Muslim Public Affairs Council Concerned for Afghan Civilians

The Muslim Public Affairs Council is deeply concerned about the killing of innocent civilians in Afghanistan, the potential for mass famine in the upcoming winter months, and the continued worsening of the geo-political situation in the region. The Department of Defense should review its campaign that is now well into the fourth week of bombing Afghanistan.

In light of recent reports that the military campaign is not achieving its stated goals, MPAC calls for disclosure as to the effectiveness of this campaign and the level of civilian casualties. Our President, George W. Bush, made it clear that this not a war against the Afghani people, and the Pentagon should pursue the goal of eliminating terrorist cells without bringing more harm to the Afghani people.

MPAC is outraged by the Taliban regime's intransigence that has only added to the suffering of the Afghani people. The Taliban failed by not extraditing suspects of the September 11th terrorist attacks to the United States and by not dismantling the al-Qaeda terrorist network, led by Osama bin Laden. MPAC condemns the Taliban's oppression of the Afghani people, and is concerned with the needless endangerment of Afghani civilians.

Senator Joseph Biden (D-Delaware) of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee warned that we should avoid being perceived by the Muslim world as a "high tech bully". Senator Biden's sensitivity to our image in the Muslim world is well founded, as a positive image can only be in our interest and is of the utmost necessity for such a strategically important part of the world.

As Barnett Rubin, director of studies at New York University's Center on International Cooperation advises, "The only way to replace the Taliban is to support a political alternative to them. And the more these attacks continue . . . the more you'll find people siding with the Taliban to defend the country.

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Older Comments:
I believe that this so called war is bad not only for the innocent civilians of Afghanistan but in the long run will bode no good for Americans regardless of religious beliefs. It's sheer insanity to repay the bombing of the WTC with the unprovoked attack of a defenceless country. Has American learned nothing of past humiliations? It would seem that history does indeed repeat itself mainly because the ignorant do not learn that if you touch fire you will get burned.

We as muslims should never dispair victory is with the muslims,ALLAH says "AS THE DISBELIEVERS PLOTT ALLAH IS PLANING AND ALLAH IS THE BEST OF PLANNERS"

You are correct to note that the Taliban have failed their own people by failing to assist in dismantling Al Qaeda. If they did, then the need for America to attack the Taliban would no longer exist. The suffering of the Afghan people is squarely the responsibility of the Taliban. This is not a struggle of choice for America, like Viet Nam. America cannot lose and go home. This is life and death, a clear struggle to survive. The sooner people in the Middle East understand that most Americans see this as a war unlike any since the Second World War, and one we are determined to see through, the sooner it will end.

The articles posted by Islamicity are not contributing much to that end. To the contrary, they all seem all to come from the Guardian, the Independent, and other similar writers and newspapers, who express perfunctory sympathy for the attacks of September 11th and then essentially go on to tell Americans that they will just have to get used to such "events" because of all of their government's supposed misdeeds.

If Islamicity seeks peace, it would do well to let its visitors get a sense of the depth of the determination and patience the American people have regarding this struggle. The articles you post may rally anti-American sentiment, but in the end, by perhaps prolonging things, that will just create more innocent civilian casualties, both in America (intentional, terrorist-inflicted and celebrated by the perpetrators) and Afghanistan (unintentional, war-inflicted and deeply regretted by America).

Al Qaeda, by evidence satisfactory to overwhelming majorities of Americans and of the nations of the world, and by virtue of the words of its own leaders, was clearly responsible for the attacks on America. A ranking Saudi official, the Deputy Minister of the Interior, acknowledged that today.

The only way this can end is with Al Qaeda's destruction. The sooner that occurs, the better for the whole world. May peace be upon y

Dear Bro/Sis, this could be out of subject, but the muslim ummah should be aware of the Pakistani goverment and Saudi goverments leaders are hypcroties, while they support the enemies of Islam to attack muslim countries, and they claim their countries to be Islamic states. Recent visist by Tony Blair, King Fahad has agree secretarely to use the al-kharg air base by us and britian to attack Afganistan, according to sources, the Saudi Authorities doesnot want this matter to be public, so these are they munafiq's.

Jazakallah khairan

concerned muslim

We cannot take the decision to overthrow the Taliban. Only the people of Afghanistan have the right to make such decisions.

Thank you very much for your courteous and responsive answer to my questions. I shall visit your site regularly.