestine. It was from the viewpoint of children: Arab and Israeli. It is amazing the grudges and hatred that are taught to these children! No wonder there is such violence and radicalism in the Middle East. Yes, there are injustices: a father held without trial in a Jewish prison, a Jewish child who had a friend and his mother gunned down by Arab terrorists, an Arab child in Jerusalem rightfully angry about Israeli revelers parading over the conquest of Jerusalem.

These injustices need to stop. But what struck me was the absolute hatred these children are taught! There will never be any peace for Israelis or Arabs so long as the children are taught hatred. As an American, as a human being, I understand the desire for freedom, but please teach and preach peace not war! There has got to be a better way to bring freedom to Palestinians than by blowing up women and children in malls and on busses. How do Palestinians expect Israelis to react? How can they put down their guard when the children of Palestinians are taught that every dead Jew is one less that they will have to fight someday? How can Israelis build trust when they constantly provoke Palestinians? God may have given Israel--including what is now Palestine to Abraham, but that does not give the Jews the right to kill and displace the Palestinians now! They must learn to live in peace with the Arabs. The Arabs must learn to live in peace with the Jews. It must start with the children. "Forever" holding grudges in the Islamic world, in the Arab world, and in the Jewish world must stop. And now radicals are trying to "forever" cast America as their enemy. The US is forgiving of its enemies. It is the right thing to do. Otherwise, the American Civil War would still be ripping our country apart. We learned to get along with each other after that terrible war. Why can't you?

It gives me great pleasure when I see people like Robert(2109), Holly(2132) and others are trying to understand us and Islam. Robert, I do not accuse Mr/Ms Unlisted(2057)-I only ask him/her to refrain from such language during this very dificult time. Perhaps if you had visited .com earlier, you would have read my brave and self-critical comments too!
Oh yes- THE VIDEO! I'm sure you want justice as much as all of us. So why dont we bring Bin Laden to stand trial. I wonder if Uncle Sam really wants to bring him to the Courts.....I think OBL knows too much.I hope our SAS captures him before the US Special Forces can.
Please dont assume 11/9 was tragic only for USA. It as a sad day indeed in the history of Islam too.
As regards to the comments made by Jeff Jenkins (2109), I ask all Moslems, as a matter of respect for Kathy(2102), Rosemary Clark(2081), Tom(2069), David Rosenberg(2035), Joseph Kelly (2132) and others , not to stoop as low as 2109 or make similar comments.
His comments are sentiments of pure ignorance!

I wish all Christians a very merry Christmas.

Assalamo Alaikum,
I bring the following to the attention of Muslim organisations to do the needful as follows
Government may have its reason for its action. It is upto the organization to defend which may be helped by others who believe in innocence till prooved guilty.

Many desereving people are benig deprived of much neded help.

Muslim organisations must ask the government to take the fund from such organisation distribute at its expense to the needy under supervision of other Muslim organisations whom it trusts so that needy gets help.If prooven guilty without doubt it may charge the expense to the guilty organisation. Government is treating the Muslims same way as innocent Japanese. They must not loose confidence of 6 millions and ever growing loyal Muslims as the pole also suggests

In reference to 2145, I stand corrected. "Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely."
-- Lord John Emerich Edward Dalberg Acton (1834-1902), British historian,

Sorry for the misquote.

To 2131,32 and others:
I commend you both on your acknowledgement of Sharon and Israel. If you look back at the times when modern "terrorism" started, you will see that it first came about as Israel turned up the volume on the Palestinians. What many don't realize, Muslim and non-Muslims, is that the inception of Israel was ILLEGAL, and that's why many of these "terrorist" groups exist, and they've become a way of life for these people. Is it right? Absolutely not. However, what Israel does is even more wrong. How is the US involved? The US funds terrorism. It supports Israel 150%. The US up until the late '70s had contributed up to $93 billion to their economy. When Ronald Reagan became president, he decided to double foreign aid to that so-called country. Now, it is up to $5 - $10 billion per year; which includes around $3 billion in military aid. They receive more military aid than all of the other countries surrounding them in the entire Middle East combined. When Israel commits mass murder, crimes against humanity, genocide - whatever you want to call it - the US usually vetos any resolutions put forth against them by the UN or any other organizations that consider Israel to be guilty of these crimes. Sharon won't even go to the Netherlands because he is considered a war criminal by the war tribunals. That is where the US is very guilty. So, when you say that acts of terrorism is unacceptible, then it should be clear across the board. The US in '56 helped set up Iran with a terrible government using the Shah. In the late '70s early '80s, Sadam was a US puppet to go up against the Iyatollah. In '73, the CIA set up Pinochet in Chile. In the '80s it was Noriega in Central America. We are guiltier than most terrorists for directly or indirectly killing thousands of civilians world wide. "Absolute power corrupts absolutely" - Thomas Jefferson. This terrorism will stop when we stop the double standard. Until then, change and educate yourself.

Well I have to responsed to some of these post. So it is the West, it is white people, and it is Christians who are to blame for the problems Muslims have? First off America has nothing to do with the Crusades. Now we know the Crusades started in the 8th Century. But there is no mention of Muslims invading Europe in the 6th and 7th century. Now I am not going to say that there is no savage side to Europeans. There is. But do you how many white people Attila the Hun killed during the 5th century? And if you look the violence of Romans, and how they treated the Germans, Gauls, and Celts. The Germans were not the first ones to commit genocide. In 1915 the Turks were killing a white tribe called the Armenians. And look at how China treats Tibet. Find how mean the Japanese were during World War11. Where the Aztex nice people?

This is alarming. I read a similar story in an Egyptian newspaper, at the onset of 911, about charitable organizations having their assets frozen, cutting off aide to orphans and widows, but I thought perhaps there could have been some legitimacy to the action that these charities perhaps weren't fully aware of. This is the end of that wishful thinking. Please let Americans know what they can do to help. Perhaps an organized effort to write and call politicians will be useful.

I am disappointed in the actions of my government.
I am appalled when I hear that Bush is doing an
excellent job.In his first 100 days of office he
managed to do away with 405,000 jobs in one dept.
Every single day he took away something that belonged to the people. Try it
is very. He finacially destroyed NASA's chances of
production...instead giving their work to the private sector...a company I believe to be owned
another "white house" offcial. Try www.ghwbush for
private sector info.
It's just my opinion..freezing the money could be
enough to incite an uprising, an attack..or it could
assist another in avoiding the blame.
Evidently, I am so wrong about the money returning
to the charities,(re posted comment earlier).
Something special about people who are Muslim..the
gifts of restraint, endurance, graciousness, humility. Who, in their RIGHT mind would want to
withhold THEIR business of charity. Maybe Bush suspects others of what his family was doing during the second world war. Arming and assisting
Hitler. You might have to access a few old files.
But you can forget Reagan, Bush1, Bush2, and Clinton. The cowboy got those sealed up quickly.

2136 Chuck...I had friends worked on Japan issue..
Emperor had already agreed to peace. Was waiting to sign the paper.The bomb was still on the plane.
I've heard more men say that Truman could't back
down..besides it was something they'd never done

Can't say that about freezing money. If that is
what talks to Bush,then do not be surprised if one day it is the only thing that will listen to
This is the "American year of" 2001. Bush and his
partners could make it our last.
Come back strong Afghanistan..your childrens'faces are etched in my heart.

 have been lied knew there were no weapons at Waco. Interesting funeral
photo shows the "look alike" McV

Peace be on you all.This is such a terrible News! More and more organisations that send aids to poorer parts of the world are being shut down and there hardly is any opposition to this move by the Government of USA.This is deeply disturbing.Those organizations thar are shut down are reputed to be in the forefront in helping refugees.Now who will help these people? now how will any one believe that the war that's going on is not a war against Islam but against terrorism? As far as I see it, it is a multifaceted attack on Muslims-in the WEST as well as in the East.This is simply outrageous! Now where is the Democracy that's supposed to guarantee equal rights? where's the Human rights? These acts are anti-constitutional and violates every act of Human rights in the world and I do hope and pray that the Government of the United States acts with sensibility and sensitivity and not with prejudice.

It's amazing that the US Govt has shown itself so complicit in doing everything it can to hamper and hinder any Muslim acts of self development and self reliance.While it bleats on about "evil " people in the rest of the world .It shows it's own heartlessness by shutting down charities such as the one would not dare to do the same to a Jewish charity .In fact I'm sure that they probably have cash benefits.this is not lost on people all round the world and no amount of pumping money into future projects like an Arabic channel that acts as an American mouthpiece will cover this up.All around the world people recognise this but feel at the moment unable to do anything about this.The USA is being increasingly seen as a bully which is the topic of conversation in coffee shops and casual gatherings all over,certainly in Scotland.This blocking of needy Aid is just another example of an increasingly tyrannical USA.I hope that Mr.Bush and his Govt. realise that tyrants only have so much rope before the Universe allows this kind of behaviour to continue unchecked.Have some shame and let the charities do their job.

In response to James Rollins in post #2113. Muslims have commited some very famous acts of errorism. But, until the 911 events the record for domestic terrorism was held by a ""good ol'white boy, ready to fight"" named Timothy McVeigh. It seems that the enemy is fanaticism regardless of source.

In response to Shareef, you leave out many facts in your description of historical events. Example: the dropping of nuclear bombs on Japan were not done to punish the ""Japanese people"". It was done to end the war. The United States (and other nations)had sustained horrible losses fighting the Japanese military in the Pacific. Take a look at any net site, or book describig the fighting on Iwo Jima, Tarawa, Guadalcanal, New Guinea, Burma etc.. A decision was made to drop the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki because of the anticipated casualties from invading the Japanese mainland. This i upported by all of the historical documents and interviews with the participants in US goverment who made the decision. I agree the loss of civlian life was enormous and tragic. But how many civilian lives would have been loss by an invasion of the Japanese mainland? Easily hundreds of thousands or more. Remember the Japanese were fighting to the death in all previous battles. Also, the Japanese were not exactly freindly to the ivilian populations of the areas they invaded. Talk to people who lived in Korea, Phillipines, or China at the time.

The same is true that the US and ita allies did not fight in Europe until Russia was winning the war in Eastern Europe. The US and Britian invaded Africa in 1942, were bombing Germay day and night in the same year, invaded Italy in 1943, and France in 1944. Russia did not turn the tide until the German surrendor in Feb, of 1943. Also, it is very doubtful that Russia would not have continued to advance against the Germans with out the diversion of resources the Germans needed to make to defend themselves.

I dont support the US in many of its policies in Asia or the Muslim world. But its not fair to paint the history of the United States as one continued assault against non-European peoples. The events in WW2 were not iniated by the US or its allies

In ref. to 2119 Robert USA, I too have been led to this and other sites in an effort to learn more about Islam and the culture of this faith.
One thing I have learned is the discrepancy between how we treat groups of people based on whether or not our gov't considers them
Alot of the tension between the East and West would be dissolved if the West treated all people with equal respect and dignity. To label Bin Laden as the author of all evil is to overlook the responsibilty our Foreign Policy decisions have in creating Bin Laden and other sympatico groups. Don't get me wrong, I think what happened on the 11th was indefensible no matter what! But if we were as ardent to defend the Palestinian people and their right to live in their own homes unmolested as we are with Israel, would Hamas and Islamic Jihad feel they had no other recourse but the violence of terrorism? This is not to release them from blame but to apportion it properly to all.
Ultimately what I have learned is that I don't know very much about the suffering and hopelessness of these people at all. They live with sky-rocketing unemployment. Men, who are taught it is their religious duty to provide for their families,are unable to meet their basic needs of food and safety. So they resort to what they see as their only way to bring a change. Because in their view, Israel does what it wants and no one reacts at all. Neither view is entirely correct but without respect for the lives of all involved nothing will change.

Please forgive any error I have made. My intention is only to learn and understand.

May God help us to see truth.


Thank God that only a few Red Necks share the comments made by

2113 James Rollins
"Why are there so many Arab Americans here to begin with. Go back!!!! Dont come over here and feed off of us like a parasite "
united states
8:33:24 AM


2109 Jeff Jenkins
"we cannot trust that you with your screwed up beliefs arent funneling money to terrorists. you muslims and arabs are 2 faced backstabbing smelly disgusting human beings!"

They are obviously not educated and their comments should be ignored, these people are as much terrorists as Bin Laden and his followers.

Mr. Sharons records of Sabra and Shatila speaks for itself, he is the terrorist. By exhausting the hopes of the Palestinians he is forcing them to give up their lives and take what they regard as the enemy with them.
As long the Palestinian issue is not resolved and the US government treats Israel like spoiled child and the Palestinians worse than dogs, these reprisal will unfortunately continue to happen, red necks are not exclusive to the US, so there will be many more Bin Ladins..

When organizations like the Global Relief Foundation is treated with prejudice, that signals the beginning of the end..


In ref to 2119, "and someday, when the evidence justifying these actions is displayed, you probably won't want to look at that either."

In the past we have exceeded some limits and in similar situations. We're at war with Afghanistan as we were at war with Japan in the past, people and gov's.

WW II was limited in scope, as far as the US is concerned because we entered the war when Japan hit Pearl Harbor, and sent troops to Europe when Germany was losing @ the Russian front. Therefore from the US standpoint, the words 'world war' only means war with Japan.

Remember, that when war was declared by congress, we put anyone of Asian descent into concentration camps. We took them out of their homes and jobs because of our security interests. And we neglected their security needs. Doesn't it make any sense that their livlihood (esp Asian-Americans) affected all other's? After all, they paid taxes which in turn went into Social Security funds which in turn affected the resources of our retired parents.

We displayed this same paranoa when we suspected many Americans of being communist during the 50's and 60's. And among those who were falsely accused was a prominant civil-rights activist, A. Phillip Randolph. Why was he accused of being communist? Because all he said was that there SHOULD BE EQUAL OPPORTUNITY!

And for our 'own' security interests, we bombed Japan. This was limited scale arsenal intended to take out war factories. Two a-bombs took out 2 whole cities and spread radiation across hundreds of miles. And as that radiation is still decomposing today and for GOD KNOWS HOW LONG of years to come, a significant proportion of Japanese citizens are struck with cancer. Their offspring are being affected too.

So we punished the Japanese people and we continue to do so to others in the name of security. If there is evidence for the US, history told us we made big mistakes. Why is it not possible that we are making another big one? Just look de


Although his comments do not deserve acknowledment, I could not let it go withot bringing attention to the kind of hypocrisy so
rampant in the United States.
"the reason that they shut you down is because we cannot trust that you with your screwed up beliefs arent funneling money to terrorists. you muslims and arabs are 2 faced backstabbing smelly disgusting human beings! "
I ask Mr Jeff Jenkins, what of the billions of dollars that this country gives to Israel that is used to steal the property of the Palestinians, that is used to buy more weaponry which is used to kill Palestinians (women and children included); which is used to continually perpetuate an organized system of brutality and genocide.
What about all of the money used by the United States since senior Mr. Bush's administration to wage war on innocent muslim women and children, that is still going on. He is responsible for thousands of death of innocent Muslims. And it continues today.
Muslims make up the largest population of disposessed, poor and oppressed peoples in the world. Muslims are the victims of the West and have been since 1492.
I have no patience for the rhetoric of people who make comments based on ignorance and who make comments parroting the reamrks and sentiments of others.
Study your history first, Mr. Jenkins before you open your mouth/type.

That's truely a shame.

How can the U.S. condemn the WTC attacks and then financial support the mass genocides that go on Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan and numerous other countries. Freezing GRF donations? That's beyond cruelty! Is there anybody I can write to to complain about this? Politicians? Congressman? Senators?

Yusuf Rodriguez

As a Muslim American i have the right to give charity to whom i please and through whom i please this is just getting out of hand why us ? I say this is an attack on Islam ya right we are not bieng catagorized with the heartless terrorists

Mohsin Sheikh; How can you even accuse Mr./Mrs. Unlisted (2057) of "adding fuel to the fire"? Just the notion that the US government might be right throws you into a hissy fit. I'd be willing to bet that you think the video found was doctored up by the government too. Utterly Preposterous!

Usama bin Laden could have been a great man, if he only had invested his money and energy into the country, instead of pouring billions into terrorist activities and overseas cell activities, and his own spoils along with his military leaders'. The US government has for years and years been the largest giver of money to Afghanistan, the heartiest donators of humanitarian aide, the only supplier to Afghanistan of medical supplies, not to mention the constructors of the airports, hospitals and worse yet, the caves in the US government's assistance toward preventing Afghanistan from becoming a piece of Soviet real estate 6 years ago.

Esther USA (2052) hit the nail right on the head. Nobody here even mentions the root problem, bin Laden. The US government has always been very supportive of ALL these organizations set up to help the poor and starving in Afghanistan who've been poor and starving for decades! And bin Laden did NOTHING to help those victims during his reign! His money could have fed ALL of them for years. Now the US has been violently dragged into the center court and yes, there is a high level of fear of the al Queda network so this has happened and someday, when the evidence justifying these actions is displayed, you probably won't want to look at that either.

At least some brave Muslins (Shemina 2037)(Saida Malik 2022)are courageous enough to come forth and say that the problem lies amongst the Muslims themselves.
I have been led to in my quest to learn more about the Islamic nation. It has been very informative.
May blessings fall upon all good people.
Merry Christmas.

One does not have to be a Moslem to feel the blatant misuse of power by Uncle Sam. People of other faiths, Kathy (2102), Rosemary Clark (2081), Tom (2069) and David Rosenberg (2035) are living proof that Moslems do have great many friends! People like Bin Laden and Louis Farahkhan continue to do no justice to Islam.

The Muslim World wants to disregard the Jewish State. I think we are being naive and short sighted. I say to the Muslim Nations this- Better the devil you know than the one you dont!

Come on, all Americans, white and black, rich and the not so well off, emlpoyers and employees-
you have three years unitl your next elections and that is when you can really show the world you are quite capable of choosing a new leader who is of the people, by the people and for the people. Good luck.

When I hear of the people in the Middle East who are starveing it truly sadens me. However, many of the citizens of the U.S. are very suspicious of these charity organizations such as G.R.F. Obviously the basic rights of this great democratic state are now being tested. The terrorist attacks in N.Y. and D.C. serve as a testomony of the stong convictions of the Islamic Religion. This has resulted in a national debate between many young men and women like myself who feel a certain amount of responsibility for mankind as a whole, but emphasize our families well being more so than those who live in a desert area on the other side of the planet. Please understand that there are many young ones in this country who realize why the U.S. is at war. Our support is not for Isreal, or the military actions taken. Personaly I would do exactly what our president and congress has since 911. The situation has gotten out of control over the last few years and now we must as a nation pull together and control imigration. Any support given to other countries though charities must be questioned. The urgency of the plague from the middle east is the reason for the govt. freezing the assets of G.R.F. Soon the true citizens of our country will be tested and now we must prepare. We are strong and we will prevail. I am very tired of the influence on our govt. from Isreal. I beleive our support of Isreal is the reason for the terrorist attacks. In retaliation of our support the Taliban organized this attack on us. Well im sorry to inform you but dont blame this govt. Blame the ignorance of your people who are not capable of creating organized, civilized government. Why are there so many Arab Americans here to begin with. Go back!!!! Dont come over here and feed off of us like a parasite and then try to blame us for your pitiful state of your country. I am young, my friends are young, we are white, we are proud. We care about our future.

Good advice Michael Wild. Now all of you only care about yourselves. But I am called a racest and a Biogot if I care about my people, and about all the Christians in the World.You are also so blinded to follow a man that lies yet tapes himself admitting it, but in that tape says very strange things.

the reason that they shut you down is because we cannot trust that you with your screwed up beliefs arent funneling money to terrorists. you muslims and arabs are 2 faced backstabbing smelly disgusting human beings!

This is so ridiculous what the United States is doing. They dictate too much. This shows how much they hate the muslims and not fighting terrorism , but is going to make all those brothers and sisters in the muslim's world suffer. I pray Allah help those muslims people.

Assalamu 'alaikum, Sisters and Brothers in Islam and "Eid Mubarak".
I am a Christian and immediately recognized the names of GRF and Benevolence Foundation on the news and was disheartened. I agree with Mohsin Sheikh (2042) that all Americans who place their faith and hope in God must unite and in the name of God remain strong. We must continue to help the hungry and suffering of the Islamic faith throughout the world. Americans have always been known for their generosity, and, God help us, we must continue in our endeavors.

The US government officially proclaims, and reassures Muslims, at every opportunity available to them, such as during Ramadan and Eid-ul-Fitr, that it is not against Islam and then pursues to prevent us from making charitible contributions to those most in need. This is blatant interference in our practice of our faith and one of its most fundamental tenet--giving alms to the poor and needy. I do not want the US government to tell me who I give my hard-earned to. While other Americans are allowed to bear arms as their birth-right, Muslims are told they may not make charitable contributions to those that their conscience and heart tells them are the most in need. My most fuindamental right--the right to practice my religion is being interfered with. And we are told to believe that the West does not have overt and covert plans to destroy Islam. And if we do, with all the facts and evidence piled skyhigh, then it is due to paranoia, and that the non-Muslim world loves Islam and Muslims. Who are they kidding? Some third-rate minds of so-called "third world countries"? This is blatant hypocrisy! And get this, "the sun is setting" for the West and rising for Islam. Inshallah, the more people attempt to remove Muslims from their faith, the stronger it will lodge in their hearts and Soul.

How come the government is doing this now? These charities have been working for a long time, the FBI existed before september 11 and we all know that. Are the charities accused of feeding children whos fathers may be considered terrorists by the US, so what should they do? Let an infant starv to death becuase of who his father is? Is this what being humans is about? Shame on this world!

This organization was run by three known terrorist supporters and sympathizers. They are nothing but liars. They may have spent some money on victims, however, that was not their main interest or activity.

Brothers and sisters. Stand up for your rights. We are Muslims and NO ONE should persecute us. If these ignorant anglo-saxon idiots can even dream of breaking our spirit, they are wrong!! They may give us the cold shoulder and do stupid things like this but remember we are Muslims and we HAVE to be United. We are the ones that should be putting up United we Stand posters as we are not united. Embrace your brothers and sisters and remember Allah and Ghazvai-Badr!! United Muslims have the power of Allah and his Angels!! Dont let these actions perturb you!! IF you are in the US or any other Western country know that it is your RIGHT to practice what you want and do what you want!! And remember we are all slaves of Allah and Allah loves much more then we show our love to him!! In the end good will prevail and this Texas cowboy will realize that Muslims are UNBREAKABLE!!

I am a treasurer of my church and I am very very careful where our gifts go. It appears that GRF needs to be more careful! Do not right checks to organizations you do not know!


And them America says this is not a war on Islam. Muslim charities that are striving to eradicate hunger and death from impoverished Muslim countries are now in the cross hairs of this Texan President. The very President that would not have been elected had it not been for the Muslim vote. I ask Mr. Bush what right does he have to close down Muslim charities without any proof and explanation whatsoever. He keeps saying this is a war on Terrorism while he is acting like the biggest terrorist himself. I pray to God someday Bush feel the pangs of Hunger and the death of a lost one due to lack of hunger. Then I shall ask him how he feel!

This is outrageous! Where is our Ummah? Where are are the followers of Islam? Where is our fear of the day when Allah will question us about the suffering of our Muslim brothers and sisters, and what did we do to help them? We are simply watching them die...die helplessly! But, they are NOT hopeless! They are still waiting for us to Wake Up and Unite. But we Are NOT United! Where is our fear of Allah? Where is our love for Islam? We Are NOT united! We Are Not United! Wake Up and Unite....unite in peace and unite for peace. We Must Unite! We must NOT be afraid of anyone except the Almighty Allah (swt). Insh'Allah, Allah(swt) will help them for they're helping themselves...and Allah(swt) help those who help themselves, ameen. I've hope...hope that Allah will (is) help(ing)...what a Great help will that be! Enemy of Muslims can close down all the charity organizations but he must know that, insh'Allah, Allah(swt) is with them...that Muslims' spirit couldn't be higher...they've not lost day Allah(swt) will answer their prayers and bring justice to the unjust enemy. We, Muslims, should never be hopeless and never ever stop praying...our prayers are the most powerful tool against our enemy's aggression and oppression. The Almighty Allah(swt) will help them, insh'Allah, Ameen.
[What are these Mulsims doing in the Whitehouse anyways? I wonder if they really care about our suffering brothers and sisters! How can they sit and eat with someone who has killed and continue to kill thousands of Muslims? Shame on them! The world should know that these Muslims are certanily not representing the Ummah.]

this is a terrible decision

This action will not serve the US at all well. the suffering of little children will echo down through the ages, do we in the West want this legacy.

Ieed Sieed
Sounds like a history lesson this is just part of an on going ajenda and it's not going away. They will eventually seize every thing we have and use it to hurt our sister's and brother's over seas we must join as one body now. How can we call our selves Muslim and live here while people go hungry , They had better give that money back . I converted to Islam in this country and I was born here, They the Gov. can't be just the time and place in history won't allow it. We are on the verge of genocide it's just a matter of time. May Allah bless us and help us get our lives in order. I love this country but It's polotics are shallow and dirty . Only Allah knows just my opion

send all your money to uncle sam he needs it to pay for the bombs all zakat and intrest welcome

Dear sirs, it is shocking to note that the US Federal government is freezing the account of GRF
we want to know for what, for helping the needy and poor Afghans and others, its not GRF who is giving this money, our religion ISLAM teaches us to donate our share of saving among our muslim bothers and sisters who are poort, thats what we are giving to GRF who is forwarding the same to the needy people. I strongly condemn this act of freezing the account of GRF. US Govt is now behaving like mad, they should come to their senses, and release accounts immediately, if not they are giving the chance to Muslims all over the world to freeze their activities in what ever form they can, US Govt dont make muslims your enemies, Muslims are peace loving at the same time they are OBL's, we are ready to go to any extent to take our rights.

I refer to comment no.2057. Mr/Ms 'unlisted' please do not add any more fuel to the fire which has been lit by your president.Whatever your creed or religion, you are forgiven and may God guide to onto the Right Path. I ask you to imagine just how many hungry little children will die tonight, just as you are retiring for the night!
Goodnight and God bless the whole wide world.Amen.

we as muslims must unite as one mind to stop this from taking place, this money must reach our brothers and sisters over seas no matter what. We should some how go against this with one voice saying NO WE WILL NOT LET THIS HAPPEN inshallah.

RR FROM US said:
This is going too far..

If Muslims are smart, they should not attend these white house invitations. By doing so, they are going by the American injustice in the Middle East and elsewhere. Plus, it would show their weaknesses.

There's a persian expression that says: the sound of drum is pleasant from a far. That is what US is, a drum, whose sound of hatred especially toward Muslims, originating from within, is so laud one can go duff. We muslims has no place here.

The ongoing Anti-Islamic messages being heard from Americans and American media are sickening. From Hollywood films to TV and Radio talk shows, there's a history of mockery and hate toward Arabs and Muslims. 9/11 didn't start such hatred, it was caused by it. And Americans ask: "Why do they hate us?"

It is pretty obvious that US is not standing for justice. It is working right against it. Thousands are being killed in Iraq; Palastinians are being murdered and humilaited on daily bases. Humantarian aids centers are closed.

By vetoing the US resolution, it's obvious that US is not looking for solution in the middle east. It is time, Muslims wake up and fight for justice.


To comment 2057, 'Unlisted'

Evidence!!! Please when can we see it! If the US Government has proof or evidence then let the people see it and examine it for themselves.
Something tells me we should not hold our breaths to long waiting for the Evidence to appear. All this has been done because the Butcher of Lebanon Ariel Sharon, whose being investigated for WAR CRIIMES AGAINST HUMANITY in Belgium, demanded that Mr. Bush Jr. shut these charities so that he could starve the people to death. You see, the US made bullets, bombs, Apache Helicopter gun ships etc. given to Israel for free by the USA, have as yet not been successful in ethnically cleansing Palestine of the Palestinians. So Sharon and America are now try to do the job by starving them to death. Shame on you America. I thought you stood for Justice, fairness and Freedom. All Rubbish rhetoric.
Oh! again please can we see the evidence.
What about the Jewish charities in the US that sponsor Israeli state terrorism? Why are they not being shut down. There is amply evidence to show that these charities are supporting terrorist Jewish activities.

does the US government block funds of JDL?
no it does not

it allows rich jews to send money to militant jewish organisations while blocking money for palestinians

Is anyone surprised!?? After all America is the first state of Israel, and Mr. Bush Jr., like his predecessors, wets his pants with fear when the Jewish lobbies in Washington cough. The Muslims of the world, representing 1.2 billion and growing, should wake up to this fact and the fact that the tyrannical murderous rulers (incl. Saddam Hussein) of the so called 'Muslim world' have been installed by the West to keep on murdering in which ever way America and the West chooses. SO WAKE UP!! With the closure of these charities, there should be no doubts in your minds that this is a war against Islam instigated by the Zionists who control the US government (past and present.) So Wake Up! Remember the last sermon of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), ' not oppress and do not be oppressed...'.But, brothers and sisters, refrain from any violent acts to remove these tyrannical murderous rulers, because this is not the way of Islam or the guided pious Muslims. Instead study your deen, adhere to it and practice it as it was adhered to and practiced by the Prophet (PBUH) and the rightly guided three generations of Muslims who come after him. Remember, Allah (SWT) called them the best of Mankind for eternity. In this will be our salvation and victory, for Allah (SWT) is sufficient for the wrong doers of this world. So wipe away your tears, your heartaches, your disappointments and turn to Allah (SWT) in every prayer you perform begging Him to change the hearts and minds of the rulers of the 'Muslim' world to see the truth, or ask Allah (SWT) to peacefully remove these tyrants. Whatever happens in this world is part of Allah's (SWT)overall plan and He (SWT)is the best of planners. So bear this with patience, perseverance and unity, but never forget this injustice and racism perpetrated by the 'civilised' West on the orders of their Zionist masters on innocent men, women and children all around the world. Inform the next generation and so on, least we forget.

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem
Eid Mubarak wa kul aam wa anta bikheir

I am a revert to Islam, born in Brklyn NY and unfortunately this last move by our government to freeze now the assets of 3 prominent Muslim relief
organizations at zakat ul fitr is making me suspicious not only as a muslima...but as a citizen of a country that has not always been civil to it's minorities.

Unfortunately I am beginning to see this country's actions in the media towards the Muslimeen as a facade. "We support our MODERATE Muslims in the USA." I am not sure yet what that term means in their minds.

If it means we the Umah, will allow them to confiscate our finances in this country and abroad which support our needy families; and if it means that we will allow them to define Islam for us; then when will the reconstruction of the MODERATE Islam stop?

When Bin laden is captured, and Al Qaeda is contained? Or when Islam, the fastest growing religion in the world, is palatable to the CIVILIZED world leaders? When every beard is shaved, and every form of hijab is removed in Afghanistan? When every upcoming independent Islamic state is squashed? When our deen becomes defined not by Allah SWT and the Qu'ran, but by what's comfortable for the religious council of this world?

It's beginning to mean for me, a productive professional, hijab wearing, minority citizen (who has allowed her government to peek into her own affairs since 9/11) is now reconsidering what my government means when they say "This is not a war against Islam."

Iftar with our Muslim leaders, and Eid celebrations with our children, etc. while denying us integrity
of faith is unacceptable to this MODERATE muslima.

barak Allah fikum

To my dear Brother in Islam Chris Shaver
Asalaamu Alaikum, and may the blessings of the blessed holy month of Ramadan and the day of Eid-ul-Fitr be with you and your family, Insha-Allah.
Please do not feel disheartened and sad about what is going on. This was all prophesied by Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) 1400 years ago. When asked about the bad things befalling the Muslims in the future, he (pbuh) said there will be a time when the enemies of Islam and Muslims will invite each other to attack you where ever you are, and that they will take from you as people gather around a plate of food and eat from it. But, he (pbuh) also said that the Muslims will rise from this and be victories over their enemies and peace and justice will rein for all on the planet under them, just as tyranny, oppression, murder, exploitation and injustice rein today.
Also, Allah (SWT) has promised Islam and the Muslims victory over all other systems and His (SWT) promise is the best of promises. So, my dear brother I ask you as I ask myself and other Muslims to bear this difficult and calamity that has befallen us with patience and perseverance, for a surety the future belongs to Islam, Insha-Allah. This is why the Zionist and some people in the west fear Islam, and hence this war is a war on Islam, regardless of what Mr. Bush Jr. and Tony Blair say in public.


all i want to say is "lahawla wala kowata illa bellah"hassbuna allah wanima allwakel"it's on other shame from our governement to seize one of the most known charity organisations in u.s.a and the whole wide world.i feel like our governement is playing the two game faces : supporting muslims and islam faith in america, and in the other side destroys institutions who helps them .... what's paradox is that one? please brothers we (all muslims in usa)must stand united against this decision by using all politic pressures on bush's governement..walhamdolillah ala kolihall wa naudo billah minhali ahli annar

GRF would not have been shut down if there had not been information or proof linking them to terrorism. This article can talk all day about how wonderful GRF's purpose is, but if only half the story is told, the reporting is biased and misleading.

asalaamu alaikum
is anyone as tired as i am of feeling like we dont belong or are wanted in this country, my family has lived in this country since 1774 when they came from england. i served in the military and as repayment i have been constantly called asamah becouse i am a muslim and where a beard. maybe the us government should just gives us the money to move and maybe we can go some where to have freedom of religion since our govenment wont let us

i think it is tragic when the united stats decides to control people life to the point that it will stop a charity like GRF from going through and we need to remmember what happened with the Japanes in WW2 when they were pand striped from all thier rights as Americans and jailed just because the were Japanes

I said this before and I will say thid again you people only care about yourselves. And you all live by a double standard. The first fund was freezed because that money clothed, feed, and free medical treatment for the families of Palestinians that blew themselves up. You know Osama bin Laden is guilty, but you don't care.

It is time to march on Washington DC to demand an end to the witch hunt. We need to send hundreds of thousands of people to the Capitol Mall and demonstrate against this outrage and make the whole nation realize that the "Patriot Act" is an anti-American law that has turned America into a dictatorship.

Asalam lai kum

Three Islamic charities in one sweep just after Sharon the bulldozer, butcher of sabra & shatila visits the White house, it is clear what Bush & Bulldozer were in discussion about.
Sharon who has committed murder of more palestinians during 9,11 then during the whole Aqsa Intifaada over a whole year now!. Thousands have been severely injured many for life and hundreds of hundreds killed much more than the jewish toll.
One most the stands out of this wretched killing is what the IDF call Targeted Killings(Assasinations) of hardline militant leaders.
Every thing they do serves a purpose the assasinations of the militant leaders are executed to push the militant in to a strong response against Israeli people, thereby allowing the international opinion to justify an all out assault on the Palestinian people. This is what Sharon got when he visited washington a green light to wage his war(Israel has the right to defend itself) & the palestinians never do.What we get in turn is a clamp down on Islamic Charities pleaded by Sharon(he wants the palestinians to lose any hope of establishing a state of there own). Hopes an important word here.
How easy it was for the Suicide bombers to stream in to Jerusalam & also place a vehicle set to go off a certain time. I suspect they relaxed all security and watched from the distance what was to occur. If you don't believe that then you ought to read there history especially Sharons. Sharons no ordinary jew not only being Zionist he belongs to ancient Messainic cult they do not care about ordinary Jews "The means serves the end" (Muslims can't & should not think this way its not Islamic!!).
I could go on whats more interesting is that Sharon is now pushing Arafat to arrest Islamic militants at the same time making extremely difficult to do so there by risking the palestinian authority to wage a civil war with its own people. This is how they operate and it has always been so.

We should not be naive, there is a war going on against ISLAM. Some evil forces are trying to punish and make Muslims around the world suffer. I am sure every community has it's own charity organization and I don't see anybody going after them. Shame on those family who will send their kids to white house while their needy brothers and sister are denied charity. I feel Islam is being attacked from every corner, some people are determined to suffocate her and let it's followers without a breath. I think it's our duty to help our brothers and sisters who are in need and those rich Muslims country should wake up from their sleep and do something. Muslims around the world should unite and be able to recognise what is going on and pray for the best. The people who are freezing this asset have no idea that ALLAH provides for his people.

O Allah, there is no ease except in that which You have made easy, and You make it difficult, if You wish, easy.

this just an other reason to show that the bush
goverment war is aganist islam,the mideast in
our people and children should not suffer in this holy day(3eed alfitr)
I don't think the children of the manice israel or the crule double standerd bush adminestration
ever suffer,on their hankah or x-mas.
bush has to get his head out of his rear end and
realize that we are also peopl just like his and the israelis.
unfortunatly peace will not be acomplished with the way israel plays in the holy land,it seams that they can kill our children and call them selfs fighting for peace,put we are the terrorests
as to mr. bush and his clans,if you want toend terror in the world do it right,end both sides of it(israel is one also).
I end this with aprayer of pease to all of humen of the earth,after all we all are the children of the earth created by allah (one god) moslims christians and jews alike.
lets end this crule war and lets spend more time to teach our childern how to love rather than to heat.
w'aslamo 3lykom w'ra7mto alahe

All Americans, regardless of thier religion, should unite and go on a national general strike.
It is now obvious what Bush doing.He is clearly trying to please Daddy. Just look at the way Mr Bush was "selected". If he is allowed to carry on the way he is, the inevitable result is going to be a 3rd world war.Please read David Rosenberg's comments and see what is unfolding.
I wish all Americans Eid Mubarak and a Happy Xmas.

Once again, we ask what was the money doing in US banks? Are they no banks in the Muslim world? This decision has to be reversed, this is outrageous!

so its finaly happening i wondered when the kuffar
will try to starve the muslims to death.We have to realize there intensions and what they are really trying to do. Allah{swt}is with those who do good and help the needy muslims around the world.keep up the good work and have sabar like the companians of the prophet {saws} had. Allah's{swt's} mercy and help will prevail inshallah.

I am absolutley despointed about this matter. if president Bush saying that this war on terrorist not on muslim why he is behaving in such way toward an islamic charity ?

Dear Muslims: None of this should surprise any of us a bit. It's coming down, one by one, institutions first followed by individuals. This may or mayn't make any difference in anyone's life but Bush Jr. must also freeze the assets of Carlyle Group of which his father Bush Sr. is a Partner & whose business dealings with Bin Laden family are now well known to all of us.
The US Justice & Treasury Depts. must also freeze the assets of Redcross who is feeding the hungry stomachs of those whom we have nicknamed as T's!
American people "really" needs God's blessings to understand what is being done in their name.

Assalaamu Alaikum,
This is an outrage! We Muslims
need to unite and send the strongest
message we can to the 'so called president
elect'. We need to break our ties with 'dubya'
and we must not send our kids to the White-
House to dine with 'dubya''. We have to save
our integrity and send a clear message that
enough is enough.