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You are too committed
Too sincere
And punctual too…
All others can break their promises
But never you!

You are one I can count on
One that I will meet on time
Your sense of duty
Is immaculate, sublime.

Families, dear friends
And loved ones
Will fade away over time
Like mist that’s gone
By summer noon
Like childhood memories
That fade away too soon!

But not you…!
Quite the contrary, actually.

You’ll get nearer me
As time passes by
You’ll look for my company
I won’t have anywhere to hide!

So I go on
And not worry about your arrival,
I take one day at a time
Struggle for survival!

Cause I know
When it comes to you
There’s no point in having an opinion

You’ll be my ultimate companion!

Ershad Khan has a background in Journalism and Media Studies. He occasionally writes poems on contemporary issues.

  Category: Featured, Highlights, Life & Society
  Topics: Life And Death
Views: 1042

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