Muslim Appointed to Homeland Security

Gov. Perry Appoints Dr. Khan to Texas Task Force on Homeland Security

(Washington DC, 10/02/2001)  Governor Rick Perry of Texas yesterday
appointed Dr. Amanullah Khan along with other prominent Texans to the
newly formed Task Force on Homeland Security.  This Task Force will
advise him on matters related to homeland security.  This will also
reassure Texans that the state is doing all it can to ensure their
safety by improving and increasing efforts to identify threats.

"There are no known credible terrorist threats against Texas
but we must be prepared; we must be vigilant," Governor Perry said
in a press release.  "The attacks of Sept. 11 on the World Trade
Center and the Pentagon make it abundantly clear that we cannot
risk being complacent.  Our goal is to enhance the ability of the
state to identify individuals who might be planning attacks and to
stop them before they do any harm."

AMC commends Governor Rick Perry for establishing this
commission that will examine security measures along Texas' coastline.
Dr. Amanuallh Khan, vice chairman of the board of the AMC was named
earlier this year to the Texas Board of Health of Governor Perry.
Dr. Khan, an oncologist who is the president of Cancer Center
Associates in Dallas, has served as a member of the Scientific
Advisory Board of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and is
the past president of the Association of Pakistani Physicians of
North America.

Governor Perry also said the Task Force will help Texas
communicate with officials from neighboring states and Mexico to
address similar issues.

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