American Muslims call for peaceful efforts to end the conflict in Afghanistan

We, the under signed national Islamic organizations resolve the following:

      1.      We reiterate our unequivocal condemnation of the crime committed on September 11, 2001, and join our fellow Americans in mourning the loss of up to 6000 innocent civilians.

      2.      We reiterate our support for bringing to justice those who are responsible for planning, executing or knowingly helping to carry out this crime. In so doing, we believe that all legal provisions, and procedures of law, national and international, must be adhered to.

      3.      We believe the bombing in Afghanistan is not in the long-term interest of our country or the world at large. The bombing victimizes the innocents, exacerbates the humanitarian disaster, and creates wide spread resentment across the Muslim world. Allowing thousands of innocent civilians to die in the harsh Afghan winter will only serve to weaken the global resolve to root out terrorism.   The senseless starvation of women and children will fuel hate and extremism.

      4.  We call on our government to urgently reassess its action in Afghanistan, and to cease the bombing campaign and other military actions. Our government should seek a more effective and long-term strategy to deal with terrorism and its causes, whether such violence is committed by individuals, groups or states. We feel that international disputes should be resolved through UN mechanisms and in accordance with its charter.

      5.  As American Muslims, we stand ready to help our government in building bridges of understanding with Muslim countries, and assist in removing root causes of misunderstanding, grievances and conflict. We also express our opposition to the extension of bombing to other countries.   Such attacks will aggravate an already explosive and destabilizing situation.

      6.  As Americans, we believe that it is not only our right but also our civic duty and responsibility to express our sincere views of what is in the long-term interest of our country. We strongly reject any suggestion that opposing a certain policy of our government is tantamount to disloyalty. This suggestion is undemocratic, unfair and un-American.

      7.  Finally, we express our concern about the possibility of unconstitutional measures in new antiterrorism legislation, which may curtail civil liberties in the name of security. Such measures are unlikely to make Americans safer and may be applied in a discriminatory manner against American citizens and lawful residents from specific ethnic and religious groups.

We pray to the universal God of all to bestow His mercy, healing and peace on all humanity.

Muslim American Society (MAS), Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), Muslim Alliance of North America (MANA), Muslim Student Association (MSA), Islamic Association for Palestine (IAP), United Association for Studies and Research (UASR), Solidarity International, American Muslims for Global Peace and Justice (AMGPJ), American Muslim Alliance (AMA), United Muslim Americans Association (UMAA), Islamic Media Foundation (IMF), American Muslim Foundation (AMF), Coordinating Council of Muslim Organizations (CCMO), American Muslims for Jerusalem (AMJ), Muslim Arab Youth Association (MAYA)

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Older Comments:
Yes orianna Afghanistan would be a good oil place for Russia and America. It would also help us keep a better eye on each other. However I should piont out that Russia and America have tons of oil in their ground. Anyway I want the people who killed all those Americans dead. Do not be suprised that Russia is siding with America. They have a good reason to want revenge on Afghanistan. Osama bin Laden and others would cut up Russian soldiers that gave up and let them dry in the sun. They also would skin them. This is alright with Muslims, but it is savage to kill prisoners who will not give up.


There is a few reasons why Afghanistan is being retaliated, brothers and sisters, one is because of sept 11 (public feelings obviously ran high, the US administration had to be seen to be doing something)but the most imporant reason why they are being attacked is because of the caspian basin , which has huge amounts of untapped oil reserves which would fuel the US for the next 30 yrs. Afghanistans geographical location makes it ideal for pipelines to run through it as its the only route that would be economically and politically viable. This would turn Afghanistan in to another Saudi type, puppet state for the US to get their claws on. Why do you think the British tried to invade Afghanistan? why do you think that Russia did so aswell? Wake up and smell the coffee people, the US has its own hidden agenda.
Opposseing the US adminstration does not make me anti-american, I have no quarrels with its people, or any human being that is not killing my brothers and sisters. I absolutly condemn sept 11 attacks, but I will refuse to apologise to any one on behalf of my religion. My religion has done nothing wrong, I do not feel the need to justify myself for being a muslim.
Salam and peace to you all


The innocent men, women and children of Afghanistan are suffering because Muslim fanatics "hijacked" their country.

Just as surely as those 19 rabid killers flew those jets into US targets...killing thousands of innocent men, women, and children... the al-Qaeda terrorists have guided Afghanistan and its citizens to a similar doom.

The Taliban had more than sufficient time to surrender the culprits. They did not.

The responsibility of the current destruction is theirs, not that of the USA. The war and the threat of famine will exist as long as the Taliban resists and defys the onslaught of the American troops and the Northern Alliance.

The fanatics have shown they prefer death to reason or peaceful surrender.. seeking their reward for dying in "Jihad". The Americans will gladly oblige their choice.

As for curtailing civil liberties of suspected terrorist in the name of security, I would like to remind you the suspected terrorists and accomplices are NOT citizens of the USA. They are, at best, sympathizers with an enemy that has declared war on America....and, at worst, spies and saboteurs who need to be quickly tried and executed via off-shore military tribunals if necessary.

Any support or aid given to the fanatical enemies of the United States of America will align that person or group with those enemies making themselves subject to the full might, awesome power, and terrible swift sword of a great Nation avenging its dead.

Bismillahi r Rahmaan r Raheem...everysince the fall of the Islaamic State, Muslims hav began 2 stray from the text of Islaam (the Qur'aan & way of Muhammad s.a.w.) n order 2 address lifes issues... Muslims hav resorted 2 "pragmatic thinkin"..Allah (SWT) has so Graciously expose the hidden agendas of Islaam's adversaries... w/ this, the Muslims of old wer successful n thwarting the plots of these adversaries by preventing them from mustering momentum 2 harm the Islaamic system w/ their ideas & evil actions... n 1 such verse Allah (SWT) says [n english meanin... must contact me 4 arabic ([email protected])] "& never ever will the ppl of the Book (ie. Jews & Christians) b satisfied w/ u til u follow their religion (way)." now, well-intentioned r not, Muslims cannot deny/ignore this "WARNING!" from the All-Knowing Allah (swt)... He is the All-Wise & all others r lesser n intellect & foresight. Remember wen Muslims use 2 trust Allah (swt)? Remember wen Muslims use 2 fear Allah (swt)? Remember wen Muslims use 2 obey Allah (swt)? remember wen Muslims use 2 follow the ways of Muhammad (saw)? Ahhh! Those wer the days... the days of Islaam... 4 these or now the days of kufr (unbelief)... Lets us return 2 the very thing that gives Muslims their dignity & purpose 4 life..the DEEN (system of life) that Allah (swt) luvs... AL-ISLAAM N THE WAY OF NABOOWA (prophethood)... Ameen!

I am a muslim living in a multiracial society in Singapore,like to express my unhappiness the way the american deal the situation in its'retaliation against terrorism. In so doing the innocent civilian suffer,in this instant the afghan have to suffer for the crime they did not do.Especially now the holy month of ramadan.I hope this invasion and bombing should end immediately without any further delay whatsoever.The ongoing onslaught is no guarantee that terrorism will stop,While the real culprit getaway scotfree it's the innocence has to suffer.The American call itself a civilised country but the way you do show you otherwise.So just stop the anarchy now.

Islam promotes the idea of peace , those who say otherwise sholud re-think.True jihad is from the heart and not to display your power over others. so the only way we can welcome others to Islam is to display through our actions and words what this peace loving religion really means.this is mainly because many poeple don't look at the Quran as fisrt resourecs yet look at the people following the faith and sometimes understand it according the actions of people.
the actions being carried out by America are shocking, not only has America wrapped countries Pakistan around thoier finger but have also used them and other countries in the world to make it sound as though the actions they are carriying out are right when there not. when they are being carried out without any proof of who was behind the devastating attacks on september 11th. i too along with millions of muslims condemn the attacks which took place , but do not agree that that the way around it is to go and bomb one the poorest countries in the world. They do have the whole of muslim worlds sypathise , yet they do not want to carry out any thing which may mean not destroying the whole Afghanistan, we all know that they do not where the so called terrorist 'Osama Bin Laidein' is. in my opinion they are trying to get rid of him because he has true faith.were is the proof that he was behind it?, what happend to Amercias justice sysytem? whay is that , now the guythey suspect of being behind these attacks can be killed, bush wanting him 'dead or alive'. and finnaly what happend to the muslims?,here in England,teenage muslims are embrassing the faith of islam by runnuing roit over small things, yet when it comes to protesting as they brothers and sisters are in ytrouble there isn't they can do.
so, i feel that the muslims should unite, make sure the world knows that there is a clear difference between Jihad and terrorism and what islam reallly means.we should not remain backwards and spread islam with peace.

Peace is what our beloved religiion is all about. If they declined for peace go for it. Now that many people in Afganistan are asking for peace but the world is standing and watching and bombing. Those who helped the Afgans against the agressive Russian brutalities are facing death because of their believes. I never understood the fighting fractions in Afganistan do they really know who is the real enemy1 Do they know that when they were helped against the Russians not becuase of their own interest but it was because the Americans were against Russia at that time. After Afganistan was liberated from the Russians the Americans and the Western countries including the UN left that country to fight eact other to destroy each other. This is the result today. We should all be aware of who is our allies and who is not. Ofcourse Islam is the religion of peace. We should all satnd up for our religion otherwise we are not turly muslims. I pray every day to Almight Allah to save Muslims from fitna this is a real fitna they injected it in our soul. They created problems for us to come and say you can not do this or that. Or they invaded our own home. Now there is no one in the world anymoreto be safe from the aggression of the western world.
Unfortunately our Muslim countries leader are brought to their seats by the approval of the Americans and its allies otherwise they will never be there. Look at the Gulf countries leaders they all serve Americans and British and ofcourse the Israilis. Whoever goes against the will of those countries will never survive as they will declare them enemies of humanity. Look at Turkey today , Egypt, Jordan all of these countries go where the moeny is. Unfortunately our lives are no longer safe. WHo says the western countries have democray. There is no democracy in the west. There is a dictatorship in todays western countries but in different form. No one can go agianst them. Otherwise will be branded as terrorist.

We, the Christian-Judaic American population say, not only will the WAR on TERRORISTS not stop in Aghanistan, it will tour the Middle East purging
the futures for our children against the VAST numbers of MUSLIM'S all over the World who only want to destroy us & ISRAEL. While the American Muslim's report every case of Racial Profiling lodged against them, your Mosques here & much more in the Arab countries, are preaching it was the ZIONIST-JEWS who bombed us on 9/11, not the MUSLIMS. Why do we hear no condemnation of such hideous lies by these American Citizens?

i strongly condemn 11 september event at america. but please america understand islam and dont kill innocents. Mr. president , america please study quran as a whole and then decide what u have to do. according to quran, if anywhere islamic rules declared then king have to force the islamic rules on the people according to quran. and there is always happyness come when islamic rules forced. so first mr. president america please study what quran tells us. and stop bombing and killing afganis or human beings like talibanis etc. if talibanis killing others and if ur also killing them then what is the difference between them and u. the best solution is to call osama and ask why he is so annoyed with u americans. if he say some solid reasons then overcome that problem otherwise if u kill one or more, it recome more than that. so plz call them to talk.

our neighbour,s house is burning. we must extinguish it. for assuredly it will be ours burning tomorrow.oh Allah! why is everyone holding empty buckets?

I agree wholeheartedly with the statement made by American Muslims that the United States needs to adhere to legal mechanisms rather than the use of military force in its goal to seek justice after the tragedy of September 11, 2001. Further, I agree that changing the laws to protect the civilian population against terrorism will serve to increase discrimination against those of who are of certain ethnic backgrounds, such as those from the middle east, and religious groups, such as muslims.

We the muslims of India strongly support the views express by American muslims, and hope the bombings will stop soon


I FROM US said:

Now that we've beat the snot out of Mr.Talibanana, the head Talibanana wants to go one on one? With who? Does Mr. Talibanana think GI Joe is some moron from a madrassa? Think again!
Mr. Talibanana messed with the wrong mofo. Pretty stupid!

pl stop war against afganistan due to ramzan.and copletly stop war after ramzan also..because pooer people died.thgey are also our brother

As hard as the comment from brother Ali Furqan, but I have to agree with him in some extend.What most bother me in this situation is the unification of muslims itself.1.2 billion muslims in this old planet, but are we really in ONE?Muslim are divided, obsviously.Also the leaders of muslim countries themself are acts and speakes as a double standard as usually.When there is a strungle amongst us, who will we screaming to seek help from?US!!!Indeed, whoever dislike us will take advantage from it.

I feel that this is terrible.


In the Name of Allah. Assalamu Alaikum. Not all American Muslims agree with the policy of the end off the conflict in Afganistan. Afaganistan is guilty by association. If not give up the alledge perpatrators and the association does not exists.

I do not support the usa government in their actions and do not want to be considered as one of the muslims in this country that do. This is not a government that I support as my own. I believe in Islam and Islam is my government alone. If this government of the usa could stand by (and it will never) what it is lying to the vast majority of the world. Then let it,stop oppressing Islam in this own country. and give to the muslims in America. the same respect it gives to the jews in Jerusalem. There are muslims who came to america as cargo and was treated much worst than the jews by hitler. If this government was really serious about terrorism they would stop using terrorist tactics to hunt down Bin Laden in the name of peace. and clean up their own back yard of the worlds most ruthless terroris the worlld has ever known. Allah is keeping account everything. My life and DEATH is all for Allah. I am a muslim in america not a american muslim.
Salaam Alaikum
Brother Ahmed Ali

10/27/2001 - Religious Social Political - Article Ref: IC0110-355
(American Muslims call for peaceful efforts to end the conflict in Afghanistan)

Reply/Comments by Alex Nodopaka

Reply to paragraph 2.

It does not seem that anyone cared to apply the same rules from the fundamentalist Muslim side! So why so conveniently Muslims want to use non-Muslim laws?

Reply to paragraph 3.

The Muslim world will never be happy with the modern state of civilization of non-Muslim countries. I see very little compatibility then or now or in the future unless some VERY smart Moslem people begin to re-interpret the words of Muhammad and that, I believe, will happen only when chicken will grow teeth!

Reply to paragraph 4.

I think the Muslims should clean their closets first within their own countries by their own and not by proxy.

Reply to paragraph 5.

Muslims in this country and elsewhere tacitly approve of terrorism against non-Muslims by having kept quiet for a long time and some by harboring and abating terrorists. As far as "removing the root causes of misunderstanding, grievances and conflict" the question is how many centuries back does one need to go to "understand" the Muslims' position?

Reply to paragraph 7.

These measures prevented immediate further disastrous attacks by brainwashed fundamentalists. I am convinced these measures will be of short duration. A thorough check of all the parasites infesting the USA and of all their contacts are of utmost necessity.

Praying will do nothing until WISE MEN AND WOMEN solve their own problems!

As the Executive Secretary of Islamic Forum, I am herby authorised to endorse the appeal embodied in the pettion submitted by the American Muslim organisations to the American Government.

Momtaaz Jung.

I fully condemn all innocent killings whether by muslims or others. However,Insha Allah EMEMIES of Islam will pay a heavy price for adopting double standards ( Hypocrites )towards Islam, Muslim countries. The world trade center was a head quarter of usury and interest based money and sucking the blood of poor countries.

Assalaamu Alaikum,We as an Islamic Ummah should come together and organize ourselves into the community that Prophet Muhammad {salalahu alaihi wa salaam} had worked so hard and suffered immensely to present from Allah {subhanahu wa ta`ala}. It is so sad that we have so much division within our Ummah and it is embarassing that Al-Kafirun looks upon this as a way to bring us fitnah. My hope, Ma`sha Allah, is to bring our Ummah together and gather all "Ahl Assunnah Wal Jama`ah" those who follow "As Sirat Al Mustaqeem". This incident is an ayat from Allah {subhanahu wa ta`ala} to bring the Muslims together into the strong foundation that we once were. We have enough financial security as an International Islamic Ummah to make demands upon the rights of Allah {subhanahu wa ta`ala} from Al-Qur`an, Shar`iah, and Ahadith. Do not allow Al-Kafirun to set the rules which are haram for us to follow. Ma salaama, Amanah Sakinah

Stopping the bombing for Ramadan would allow them yo fortify their strategy-no way should the bombing stop- Peace my ass- You think these assholes would think of what Catholic or Jewish holiday it was and have any compassion? No! They must be squashed with no opportunity to endure.

It is my belief that they should continue bombing until thier is nothing left except a big black crater. The Taliban is just another extremist group which uses terror and fear to rule the afghan people, why should we show compassion to these dogs, while they put to death many people who do not follow their fanatacal view of islam, i say slap their sand blasted, bitch asses off the face of the earth

it was nice to read those 7 statements. i was getting real upset with muslims because each and every muslim i talked to thinks that america deserves to be terroized and they blammed each and every muslim problem on the jews and america and would not take responsibility for their own actions. so when i read your 7 statements i was releaved to know that there is some good careing muslims out there somewhere. thankyou.

.. you have already given the Kufr the rope to hang us now you want him to stop hanging us. How foolish a community - divided against it self - we will be wiped out and removed and thats exactly what the Enemies of Islam will do.

Ehssan Ghufran is badly mistaken in his thoughts that there is "no evidence" to tie Bin Laden to the attacks on the WTC and the Pentagon. I would hope that Mr. Ghufran would read the newspaper more and listen to the news: the circumstancial evidence is overwhelming.

Saudi journalist Hamad Abd al-Aziz Al-Isa noted that bin-Laden is the only person in the world to issue a fatwa "...on October 12, 1996 calling for the killing of American civilians and military personnel...." This journalist wrote this in response to Fahmi Huweidi's conspiracy theories; Huweidi is a well-known Islamist Egyptian journalist.

What amazes me is that, according to's polls, most Muslims believe that: 1. the U.S. would be responsible for Afghanistani citizens' problems rather than Al-Qaida and the Taliban. The Taliban could have prevented ALL of this by surrending bin-Laden! The polls also reveal that most Muslims believe that this is a war against Islam. How could anyone think that when the U.S. has constantly spoken against anti-Arab reactions, dropped food in Afghanistan, and allowed Muslim imams to participate in things like the ceremony at the national cathedral? This is not a Christian-Islam battle!

My dear Muslim friends, don't be partial to bin-Laden or the Taliban just because they are also Muslim; realize that Muslims can also sin, and in this case, it is obvious that they have. Don't defend ridiculous views about a conspiracy theory. Stop blaming everyone else. I pray that God would do His will and bring justice to the situation.


I say nuke the taliban! These imbeciles are not even human! They are animals, murderers, and third-world uncivilized morons. In the name of all these religions, be they Jewish, Muslim, Christian, etc., idiots have murdered thousands of human beings. What god of all these wants humans to murder other humans? Give up these idiotic religions if you can't be civilized enough to understand them for what they are. You people are just using the name of allah to cover your collective asses... you really are just frustrated and powerless in this material world, so you lash out like little children having a temper-tantrum. Well, you picked on the big guys, now you must live in the bed you made.

I think that more people should focus on Russia at this time and and help the poor Russians. They have suffered too and are very good people.

Its very sad to see idiots like the "AMERICAN BORN AMERICAN" stand up and foolishly say to those muslims to go back where they came from.

I think he/she should open there eyes and realise the "Proper" American Born Blacks Muslims in America have more of a case to be in America they he/she does. This so called "American Born American" is only an immigrant like everyone else and if they cant comprehend or accept the fact other Proper Americans, Muslims and non-muslims alike, have alternative views, then "they" should consider leaving the country to where they came from.

A true American believes in freedom of speech and religion and respecting each others religions and cultures, not the knee-jerked reaction of the so called "American Born American" Jerk who is making these stupid comments

In Response to John Constantine's comments, i feel John is a little confused and unclear about the islamic faith. He is swayed by the murky anti-muslim media of the West and in particular the US.

He mentions that the US are a very charatable government and believes that he couldnt say the same for the Arab Oil rich countries. I would like to point out that the US doesnt give to alternative countries aid FOR FREE, as there is always an alteria motive and interests at large.

We, the world, only see what media giants like CNN and the likes portray to us, not the full story from both sides of the coin. It is only when the general public sees boths sides of the coin, fairly and squarely, that one can make a proper informed judgment.

Military Might and overpowering force over weak countries is not the solutions to the problems we all face in this world. We need to find peaceful solutions and more importantly, we NEED to know why these problems are occuring and treat the cause not the symptoms.


Somehow I find you people not truly American. Your loyalty lies elsewhere. I support the bombing in afghanistan and it should continue until the taliban is removed from power. There is no way for peaceful dealing with terrorists. They only respect violence. Your mission here is only self serving for like I said your loyalty lies elsewhere. Islamic terrorists are the scum of the earth. The taliban must be destroyed regardless of the outcome. Shame on all of you for not supporting the true Americans and government in this country. You people are so misguided in your thinking. Furthermore I've always said that if you are not happy or satisfied living here in this country then you can always go elsewhere!! The terrorists who killed all those people in New York killed in the name of religion. What a joke religion is. Also the term they use (holy war), what the hell is so damn holy about war?????? Bunch of religious fanatics and hypocrites!!! Religion is the cause of so many problems in the world today. Your islamic jihad and holy war sounds so stupid and ignorant. The term itself is contradictory. Your relgion is warped beyond imagination.
The bombing and mission in afghanistan must continue whether your groups here like it or not!! Aliens do not dictate policy in this country. So like I said you know what you all can do if you don't like the government's policy. The door always opens OUT!!

First of all, US dosn't have any proof to show that Osama did it,Secondly,the Taliban and Osama have said that they have't done it.If the U.S wants to fight their enemies,she should fight them on the ground face to face.
It is not fair to bomb the people of Afghanistan blindly. United States is violating UN war rules.

Do not the Muslims who voted for Bush thinking that he would protect Islamic interests or even their pocket books not feel very foolish? If not, I think they should feel extremly foolish. It is obvious that bush hates Islam and Muslims although he professes the opposite. Muslims should understand that all power belongs to Allah ta'ala most high above His creation and no man, woman or child can protect anyone except Allah.
Perhaps if the Muslims followed the sunnah and Qur'an without hesitation they would be in a better state of affairs on all levels.


My strength and prayers are with all that have participated in this effort towards global unity. The truth is the backbone of victory. May the final victory come in peace and love.

Dear Sir:
i am glad to see that muslims are joining their voices together, but i feel that the tune in this article is a bit weak, no strong descisions as if u are ordering in a gentil way the us goverment to stop its war and to resolve its international issues via the un.
i think that if u emphasised on the importance of the muslims in the us, as number and economical force, is important in order to show that part of the us economy is in ur hands and that u can affect it positively and negatively.
finally i hope that in the future the voices of the muslims in the us and in ther world will unify to purify islam from these figures that are affecting its image and then so that the 1 billion muslims will have a voice that will be heard.
May Allah bless u

I am deeply sadened by the events of sept. 11 2001. I am also concerned about the humanitiarian crisis in brings great sadness to my heart to see children with no food and being bombed.The criminals of sept 11 must be brought to justice.But, the civilians in Afghanistain that have nothing to do with this must be taken care of.

may ther be peace...inshallah

I wanna let you all know that i support all you muslims and american muslims. I hope the war stops and you should all support the people in afghanistan. I personally am donatin money for them. I have also learned alot about islam and know that it is indeed a religion of peace. All you muslims should keep ur heads up and hearts strong like you have since the sept.11th attacks. I am even considering converting to Islam this religion gives me peace of mind.
once again i love the protest and keep them up god willing this bombing will end soon.
your soon to be brother in islam,

As an individual member of MAS (Muslim America Society) I would like to make known my support for this historic document.

Fort Lauderdale,Florida

While I deplore war and the lose of life I firmly believe that what the US and other supportive nations are doing are in the best interest of all people. We have not said this is a war agaist Muslims, Muslims have said this is a war against Jews and Christians. If my memory serves me correctly, didn't the Arab/Muslims attack Isreal during a religious time period? Islam is said to be a peaceful religion, and indeed there are millions of peace loving Muslims. I was born and raised in the southend of Dearborn, Michigan, I lived with Muslims, went to school with them. I do recall that if you got into a confrontation with one, you had a problem with some of thier friends. If Islam is peace loving, why don't they try the Ghandi, or Dr. M. L. King strategy of non-violence? I have the deepest sympathy for the Palestinians who were displaced as a result the the UN resolution giving the Jews a homeland. It is a fact complete. Should the Jews be driven out completely? Then what?

99% of the Arabs I know (I work with many of their children, and I can tell you that of all of the ethnic groups I have come into contact with, they are very nice people and always offer me some refreshments, or food.

I was born in this country of European parents. If the US. believed they were guilty of doing anything to harm this nation, I would have no problem with letting them feel the full force of our military....religious holiday or not.

After this unfortunate situation is over with, the U.S. will open its pocket books and help the people out....which is more than I can say about some Muslim nations...Oil rich nations in the Arab world should take it those people who need help.

Are American Muslims calling for peace from their fellow religious? Are American Muslims willing to live in an Islamic state?

May be we should let the women of the world try to save us from total destruction. Mothers know the pain of child birth, and the pain of world sufferi

This is a response to "Thomas Jefferson" and unfortunate others like him:

If one has a true understanding of being an American, freedom of religion should be familiar to you. You were partly correct when you said "I do not feel that the founding fathers had Islam in mind, only the freedom to practice Christianity and its different branches." However, many people of differring skin pigments were not included in this theory of "freedom" we call a democracy either. My ancestors were brought to this land from Africa. Before your ancestors landed here in America, Islam was here. Yes, when the Spaniards, British, and numerous other Europeans came to the America's with slaves, they brought our culture and our religion, Islam. Many people like you are confused, including some Muslims. African-Americans were practicing Islam in this country before the Arabs landed. There are 200 million Arab people in the world, do they all practice Islam? No. Islam is a faith shared by every region of the world. It is unfortunate that people lack the ability to comprehend that Christianity is not the only way of life. When you have the opportunity, I encourage you and anyone reading this that practices Christianity, to find out what Christianity is and then you can look to Islam and find no means to compare the faiths. Why do Christians worship idols such as images and statues of an interpretation of Jesus? This is not what Allah (subhannahu wa ta Alla)intended to happen. This is why the Quran was passed down to the Prophet Ahmad Mohammad (P.B.U.H.) Before making comments you must investigate why you think the way you do. Islamicity and many other sites are doing a great job in attempting to correct the eye site of those that do not know they are blind.

Dear Fareed (1061),
It becomes clearer and clearer to me that we all simply misunderstand each other.
Speaking as one who was raised Christian, I can only (at this time) understand Islam and Muslim people through my Christian "mind filter". I think Muslims try to understand others through their Muslim "mind filter". Our different upbringings and religion color the necessary clear vision we need to have of each other which is why so many Muslims feel Islam is being attacked, and why so many non-Muslims don't understand why Muslims insist Islam is being attacked when the majority of non-Muslims are thinking only of terrorists. It is unfortunate that these terrorists are all Muslim, but if they were all some other religion the Western mind (the intelligent ones) would still be thinking only of terrorists not a religion. Just as our western media focuses on the worst scenes so does the Arab media, so each side is only seeing the worst of the other. The merely human mind loves action and excitement even if it is destructive. When I find I am functioning from just a human perspective I remember I am a humanBeing not just a human. Remembering Being as my other half helps me to think and see more clearly. In this respect we are all identical - we are all human Beings, human sacks filled with the breath of God, if only we could stop distorting that.
If I cannot clearly understand the Muslim mind because I have no experience of it it doesn't matter. It is okay for me to simply honor and respect you as a fellow human being no matter how you worship the one and only God.
I truly believe as long as we live in these bodies with their imperfect, environmentally conditioned and limited minds we must respect the actions, the humanity, the compassion, the goodness of each other (remembering we are all imperfect) as the only grounds for co-existing peacefully together, otherwise we will always be at war and this planet will break beneath our hatred.

I respectfully say that I respect your religion but not its right to exist in this country. When freedom of religion was established in this country I do not feel that the founding fathers has Islam in mind, only the freedom to practice Christianity and its different branches. Why is it we must tip toe around what offends but you are not worried about what offends us? Your hatred of Israel and belief of considering the rest of the world infidels is reprehensible and does not belong in our country. I wish you safety but do not condone the spread of your religion in the United States.


Killing innocent people either by crashing the plane into buildings or bombing the innocent people over mountains, deserts or cities will not bring peace to any one.
If USA is perceiving the war to prove that it is its right, then people who crashed the plane will also justify their actions.
Please stop this hatred and work for peaceful world.
Islam never support terrorism. Educating the western world about pure Islam is the only solution. If any one do not know what Islam means, try to understand the religion, its purity and tolerance. Then people who hate Islam, will start loving Islam and muslim.

Dear Brothers in Islam, work to educate the muslim about Islam and make them practising muslim. May Allah bring peace into every one's heart and house.


Dear Gene Jacobson (1048),
Your words are true and healing and the earth could definitely use healing through our human hearts. It's all connected. We are all connected.
Be it so, brother.

Stop this bloody war join anti war campaigns do something !!!!!

Well, even though the media replayed the images of the aircraft crashing into the buildings, and the towers crumbling, apparently it just didn't stick in our minds.

My friends, this isn't about retribution. There is but a handful of people who can answer for this heinous crime. We have an obligation, as Americans, to ensure that this never happens again--never to Americans.

Current allies, Germany and Japan, with whom America enjoys strong ties, were once the enemies of the world, because they were led by madmen. Nothing against Germans or Japanese--just the men who sought to destroy. America intervened, and the world was once again peaceable.

I hate war. I hate death. God hates war. God hates to see his children killing each other. But America is taking a stand for Right: let us not wallow in complacency and greed, but let's be wary, and rid the world of this menace: terrorism. Let's put an end to the terrorists and those who harbor them. Let's send a message, that any attack on America will be met with force.

And may we turn our hearts to Jesus Christ, the Prince of PEACE.

hear hear. War is not the answer. Dialogue among moderates. It is possible (and incumbent upon) Muslims to oppose the war AND oppose the evil twisting of Islam by Bin Laden and his band of cronies.

Although I don't belong to any of the Islamic organizations that signed that document, I totally agree with what it called for. Not only that this war lacks a definitive target(s), but also it gives a vague definition for winning. Many Americans believe that if America declined to Bin Laden demands,it will look weak. America can prove to be the strongest country of modern times by trying to find the real reason behind what's going on. Posting the anti-terrorist bill and tightening the visa issuing are only measures that will NOT eradicate terror. On the contrary, they represent basically an excution to the civil rights and security among Americans and non Americans. If the government looks at the real reasons beyond the actions of these groups and try to solve it, there will be no good reason for more terrorism. Not only that, but the next generations will appreciate the wisdom of the government and what was done for them to save " the American way of life". There are so many dangers for the war beyond enraging Muslims all over the world, for example the effect on the local and global economy, foreign policies, and most importantly, on the long term effects on the
standards of the general public services that are expected to contract because of the shrinking economy. In the end, we only want peace for ourselves and our children and we don't think that peace can be achieved by this war.

There are no "Muslim" countries in the same way that there are no "Christian" countries. There are only regions of the earth where people practice various religions. We are not at war with Afghanistan and should not be bombing that poor country. We are engaged in a police action seeking to find and arrest the criminals responsible for the murder of 6000 of our citizens. Were the government of Afghanistan a responsible and civilized one, they would have arrested and extradited the serial killer, Osama Bin Laden long ago, rather than disingenuously demanding proof of his involvement before trial. The proof will come out during the trial as it does in all murder trials, not before. If he is innocent as the Taliban insists then he will have no trouble demonstrating that in a court of law be that here in the United States or some other venue. The current situation demonstrates clearly that religion should NEVER play an official role in government be that Islam, Christian, Buddhist, Sikh or any other. Religious governments throughout history demonstrate that the most brutal acts of all are committed by men in the name of God - if blasphemy were possible that would be its definition - men blaming God for the despicable acts they commit against each other because they are too cowardly to admit the truth which is that divisions like religion are an excuse for one group to exercise control over another group. It is shameful that the majority of people alive come to this planet to experience the joy of freewill and then turn that freewill over to criminals like Jerry Falwell and Osama Bin Laden. They are no different those two. Had Falwell been born in Saudi Arabia and Bin Laden the US they would still be doing exactly what they are doing only on the side opposite where they are now. Tyrants like them show us how NOT to treat others. About time we learned that lesson and gave up the artifical division of religion and understood that we are ALL children of God.

Ref 1024 Damien, Your comment is an irrational lashing out at the Muslim community, a reaction more suited coming from a Al-Qaeda member. And why can't people cry out for the loss of any innocent life? A mother's loss of her child in Afghanistan is the same a mother's loss of her child in New York. Wake up and READ the news instead of getting vaccinated against intelligence in front of the boob tube. Muslims have spoken loud and clear against the terrorists and by the way Muslims don't run around on camels on American highways they use the same bridges as you and me during rush hour. For Gods sake think before you write.

Assalam o Alikum!@};-
The time has come to War against the all enemies of Muslims
sepecially against USA and U.K.They've attacked on MUSLIMS.
They want to kill all Muslims under the cover of Terrorism but
they dont know about us.To save Islam We can give our life in the route
of God.Being muslims We should be ready to fight Muslim's enemies.
We should believe only in God bcoz we're MUSLIM NATION.
They mightn't know Muslims could do every thing if they would,Now
This WAR 'll keep continuing till last breath,And in this war victory 'll be
muslims bcoz God with truth.
Fiaman Allah.

The hypocrisy of the Muslim American community makes me nauseous. Your community rails against the death of 15 Muslims in Afghanistan and calls for the end of the bombing. Yet, your community is deafeningly silent when it is announced that Muslims are planning to attack our bridges at rush hour in an attempt to kill as many Americans as possible. You hide these people. Where are you now? Where is your outrage? Your silence speaks volumes about all of you and your religion.


"6. ....We strongly reject any suggestion that opposing a certain policy of our government is tantamount to disloyalty. This suggestion is undemocratic, unfair and un-American."

Kind of like Sharia is undemocratic, unfair, and un-American?

"7. Finally, we express our concern about the possibility of unconstitutional measures in new antiterrorism legislation, which may curtail civil liberties in the name of security. Such measures are unlikely to make Americans safer ...."

I feel safer already.


The only way the world will have peace is when the leaders and governments play their role in an just and fair manner. Double standards discredit them and they loose public trust. I am sure this is not what any government of a free country would like to see. Greatness does not come from might but it comes from show of fair play and justice to all.

Please stop the bombing of the innocent men, women and children. This will generate hate and anger for generations to come. The world will never see peace ever again if we resort to agression. Use wisdom and not force of brutality. Be fair and not unjust. Then you will see how easy it will be to live in peace and harmony. Another thing to remember is to stop being greedy. Wanting to be great and trying to maintain that standard of might and power will drag us in the pit of the earth. What will the end result be? This is time to comtemplate and resolve peace through JUST and not WAR!!

In todays Chicago Tribune newspaper in the editorial section a 6th grade student Nina-Marie Rodriguez in few words said so appropriately "I have a huge question and it has to do with the war and how we are taught not to use violence to solve problems. Why then is the government using violonce to solve its problems? I think that the government is giving the kids and teenagers everywhere a wrong message and is setting a bad example".

Our future generations have very bad examples to learn from and as leaders they will follow the foot steps of their present leaders. The future looks bleak. Let us fix it NOW.

A concerned member of the human race

I'm agree with your point of view, but I don't know if they're possible other ways.
Why in every muslim states aren't there any sit-in against terrorists?
Other people, no-muslim people are confused about muslim people general attitude towards terrorists.
So, for me, it is very important that UN Goverment could be more strong and could give a way to resolve this very dangerous situation without to kill innocents.
Thank for your attention


Dear Ron Randolf,
Yes. You are correct. I am a multi-culturist and I love diversity, i.e., spice of life. As an American my life is richer because of the ethnic stew I bask and flourish in. Too bad for you and those who must tolerate your immediate presence that your spirit is so baby-food bland. I believe you yourself would flourish in a Taliban-like environment, Western brand that is. Yes, you fit right into the skin-head, white, separatist psuedo-Christian, neo-nazi skin, don't you?
I am no pacifist however. You seem to think they are the same thing. The majority of Americans understand they are not. If I were not fat and old I would be in the service. I support the war on terrorism and whether or not Muslims feel this war is against Islam is their own issue to work out inside themselves. I can feel and see the confusion and indecisiveness of American Muslims. I am personally hoping to see more evidence on their end of a willingness, not just to enjoy a newfound freedom they cannot experience in their previous country, but a willingness to help support and maintain that freedom. AND a willingness to not be so insular that one cannot perceive or comprehend the larger world, that the majority of American minds separate church and state. We are not Christians and Jews and Kafirs fighting Muslims. We are American soldiers fighting terrorists who happen to be Muslim (this time).
Do you truly believe bombing Mecca will help them to sort through their confusion, help them in their decision? Or are you one of those itching for a down and dirty fight? Figures.
Oh, fess up. You didn't provide your country just like Muslim Hunter. Why? Your syntax is unique. Are you an American?

D FROM U.S.A said:
I can't say more than one word than God is the

i condem the terrorism of september 11 and i also condem the bombing of afghanistan. there is no justification for killing innocent people any people. being killed by bombs that is also terrorism in my opinion. justice does not happen by injustice.

Thanks for the article. I have used it to show several nieve sorts (like Krysta Buckley) that this depiction of Islam as "good Americans" and most are covinced that the Islamic community is, mostly, genuinely treasonous. It drips with hypocracy.

Islam does not mean "peace", it means submission, one who has submitted to Allah.

This bit of misinformation implies that unless one submits, one is allowed no peace.

And why is it that in EVERY nation where Moslems are in power they pursecute the minorities? Why is it that the Sharia has not been relegated to the junk heap of failed ideas with the laws in Dueteronomy? Why the hell can't you people have some kind of reformation? Every nation in this basket case region of the world is, for the mostpart, the product of European Imperialists going into retirement, drawing lines on maps, and getting the hell out of Dodge. That or some fasist or theocratic coop. Niether Palestenian or Israeli has any real claim to that land yet we get attacked for that.

We are in Bosnea protecting the Islamic community, damn it! I guess Malosovich was right.

As for Moslem Hunter, this statement will make him far less a member of the fringe. If the Moslem world, spawning terrorists at a rate that no other culture seems capable of, have a problem with us defending ourselves I would go one step further.

Nuke Mecca. Destroy an entire pilar of Islam. No haj until the waste decays. (Well, Ok. You can go in; you just won't come out alive. Martydom is your thing, isn't it?)

You may be a citizen, but you, and pacifist/multiculturist dufuses like Krysta Buckley, are anti-American hate mongers who are the enablers of terror. The hatred is well earned.


Say ye: "We believe in God, and the revelation given to us, and to Abraham, Ismail, Isaac, Jacob, and the Tribes, and that given to Moses and Jesus, and that given to (all) prophets from their Lord; We make no difference between one and another of them. And we submit to God (in Islam)." (The Qur'an -- Al-Baqara: 136

Although I empathize with your points, I believe that America cannot allow those who committed this crime and continue to plot crimes against the USA and its citizens to go unpunished. I grieve for the Afghan people, but so long as the Taliban regime harbor and protect those responsible for these crimes against humanity - they must be held equally responsible. Mr. bin Laden and his followers are threatening our very way of life. They teach hate. They are our generation's equivalent to the Nazis of World War II. There is no compromise. There is no way we can negotiate with them. And they are the ones who have declared war upon us by killing 6000+ innocent lives. Should we wait until they have killed 6 million? 10 million? No. I'm sorry. We should not. We should not quit our bombing of Afghanistan or any other country that may be aiding and abetting these terrorists. We should not relent until they are all unable to cause any more death and destruction. May God Bless Us All.

If the American Muslim community wants to help end this conflict, start by holding up a mirror to yourselves. Publically alienating the more extreme factions of the religion and assisting with attempts to root out extremism...and many within larger Muslim communities know who the extremists are...would win over the public. Accepting more modern definitions of the faith, like most other 21 century religions, likely won't happen anytime soon obviously, but should be supported.

The US backed Muslims in some dire situations recently: Kosovo, Kuwait, Bosnia. As much as the US is left with a "public relations disaster" in the current endeavor, Muslims could boost their ratings in many peoples' eyes by showing solidarity. How about a few signs that show you welcome a future that includes and respects all citizens of the planet, not simply "Muslim brothers and sisters". Sorry, as a third party observer, I fail to sympathize with any group so opinionated, whether it be the West or Islam. At least the West is trying. Appreciate the freedom that allowed you (and I) to express ourselves in this way, any other faith would not be allowed one word of opinion in Middle East countries.

The only reason that Islamic groups in the US are calling for an end to the war is that they view our retaliation as an attack of their faith. The truth is that Americans are not interested in the beliefs of those that attacked us. It is the muslims that are seeking to make this into a religious war. Why? Because, make no mistake about it, Islam is not a peace loving religion.

When I see how blind most people are, I thank Allah, The Giver of Knowledge, for blessing me with sight.
What exactly is America at war with right now? Terrorism? Is what Israel does on a daily basis in the middle east not terrorism? Has the US not overturned over 25 major international resolutions in the United States with their Veto in favour of Israel? How can you live in a country with such a wealth of knowledge, such an abundance of library's and computers and televisions, and still be so utterly blind, so confused, so missled? When was the last time you read ONE book on Islam, written by a Muslim? When was the last time you read ONE book on Israel? The Middle East? Palestine? American Oil Interests? When was the last time you actually READ something that didn't have to do with Robert Downing Jr.s drug problems or Britney Spears breast? What have you achieved in this life that qualifies you to come on here and make such a pathetic statement against muslims amongst you who are showing their love and support for their country, and showing intelligence in the face of stupidity and bad foreign policy?
Go and study, go read. People do not just wake up one day and decide to kill themselves. What would it take for you to sacrifice your life? What would you have to have at stake? Your wife? Your children? What could possibly justify death to you? Why are so many of these muslims willing to die?
If you love your country, then go and educate yourself, and try to understand why you seem to be targetted.
You are being scared by Anthrax hoaxes while the government is passing laws left and right that take away your civil liberties. Do you know that for ANY reason whatsoever you can now be detained and not have a lawyer present? Do you know that if you are charged or suspected of any form of terrorism you get your miranda rights taken away? You are assumed GUILTY before INNOCENT. Is that not contrary to the foundation of your country?
May God Guide you to Wisdom.

This response is specifically for #950, the self-proclaimed "Muslim Hunter".
What is your major malfunction you ignorant idiot?
It is people like you and your loose hit and run inciteful comments that make people hate and distrust Americans.
Take yourself and your single digit I.Q. and crawl back into the primordial slime your ancestors climbed out of.
Do you really believe that the majority of Americans are going to tolerate the likes of you? You are an outcast, a fringe dweller who gets his kicks from inciting strong emotion. Well here it is.
We true Americans want peace and unity amongst each other. We need to learn to truly love diversity as God created it (unlike yourself).
I am an Irish/Greek American woman who is telling you and others like you that those of us who seek peace, who normally seem so mild and placid, may have to be tolerant of your words because of Free Speech, just don't attempt to manifest any of your words into action, or you may become The Hunted.
Get a life, moron.
May true peace and blessings obliterate your concept of existence - the hate you call living.

You are traitors to your own country.

If you want the bombing to stop you go to Afganistan and bring back Bin Laden. You are muslem aren't you? Surely the Taliban would listen to you. Otherwise you are supporting them and want the terrorism to continue which it will until we get Bin Laden.

Your article is anti american at best and is meant to encite more terrorism and to get other islamic countries to join the Taliban to kill more of our soldiers.

You should all go to Afganistan and take your wives and children with you. When you have had enough watching your children and wives being beaten with whips and stoned to death in the streets you come back and tell us how much you enjoyed watching it and hoe you still think we should stop bombing the Taliban and let things continue over there.

As far as I am concerned anybody that supportes that article should be forced to go there to live. Maybe the Taliban will even store a tank in your house so we will bomb it and they can tell the world how we attacked an innocent muslem family. That is what you want isn't it.

No you will do nothing to stop the taliban because you are cowards. You call them muslem but if you support that garbage you are saying that killing the Americans at the WTC is islamic law which it is not and that just makes you pretend muslems. Liard and nothing more. You use your religion to hide behind while you attack your own country. The FBI should investigate you as to where the anthrax is coming from. Or better yet they should send all the samples to your homes so you can see what it is like if you think it is so good.

Any true muslem would try to stop the Taliban in any way they could but so far I have not seen any evidence except a very few. All you want is to take away all rights to freedom of religion and force your terroristic beliefs on the rest of the world.

we don't have anymedia to support the moslem, but I believe Allah will help us, keep patience.

The Taliban can end the bombing today. They were given every opportunity to turn over bin ladin and his other murderers and they refused. I noticed in the article that the Islamic organizations did not put this demand on the taliban government (or murderers). Diplomatic measures were exhausted through the Clinton Administration and the response for those efforts was 6000 dead in New York, DC, and PA. The time for talk is over. It is time for action. This is not about Islam vs Christianity. This is about right and wrong. There is no excuse for the events of 9/11 and there can only be 1 response. The total destruction of those people and orginazations involved. If innocent people die in the process too bad. Innocent people have already died and unless the terrorist network is destroyed many more, both Christian and Muslim are sure to die at the hands of murdereing terrorists.


Also to the Muslim organizations in the United States. What do you suppose would happen to a Christian organization in Afghanistan? I think we already saw the answer to that over the last few weeks in Afghanistan and Egypt. Perhaps you should practice what you preach and thank the United States for being a country where all religions can be practiced FREE from persecution.


in reply to 904 how do you claim that your country and the rest u mentioned are free and democratic and choose their own leaders. if it wasn't for those "democracies" than those leaders in the middle east u mentioned in osama would not exist they are puppets to your govrnment

assalam alykum brothers and sisters, i personaly think that more rallies of these kind are neccessary so the western public understands islam and accepts it as part of their society. further i think that its a very positive step foward for all muslim that we are uniting in the west.
Thank you
wasalam alykum

In provision 2 you speak of bringing to justice those who are responsible, yet you condemn the US bombing of Afghanistan. How do you propose we bring these people to justice? We have tried diplomatic means to have these individuals turned over and it has not worked. You can not use conventional law enforcement to arrest these individuals. Only strong military action to exterminate these terrorists groups will work.

You are quick to condemn US action, yet you offer no solutions.

We must stop the killing of Muslims! Allah demands that we do so! We must also demand that they do not bomb during the Holy Month of Ramadan. If they do it is a slap in the face of every Muslim. They have proven that they care little about Muslims. This can be achieved by not selling oil to the USA,Russia,UK and Canada. This war machine runs on Muslim oil. I am an African-American and I will glading pay more at the pump if it will stop the killing of a single Muslim!

Assalam-alaikum wa rehmatellah

Good work. We need to continue doing what we can to make America and the world a better place for all of us.

War doesn't solve any problem. WE need to sit and talk and see what should be done to have a peace in our country as well as in the globe.

I beleive everyone likes the peace.

Thanks for the efforts.



I really enjoyed reading this article. It was very
nice for you to put out the information. I am
behind u a 100 % and i give u my support. If i
can do anything to help please e-mail me.

Sima Khan Wallace in KCMO

I am impressed that there is a mechanism for a dialog vis-a-vis the attack by Muslim Extremists which resulted in the murder of over 6,000, mostly American but others from some 50 other Countries. It is difficult for me to understand how many( as attested by your survey) attibvte the American respose as somehow ant-Islam when the response is an attempt to "smoke-out" those responsible for these horendous, immoral amd indiscriminate actions. I am making every effort to be magnanimous and not align Muslims and Islam as a blatantly violent and intolerant. I am an Amercan Catholic who has a tradition of "turning the other cheek" but in the case of the 9/11 attacks my rage and feeling of justice and retribution have overwhelmed me. I welcome dialog with Muslims as to how they as group cannot see that somehow the response to this outrage in the name of Allah can be justified, regardless of their complaints.

With all respect, perhaps the best way to "promote a positive image of Islam and Muslims in America" is: to strongly criticize your members and supporters who celebrated the 9/11 attacks; to loudly and repeatedly condemn terrorists and those that support them, regardless of their religion or political goals; to publicly debunk the theological lie of the professed benefits of murder and suicide; to bemoan the hijacking of Islam by thugs; to stress the right of people of all faiths, including Jews, to practice their faith; to call for the trial of and appropriate punishment for the Bahawalpur Catholic murderers; and, finally, to publicize your unwavering support of the US in this difficult time. If, in fact, you truly "believe (in adhering to)all legal provisions, and procedures of law, national and international.." then you will quickly acknowledge that any nation has the right to defend itself from attack and to rewpond to attack. Your rhetoric astounds me. Do you really believe that the US (or any nation involved in a just war) should not defend itself simply to avoid "resentment"? And, forgive me if I missed it, but I could not find your statement demanding that the Taliban turn over Bin Laden. That action would have made moot both the need for US retaliation and your resentment. You claim that you "stand ready to help our government in building bridges of understanding with Muslim countries, and assist in removing root causes of misunderstanding, grievances and conflict." Please direct me to your record of objection and opposition to the anti-American rantings, both here and abroad, made by Muslim clerics, newspapers and politicians.

Civilian losses are a shame, but are part of fighting a war. It seems that no one under the age of 70 can remember what a "Real" war is like. People die, it isn't pretty but it is fact. When the extremists are obliterated, then it is time to call off the military. Until then, I support the actions taken by the US and British forces and hope that others will follow their example.

I see no practical means of apprehending the terrorists being sheltered in Afghanistan other than by military action. It is saddening to see innocent people suffering, but every nation, even the United States, has the right to self-defense. The U.N. is totally ineffectual; to suggest otherwise is to ignore fifty-five years of history. All Americans' choices are limited. We can wait until thousands more die here in the next "spectacular" event, or we can try to put a stop to it now in the only feasible way there is to do that. To me, its a lousy, but clear, choice as to what we have to do.

The Taliban had ample opportunity before the bombing ever started to cooperate and they continue to refuse. They still have every opportunity. The best interest of the innocent Afgans is obviously not a part of there agenda. Why is the US to blame for that? We exhausted every diplomatic effort before we took military action. To suggest we should allow the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, yes, the PENTAGON to be destroyed and do nothing is rediculous. From what I have read, there is not a history of responding very well to "diplomatic efforts" in the Middle East and Central Asia.
The extremests responsible for the terrorist acts have made it clear their objective is to destroy or country and way of life. Their stragegy is to catch us while we are at our most complacent and vulnerable. They are taught to "blend in" so that we do not suspect them. They have infiltrated every facet of American society. They are hiding behind religion and taking advantage of our liberal immigration laws as well as our heretofore liberal attitudes about "political correctness" and "civil liberties" to beat us at our own game. I am very much in favor of President Bush's proposed changes in our immigration policy. He is right on the mark.
If we as Americans do not show that we are willing to fight and die for our country, we will be destroyed. One may argue that the extremeists are in the minority. That may be so, but it only took a minority to destroy the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. They are not done. What will they do next? The loyal Islamic Americans are in just as much danger as all Americans at the hands of the extremists. We had no choice but to take swift, sure action and I believe we are doing it in the most humane way possible under the circumstances.
Please, tell me how I am to trust again after Sept. 11. I could really use some advice and reassurance from someone who understands the Islamic culture better than I. Yes, those of you who are wondering, I am w

you forgot 8, 9, 10. you know, the points of constructive advice on what concrete steps to take in response the 9/11. none of your article since that day has offered anything resembling a solution.

As a practising muslim i believe in this philosophy "leaving vengeance to God " afterall He sees and knows all our clandestine .who knows why this has happen ,it's beyond human knowledge.

To complain about the attack on Afganistan is easy. Is that your contribution the the war against terrorism? When is the Moslem community in America going to become a positive force against terrorism? The terrorists are in your communities and in you Mosques and you appear to be doing little to bring them to justice. Until you make it a prioity to find these people and bring them to justice you are complicit in their actions. Are you willing to protect criminals because they are "Muslims"? One has to wonder if that is exactly what you are doing.

Your preceding list of resolutions was very eloquent, thorough, and sincere. How do we, as ordinary Americans, get our government to listen to us and to pursue peaceful dialogue instead of war? Where are real opportunities, in the context of local cities across America, to become involved and contribute something of value to the attainment and preservation of peace and fellowship among all people?

SANO said:
All of our teachers have gone off to the front lines with their madrassah [religious school] pupils

SANO said:
morality police were assigned to take attendance at most of the city's leading mosques. Too many absentees by one individual meant certain punishment - anything from a public flogging to being locked in a stinking public toilet.

Not once do you state that the terrorists should cease their efforts. I sincerely hope that no persons believe your slanted rhetoric. Are you ready to serve as a bridge of understanding? Then denounce the hateful statements by islamic leaders. Still waiting...


I submit that UN involvement would NOT be effective, but that it would buy time for Al Qaeda, et al, to plan and conduct more terror. By bombing their facilities into rubble, we lessen their ability to do harm. If after that the UN becomes involved, so be it.


I think this would be wonderful. Get on with it. It needs doing. In the meantime, the rest of us need to find and eliminate the people who intend to destroy our country whether we defend it or not. I believe this must be done or we won't have churches and mosques or anything else.


It's true that this would likely cause further destabilization. But since they're already unstable and because many of their citizens actively seek to kill us all, I think it's best to go in to destroy those who were already causing instability before September 11th. Saddam's name comes to mind, for one.


100% agreement there. That's why this is a worthwhile site: varying opinions. Although the antiterrorism law may curtail civil liberties for some, this act of terrorism has affected the civil liberties of all of us. Now is the time to act and we must not falter.


The leadership of your organizations should hire a private plane, go to Afghanistan, meet with the Taliban and come out with the killers who indiscriminately slaughtered innocent people on September 11. You'll do this if you have the courage of your convictions, but I doubt that you will. I suspect that your cowardice and certain belief that the Taliban will slaughter your representatives once you set foot in their evil country means that you won't take this action.

Until you take this kind of action, I condemn all of your organizations and will take any and all lawful means to ensure that your lives in America are as miserable as possible.

Allah condemns you!!

God bless America. Thank you all for posting comments criticizing this stance, and not let this trojan horse organization succeed with their agenda.

We did not start this war. We were attacked on our soil. We need to pursue these folks with continued military action. The UN has been impotent in dealing with Taliban, Bin Laden, Sadam and other terriorists in the past; therefore, there can be no expectation that they can be effective in the future.

The only way to make the world safe for self- governing, freedom loving people is to destory the forces that hate freedom and choice and are bent on removing the freedom of US, UK, Isreal, and all other nations where people are free to choose their government.



Stop complaining about what America is doing and turn in the terrorists you are sheltering. I notice you don't demand that the terrorists stop terrorizing.

Does the Taliban have a web cite where people can freely exchange opinions and ideas? I think not. Does the Taliban treat women as human beings? I think not. Does the Taliban permit other religions to practice their faith? I think not. Does the Taliban support bin Laden's terrorist activities? Most certainly. The Taliban can end the current conflict peacefully today by turning over bin Laden and his followers. I am truly sorry that innocent civilians are being killed by the bombing campaign but you can not make an omelet without breaking some eggs. Extremists in any religious or political setting are unacceptable. Jerry Falwell and the Morale Majority are just as bad as the Taliban, the Irish Republican Army, right wing Jews etc. Muslims are free to practice their religion in America - to convert people of other religions to Islam. Are Christians and Jews free to practice their religion in Afganistan or most Muslim countries - to attempt and convert Muslims to their religion? I think not. I am willing to listen to any idea American Muslims have to end the conflict peacefully. Please let me know what their plan is to do that. Thank you.

I strongly disagree with your organization's call for a peaceful solution. The terrorist will not hesitate to inflict harm on anyone who opposes his aims or gets in his way, including American Muslims. You cannot deal peacefully with someone who possesses a blind hatred of everyone who fails to agree with him. He will be either at one's throat or at one's feet. Please reconsider your position. At this time our nation needs to be united in its effort to bring an end to this terror. The unity of all our peoples and religions is necessary to this end.

After reading the article, "American Muslims Call for Peaceful Efforts to End the War in Afghanistan", and then many of the comments posted in regard to it I felt it neceessary to offer a few of my own.

I do so love to see people such as Roy Hudson and others offer comments along the line of "Be American, support your country!" I ask you this, what is more American than being able to say about your government "I don't like this policy"? There is nothing more American than that freedom, that is why Americans should fight to protect it.

As an American and a Muslim I must agree with this article. You see, the Secretary of Defence has already said it's highly likely we'll never capture Bin Laden at the rate we're going. All we're going to do is create sympathy for the Taliban cause. Something DOES have to be done about terrorism, and the Taliban ARE extreme. They deny women the rights given to them by the Qur-an, and they also disobey one of the tenets of Islam which is to "follow the middle ground". That means to not take a path that is either too liberal or too extreme, but something right in the middle.

Muslims have and will continue to condemn terrorism and extremism, because that is NOT Islam.

Now to those of you that have made remarks akin to "Your people have done this, now WE must finish it." They are not OUR people any more than they are YOURS. If a man who claimed to be Christian blew up an abortion clinic, no one would say "Oh yes, those Christians, they're terrorists." But when a group who CLAIMS to be Muslim commits a terrorist act, automatically it's every Muslim and every Arab. When Timothy McVeigh blew up the fedral building on Oklahoma City Muslims did not say "A Christian extremist", and interestingly enough neither did the media, though they're quick to affiliate Islam with terrorism and the first chance they get to do so.

This statement represents a weak-kneed response to evil. Islam is faced with a grave threat. Either the Taliban are Muslims, or they are an affront to Allah. There is no middle ground. Either they are a blessed example of righteousness, or a cancer to be eliminated with emergency surgery. One would expect the leaders of these organizations to recognize this, and focus their energies first on this front. But instead they focus (5 points versus 2) on taking issue with the United States? response. And note that the Muslim Student Association?s ?endorsed? web site,, includes judgements from Islamic scholars advising American Muslim soldiers that it is unacceptable for them to take part in the U.S. war in Afghanistan. This directly implies the Taliban fairly represent Islam.

Again I say, the Muslim community must decide: the Taliban represents Islam or it is an enemy to Islam. If one believes the latter, there is no conflict for an American Muslim soldier. This can be the basis for common ground well into the future. But if one believes the former, why equivocate and keep up the pretense of being ?American??

Islamicity presents this as a statement by ?American Muslims?, but in fact the statement itself merely claims that it is speaking for ?national Islamic organizations.? This is a crucial difference. It is important to note that many of the members of many of the undersigned organizations are not American, unless now we take that to mean only where one happens to be geographically at the moment (by the latter definition, Mr. Atta died an American). I didn?t know a single member of our campus MSA who was an American.

For example:

ICNA: ?Any Muslim brother or sister can become a member of ICNA if he/she agrees with our goal and program.? (from the ICNA web site)

MSA: any Muslim on campus can join. For example, at USC, MSA self-describes as: a student organization comprised of Muslim students attending USC. To understand MSA, go their national web site, or better yet go from there (they provide the link) to the openly treasonous, which proclaims it is ?endorsed by MSA? -- and treat yourself to articles such as:

Some if not most of these groups (e.g., IAP, AMJ) are more political than religious -- that is, they are involved in the pan-Arabic, pan-Muslim, or anti-Zionist political movements. As a consequence, I find they carry no authority when they purport to speak for Islam.

A previous poster questioned why the ISNA had not signed the document. One can safely assume they either disagree with it or intelligently recognize the foolishness of signing on to it. At, ones notes a different tone than that expressed by this document.


America is the biggest terrorist of the whole world. What abt million of childrens killed in iraq? It is suffering of it's own deeds. It cannot escape safely from what it has done to people of other countries.

Your statement angainst the war is uncalled for and will rouse even more anti-muslim feelling in this country
Sometimes it is wise to keep your mouth shut

sorry to sound so mean but these hill thugs must be stopped
we bombed germany and jappan were they muslims?

no just punks like these lunaticts in afganistan.

Are you trying to see how unpopular you can become?

be careful not all "evil doers" are beyound these borders and Im not referring to any muslims
be careful not to antaganize these people because crazy people are hard to stop no matter what there religion

may binladden and his crew meet there god as soon as possable

May all Americans live in peace
and if you are here on a visa it would be a smart time to leave for a while till this is over

The Taliban have made it quite clear they
consider human life to be of little value. It
sounds like they would be quite content to
have the attacks continue until the majority of
the Muslim world is condemning the States.

It's a difficult situation for Canadian Muslims
like myself. Certainly, I think the US foreign
policies that have perpetrated or prolonged
the conflicts in the Arab world are shameful
and rife with hypocrisy. On the other hand,
Canada depends on the US for so much,
defense in particular, we walk a very fine line
to sleep under the blanket of US security, but
question the methods by which they provide it.

God will watch over us all.


After seeing so many hate messages towards Muslims (on this list), I am convinced that 'the one who controls the media controls the people's opinion'. It will not be fair to blame these people for their racist comments, because these people are brain-washed by the junk they hear and see daily on their policy controled media.

With so many muslims in America and these that want the bombing to stop I say take care of the terriost problem yourself and bring them to justice. Surely some of you have muslims family members in other countries, have them help u stop the bombing by bringing the criminals to justice. It is amazing when the bombs kill the muslims it is a holy war but when the muslims kill Christians you hear nothing about being anti-christian you only hear anti muslim. Such a double standard by the muslims.

Two paragraphs against the terrorists, five paragraphs against your own country. This shows how warped your priorities are. You need to devote your energies to lobbying your Islamic brothers worldwide against their tolerance of terrorism. You need to do more to stifle all this "jihad" nonsense. Again, examine your priorities and your allegiance!

How many Afghanistans has the Talaban executed this year. How many would starve because of their policies? Removing the Talaban will save many more Afghanistan civilians than will be killed by bombs. Not bombing will kill more women and children than bombing.

Asslaam Alaikum
It a very well written article. Surly, we should condemn the terrorsit act of Sep 11 but at the same time we, as American, shouldn't lose the morale we stand for.
I hope your voice will make up to the policy makers of this country and they will give it a serious thought. Its bothersome to learn about the innocent people dying in Afghanistan and seems like the casulty will go a lot higher due to the up coming winter.

To all my Muslim Brothers and Sisters:
Have no doubt that most of the citizens of this country do in fact wish the worst for Muslims and Islam. I converted to Islam a couple of years ago, alhamdulillah, and I continue to be astounded by the ignorance, arrogance, and "kill'em all" attitude of most Americans. Brothers and sisters, we must take the threats of the aggressive idiots seriously: I have read many comments posted here suggesting we that the USA use nuclear weapons! Truly, we must not put it past the Americans to attempt to exterminate Muslims just as the Germans attempted to exterminate Jews. May Allah (swta) help us against the evil doers. Amen.

I and many others understand Muslims point of view. Unfortunately you must understand the History of our country and the kind of people who have settled here from other countries. We are not compromisers, we are winners, and to win we must kill our enemies, either economically (through capitalism), socially (through democracy), or through military might.
Also, if this kind of rheotoric continues within the muslim community, you will only isolate your people from the rest America. Which could in turn, give credence to those who commit crimes against Muslims in the name of justice.
Why hasn't the Muslim community helped the authorities to bring in these wackos, but instead is there to drive a wedge between themselves and the rest of the americans.

i think they shouldn't have the war. alot of inersent people are killed in afanistan. their home has been distroyed and they have no were to live and no food to eat. the american said that we are not going to distroy peoples homes we are going to distory the terrisit place. they know it that he is not their why are they bombing and destroying people home. they said we are going find osama in one week. but they still didnt find him. everyone want peace. the american are killing inersent people in afanistan. and know the everything stoped in pakistan the schools are closed and the bussiness are stop there is no food in pakistan. there are so many strickes going on in pakistan. i dont no whats going to happene to pakistan. i wish there was no war. just peace this what alll people want.

if no war, then give an alternate. unfortunatley, without an alternate, nobody will listen to us. Thanks

assalm-o-alaykum, this is my 1st contact on internet.i like tell you america is the great country they are making so many wonderful things,but unfortunetly american govt, never right & just justice for the muslim country on this conditions where they have economical intrest,becoming they dose not care, like palastine, in afghanistan is pritexte to take it out nuclear system from pakistan, because only muslim country has nuclear power in the world & this kind of things they are not accpte, since long time they are searching this moment & now they are finde out, befor is caddafi after bhutoo after hafez el assade after khomeni after saddam hussain after sudan now is salma bin laden after pervez mussaraf after iran & after more muslim ountry they will be plannig to target unfortunetly. this is very very sad for us. i hope
and i pray to god give the peace in the world this is the best way to live to gather.the war is not good way for any body either juif or christian or muslim we all have a only one life, only with peace we will make a another haven on the earth..... in sa allh ameen summa ammmen...

I just want to say. I know a lot of muslims show anger and aggression towards different sects in Islam. Such as Shia's and even go to the extent where they call them non-muslims and even infidels. I read some where that the prophet said there would be 73 sects of Islam and only one would go to Jannah. We aren't the ones who can judge which sect is right or not. A lot of muslims also criticize the Hindu's and other religions. What should we do about that and how should one explain a muslim to refrane. I know islam is all about peace and setting an example for others. All we can do is convey the message. Islam is so beatiful that one will come into islam because of it's beauty.

So you want to end a conflict fueled by the radical elements of Islam who started "the conflict" by killing 6000 innicennt people. Bring your radical elements under control. Cough up the guilty. Show what peace means. Use action to bring peace. I would be disgusted with my religion if evil people hid behind it. Now your religion is killing Christins in Pakistan. Are we supposed to stand by and let your religion preach peace and then kill innocents. Use your religious unity to expose the evil amoung your ranks.

I agree with the general flavor of the comments provided in, "American Muslims Call For Peaceful Efforts To End The Conflict In Afghanistan." What is missing are suggestions as to how terrorism can be effectively eliminated without violence.

Colman J. Calegar
October 29, 2001

You state, "We strongly reject any suggestion that opposing a certain policy of our government is tantamount to disloyalty. This suggestion is undemocratic, unfair and un-American." By so doing, you tacitly acknowledge the moral dishonesty of your entire statement. You are either Americans or you or not. If you are, support your government unequivocally and I will honor you. If you are not, then leave, and in that case, I will assist in any way to hasten your departure from this country. As a retired U.S. military officer, I can assure you that our Armed Forces are avoiding civilian casualties insofar as possible. Unfortunately, war is not sublime and civilian casualties are unavoidable if the war is prosecuted properly, that is, with maximum damage to our enemies and minimum damage to our forces. You might better spend your influence in persuading young Muslim-Americans to enlist in our Armed Forces and thus demonstrate Islam's commitment to what is clearly a just cause. If you are unable to endorse the morality of our cause, then you forfeit your claim as Americans.

The United States and it's Allies will prevale in
bring the sick basterd. Usama Bin Ladin to justice
this filthy jerk will died. That is why we are bombing Afghanistan the Taliban must exit the country NOW!!! and WE WILL continued to bomb your
pathetic little country and bring Bin Ladin to justice or if we find him we will put a bullet in his brain and bring his organization to a merciful



Your own people declared a jihad, this is a war. your people started this, and now we have to finish it. There is nothing but hate coming out of the Taliban. How could you support the women haters. No, the only thing the Jihad will respect is overwhelming and crushing power. That is what is taught. We should continue to bomb away, and we should use limited nuclear bombs. We should round up all muslim immigrants, and intern them. This is war, and in Blairs words, we must defeat them or be defeated. Islamic Organizations should denounce Bin Laden, and the Taliban, and I have not heard it yet. God Bless America

Why? Why should we stop the bombing? We did nothing after Syria, we did nothing after the Cole, we did nothing after the Embassy bombings, nothing after Saudi Arabia. What did it get the great people of America? It got us over 5000 dead. So, bomb, and bomb and bomb until every terroist is dead. This is not America's fault. This is Osama bin Laden's fault. Every innocent Afghan that dies is a direct result of Osama bin Laden. Don't tell me about OKC, and why don't we kill all Christians. McVeigh was a terroist who did not kill in the name of God. Osama kills in the name of Allah. That is the difference. May the bombs rain on all terrorists in all nations that harbor them. You want us to set an example? WE DID, and the terrorist Osama bin Laden killed innocent people. So no, the time is for hunting and kiling Osama bin Laden like some wild ..that is loose in the wild. Osama is a ..that needs to be killed.

This statement is now linked to at Foreign Policy In Focus' (FPIF) Justice Not War page:

This is an excellent document, and I agree with what it says
100%. Bombing never makes terrorists go away. It will simply
fuel their anger and allow them to recruit more effectively. The
thing that terrorists need the most to breed their kind is
repression and agression : repressive countries and policies
make for angry people, and some of them will then resort to violence; agression provides "evidence" they use to convince
of their correctness. Using either or both tools to fight
terrorism is illogical, stupid, and will simply escalate things.

Please contine being a voice of reason in a world seeminlgy
ruled by emotion and short-sightedness.


You have done the right thing. This is leadership and I applaud you for it.

MIGUEL said:
You need to become American and accept justice.

I agree with the above resolutions. I am a US veteran, disabled because, I got injured serving my country, USA. My only son is in the US army serving our country right now.
Most of the newscasts by not presenting any muslim families who perished in the 11 sept terror are creating more resentment against the people of the Middle East and anyone who resembles them. This issue should be corrected as soon as possible.
Who is Mr. Friedman, if not a jew because who is given him the right to speak on behalf of all Arab nations. He says, the Arabs want Americans to win this war because then they(the Arabs)will have faith in the American justice. I think by giving such information on talk shows he is totally misleading the American public who listen to him.

I'm disturbed to see that these Muslim organizations do not support the United States' actions of self-defense. Our country's evidence combined with the Taliban/Bin Laden's behavior both point quite clearly to their guilt. Thus when these American Muslim groups move to protect them, I do question their loyalties.

I think I understand what you're saying in item 2: Instead of bombing Afghanistan, the US government should be using legal means to bring the actual terrorists to justice. In fact, the US has been trying to arrest bin Laden since 1996. Moslem-led governments have refused to help, and bin Laden has been free to fund and direct the killing of thousands more people. Enough is enough!

Given that we have already tried (for years) asking the host country to turn him over, without result, exactly how would you suggest we go about getting bin Laden out of his cave and standing in a court room?

In item 4 you state: Our government should seek a more effective and long-term strategy to deal with terrorism and its causes. Let's look at some of the causes:
Osama bin Laden hates the USA and wants to see us all dead. (As Americans, that includes you, too.) What strategy would you suggest to change his mind? Hint: Think about how you might convince Ted Kaszinski to stop sending out letter bombs.

Another cause: Young Moslem men living in severe poverty are being told that America is the cause of all their troubles. They are also being told that if they volunteer to commit suicide while killing a bunch of unarmed "enemies" they will go straight to heaven. What strategy would you suggest to get folks like bin Laden and the Taliban to stop telling those lies? What strategy would you suggest to ease the poverty? Sure, America is "rich." So is Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the United Emirates, etc. Why aren't Moslems doing something about the poverty problem of other Moslems?

Finally, I do agree that "The senseless starvation of women and children will fuel hate and extremism," but I don't see you telling the Taliban to refrain from killing the UN workers trying to bring in the food! Or to refrain from poisoning the food so they can blame it on America. What's up with that?

Come to Afghanistan and join Allah. You don't have to live in American decadence any longer. Do the right thing and leave

A major part of the problem is the blind hatred for Jews, Americans, and other Westerners that has infected many "extremists" in the Muslim world. Osama Bin Laden's statements and many of the routine attacks on Israel are filled with hate -- such as referring to Jews as the "sons of dogs and monkeys."

In America, everyone has a right to express such hateful sentiments -- but everyone who believes in the American ideal also has a duty to condemn them.

Your organization's statement does not do that. Instead, it completely ignores the hate that has hijacked the Muslim religion for its own purposes. To turn a blind eye to this hate shows that your organization is not seriously trying to participate in dialogue, but is merely issuing propaganda in support of those who do not believe in the ideals of America and Western democracy.

If you condemn hate, say so.


IF you are so concerned with the Afganistan crisis then why don't you return.We can't allow these terrorist to continue and they do no listen to logic. Its not as simple as saying "Please don't do that anymore.They only understand violence.

We're seeking justice for 9/11 and the destruction of those responsible. Your call to end campaign is unhelpful and your proposed UN solution is ludicrous.

As for your suggestion about looking at "root causes," why is there no soul searching among Muslims? The root causes, if anything, lie within Islamic civilization.

How is it that Islam has produced fundamentalists capable of mass murder of innocents in the name of Allah? Whose fault is that?

And why are all Muslim countries at this time ruled by corrupt, repressive regimes? Why is the Muslim world uniformly undemocratic, uncaring about human rights, and technologically backward?
Why is there not a single Muslim country that has a robust, progressive free market economy?

Perhaps the Muslim community could spend some time examining the answers to these questions, rather than second guessing a military campaign necessitated by an unprovoked attack and murder of 5,000 innocent civilians from all of the world.


Why is it that I do not see the names of any of the signatories represented involved in denouncing militant Muslims on a world scale? Do you condone Muslim terrorist violence? If you do not, then you should spend more time helping other Muslims to define what is tolerable in the promotion of your faith. This should be a war within the Muslim faith to control what you appear to outline as a rougue group within your own ranks. If the majority of all Muslims condemn terrorist activity and particularly the cowardly acts committed by members of your faith (in the name of your God, Allah!), then why don't we hear of a Muslim movement to stop this Blaspheme of Allah's name? If this conflict can be solved without weapons, why don't the hundreds of millions of Muslims worldwide converge on the Taliban in Afganistan and solve this problem peacefully? In this call for peaceful action, I see where you have pointed out that everything that is being done is wrong, but I do not see your suggestions on the "correct" way to handle this situation. I do not believe in a "holy war", the words have no business being placed beside one another. No God from any religion places approval on war; war is the creation of men. If a war is fought in the name of a God, then it is a false God. The true measure of freedom is the distance between church and state. But, it is becoming clear in different parts of the world that Muslim factions want to rule in government, and force their religious views on others. Do you, as Muslims, find this acceptable? Are you opposed to views expressed by other religions? Why do you not acknowledge that prior to September 11, 2001, the United States of America was the largest provider of humanitarian support in Afganistan? I am anxious to hear the Muslim solutions to these problems within the Muslim faith.

I am not supposed to use the word 'bL' as far as working in an office foreclosing on a previous generation, but people may infer as they like. Nevertheless, America was once a nation which believed in its Preamble and Constitution, the separation of powers, PRESUMED INNOCENT until proven guilty before a court of law, DUE PROCESS, freedom of religion...people please remember what America used to stand for on principle.

Just adhering to what we say we believe in, going by the book, there are no monsters. Simply producing the previous generation before an international court would certainly put the T in debt as far as family trust and banking issues, immediately, as well as cut off funds from the start, legally.

People in the nation of Afganistan specifically stated that they did not do '9-11' or '11-2' or whatever. Which means that if they are accused, they, as Milosevic, should answer to a court of law, with due process. That is what America pretended to believe, what changed is Congress, when people allowed monopolies to decide for them.

There are those who scheduled vacations during early Sept., those who took off, those who marched out of the building, those who reported it, among many other things, no faults really in the systems, faults with the DOD and the problems of having a monopoly.

The child of the client of opposing counsel, apparently was recruited to fight the Soviets not as a commander but as a funder over not current business expertise, but inheritance and investments. The terrorized child was celebrated as a hero for fighting the Soviets, when private money was used for that which authorities decided not to approve. The terrorized child stated they did not do 911. At which point, somehow they or their double bS or whomever, as spoken about by the T's rep at the NYC lecture, acted in a public relations video, to promote war for the sake of war to just have a war. "We want to bomb the hell out of..., then ..., then other states," s

I support the war agaist terror, and therefor we should not stop the war - the taliban will just rearm them self, and take control of more area's even trying to kill people outside there "zone". Terror has no place on earth, and thus - there is no way to stop it with "peacefull" methods, this war is to kill those that support terror, no nogigations. Terror does not freaking car who you are, or what you are. They will just keep on doing it, until the world is dead. ISLAM should standup and protact it rights, and stop terror and not protest agaist the war effort. Must I say also - war will have inicent lives taken, but afangs knew the war is going on, so why the freaking hell are they still in the battle zones? Taliban is using human shield, so shutup all ready, and let the US fight fire with fire - Terror killed 6K+ people, and the 300 hundred si very freaking small to cliam from what the terrist did to us.

War will stop thei lame brained terror, as they want to die, so die thay shall, with no digity, or respect.
For you to demand "peacefull" way is bull, remeber the Worldtrade center, it also had all cultures there, even your own.
Your goig again what the world agrees, TERROR must come to end, and so it shall, with the terrist to pay with no dignity. ISLAM IS NOT THE TERGET - BUT TERROR is the target!. EXPECT inicent life to be lost - this is the result of war, and the uSA have done outstanding job of keepin git down. REMEMBER WWII. Also to note - the AFANGs will have a better life when the taliban losers are going from the earth. Not ISLAM!

Please reach out to interfaith organizations, there is no reason for genocide of peoples and our precious planet. Please call on [email protected] and ask him to please choose another organization than the AMC. The AMC sponsored speakers justifying wars, among other things, which has led the leadership of various denominations down various paths, when they need to understand that it is wrong to condone genocide. Genocide of peoples is not the answer. Please, understand, that there would be no bL reason in the first place, even though I'm not speaking necessarily about children of clients of opposing counsel or not per Hillary's rules. Nevertheless, it would have solved a whole lot as far as the trust funding and legal situations, to simply release the father from custody, instead of stating a plane crash in 1968. Peace demands interaction and cooperation among many peoples, in a civilized fashion. I understand how there was concern and suspicion of weapons in the mountains, and those from the former Soviet republics as individuals with weapons, according to Brookings and WP, however going about it in a non-destructive fashion would be in order. Going through the proper procedures in international law, the only way for survival of peoples and the planet these days. Peace.

I understand your feelings. But, never the less evil people have been here since time began and at given times, deadly force is required to bring back the peace. What you are indicating in your document is that you are undermining the intelligence of our cabinet. Do you honestly believe that if our cabinet thought there was a peaceful solution to the problem, that it would not be sought? Sometimes hard decisions have to be made. Unfortunately, deadly force was chosen, and the majority of the people of this planet agree. Yes, it is sad that innocent people in Afghan are getting hurt and we all wish things would be different. I don't believe that any good American or the people from the other countries that are involved feel any different. Many tears will fall for many years. I also do not believe that our maker would look upon us as being worthy if we were to allow evil to prevail over good. From the readings in the good book it indicates what our maker did with the evil one or have you forgotten. The powers of good will always prevail over evil. It has never failed. So stand by and view from a distance if it is your wish, but do not condemn the actions of those who are not afraid to do what is necessary. I understand your viewpoint and disagree totally. This evil that has risen, leaves the good people of this planet in a bad position. Sorry, if you feel indifferent but you might try to recall why you came to America to live in the first place, and you'll understand what we and our ancestors had to do to have what you have right now. Its called FREEDOM! Something, I understand you didn't have before you came here. There is a price for freedom. Any who wish to hide behind their religion and who are not willing to give up their life to prevent further harm to come about have no right to speak.

You may voice your opinion freely in this country...however, at this time we are currently seeking justice for the September 11 attacks. Evidence suggest those involved live in Afghanistan and are being assisted by the Taliban Govnt. If they turn of over the accused (as requested) for trial the US will stop bombing and, as they should, will CONTINUE to assist in humanitarian efforts. You should use your organizations to pull Islamic Muslims together to encourage the Taliban to assist the United States in apprehending the accused for trial.

JEFF K. FROM U.S. said:
Thank you.

I would like to know who the Democrat was that put you up to this nonsense? If you think that your rights are being violated by expanded electronic surveilance, maybe you should find another host country that would put up with this foolishness. You should be thanking your lucky stars that you are in this country and quit your bitching! There are a lot of ingrates in this country who are living off the blood of our servicemen and women who made the ultimate sacrifice so that our country would remain strong and free. I really think that you should support our president rather that acting like an assinine Democrat!

Your call to stop bombing for "more effective" UN action to stop the terrorists is ridiculous on its face.

Furthermore, the Islamic world needs to look inward and ask why its civilization is technologically backward (despite all the oil money) and why there are NO Islamic states that are democratic, that respect human rights, or that have robust free market economies.

If you reject these goals, then say so. If you accept these standards as legitimate objectives of modern societies, then YOU should examine the "root cause" of Islam's failures in this regard.

When I look at fundamentalist Islam, I see a political movement that is angry that the Islamic world is run by corrupt, oppressive regimes and that Islamic societies are technologically backward and relatively poor. This movement wrongly blames America for the internal failures of Islamic societies everywhere.

I believe that those people responsible for the acts of terrorism of Sept. 11th and those now spreading anthrax as biological act of terrorism should be found and punished for these and any further such acts, but I think my government's leaders acted irrashionally and stupidly by starting military action against the Afganistan people without first exploring several other avenues of solving the problem of bringing the leaders of the terrorists before a World Wide court to answer for their actions.
It would have been much more rational and effective to have drawn the World community into a combined action and condemnation of the terrorist acts which have been commited against my country and if these acts are allowed to go unpunished would be very likely to spread to be used against any country which displeased the men responsible for the start of this war of terrorism.
I do not believe this to be a war of religions. It is a war for world power and my country has supported a country which has an aggressive religion. No religion should be aggressive but in the past such religions have caused world wide suffering. I personally have found no religion which I can believe in. Religion should be about love and compasssion for your fellow man. I have found none which fill that commitment completely. Human religious leaders are human and greed sometime rule their actions. I believe without religions we would still be savages, but even with it we often act worse than animals.I have respect for all religions and each man should be allowed to believe in the God of his choice.
I stand behind the Islamic followers' plea to stop the bombing and bring the world into question of finding and controlling terrorist.
Charles Reeder

Let's see, you come to our country for some reason. What was it? Oh yes, this is the greatest place to live on earth. Should have known that!
You claim to be Americans, but oh yes, you are Muslim Americans! I think we know which is first on your list.
There is no outrage toward your Muslim terriorist,there are always rationalizations for their actions. It's always our fault - we the most religious tolerant country in world history.
Our support of Israel makes us the great Satin! I hate to tell you but Israel has kicked your ass everytime you have attacked them, on their own. There would not be a Muslim Terriorist problem if everytime you attacked Israel, we just let them deal with you directly to the finish. They would do what we don't have the guts to do!
If you cannot drop the Muslim crap and just be an American like the rest of us then I have a suggestion for you....or several of them:
1. Get out of our Universities, the best in the world.
2. Stop taking our money
3. Stop working in our country
4. Stop living in the United States
Frankly, we would not notice or care if you were gone tomorrow. You are benefiting from us, not the reverse.
The character and tone of this site alone is enough for me to know where you stand, and it isn't with America. If the average American (all of them) knew about this site and could visit it and read this Anti-American slop, you would truly see the wrath of America.
Unfortunately, the Average American who defends this country to his/her death won't see this crap. If they did, you could close up your 8 til lates and your 7 Elevens and you could leave the Universities and the Mosques and along with your pseudo-intellual clerics who preach hate and discontent, get on back to the desert where you are better off and it would seem by your disloyalty.
True Patriots don't have ethnic/regilious names in front of American
I know that I will never buy anything from your ki

Great article. I suggest that you follow the lead of Mr. Haq and personally embark on a mission to peacefully negotiate with the Taliban. Because this is not representative of Islam, and you can negotiate with terrorists. Right?

Through an article on the NY Times site I was able to access the statement published on your site regarding the bombing of Afghanistan.

I find your point of view serious and legitimate even if I am not at this point ready to espouse it. All of us concerned by the issues involved (rooting out terrorism, protection of the innocent, harmonious relations between communities of different faiths, the values of American democracy etc.)are profoundly troubled by the events of the past two months and the uncertainty of the proposed solutions.

If I write to you it is simply to stress a personal conviction and one, I am sure, shared with the vast majority of non-muslims in the United States and throughout the world. What has happened and is happening must be seized as an opportunity to open lines of communication between the different communities - within the United States and across frontiers. Mistakes are being and will be made, for the past offers few indications of how to deal with the issues at hand. But whatever our religious belief, we are faced with fundamental questions relating to mutually shared values - freedom, family, and the right to a decent life secure from arbitrary and violent intervention. I cannot imagine for one moment that we will find the solution to the terrible menaces we now face if we do not do it together. As a long time observer of the scene in France where relations between muslims and non-muslims are at best distant, I count on the United States to remain true to its tradition of unity of purpose with tolerance for differences. To my mind this is the best and only answer to the destructive negation of those who declare their contempt for all we hold dear and in common.

With regard to your 7 points:
1. This was not a "crime," but an act of war.
2. Since it was an act of war, it was committed not by criminals, but by soldiers, who are legitimate military targets.
3. While I respect your beliefs and your right to hold them and express them, foreign policy is the purview of the President of the United States, and declaration of war the purview of the Congress of the United States. The President has declared war on terrorism, and the Congress has supported by votes of 100-0 (Senate) and 434-1 (House).
4. Your view is noted. The United Nations cannot, however, mandate the destruction of capitalism and western civilization as demanded by Islamic extremists.
5. Your offer is appreciated.
6. I agree. While I disagree with your views, I will defend to the death your right to express them. At this point, I must, however, note, that this freedom of dissent and expression only occurs in western democracies of the type which Islamic fundamentalist militants are committed to destroy.
7. Issues of the constitutionality of this law, as all laws are the purview of the United States Supreme Court. Doubtless the constitutionality of this statute will be challanged and adjudicated in due course.

There has been civil war in Afghanistan for over the past decade where Muslims were fighting against Muslims for control of the country and occasionally innocent people were killed. I didn't ever hear you condemn those deaths or fighting, but as soon as the U.S. starts bombing Afghanistan you are pretty quick to condemn those actions. How hypocritical are you? You're saying that it's OK for Muslims to kill each other, but not OK for Americans to kill Muslims.
Please stop the Hypocrisy.

Your going against our country and calling for an end to the military action in Afghanistan will ultimately cost more American lives. Unless we are able end the opressive regime of the Taliban, and the Al Qaeda terrorist monsters that committed the vicious attacks on September 11th, none of us will ever be safe.

Why can't you see that?

I reject your declaration as at worst treasonous, and at best, unpatriotic and unamerican. A few more declarations like these, and the calls for tolerance, understanding, and respect for the American Muslim community will begin falling on deaf ears.

I am in 100% accordance with what you have written. I also would like to point out the following recent quote and pose the question of whether we are fighting for peace or whether we are fightening for vengence.
"War is not something that any human being wants, but in defense of ourselves we must fight. But, God, let us fight for peace; let us not deviate from establishing peace. Let us have peace today."
-Imam Izak-El Mu'eed Pasha

What then???

Instead of developing this long petition to complain about something you don't like -- Present a viable alternative. How many of your family members were on one of those flights, or working in one of those building, or were among the rescuers??? How many of your friends and relatives are dead or missing from this incident?

Do you think anyone, other than the perpretrators of the original crime, likes having to make the decision to take actions that regardless of the care taken are going to result in innocent casualties? And with all of their lies, how do we know what the true numbers are and who caused them. They have no problem stealing food, medicine, hiding amoung the inocent women, men, and children, so how do we know they aren't doing the killing.

I do not mean to sound cold, but when does it stop or better yet what was his purpose? The World has turned a check too many times in the past when these incidents have occured. Just what was the ultimate plan, we know there were more attacks intended. It is awful to think, but, what if??? What if the goal was to take over the US? What if they would have been successful? Would you rather be under that rule right now? You wouldn't be voicing your current opinion under that rule, you wouldn't be doing much, especially if you were a woman.

It's great to express opinions, but before condeming such actions, put some energies into viable alternatives. How do you think it feels to one of the military personnel personnel or their families and to have people against what they are doing to protect those very people?

American Muslims seem to suffer from a form of cultural schizophrenia. On the one hand, the attacks are utterly reprehensible and should be condemned. Yet, on the other hand, we, as United States Citizens, should not only understand what motivated the attackers, but also realize that we "had it coming." This doublespeak continues in relation to bombing during Ramadan or our retaliation against Al Qaeda and the Taliban. It is perfectly reasonable, and indeed religiously justifiable for Muslims to kill non-Muslims. (8:60-61) When, however, non-Muslims strike back against those who slaughter en masse our fellow citizens, the United States must ensure that not only are no innocent civilians are killed, but also that we cease our attacks- thereby giving our enemies respite to recover and prepare- out of deference to our enemies religious sensibilities? This is so beyond the pale of logic that it borders on the reprehensible.

American Muslims must make up their minds. They must either be pan-Muslim nationalist, or United States Citizens. American Muslims must realize that by siding with pan-Muslim nationalism that they are placing themselves on the outer fringe of American society and appeals such as this calls their loyalty into question.

BJS said:
If the Mujahadeen were not such extraordinary cowards (hiding in mosques amongst women and children) civilian casualties would not be an issue.

Your silly proclamation is missing a few important points. Like, how Muslim countries should stop funding, harboring and building terror networks (Iraq, Iran, Syria, etc). Like a call for the Taliban to immediately hand over Bin Laden and the other cave-dwelling rodents. Like how, after Bin Laden and the Taliban declared war on the United States by slaughtering 6,000 innocent people, we could do anything else except respond in kind.

No one wants to see civilians killed. But that's what happens in war. The difference (which this Bull S___ document misses) is that the Taliban hijacks airplanes with 4th grade students and slams them into the sides of buildings. The US never targets civilians.

About the only thing you got right was the fact that you have every right to your opinion. Americans would die defending that right.

How exactly, then, would you want the US to get Al Quaeda and other groups like them?

Should we will them dead?

I agree with you 100% that the bombing of innocents is wrong and is not in the long-term interest of anyone. I also agree people should find a more effective and long-term strategy to deal with these problems. And that such attacks will aggravate an already explosive and destabilizing situation. I also agree that international disputes should be resolved through UN mechanisms and in accordance with its charter.

So could you please write a letter to the Muslim terrorists responsible for the the World Trade Center and Pentagon bombings and let them know this. If you would have resolved to do this in the first place, the U.S. would not be bombing Afghanistan now.

I am curious about these three statements:

1. "We believe the bombing in Afghanistan is not in the long-term interest of our country or the world at large."

By "our" country do you mean the USA or some other country? I want to get your perspective on which country you consider "ours". I think "my" country (the USA) allows for many more freedoms than most other countries in the world. We never asked for this attack. You are quite free to practice your religion here, much more than in other places in the world. Protecting "our" freedom to live peacefully, in "our" country, is in "our" best interest as long as there is a continued threat!

2. "The bombing victimizes the innocents, exacerbates the humanitarian disaster, and creates wide spread resentment across the Muslim world."

So once again the US is wrong, right? How much have we done in the world for all types of people, but yet it's never quite right. When Saudi Arabia (A Muslim country) asked us to protect Kuwait (in their own best interest) that was ok, but when we protect our own country, it's not, it's a war against Islam? When I see reports on the news, with actual video, of Muslim-American organizations which are raising funds for known terrorist organizations, and you do not condemn them for doing it, I should not be worried, right? When will you condemn those that use the name of Islam to do evil in the world instead of worrying about what "we" do?

3. "Allowing thousands of innocent civilians to die in the harsh Afghan winter will only serve to weaken the global resolve to root out terrorism. The senseless starvation of women and children will fuel hate and extremism."

If you put pressure on your Islamic brothers (the Taliban and those that support them) to just surrender, the suffering would stop! If we did it your way, we should just risk our way of life by doing nothing, allowing the camps to be rebuilt and wait for another plane to crash into a building!<

I also would love to find a peaceful solution to this problem, however the perpetrators of the Sept 11th massacre have absolutely no peace in their hearts and no god but themselves. America has in the past tried to solve these problems through the World Court, and look where it got them. America was perceived weak and attacked again and again. I am sorry for civilian casualties in Afghanistan, but how many will die if the Taliban is left in power. The region has been in a constant state of war for years and maybe removing the Taliban from the equation will finally give the Afghan people peace.

I agree with #6. You certainly have the right to speak out. But the rest is nonsense.

6,000 dead Americans. Who do we see about that?

1. You condemn the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks and support bringing to justice those who are responsible, but how are we to do that without the use of force. The people who are resposible aren't going to just turn themselves over to the proper authorities. And in this case there aren't even any proper authorities, so the U.S. government is forced to take matters into their own hands in order to bring these people to justice.

2. The cowardly attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon were not in the best interest of the terrorists, Americans, or the rest of the world.

3. The bombing campaign in Afghanistan is being focused on terrorists, not Muslims. This is not a religous military action. It has nothing to do with religion. As much as you want to try and make this a religous war, it is not about religion.

4. If we give into the terrorists and address their demand in a U.N. court as you suggest, what do you think they are going to do next time they want their demands addressed? They are just going to attack us again in the future. As Americans do you want that?


This is a well-thought out and appropriate plea which demonstrates the best characterisitcs of the Muslim spirit with those of the American mind. In essence, those who sign this document are following in the path of Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) who said, "It is the duty of Muslims to use their voice to condemn tyranny and promote peace", The words of Prophet Jesus, "Those who follow peace, follow Allah", and prophet Ibrahim, "To follow the path of peace is to do good works in the name of Allah." Although Muslims seem to be getting a great deal of bad press lately (we are depicted either as multi-billionaire royalists or aggressive, hysterical, uneducated protesters), this document is proof that Muslims are above such stereotypes. Islam, a path of peace, honor, tradition, tolerance, and knowledge, is contrary to the words and deeds of those who wish to pervery our faith and marginalize the plight of our people. We reserve, nay demand, the right to exercise our God given constitutional right of free speech. It is my sincere hope that our fellow Americans will turn to us to help them through these difficult times with information and empathy. We are here to educate and to offer our sincere sympathy. We stand united, Red, White, Blue, and Green.

I am glad to note that the leadership of American Muslim organizations was finally able to come forward with a coherent statement condemning the bombing of innocent civilians.

Why did the ISNA refuse to sign this statement? Does any one know?

I feel for you all. Whatever of humanity survives this strange era, may it consist of enlightened individuals capable of reprioritizing society's interests in this world. If you have any peaceable solutions to this worldwide crisis, I know many of us would like very much to hear them.

Let me begin by commending this effort: THANK YOU for taking the initiative to bring such a document together. There are A LOT of people in America who share these sentiments. I for one DO NOT AGREE with my government's reactions to the September 11th attacks. I make this statement a bit nonchallantly but there is a lot of HISTORY that comes with it. America's foreign policies have been notorious for abrupt actions such as what we are now seeing in Afghanistan. There seems to be a preservation of egoism at work here. In other words to say it simply, in order for the powerful to maintain power, it in turn must undermine the authority of anything that poses as a threat. Now there are VERY simple solutions to the dilemna that America now finds itself in and these are as you stated: to first, STOP the bombings and second, bring the REAL criminals to the Interanational Criminal Court system. These solutions do not seek revenge nor leniancy. On the contrary they promote justice and democracy, the very things that America claims to be defending. It's a fact that need not be stated, but worth addressing: justice along with democracy for the most part, are slow processes. Perhaps this is where the problem time. Afterall who wants to sit around and wait for a proper investigation that would bring the criminals to justice? Who wants to do that when there's a much more inhumane and quicker route? If anything,I am making the proposition that if America is to call itself a nation of conscience it is more than imperative that it chooses the alternative that does not dispute this presumption. The bombings in Afghanistan MUST stop. Americans (this includes EVERYONE living in America) must urge their goverment to STOP and EVALUATE the many destructive ends that its foreign policies has instituted. America must evaluate and then revaluate with the intent of not repeating.

Your statement included the following: "Our government should seek a more effective and long-term strategy to deal with terrorism and its causes ...."

What suggestions do you offer? What would be more effective? How about Islamic nations rising up and demanding the Taliban, and any country supporting terrorism stop their support of terrorism? How about Islamic nations rising up and demanding that the Taliban, or any power harboring him, hand Bin Laden over immediately? How about Islamic nations backing up those demands with appropriate actions of their own? I believe that you truly condem what happened here on September 11, but where is your call for Islamic nations to seek a more effective and long-term strategy to deal with terrorism and its causes? Why do you call only on the United States? You want a long term strategy, but the immediate situation has to be addressed. Only then can we can talk about the long term. So if you "stand ready to help our government," what suggestions do you offer to effectively deal with the immediate situation - the destruction of the groups responsible for September 11?

wonderful. Please let the world know that joining with muslims, people of many kinds abhor violence and need to find alternative ways to seek justice. InchaAllah we will find away to stop the killing. THou shalt not kill.
peace is the way.

The statement confirms what most Americans already knew, that many Muslims in America are not loyal to this country. If you prefer living under dictatorships why don't you go back home? It is clear that is where your loyalties are. After Islamic terrorist deliberately kill thousands of civilians, you are more concerned about a few unintended civilian casualties than destroying the terrorist threat to the United States and the civilized world. No recent war has been waged without civilian casualties. No country has done more to minimize civilian casualties than the United States. I pray that there would be no civilian casualties.

Why do you come here if you can't embrace the basic beliefs of American society? I will do everything is my power to changes the laws of this country to keep out people like the ones who endorse this statement. You may legally be an American, but to most real Americans you are not an American if you don't put first the interest of this country over any past allegiance. Japanese Americans showed their loyalty during World War II by fighting for the United States. No one expect to Muslims crowding the recruiting offices of the U.S. Armed Services. Where are your loyalties?

Muslims have nothing to fear from the Terrorism Bill UNLESS they have something to hide! And by your silence and by stupid statements such as your "call for peaceful efforts..." it would appear you indeed have something to hide.

What is so disturbing to me about the Muslim faith is that those of you who claim to be peaceful and non-violent are totally unwilling to publicly denounce, condemn the type of radical Islam that permeates the followers of bin Laden. There is absolutely NO excuse for this silence. Yet there is a "deafening" silence among you. There can be no peace until you start policing yourselves and demand an end to this fanatic wing.
Won't you start now?

4500+ Men, Woman, and children...Murdered.
We'll quit when they do.

I totally support an end to the bombing of Aghanistan. The US response has been flawed from the start, and seems to perpetuate a simplistic and reductive attitude to the rest of the world. I do not belong to a religious community, but as someone interested in human life and to the future of our world I cannot support terrorist military action in any form. Our example should be in our capacity not to respond violently, to engage in a serious dialogue with the rest of the world, and not unilateral "punishments" that kill innocent people. Our foreign policy over the last 50 years has been criminal in many respects, supporting corrupt regimes in the name of freedom. If you look around the world today, you will see more violence and poverty than ever before. I am ashamed that a country with this much power and potential for progress uses it so poorly....Misunderstanding is an American character trait. Our warped and simplistic view of the world, backed by self-interest, warplanes and missiles, will only bring more resentment and hatred. Pretty soon we will have squandered the little admiration others have for our values. To the rest of the world we are becoming a violent imperial power, crushing nations and people whenever we see fit. What have we learned from history?

I do not believe you are being unpatriotic with your call but I do believe this call is disingenuous. I suspect it arises from concerns about whether American Muslims can live what they see as a holy life within a secular society such as America. The strains are certainly evident - both before the events of 9-11 with the hyper critical comments about american culture so often pronounced in mosques across the country, and after with the vague and lukewarm criticisms of the deaths caused by the 9-11 attacks. now this.
From my limited knowledge of the shari'a or koranic law - not only forms of worship and faith are specified, but also a particular organization of society, from governance and economic life to the relations between the sexes. Living in a secular society will always pose some extreme difficulty between being orthodox and desiring to restore god's shari'a as soon as possible and living in a society where unbelievers prevail and even dominate. Perhaps this is why your alligience seems to be so inclusive - you are not able to accept the prevalence of a country of unbelivers and their response to the tragedies of 9-11.
I believe that your time would be better spent exploring interpretations of islam that can accomodate a separation of religion and politics or military action. The cultural and economic forces unleashed by capitalism and modernity will continue to advance despite the regard action of fundamentalists. Women will be emancipated from the outmoded ideas of islam just as they are being emancipated from the restraints of christianity. Children will rebel against the authority of their fathers (and mothers). Change is the way of life.
I ask you to make your religion one that is able to bring comfort and peace to yourselves as well as those you now live among - and that requires a tolerance that seems to go against the current american muslim interpretation of shari'a.

It is heartening to hear of you rejection of the acts of Sept 11th.
I also share your dislike of the general bombing being used in Afghanistan. I would much preferr to be able to isolate the bombs to only those who were involved in those terrible acts of the 11th, but ...

The one thing I haven't heard from you is exactly HOW do YOU propose bringing those cowards to justice ... not only for the 11th, but for Africa, the Cole, the garage of the WTC previously, and on and on?

Why have you set back for so long?

I also think it ludicrous to have portraits of women in the artilce "American Muslims call for peaceful efforts to end the conflict in Afghanistan", knowing the status and tretment women are afforded in that country today.

Where is your outrage and demand for Afghanistan to turn over the slime that attacked the Catholic Church in Pakistan, leaving 16 men - women - and children dead and scores more wounded, just because they were catholic? And you didn't want US to turn this into a religious war?

Until I see and hear more concrete, positive ACTION from groups listed in this article, I am afrid that I will have to - out of self preservation - take the position of wariness in my dealings/association with ANY Muslims I come in contact with, and will have to reduce that occurrance as much as possible and feasible 'til this straightens out more.

With much sorrow:


So what do you suggest the American Government should do? I agree, we are harming civilians who are just as innocent as those involved in the Sept. 11 incident. But, what can be done...we cann't just let them get away with this!

I would just like to say that I whole heartedly agree with your calls for peaceful justice. The war in Afghanistan is bringing little good, but tremendous harm. Furthermore, the bombing will likely create more and stronger anti-American sentiment, precisely the fuel for extremist groups in the region. Ultimately, I join you in you calls for peace and urge people of all faiths or no faith to do the same.

I agree completelly with this document and thank you for your honesty and courage to make this opinion public. I'm certain that our goverment does not wish to kill innocent people, and that is what is happening. I am also certain that violence can only bring forward more violence. Peace

This is war, and during wartime, many innocent civilians suffer. The attack upon the WTC brought and end to peace, much as we could wish this wasn't so. The Taliban and Al-Queda knew what the results would be when they attacked the WTC, and they did not care what would happen to the Afghanistan civilians, whom they are supposed to protect. Stopping the bombing will not bring peace and security to either the Afghanistan civilians or to anyone else in this world. Stopping the bombing will only encourage the Al-Quedas of the world to attack with impunity, knowing no justice will ever touch them.

Dear Friends,

God bless everyone during these trying times.

I urge the same United States Islamic organizations who signed the letter (Ref: IC0110-355) to redouble their efforts with a SINGLE, SPECIFIC demand for the coalition. We should demand that the coalition initiate the construction of a city on the flat land of Afghanistan. This will be a symbol of hope for the people. Let the terrorists hide in the mountains; Americans want to see hope. Americans are more concerned about securing flat land from war and building a city for the people! Bush will do the right thing, BUT we have to show him the city. Please, lets give it another try with a single VERY SPECIFIC demand of securing flat land and building a city for the people. The city will ultimately destroy terrorism as it spreads stability across the Country of Afghanistan., PLEASE send a copy of my message to all of the United States Islamic organizations who signed the letter! Please tell them that we need a single vision of a city on the flat land. If this idea is launched by these organizations, the rest of America will follow. Give everyone a chance. A city for the people is something we can all contribute toward. We need a focal point on which to initiate the fire of peace. The city will grow with the support of the world.

Because I am a plant geneticist, I would also urge a strong plan of agricultural action. We must demand that wheat be planted for the people as soon as winter ends (Yes, I realize there has been a drought). I have asked my brother, a faculty member at Texas A&M, to discuss the logistics of rebuilding agriculture in Afghanistan with Norman Borlaug (he won the Nobel Peace Prize for introducing dwarf wheat into Pakistan and India in the 1960's). A meeting has been scheduled. Perhaps Dr. Borlaug will also join in the efforts if the vision of a city is provided. Please send me an e-mail if I can help. If we want it bad enough, it will happen!!! [email protected]

Long live the Nation of Israel!

So you can't stomach the sacrifices necessary to be an American. Your allegience to our country and our president in these difficult times is at best suspect. God bless America!

everyone in america has the right to an opinion. there are too many different people and cultures in this country for everyone to agree on any given issue. most americans respect and recognize this. as a christian american, i respect muslim culture and religion. i do however, find your silent support of america's current situation deafening. every holy muslim leader should be screaming that osama and people like him will in fact be going to hell. we dont see that. we see most muslims say that what happened is wrong but in the same breath say america shouldnt back israel. that really just justifys what happened to us here. i think most americans feel that most muslims are against war and terrorism but deep down they feel america got what it deserved. this feeling will be the source of future conflicts if not addressed between muslims and americans. american muslims have more power to bring about peace than they know. educate the public about how peaceful your religion is, but you must convince the american public that you are sincerely on the american side. nobody believes you.

I agree with your statement.

I assume you condemn the violence perpetrated by Israel against Palestinians.

Have you also condemned the terrorism by Islamic radicals against the American embassies in Africa? The ongoing vicious war between Islamic radicals and the oppressive Algerian government? The terrorism by Islamic radicals against tourists in Egypt?

I wonder if you have made similar statements regarding the terrorist attacks by the Palestinians in Israel, the West Bank and Gaza.

MOST IMPORTANT, I hope you regularly condemn Islamic clerics who are inciting violence and preaching hate, murder and suicide; and that you regularly condemn the reactionary, corrupt governments that rule virtually every Islamic nation on the planet, giving Muslims little choice but to follow the path of hatred and murder.

It seems to me that American Muslims are in a particularly strong position to lead the Islamic world to personal, religious, economic, and political freedom. All they have to do is call attention to all these freedoms that they enjoy in the United States, show the rest of the world's Muslims that it can be done while remaining Muslim; and that the United States, while far from perfect, is about the best nation the human race has ever evolved, and is by no means the "Great Satan" that hate-fomenting radical clerics say it is.

If you are not doing these things, then in my eyes your statement reveals your hypocrisy. I hope you can show me otherwise.

I would appreciate a response.

Thank you. Maluhia a me aloha (Hawaiian for peace and love).

William T. LeGro

Peace is the only way Americans can move forward from here. Actions to bring about peace, actions to further democratic movement forward that values all life.

1st of all God bless the victims of Sept 11th. I am sympathetic to the Muslims in & out of the USA, for this very difficult time, BUTYou need to understand that theses extremists that call themselves Muslims, need to be stopped before they further scare you're religion and you're people! As for these Religios zelots they care so much for you're own people that they Murder fathers in front of thier children if they do not join there cause. You tell me where the Honor is in that?You can not rationalize that because there is no rationalization in the cowardious acts they particapate in.If you truley believe in you're religion, and peace, then call for the Opressive Taliban Leaders to give up the Terrorists and thier leaders NOW!!! As for the innocent cavilians that have and will be killed, as cold as this sounds, it is parr for the course. Lets not forget that we and the rest of the world lost over *6000* innocent CIVILIANS on Sept 11th, and unlike these Terrorist Scumbags that we are targeting, they were innocent civilions,IE, women , children and men, that are not Militarily involved. Osama .., called for this so if you do not agree with it, get him and the rest of the extremists to give up and stop these dispicable acts. If your living here in the GREAT USA, and benafiting from our freedoms,and you do not like what we're duing over there, then GET OUT OF OUR COUNTRY, and if you do not leave then .... I can tell you that just like them I am WILLING to give my life for this country and the FREEDOM I/WE beleive in and live. But more thann Likely I WILL take the enemies life 1st. They call us the paper Tiger, because of that Moron Clinton forced us to Retreat, but the Adults are in Office now, and this Tiger was just awakened, and I Promise you that Mr.Bin Laden, will soon find out what he has done. As for you Muslims that are a peacefull people (which i think are the majority) be strong during this hard, & God Bless The USA.........

The bombing is definitely going somewhere. This is a military matter. How do you know? Are you there? Getting the terrorists is the objective. Every bomb gets closer to them. Civilian casualties are not the concern here. Terrorists are?Remember the WTC?
Who cares about Muslim resentment? It's our resentment that is important. If you are in a Muslim country you can worry about muslim resentment. But not here. If you are resentful about America, you have my invitation to leave.

It depends what policy you oppose and when. Now is not the time to oppose a policy to eliminate terrorists that our government has decided upon. If you don't like it, get elected and change it. Yes, you are disloyal.
The administration has already emphasized that they care about the Afghan people, only those that are not supportiing terrorists. Those that are not supporting terrorists should distance themselves from the terrorists and they won't get hurt.
Who cares, Mr. Baig, if it breeds more anger? They should be worried about OUR anger.


TOM FROM U.S. said:
If you call for a more effective and long-term strategy to deal with terrorism, then what is it? If they use force as their weapon, do you expect America not to return the use of that force? If you stand ready to help the U.S. government build bridges of understanding with Muslim countries are you contacting Bin Laden and the Taliban and other terrorist groups and asking them to lay down their weapons? Let me see you get the leaders of terrorist groups to the UN table willing to discuss issues before you make the statement international disputes should be resolved through UN mechanisms. In case you forgot, Operation Enduring Freedom has been endorsed by the UN. That would certainly make it a UN mechanism now wouldn't it? If you want to do something to help, why not contact any Afghanistan family, friends, (set up an adopt a family organization), leaders and the terrorist cells responsible for the attack on America Sept 11th and ask them to surrender. Then post your results here instead of opposing the U.S. government's decisions on how to defend our country. Remember what the president said about no matter where you are or who you are. If you are not for us, then you are against U.S.

The so called leader of the freeworld is attacking a nation based on soe circustantial evidence. This to me represents George Bush's hope to allow his family-owned oil company to tap into central Asia's vast oil supplies, Bush's De facto Government is hiding the truth about this and we know that this attack was planned back in June and it was delayed for not having a reason, now they have the reason which seems like a very fabricated one..stop Bush's cries against humanity so we can all live in peace.. support berkeley CA for voting against this war..

I left the CAIR bulletin board because I decided I should devote my time to opposing the US bombing in Afghanistan.

The US bombings are wrong because they cannot be controlled enough to protect civilians. In addition many have left their homes in fear. The winter is coming on. The suffering and death of these people is wrong and does no good.

The bombings are also wrong, perhaps more wrong, becuase they further the Bin Laden agenda: war between the West and Islamic countries. Such a war would be unspeakably evil.

There are far too many Muslims who favor such a war. There are far too many Muslims who use clever words to evade the truth about the terrorists who attacked the World Trade Center. They deceive themselves.

Many Muslim countries harbor schools of terrorism, harbor schools that train the young to fight the US. How foolish. When these youth become men, these youth trained to use war to achieve their ends, to use terror, it wil be unspeakable folly to ignore that they will first use war and terror in their own countries, in their own neighborhoods. The Muslim countries already experience their own home-grown terror. Sow death and you will reap death. They will strike first in their own neighborhoods. You know this.

I will continue to seek ways to persuade the US President to end the bombings in Afghanistan, and to remove such bombings from US strategy. Central to ending the bombings in Afghanistan is a requirement that the world, including the Muslim world, act to end terrorism. Not merely speak, but act.

Those writing this declaration could do much to hasten the day the US bombings end by exerting themselves to identify sources of terror, including Muslim terror, and further by exerting themselves to end that terror. Word games won't suffice. Pious moral poses won't suffice.

I have read the second book of the Quran. May I suggest that Muslims re-read it?

Peace to all.

Though not a Muslim, I support your call for more intelligent answers to the questions posed by the problems of terrorism, and join in your conclusion that the bombing in Afghanistan is counterproductive

thank you for your clarity and courage.

Muslims in Nigeria are very much aware of the fact that the US doesn't have enough evidences linking Bin Laden or Al Qaeda with the September 11 attack on the WTC and Pentagon. We are also in the know that the US has plotted a plan to attack Afghanistan months before the 911 bombings in view of the pursuit to control the caspian basin which is believed to have abundant oil reserves that will last estimatedly for 500 years.

In view of the points raised above, the US is believed to be a villain in this struggle which has resulted in the killings of innocents lives in a guise a to combat terrorism. The attack on Afghanistan is condemnable in every respect as well as an aggression on a population that has known nothing over the past ten years but agression and invasion from Russia. But Allah hears the prayers of the oppressed and our prayers will not be in vain, InshaAllahu.

The US and increasingly the rest of the non-Muslim world has been forced by fundamentalist Muslims to engage in a major war for its basic safety and even survival. There is no question in my mind that we will prevail and that fundamentalist Muslims will fail. The proclamation by a handful of anti-American, anti-democratic fundamentalist Muslim organizations based in the US tells me that our domestic security problem is worse than any American had thought. During World War II, Japanese-American, Italian-American, and German-American organizations did not speak out against America while we were waging war against Japan, Italy, and Germany. They remained loyal Americans, and for that reason the internment of Japanese-Americans during that war was unnecessary and wrong. However, with this ant-American proclamation in the wake of September 11th and the anthax bioterrorism affecting all Americans, the day when it will be necessary to intern until the successful end of this war all or many American Muslims is fast approaching.

You say you want the people brought to JUSTICE who did the Sept. 11 bombing . The United States ask the Taliban to do so and they said No. So what is your next step in bringing them to JUSTICE!!!!!!!

i just pray all this terror would end ... our brothers are suffering in the whole world and i believe only ALLAH TALAH can stop it now .... may ALLAH have mercy on all of us and bless us with peace AMEEN

I understand your desire to see all hostilities end but your plea for peace should be to Muslim governments and terrorists organizations. The United States is responding to brutal attacks made on unarmed U.S. citizens. Reasonable opportunities have been given to the government of Afghanistan to show their cooperation. They have responded defiantly with total disregard for the lives of the Afghani citizens they claim to represent. If Afghanis suffer as the result of an armed conflict with the U.S. the responsibility for this suffering lies completely with their government. Instead of calling for the U.S. to end it's self-defense, you should use your influence to persuade those in your faith to speak out boldly against such acts and turn in any suspicious persons living among you. If you are U.S. citizens, as you say, then you have renounced allegiance to any foreign government or organization. I suggest you consider wherein that allegiance lies and begin acting like grateful citizens instead of emissaries for our enemies.

How do we solve this problem then with a people who is dedicated in destroying life? Are we to reason with those who wish not to reason but to destroy? Those who had tried to reason with Hitler and go as far to go into a peace pact with him did not stop this madman from killing them.It was his beliefs that ruled him and not the feelings and wants of his victims. How do we go about this then? l believe that sometimes "you need to shake a stick at a barking dog". How do you reason? Do you believe that perhaps if we say the right things in such a right way that these people will drop their dedication to destroy us? The sunnah and the Quran does not justify this Belief of yours. If you think it does then email me back with your beliefs and l will do mine. I get the uncomfortable feeling that you wish to tie our hands while the madmen that come in the name of Islam continue to attack us. l am not defending the evil of this country but l will not also defend the evil that comes in the name of Islam, christianity or judaism. Satan is everywhere and in the last days will come as an Angel of Light.

It just ceases to amaze me that organizations such as yourselves find your opinions to be of merit or significance. While you have the absolute right to voice your convictions, it would seem to me that if you proclaim yourselves to be Americans then America should come first and foremost. It irritates me that you must identify yourselves as Muslim-Americans. I, too, have a heritage BUT I am AMERICAN first and foremost. I will never annex my identity by the name of a religion or other nation. No one wants to see any innocent victims die nor suffer. BUT as an AMERICAN..I cannot forget Sept. 11th and the horror trail it left of over 6,000 "innocent" people dead, thousands of family members grieving over the loss of their loved ones and the devastation of three horrific sites. And now biological warfare. All for the sake of a religion and the hatred it has bred. If constitional amendments occur they will do so for the good of AMERICA. If you have nothing to have nothing to fear. Had we had protection before Sept. 11th then perhaps our AMERICANS would be alive. I am a devote Christian of Catholic background. I struggle every day not to hate as it is forbidden in my personal and learned faith. Your comments, petitions and actions do not help me nor any other non-Muslim living in my country. I may not approve of all that is going on and am deeply disturbed that it is going on at all. But for the love of heaven, WE were attacked and the attacks were performed my radical, sick Muslims who have a mission in life to see America DIE. There is an unkind phrase that I have listened to of late but perhaps it bears repeating: If you do not like it here and find your Middle East heritage far more important that your present homeland...then return to your roots and support those you are defending. As an American, it is important to support our government, stand tall and together and fight to the end to rid the possibility of ANYONE every attacking us again.

The ideological requests and solutions are nice to read... almost heart warming. Yet unrealistic. You do not root out terrorism by being nice. All actions taken (which involves way more then just the bombing on which people seem to focus) are required to stop one of the main sources of terrorism from existence. Even without the US bombing Afghanistan still thousands would be suffering from the harsh winters and lack of food due to the Taliban ways of ruling... The US is not creating he victims... the victims were already there. The focused publicity and the somewhat ill-chosen focus of the Muslim organizations on the US as the source of suffering is what makes this a political Picasso. The fact is that the Taliban and others were given many weeks of opportunity to respond intelligently. They refused. What shall we do? Applaud the lying, the abuse of the Muslim religion and the uttermost defiance of the Afghanistan ruling political group (Taliban)? Shall we sit back and wait for the next attack to arrive and thank them in grattitude? The time for words is over. Open mindedness is important. Denial is fatal.

I find your words of condemnation for the actions and policies of the United States in direct conflict with your own actions. If the culprits behind the cowardly terrorism of Sept 11th were Protestant I would have no qualms whatsoever in bringing the full weight of the America military against them. But your weak reaction against Al-Qaida based simply on the fact that they assert they are Moslem shows your obvious disloyalty toward the country which feeds and shelters you. If you wish to live in mud huts and squaller feel free to head back to the wonderful societies of Africa and Asia which your beliefs have produced! Perhaps America needs to look at the freedoms which allow cowardly goat herders immigrate to our great nation? Stand behind our great nation or find your way out of it!

Wake up and smell the coffee! If you regard yourself as Americans, you should want retribution. You will find acceptance long in coming if your feelings are always subject to doubt. This war on terror isn't something that can be handled by local police forces or a justice system. If you are on board in this war against terror, volunteer to be linguists with the Justice Department, turn in sympathizers, don't applaud when Americans are killed. You are in this great land of ours by our grace, not yours, and to see and hear of your intolerance to our multi-cultural society rankles us. Get with the program!

Dear American Muslims,

Being the biggest minority in America your voice should carry the weight. I fully endorse your views and extend my personal support in any form if required by you.

It is difficult to speak truth against majority, but easy to express the only "truth" the "Haq" which is your concience.

It seems to me that Islam is the only religion that advocates killing people of other faiths.
Furthermore, Muslins who live in the U. S. A. want to enjoy the freedom and benefits of living here, but seem unwilling to fully integrate into our society. Yes, we are not perfect. But your good works could influence us more if you abandon violance and killing as a way of "convincing" us.

Having said this, I now have a question for you.
Have you seen on national TV the story about the professor at Florida State Univ (Tampa, FL)... a
Muslim... who openly provoked anger in the people of your faith in the USA. He not only provoked them to anger, but also collected money to be sent to terrorist groups... to the very people who attacked us on Sept. 11. Some of his speeches were taped; some of those tapes were shown on TV last night. Now my question is this.
Is this man... who enjoys the best of living in the USA... typical of Muslims living in the USA?
What would you recommend we do with him and with people like him?

Yes, the bombing in Afghanistan is causing some
casualties that were not intended. What would you suggest we do? Go find Mr. bin Laden and ask him to sit down and have dinner with us and "discuss this"? This man and his followers (Islamic extremists, to be sure) are mass-murders. Now your religion has come to be associated with him.
The least you can do is to support us while we try to find him and bring him to justice. At the same time you can help us find those who would like to mimic his behavior, whether they are Muslims or not. My appeal to you is this. If you are going to enjoy the benefits of living in the USA, then join with us and quit acting like foreigners.

It is tragic that innocent civilians are suffering and dying abroad. But shouldn't their leaders do something about it, and give up the guilty parties? Do they not have any responsibility? My thoughts are with those 6,000 innocent people in the World Trade Center that were killed without mercy, without warning. Afgan had the luxury of a warning, and arrogantly ignored it. They apparently want to hate, and want conflict. How can you reason with that kind of illogical thinking? How do you reason with madmen that only know how to teach their children hated of people they do not even know? I pray for peace and no more bloodshed, but we owe it to those poor innocent victims of the World Trade Center to use any means necessary to show we will NOT tolerate the murder of our citizens. If they want the bombing to stop, then they need to cooperate with the world and give up those murderous pigs. We now have thousands of children who lost one or both parents in the World Trade Center. How should they feel? How have their destinies been changed forever? Let's concentrate on helping the victims in OUR country first.

I agree with your statement and wish you success in promoting it. Let us all pray for peace and seek paths to create unity. Let us find new ways to seek justice and protect the innocent of all nations.

I consider the general sympathy of most Muslims in the United States for the ..Bin Laden, and more particularly the avid support of Muslims worldwide for that be adirect threat on my family and me. Beware! I will defend against all threats!

Friends of my enemies are my enemies...

The Call for Peaceful Efforts is the most heartening document I have read since Sept 11.

Article #3 speaks to the core issue that concerns me- that of "long term interest" of the US and the world, which the bombing does not support. I do not believe that the bombing makes Americans safer in the world.

I am very concerned that our leaders are naive, reactive, and revengeful... and will bring us a wider war. If we had more enlightened leaders, the US could have adopted the policy of feeding and offering medical care to the Afghan people - not bombing them. That would have done more to promote the ideals of American values than the promoting of death and more suffering.

Please, let us continue to talk together, to call for peaceful efforts together, to work together. To live together in peace. If we cannot live on this planet peacefully - there really is no hope for any of us.

with respect,
JR (Portland, OR)

This call to peace is sound and intelligent. It seems senseless to me to continue trying to kill a handful of men with bombs that also kill innocents. I want an end to terrorism but my heart breaks at the effects the bombing has on an already devastated people.
As an American I believe war on terrorism and the people who support it is correct, but also as an American, America proclaiming to be so technologically sophisticated and merciful in the way we war, I feel shame every time I hear of innocents dying.
It doesn't matter to me if the Taliban is not merciful, does not care whether it kills innocents, does not care to see its own people suffering and starving. I care. As most other Americans I care that we live up to the vision of ourselves that we truly are merciful and compassionate and will find a way to do the job with no innocents dying because of us.

I am distressed that the leaders of the Islamic
community in the US have not been more
public and forthcoming in their condemnation
of the 9/11 attrocities. Just as prominent
Protestant clerics in Germany during the Nazi
era spoke up condemning the treatment of the
Jews and other minorities, I believe that the
Muslim community in America has a role in
interpreting American values for the many
poor and uneducated muslims in developing
countries who are victims of fundamentalist

War is war and is always filled with tragedies,
but this is the first war in history where the
attackers are dropping food and aid packages
at the same time they are dropping bombs.

The people of Afghanistan have been
miserably treated by the Taliban in the name
of Islam, but I don't recall any massive
condemnation of their brutal activities by the
Muslim community in America. Why?

Wm. Boletta

This is war and you bomb in war if you need. Why are you not calling for the Muslims in afghanistan to give up Osama and the Al-quida instead of asking us to surrender our drive for freedom.

As for the civil liberty infractions you anticipate you won't have to worry about that if we don't stop the terrorists now as you won't have any civil liberties. If you are doing nothing wrong you have nothing to worry about do you.

I think what you are suggesting is an insult to the 5000 people who died in the WTC and you are either cowards or people who are looking to male islam an issue.

You need to reevluate your stance as you are doing nothing but creating disgust amongst the rest of us who are sending our sons over to fight for your precious ability to disagree with our government. If you don't like what we are doing then leave and go live in a place where your people are more accepted.

To Mister Husin Sida, Sir you should know your email addresses before you post them. If Islam is peaceful then why does it support terrorism? The proof is not in what you say but what you do. If you are so outraged by Sept. 11th, then come out very forcefully and publically against it and all who agree with it. Until then stand up for what you really believe (terrorism) or do you not have the courage of your convictions? I remain anoynoms to protect my family from your peaceful intentions.

Are you kidding me? Wade into them. They attacked us and they do not get to be in government any more. Wade into them. Kill as many as we can. So some people die in a war. You start with USA, you pay. At least we haven't done to them yet what we did to the Japanese. If you guys don't like it, get on a plane and Bon Voyage
Fort Lauderdale

Unfortunately, it's the nature of war to force a choice between innocent deaths among the enemy, or among ourselves. There does not appear to be any way to destroy bin Laden and al Qaeda without the death of some innocent Afghanis. Certainly, you have not suggested any such approach. Instead, you have called for a end to attacks on bin Laden and his fellow terrorists, because these attacks have (and will) kill some innocents. But, unless bin Laden is destroyed, more innocent Americans will die.

It would be nice if there was a way to destroy bin Laden with the death of no innocents. There is none. Indeed, the Taliban is reportedly hiding troops and military equipment among civilians and in mosques, precisely so more innocents will be killed, hoping to provoke exactly the sort of reaction you have provided.

Initially, I believed that Bush was right to say that this is not a war against Islam. But, as I've read more and more Muslim literature, including statements like yours, I've had to conclude that we really are fighting against much of Islam, if not against all of it, or against every Muslim.

The reality is that many (most?) Muslims seem to believe that the death of 100 infidels (like myself and other Americans) is preferable to the death of 1 Muslim. As you have shown, even many (most?) American Muslims believe this.

Bin Laden apparently intended to provoke a war between Islam and the West, and to restore the Caliphate in victory over the West. I'm afraid he is going to succeed in his first objective. God willing, he will fail in his second.

i totally agree with the american muslims that this war against the afghans is not goin to acheive anything but more hatred towards the americans!!!!!u r jus killin more and more innocent civillians and creating more and more hatred towards the american people and the the muslim world!!!

the only way 2 win this conflict is to correct ur unjust and biased foreign policies!!!!


As a non-muslim American citizen, I wholeheartedly support your statment. In response to Norman Mann, it seems rather redundant for American Muslims (or any other Americans for that matter) to be required to condemn bin Laden and demand his extradition by the Taliban as a precondition for arguing against the bombing. After all, the US executive branch has already taken these two steps, on our behalf, as a pretext waging its current war.

As one who enjoys the benefits of American citizenship, I am complicit in the international actions of my own elected government and obliged to consider its actions on the basis of my own convictions.

In response to those who fault the resolution for not uniting behind a specific alternative course, I would say this: If you were a passenger in a bus that had veered into the lane of on-coming traffic, would you not advise the driver to change lanes? Or would it first be necessary to consult a map and get the other passengers to agree to a singular alternative course?

We may not immediately agree on the specifics of what constitutes a proper, peaceful action. But until there are broad coalitions willing to stand up against ill-considered military aggression (at this urgent time when it demands political courage to do so), alternative solutions will have no relevance.

This resolution, at the very least, is a step in that direction.

May others follow.

As your brother in Islam-the message well written and expressed.Most of us share the same opinion and sentiments here.
May Allah help us.

Be careful...such a strong edict in opposition to the actions of the U.S. government without any strong statements directed at the Taliban regime or the Al Queda network might give one the impression that your sympathies are rather obviously misguided.

It serves to reason that if your concern is that "bombing" victimizes the innocents, it seems that your time could have been more wiseley spent drafting an edict directed at the Taliban and Al Queda because the latest news is that they are responsible for about 6,000 "innocents" lying dead in "your" country.

Paragraph 3 would have read much better had it read "Mr. Bin Laden...We believe that killing innocent American civilians is not in the long-term interest of your network or the Muslim world at large".

Further, in paragraph 4 you refer to "terrorism and its causes". You are not actually inferring that there are legitimate or justified "causes" of terrorism are you??? If you are...please indicate exactly what the cause was of the act perpetrated on Sept. 11. Was it Capitalism? Freedom? Democracy? Christianity? The existence of Isreal? Please help me understand exactly what the "cause" of that attack was. Maybe going forward we can simply get rid of all of the aforementioned items so that terrorist acts will diminish because the "causes" will no longer remain.

If the senseless starving of women and children will fuel hate and extremism, why don't you then condemn the Taliban and its supporters instead of condemning the actions of our government. Again, the latest news indicates that we were dropping over a million food rations into the country while the Taliban was poisoning those rations, taking over UN food warehouses and accusing UN humanitarian workers of being spies and kicking them out of the country.

Please don't think it "un-American" if I use the same right afforded you to express my sincere view(and perform my civic duty)that this statement is absolutely disgusting and disgraceful.

Yes! The bombing is only creating more victims, more anger, more suffering, and, probably, more terrorists. It's wrong in every way!


hmmmmmm....these words sound defeatist, and leave unanswered the key question: what is the "more effective and long-term strategy to deal with terrorism and its causes" that your resolution refers to?? your protest is irresponsible without proposing a better plan.
your suggestion: "We feel that international disputes should be resolved through UN mechanisms and in accordance with its charter" is naive and unrealistic. your decision to oppose the present policy of our government is unhelpful, and reveals more loyalty to your muslim identity than to your identity as americans.

I urge every Muslim worldwide in concert, to email President Bush ([email protected])and cc to Vice President ([email protected]) to stop bombings and slaughterings of Afghanistan. Proposed date is 11 Nov and subsequently on the 11 every month until the carnage stops.

why don't you demand that Osama bin Laden give himself up to the world court and why not also urge the Taliban leadership to stop protecting bin Laden. Yes the bombing won't help. Do you believe that bin LAdden is directly responsible for the killing of 5,000 Americans? I will support your urging to stop bombing If you as supportive US citizens will support the above suggestions I have made. Anxious to hear your response. N Mann

I do agree with the preceding text .

Bismillah Asalaamu Alaykum I would like to know if you consulted the the people of knowledge or scholars of islam that are known to have sound aqueedah and knowledge when speaking about our stance as American Muslims I am not opposed to what you are saying I just want to know if it correct according the sunnah of the prophet(saw) was salaam

What have these suddenly pacifist organizations done in the past to prevent acts of terrorism here and abroad that give them the right to make an empty, in my view disloyal and treasonous, call to opose our governemnt's actions in a time of national disaster, without offering any practical and effective means of preventing such tragedies from happening again? Just watched on Dateline what has been going on here for years in your mosques--where were these 'pacifist' organizations then?

This naive, misguided, unpatriotic call will alienate the signatories and their supporters even more and will mark them as a foreign body on this society for good. Just be honest with yourself, whose side are you on?


I as well as any sensible person condemn what took place on September 11th. I too
am dismayed at what has taken place in Afghanistan. I do not want any civilians
getting hurt nor killed. But unfortunately...that's war! If America wanted to totally
destroy the Taliban along with the civilians, no country (Muslim or non-Muslim)
could stop it. That is the truth! As an African American Muslim, I realize (and you
should to) the Taliban are not practicing Islam and have bruitilzed it's own people.
They have given safe haven to terrorist and refused to turn them over when the
US. as well as other Muslim countries "begged" them to do so! Therefore, the
bombing and the eventual military ground intervention must continue. A new
Muslim government must be installed, that will allow the people to freely practice
Islam as it is suppose to be practiced. Not by intimidation or by a gun!

Lastly, to all those who signed this pledge asking for the bombing to stop. Why
did the same groups "beg" the United States to bomb the Bosnian Serbs?
Because innocent Muslims were being killed and the cowardly Muslim governemts
didn't send in their troops to assist them. Same goes here, the same cowardly
Muslim countries didn't liberate Afghanistan from the tyranical Taliban leadership.
They just turned the blind eye! And now when America is doing something that
they wouldn't or couldn't do, people want to critique America's every move.
I love Islam and love our prophet. Ideally we all do not want war. But we don't
live in an Ideal world. We live in a practicle world. Sadly enough, war is the
only practicle solution. Nevertheless, I am open to any sensible and practicle
solution to the situation at hand.

Weapons are the jewelry of the Muslims
graffiti on a Mid-east wall

I do not understand why the Muslim community does not do something to prevent crimes such as those being perpetrated by Al Qaeda.

The USA must defend itself against attackers.


Warriors attacked the USA. If a country protects and supports those warriors, it shares the fate of those warriors. Unfortunately, innocent people suffer in wars.

The suppression of crime through the pursuit of justice is not an optional duty. Your petition fails to suggest a 'means' of seeking justice and without such means there can be no justice. Your true interests are counter the law. In your hearts you seek the ruin of America.

I completely agree with the National Islamic Organisations' position and call for the indiscriminate bombing of innocent civilians.
As an American Muslim, I support justice not revenge. The bombing must stop to let feed hungry
Afghans immediately and we must reassess our strategy to combet terrorism.
God help Afghans, Amen

About time. What's wrong with standing up for principle? We condemn the atrocities of September 11 and those who committed these despicable acts. We do not think that bombing one of the world's poorest nations and condemning its innocent, civilian population to a harsh winter of starvation and desolation will serve the interests of anyone (except maybe the Muslim-bashers). Moreover, it is morally WRONG. Period.

Why, why, why can we not all agree to things that will unite us? Why must we continually seek things to divide our common causes?

It's nice that we have had another coalition of groups call for a vague and undefined end to this situation through courts and judicial process. I agree with that, and can support the concept. However, why do we NEVER see these groups ever get specific? Where are the calls on the governments that harbor the accused never called upon to extradite them to these courts? Why don't these same coalitions speak to the issue of others who would take up the banner and continue the attacks, condemning them and calling upon them to forego their plans?

It's easy and convenient to call the American government to task, to call for an end of the bombing, and to condemn the US people who seek to live their lives free from sectarian violence. Most of these communiques spend a lot of time taking up that cause. We are lately seeing additional language extolling the virtues of dissent, and proudly proclaiming collective patriotism through this dissent.

Please understand that the phrase "United we stand, divided we fall" means something. If you don't like the direction in which we are united, give us a realistic alternative on which to unite. Unilaterally stopping actions to bring the accused to justice with no suitable alternative won't cut it. Calling upon this nation to passively accept the outrages perpetrated on us won't cut it.

Please use your intellect, honor, priniciples, and voices to condemn ALL who need condemnation, to call upon ALL nations to extradite the accused for trial and punishment, and for ALL nations to end this scourge.

I don't like war. Have been there, have done that. It's ugly, destructive, costly, and creates effects through the ages. Still, as a sentient being, I understand that there are times in which war is a proper answer, if no other reasonable alternative exists.

Assalam-alaikum. It is indeed unfortunate that the innocent afghan civil are being made to pay for the actions of some one not even remotely connected to them. All these bombing in afghanistan is only taking civilian casualities with the pro-US opposition not being able to push the Taliban from even insignificant villages on the frontlines. I hope the US govt. realizes the futility of such bombing and thinks of alternated methods(like sending in ground commandos to capture the wanted men) and squashing the popular belief in the Islamic world the US army are scared of facing of with the Taliban and the Al-Qaeda group and are thus targetting innocent muslims in afghanistan. Moreover such targetting of innocents in both Afghanistan and Iraq is only bound to increase the hatred in the average muslims heart in the islamic world towards US and strenghten the already popular belief that USA is basically anti-muslim and all these words of reassurance towards the muslims are just words. This is just going to increase the number of bin-Ladens sprouting out of these regions and further complicating matters for the US. Let USA for once follow its heart and not its arrogance in handling its foreingn affairs.


Salam, Praying Canadian Muslims organizations soon wake up and follow suit in similar declaration. From, Toronto,Canada

I agree completely. Thank you for making those points, for standing up and speaking out for what you believe. I pray that our government will listen to you. May God bless you.

It is very good that you wrote this. We are all against what happened on September11 and the killing of civilians. I do not think that there is any religion that approves what happened. However, why can't all of these muslim organizations that you mentioned, unite andmake one voice across North America. We should raise money and educate the American people about the injustices and the double standards, of the foreign policy on the islamic world. Especially in the middle east. We need to by a channel or two, get some educated muslims in different academic fields and make our voices heard across North America.

Is The Muslim American Society (MAS) mentioned in the article the same group led by Imam W. Deen Mohammed?

Asalaam alaikum

I fully agree with all the points in the charter, it exactly voices my opinion about the present situation and the events that led to it. The bombing of Afghanis has spurred incidents of violence across the world, including India and Pakistan, leading to a potentially extremely dangerous situation for the region and the rest of the world. The actions taken by the United States government to tackle terrorism will indeed fuel more hate and only cause more people to become disillutioned with American society, increasing resentment and undermining understanding between peoples. Please ensure that this charter is communicated to representatives of the US government, and that they act appropriately.

I as a American Muslim want to give my help to those of whom I can help. I speak to many on the net and know of many from different places that can use some answers. I have been sending out s.o.s.,to get information for these innocent people that just want to be Americans here in the USA. I am starting to feel helpless and depressed because I cant seem to help my people. I was just given this web site by a friend and I hope that I can get some answers from you. We cant combine hatered to those who are innocent. We need to stick together and pull as a family.

Not only was the declaration written correct, it served as a positive means to resolving such a touchy issue. One should never sacrifice many for a fews actions.
My question has always been as an American, why we sit back and watch injustice or even become party to the injustice? Only until it directly effects our country do we see a need to take action. Usually, this action is done in extreme anger, non-humbleness, and arrogance. We should not be party to the same ideology of whom we accuse of this crime.
Also, Americans deserve to hear the truth from our Government on the so-called evidence that they possess regarding September 11th, 2001. I think for them to proclaim someone's guilt without showing just proof, goes against the principles and ideals our country is built on.

Americans should not boo nor condemn Americans who oppose the blood let cry for violence against Afghanistan. this past week I witnessed a sad event. Richard Gere was introducing some artists and making a statement at NY Concert. He went on to state that we should pray for peace and try to be better human beings. He was booed. That was completely unacceptable and un-American.

Finally,Americans let us not become the hypocrytes we exclaim some others are. Let's take this tragedy and use it to forward the progress of our country in the numerous issues of injustice, racism, and dehumanization of those Americans in this country. Once we are able to turn the finger upon our faults and solve some of them, then we can place blame on others atrocities to mankind, not just America. Peace be unto All. Pray for the world and man to look to Allah for divine hope and peace within our souls. This is the only way for man to survive and thrive.

I support your statement. You said it right and loud and on time. I think all moslems shoud make petitions to USA government saying similar one to what is written above.

I fully agree with your view.The bombing on Afghanistan is not a solution to end terrorism.Its Indeed a destruction of precious Innocent lives.STOP THE WAR AMERICA.I think all Muslims should unite and ask USA to stop war.Unity is very much important in ISLAM.

JazakAllah Khair
Rahmath Siddiqui

America is the only country I have ever known. There are periods in our history that are embarrassing,which is true for ALL nations,but America possesses many more virtues for which we can be proud--our diversity being one of them. Right after the WTC incident, I knew that many American Muslims would be ostracized and scrutinized. The road ahead would be very hard for them. While I understand the national drive to capture bin Laden, from the beginning I did not agree that bombing Afganistan was the right approach. I make this statement as a Christian, based soley on Romans 12:17-21. "Do not repay anyone evil for evil...Do not take revenge my friends but leave room for God's wrath, for it is written, "It is mine to avenge...on the contrary, if your enemy is hungry, feed him; if he is thirsty, give him something to drink. In doing this, you will heap buring coals on his head. Do not be overcome by evil but overcome evil with good." We are strengthened and fortified when we overcome evil with God's love and goodness. There is never enough darkness to overcome the light of one small candle. In this, as Americans, Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Mormans, etc. we must let our faith rise within and be a light to those around us. We must stand together, respecting our differences while expressing genuine appreciation for the virtues of those who share our homeland. I do not support the approach America has taken in this campaign but September 11th made President Bush mad as hell and he will not quite until bin Laden has been killed or rousted from his hiding place. Bin Laden's refusal to face his enemies is the same as giving his consent to bombing Afghanistan. Does he care about the Afghan situation? I think not. If he would give himself up, the bombing would stop immediately. Why are people not voicing their anger at him and holding him accountable? If he is innocent, Allah will prevail. Where is his faith when the going gets hard? That is the TRUE test of ones faith.

As a Muslim we have put together relief efforts to assist our Muslim brothers and sisters in Afganistan. We are appauled at the continuation of the air strikes due to the amount of injuries being placed on the innocent. This government is nothing more than terriost in there own reguard when they behave as they have been.

The resolution you've taken to end the conflict in Afganistan is sound and appreciable. We can't watch the innocent people of Afganistan crushed under unwise and ego-boosting war tactis of America. We, Muslims, unite and fight for a place of our own with dignity and honor with the help of Allah the Almighty.

Bismilaah Irahman Irahim,
Asalam Alaikum,
I am very appreciative of all the orginizations that have participated in this latest condemnation of the terrorist attacks on 9/11. Furthermore, it is a great relief to see that we are speaking out on our country's bombardment of the most impoverished nation on earth and the innocent Muslim lives being lost. We must be more vocal and visible to mainstream America in our fight against those who take Islam as a weapon for there own gains. Jazak ALLAH khayrun.