Tariq Ramadan - Judge Denies Bail Again

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Despite new elements, the judges keep Tariq Ramadan in prison.

On Wednesday, 8 August, the Paris Court of Appeal confirmed the rejection of a second application for the release of the Swiss intellectual, who had been held in custody for six months on charges of rape.

� "The judges refused this release on the grounds of the timely failure of the civil party, who deliberately acted to artificially maintain a reason for detention," responded Emmanuel Marsigny, Tariq Ramadan's lawyer. (The 2nd plaintiff had missed a confrontation because of “illness”)

“See you on September 18, unless the plaintiff flees again," he continued.

� After the rejection in May of a first request, his defense filed this new request on July 19, in the midst of a confrontation with first accuser, Henda Ayari, whose testimony on the place and date of the alleged rape was proven wrong by investigators.

�In fact, recent investigations into the rape charges against Tariq Ramadan have again undermined the version of the first complainant, Henda Ayari, who faced the Intellectual on Thursday, July 19 for the first time.

In October 2017, the Ayari filed a complaint against the 55-year-old theologian. She claimed to have been raped in early spring 2012, in a hotel in eastern Paris.

She had then changed her story, evoking the date of May 26, 2012 and a specific place: the Crowne Plaza Hotel in the Place de la République.

�This version collapsed when investigators discovered that she was at a wedding in Rouen the night she says she was raped.

( Source: Change.org )

  Category: Featured, Life & Society
  Topics: Injustice, Tariq Ramadan
Views: 1460

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