Isra (The Journey) and Miraj (The Ascension)

Dome of The Rock and Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem (photo: iStock by Getty Images).

Glory to (Allah) Who did take His servant for a Journey by night from the Sacred Mosque to the farthest Mosque, whose precincts We did bless - in order that We might show him some of Our Signs: for He is the One Who hears and sees (all things) (Quran 17:1).

Following the year of sorrow, Prophet Muhammad was blessed with the experience of Isra (the Night Journey) and Miraj (the Ascension). A journey that has no parallel in human history, begins from the Kaba in the city of Makkah to Masjid al-Aqsa in the city of Jerusalem, and concluding beyond the horizons of human comprehension in the heavens.

Prophetic acts are not simple miracles as we may understand today but they are clear Signs from the Majestic Creator. We are made to witness such Prophetic experiences as a trial and test of our faith in our absolute servitude to Allah and our unquestionable loyalty in the following of His Prophets. To believe in them and their mission is to believe in the All Encompassing Creator.

We testify that "we make no distinction between one and another of His Messengers" (Quran 2:285).

From Ibrahim to Muhammad and everyone in between, they are, but Allah's Messengers with a clear Message and a defined Mission to establish Divine Law, Supreme and Sovereign over all other man-made laws. And that is for the good of all humanity.

Among many other lessons that the event of Isra and Miraj offers, some are the gift of daily prayers, the transfer of leadership from the Children of Israel to the Children of Ismail, and the Centrality of Jerusalem in the history of Islam. Prophet Muhammad received the command for 5 daily prayers on this blessed night. This daily ritual is an expression of epitomic proportions challenging the earthly beings to unquestionably submit and surrender oneself to the One and Only Creator.

In his ascension beyond the domain of earthly space and time, he met Abraham (Ibrahim), Moses (Musa), Jesus (Isa) and others (peace and blessings of Allah be upon all of them) and led them in prayers at al-Aqsa and then in the heavens. The concept of per chance does not fit the workings of the Creator. Everything He does is for a purpose.

Prophet's revisit to Jerusalem since the changing of the Qibla is for no other purpose but to re-emphasize the centrality of Jerusalem, as the first and eternal Capital of Islam. Each year, we relive the memory of Isra (Night Journey) and Miraj (Ascension) - from Makkah to Jerusalem and then to the heights of heavens.

Fourteen centuries has helped more than one billion people recognize and accept the Truth and accept the Prophetic leadership and his contributions to the humanity. Since past few decades, there seems to be confusion on the Centrality of Jerusalem. This must be cleared. Muslims must remember their responsibilities. Establishing peace and justice for the people therein is imperative. There are myriad tools available today for this pursuit. Chief among them is "will".

The biggest impact that the medium of Internet has had in today's modern world is the elimination of distance. Muslims must adapt to such modern tools of today with great speed. This medium must be harnessed to educate and to recognize the differences between myths and realities.

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Older Comments:
This article is very nice. Hope U will carry on and work for it. Oh brothers and sisters, it is the time that we have to work for collectivly, because we Muslims were targeting from all over the world. We have to gain technology and Quranic teaching and the saying and doings of Prophet Simaltaneously so that we can achive the target ie, Khilaft again Inshallah.

as believer in islam we should not even dream doubt in the words of quran and his prophet(pbh),as the allah exalts in power.
what we fail to understand today may be evident tomorrow with the improvement of our knowledge of
the quran but a little doubt in our heart about the quranic verses may land us in total loss on the day of would evolve theories in total acceptance, but acceptace,after the opportunity of forgiveness is
with drtawn by allah would bear no fruits except missed chance to grab a place amongst the faith fulls of allah quran and prophet hazrat muhammad mustafa sal-lal-lho aleh wasal-lam so we should be vigilant.

Assalamu alaikum...i was doing a little bit of research for school and i've been reading a lot of books and one of the things i came across is that some scholars are under the impression that the Isra (Night Journey) took place, but since the Quran does not directly imply anything about the miraj (Heavenly Ascent)they state that it was purely a figment of his imagination or a dream that was elaborated as years went by...i'd like to hear ur take on this...please repond...Allah hafiz

I must admit, it's a good piece of work. It's simple and explicit and could be understood by any lay people. Keep it up. May Allah (S.W.T.) reward your the way you deserve it.

The subject is inadequately covered. It should have been little more elaborate.

with regards to Ascension to heavens and the night of Isra, there is a general belief amongst scientists and others that Prophet Mohammed could not have done that due to restrictions imposed by Special Theory of Relativity as the Universe is huge and Prophet was supposed to go the extreme of Universe. So it was some kind of "imaginary" journey.
Let me tell you one thing, there is a concept called "Worm Hole", one must have heard about the Black Hole. A Worm Hole is a gateway, a sort of door through which you can jump from one instace of space-time to another instance of space-time without feeling the stresses, strains, limitation of Special theory of relativity rules being applied.
Worm Holes are are theoretical in concept, similar to Black Holes which have still not been observed but in theory they exist.
So whatever Quran says, it means what it says!
Allah be praised.


Your bulletins/newsletters are really good, praises be to Allah, PLease, please, please, continue such good works (haiya alalfalah). Continue to seek inspiration and guidance from Allah.

May Allah Guide us all to the Right Path. INshaallah. Aaameen,



It is beyond expression. Islam city is very enlightening even to a born-Muslim person let alone a new revert one.
I am a director of an Islamic centre for girls that comprises 90 girls from all-over South Africa and some of the neighbouring countries such as Lisothu, Botswana, and Swaziland. I am trying to make use of some of your songs and all the Islamic literature that you prepared for the benefit of my girls. And I am aspiring to having a strong connection with you. If access to this literature requires contribution let me know the mode of payment, please.
Please let me have access to al-Jazeera, I tried for sometime and then it reqires pass word.
May Allah bless your efforts. Amin.

Ramadan Ahmed Breima

South Africa

we learned that during the journey and ascension of our holy prophet(SAW), he led the prophets and angels in prayer. What type of prayer did he lead them as there was no formal forms of prayer by then.

Can you also funish me with the history and truth about Jerusalem. As we are made to believe that it belongs to the Jews.
Ma Asalm.

When a man is in sorrow, his prayer most of the time is answered by Allah provided that he prayed sincerely during his happy and good time. In this Isra and Miraj, the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was in a state of sorrow after his beloved wife Siti Kadijah and his grandfather Abi Talib passed away. These two people were the most prominent contributors to the well being of Muhammad (SAW)and helped tremendously in the propagation of Islam. In order to comfort Muhammad's sorrow feeling, Allah invited him for the Isra and Miraj which is beyond human comprehension. This is Allah's 'gift' to Muhammad (SAW) for his patience and struggle in making Islam as the true and the safest "way of life" for mankind.

Assalamu Aleykum;
May Allah(SWT)bless whoever took the time to write the beautiful article about Isra wal Micraaj. Much thanks to all of IslamiCity's staff and May Allah bless all Muslims in the world and ease their suffering.

Alhamdu-Lillah, an excellent summary of a very blessed event [Isra (The Journey) and Miraj (The Ascension)] and how the use of Internet is important in communication and development of Islamic Society.

Assalaamu' alaikum wr wb,

Alhamdulillah, your newsletter is very informative and you tailor it to the current situation as needed. Keep up the good work. May Allah ta'ala reward you plenty, ameen.

Jazakallahu khaira wa salaam.

Khalid Ansari
Austin, TX



i thank you for sending me this email. i agree with u that "will" is where all things become possible, and its about time we wake up to the truth. i'ld appreciate you sending me emails regarding future islamic events and thank you. god bless.

Aslaamwalacum wa Ramaatullaha wa barakatuhu!
I hope u are wel!JazakAllahkher for the very informative news letter and I do hope they will continue to come inshAllah!I was wondering if you give us readers some information on whether there is something speacial we can do e.g. a particular prayer the the prophet(peace be upon him) did or to fast the next day! Please forgive me if i have written anything wrong or offensive!JazakAllahKher for taking the time to read this!

This medium does not only help in bringing the body of Islam together but also brings others not of Islam trying to understand the positions their branch(religion)maintain according to God. Everyone and all bodies of peoples are here for a reason and purpose and this time of recognition benefits that cause through understanding. The key to this has been and will be the Middle East and words not weapons must be used to achieve this. An eye for an eye leaves evertyone blind to the beauty that has been given us. The Americans are responsible for the forming of a global body armor which is neccessary but for all that they do right it does not take away from all they have done wrong towards the body of Islam. There has been suffering for decades in the Middle East but only when the body of people that represents the American peoples are involved and hurt do they feel the need to make things right. Islam must stand up and take their place and heal the body they belong to that has been suffering for so very long. The world is listening and ready to assist in removing repression on all levels but the body of Islam must be recognized and the Middle East resolution will accomplish this not only for Islam but for all peoples who are all religions.

I look forward every week to your articles which helps me in understanding key areas of my religion and history. Jerusalem is the first Qiblah for the Muslim and other significance associated with the events of Isra and Meeraaj should make each and every Muslim aware of their importance in his/her life. Claiming back Jerusalem from occupying forces may eventually will happen, InshaAllah. But at least Muslims in their heart should recognize this and put forward thier views in any forum that is available to them. I am from India but I try to expalin to all. Jerusalem is not Palestenian concern but affects all Muslims world wide. Muslims should learn to pursue all the means and mediums that are available to them to put forward their causes. Be it Universities, work places, Schools, Factories, etc.