Sympathies for Florida School Shooting

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The Muslim community of Southern California sends its prayers and deepest sympathy to the victims of the shooting tragedy in Florida. We pray to God to give their families the patience and strength needed to go through this tough time. The victims had dreams and ambitions, their parents had hopes and aspirations for them, sadly they will not be fulfilled nor become a reality. Our heartfelt condolences to their families, the school community, and every person affected by this tragedy.

The Muslim Community of Southern California, regardless of the geographical distance separating us from this tragedy, feels sad and hurt by the horrific shooting of young and innocent students. At the same time, the community feels outraged by the inaction of our elected officials who are not taking serious measures to protect our children, families, schools, and communities.

We should, as American Muslims, put forth our efforts in discussing this matter with our representatives and elected officials. Join alliances with those who promote policies and laws that will make America safer. Just as we discuss matters related to Islamophobia, school bullying, foreign policy, and mosques' security, we should also be prioritizing discussion on gun control. Not to infringe on People's rights to own guns, not to threaten the second amendment, but rather to make the process more regulated.

Like filling prescription drugs, buying alcohol, obtaining a driver's license; buying and owning a weapon that could be used in mass shootings should also go through extreme measures. Guns can't continue to be easily obtained and end up in the hands of persons who may be mentally unstable, become radicalized, or have ill intentions towards others in our societies.

Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) said: "If you see something wrong, do something to change it, if you cannot, then speak against it, if you cannot, then reject it with your heart, and that's the weakest form of faith". Doing nothing is not an option as it is even less than the weakest form of faith.

Let us all pray for the victims, and for our law makers to wake up and stop putting the interests of lobbyists ahead of the interest of the people, whom they serve. Also, let us join our local community's efforts to make a positive change in the country we love, America.

May God bless you all and protect you and your loved ones from all harm.

Dr Ahmed Soboh
Islamic Shura Council of Southern California

  Category: Highlights, World Affairs
  Topics: Gun Violence  Values: Compassion
Views: 1024

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