A Letter to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanayahu of Israel

Respected Prime Minister,

Sincere felicitations on your historic visit to India,

As a dynamic head of one of the most talented governments of the world, you have achieved unique success and brought your country fame and fortune around the world.

As a wizened 88 year old Muslim, I take this opportunity to convey to you a message you may not have heard from others.
I wish you sincerely to embrace peace at any cost and bring happiness to millions of well meaning people worldwide who have been overexposed till now to the prospects of war and devastation that could result otherwise everywhere.

Even a small house takes months to build and cities need centuries of peace to become really beautiful and hospitable to their citizens and visitors alike. Just a small load of bombs may cause a devastation that could grip anyone and spare none, howsoever protected he or she may be.

The two world wars that humanity waged and survived at a terrible cost to every nation around the globe, has taught us just one real lesson that every human being appreciates. There are no winners. The victor and the vanquished both face famine, bombed out cities, the atmosphere poisoned by nuclear blasts.

Whether we believe it or not, the truth is that God Almighty is very much alive and there is never any slackening of His hold over the universe He created all by Himself. No nation can survive if it challenges His Power and Absolute hold over the cosmos.

Spare a kind thought and plead with your wise and enlightened people to forget the hostility developed through decades between the Palestinians and your ancient and wise nation. It is best for the strong to extend a welcoming hand to the weaker side as a mark of wisdom and foresight.

We spend billions of dollars on armaments and advanced systems that we would never be able to use. Waging war is no more an option. Peace at any cost is what every citizen and  every nation wants today. Open the road to survival, safe, pleasant, and free of cost.

You have risen to greatness by your vision of the future and ability to match it with your initiatives. In the interests of your children and ours, who are not at present guaranteed a life of achievement if there is no reign of peace, please lead the world to a new era of understanding and cooperation among all nations in a spirit of give and take.

I guarantee you the Palestinians are as much eager as you are to arrive at a peaceful settlement of all issues and conflicts. Let us not ignore the writing on the sky: If war erupts, Planet Earth will go up in smoke and be hurtling through Space with no hope of survival to anyone.

You have the opportunity to become the historic statesman who will sing praise to peace and win over one and all. All humanity will smile in relief and there will be resurgence of high achievement in every sector of life and the world will be guaranteed happiness and good times forever.

Sincerely yours,
M. A. Qaiyum (My Page ALWAYS AHEAD in Facebook).

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