Time for a message to Israel & its partner

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Recent events in occupied Palestine have added a dangerous twist and turn to an already explosive situation. Tatiana Susskin, 25, an art school drop-out who migrated from Russia seven years ago, aroused the indignation of millions of Muslims by her crudely drawn poster of the Holy Prophet, peace be upon him. This grave provocation and affront to all Muslims led to angry demonstrations in Hebron. The Israelis, using their freely supplied American-made assault rifles, responded by indiscriminate firing which killed several Palestinian children and wounded scores.

The Jewish extremists are playing a dangerous game by fanning the flames of religious fanaticism.

They are now embarking on a road of direct confrontation, attacking schools, ransacking them and, as was recently done, desecrating the Holy Quran. We fear this is just the start.

These young Jewish extremists, encouraged and funded by Zionists in the United States, believe that a holy war in the region is imminent.

They are encouraged by the blind US support of Israel. This was exemplified by the recent vote in Congress recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. The media in the United States did not focus extensively on this blasphemous act.

We all know the reasons. In fact one of the papers has reportedly said that Tatiana is a "disturbed" person. Many writers and columnists will, I am sure, come to her defense. She is not alone. Behind her is a large group which knows that it can get away with murder. The members of the group have the confidence that springs from unconditional and unlimited American support of Israel. It is sure that neither Congress nor the media will in any way hint that they have done any wrong. For in the eyes of the US, Israel can commit no sin, do no wrong or bear any blame.

The Jews are testing not only Muslim but also Christian patience. The leaflets insulting Islam and attacking Christianity are just the beginning.

In the case of Christianity, the attack was on the Virgin Mary. She was depicted in an offensive way. The Jews have insulted Jesus Christ through the media which they control; however, the liberal press in the West chose to look at it from the point of view of "free speech" and the "right of expression." The Jews must be aware that they have now reached a dangerous red line which they should not cross.

The euphoria of possible peace in the Middle East has been blown away by Netanyahu and his hordes of extremists. The gullible Arabs entered the peace process hoping that the Israelis would review their past policies and come to terms with new geo-political realities. That, however, was not to be. On the contrary, hard-line Israeli policies are now the norm in all circumstances and situations.

In the light of all this, the Arabs must also review their present stand. They must not agree in to US diktats and withdraw from negotiations that will lead to US-Israeli hegemony. They must activate a new political and economic boycott of Israel. This should begin with the total rejection of the Doha Economic Summit which Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states have decided not to attend.

The Arab states with their land mass, population of 250 million, and natural resources possess the strength to send clear and strong messages to both Israel and its US partner.

The question is whether they have the will.

  Category: World Affairs
  Topics: Occupation
Views: 1482

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