Zionism and the Lords of Deception

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The shrewdness of the Zionist Israeli government is beyond imagination.

Israeli leaders have managed to outsmart the world by promoting the myth that Zionism is a righteous ideology. Contrary to what Zionists claim, their ideology is based on pure racial supremacy, not Jewish nationalism.

Very few understand that Zionism is an ideology that resulted from fascist European teachings and the ideals of Jewish racial supremacy.

It's appalling that such blunt racism is dealt with so openly, as if it is just a normal affair that every nation has the right to embrace if it wishes. The endless debate on "who is a Jew?" which is often debated in public discourse, is perceived as if it is merely innocent cultural dialogue.

How would Americans feel if every new immigrant to this country had to present a certificate proving that he or she is the descendant of a white family?  And if it is proven they are not white, they would have no rights to citizenship or land ownership.

In Israel, this has and will always be the case.

Furthermore, the relations between the Zionist settlement in Palestine and the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians is an issue that was put forth repeatedly by the leading Zionist intellectuals since the coming about of the movement.

No one can state it clearer than the prominent Israeli visionary Yeshaauahu Ben Porat. In 1972, Ben Porat was quoted by the daily Israeli newspaper Yediot Aharanot as saying, "There is no Zionist settlement, and there is no Jewish State, without displacing Arabs and without confiscating lands and fencing them off."

In 1973, David Hacohen, Israeli Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Knesset clarified that the issue of displacing Arabs was not simply meant to use Arab homes for Jewish immigrants from Europe during the WWII. The reason is much simpler. It's simply because, "they are not human beings, they are not people, they are all Arabs."

The Israel government confirmed and adopted the racist principals of Zionism in 1950, when the Israeli Knesset passed the Law of Return.

The deceptive name is meant to generate an emotional reaction of an innocent like you, but the law has in reality given Jews from all over the world the right to go and live in Palestine with full citizenship privileges. On the other hand, it passed the Absentee Property Law, seizing the land and properties of  Palestinian refugees who were expelled or forced to flee.

Understanding the shameful reality of present day Israel can be furthered by pondering this quote by the respected Jewish writer Uri Davis: It is "not only the Palestinian non-Jew who is excluded from his or her rights to an undisputed citizenship. Large categories of Jews are similarly excluded: Jewish bastards, Jewish persons born to non -ewish mothers, Jewish persons born to Jewish mothers who converted to another religion, and non-Jews who converted to Judaism by conservative or reform rabbis as only Jewish orthodox conversion procedures are recognized in Israel."

Despite all of the this, Western media still raves and even proudly praises the racism of Israel, dubbing it often as the "Jewish State". Those who dare to speak out against such vulgarity are rebuffed as "anti-Semitic".

Thanks to media deception, and the intimidation and constant harassment of intellectuals and ordinary citizens who support Israel's racism and brutality, not so many people question Israel's policies.

What does anti-Semitism have to do with Israel's human rights violations?

By exposing the racist ideology of Zionism, we must then ask the question: who is more deserving of American tax money, racist settlers equipped with automatic riffles, or America's poor and under-funded schools?

Let the Quran, the Bible and the principals of truth and justice be your guide, not the endless lies of Zionism and Zionists, who are without a doubt are the world's masters of deception.


Ramzy Baroud is editor of the Palestine Chronicle, an independent internet magazine dedicated to issues regarding the Palestinian people.



  Category: Faith & Spirituality
  Topics: Judaism, Occupation, Racism, Zionism
Views: 1795

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