Taste of Times: The Time of Test

We all know that the world is currently going through an extremely critical situation – probably more than at any other time in history. This is no time to “play politics.” This is the time for soul searching.

This is not the time for finger pointing, being egotistical, or exercising self-righteousness. This is the time for humility, self-reflection, and spiritual bonding – for the sake of humanity. This is the time for being calm, collected, determined, and focused; not the time for being depressed, emotional, or hotheaded.

No matter what our past and present background and affiliations, humanity would be the loser if the current Machiavellian high political chess-game played at the world stage continues; no matter what sugarcoated deceptive reasons are presented to fool us. Therefore, this is not the time to side with parties or personalities – religious or political. This is the time to side with truth and justice.

This is the time of looking inward into our spiritual mirrors. This is the time for reorientation of our thoughts and emotions from personal benefits to the benefit of all of humanity (13:17).

There is a real danger at this time that our emotions might take over and our sense of balance and the balance of sense might be lost. However, remember! Vultures are hovering over us to take advantage of us; even to use this opportunity to tear the humanity apart. As Allama Iqbal says:

Until today, imperialism continues to prey on humanity;

How deeply painful that man is the hunter of humanity?

Therefore, we should not let our self-interests dictate us (9:24), especially at this dangerous and critical time.

Global injustice prevails despite all the gospels of peace. Law of jungle seems to have taken over. ‘Might is right’ is being used as the norm. Poor and the weak are suffering and paying the ultimate price.  Truth is being sacrificed at the altar of overt and covert prejudice and hatred.

World policies seem to be in the hands of the followers of Machiavelli. Rulers blinded by power are playing their dirty game as they always have. The common people feel helpless and vulnerable.

This is not the time to indulge in futile arguments that divide us. This is the time to burry our differences and demolish any physical, mental, or religious barriers that divide us. Injustice is being thrust upon the world in the name of justice. People are being enslaved in the name of freedom. People are being deprived freedom of thought in the name of “freedom of thought.”

Nevertheless, if we remain steadfast and united, Allah guarantees that truth will ultimately subdue falsehood (17:81). If we do not, then we will be on our own (67:20). Then Allah will not help us, no matter how much we pray for His help (3:160, 7:197).

The only course we should adopt is the course of unity and balance based on reason and not on emotion. Let us learn from the Quran the meaning of Siraat-al Mustaqeem, the straight and the most balanced way (11:56). We must maintain balance (55:8-9). Otherwise, we will fall into the pit of hell (7:179).

Let us whole-heartedly and in unison follow our Prophet’s example. Let us pray to Allah to steer us out of the present turmoil. Allah is ready to help us. However, what about us? Are we ready to fulfill our contract with Him (9:111)? Sure, we make such claims, but are we prepared to provide proof of our loyalty to Him (10:85; 41:30)?

This is the Day of reckoning; you are in the grip of the Judgments’ Day!

O Absent one! Present your deeds, if you have anything in your record!


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Older Comments:
As'Salaamu-Alaikum WRT WBK! A pertinent piece indeed. Thank you Bro Mansoor Alam. Permit me to add following relevant leaf from the "The Book of My Personal Investigations".... _________________________ • History – Harping Hope! In the prevailing terrible times… I’m ashamed of my human existence, Ah! How can I afford living? Indeed, the examined living. My wandering vanished in the seminary of wisdom-teacher, And I avowed – Historically, HISTORY isn’t hijack-able forever, For such craft doesn’t exist; Its ultimate handler is the Most Highest Morality… Respite is required to ripen the spectacle of history for the higher lesson. Absolutely, God hasn’t lost hope in the Capable Man – The Crown of Creation! O my comrade, henceforth underline – This world isn’t complete… It is in watchful romance, Indeed with the Process of Perfection; Its this hunt, actually makes history! History – the struggle between Truth and Falsehood, nay for the Absolute! Sins science is straight… The way Winter teaches the weight of warmth! Amidst the everydayness of sapping situation, the commoner (– the resourceless!) pins hope on the verdict of history! For history is harping hope. Material world has a firm footing of forces! With the end of history, the end of world (- the material universe) is scripted; Indeed, to pave way for the Spiritual World… It is high time to get busy, To seek spiritual moorings, The real felicity. _________________________ Unconventionally yours, MMB Salaam! Smile!