FBI Raids Muslim Web Hosting Company

FBI agents raided a Muslim web hosting business Wednesday, a Dallas area television station reported.

Witnesses outside the building told iviews.com that the entire building, which housed the business along with several others, had been evacuated and surrounded by at least 50 federal agents.

Along with agents from the State Department, U.S. Customs and the U.S. Secret Service, the FBI began their search at Infocom Corporation, based in Richardson, Texas earlier this morning.

The company hosts web sites for more than 500 companies, including several major Muslim American organizations such as the Council on American Islamic Relations, the Islamic Society of North America, the Islamic Association for Palestine and the Holy Land Foundation.

The raid comes just one week after Bank One corporation shut down the bank account for Holy Land Foundation without any explanation.

The raid also comes just two weeks after two Muslim bashers openly called upon the FBI in a Wall Street Journal column to shut down the web sites of IAP and HLF.

Steven Emerson and Daniel Pipes wrote in the August 13 issue, "The time has also come for the US to support Israel in rolling back the forces of terror".

"The federal authorities should use the tools it already has in closing down these web sites and organizations," they wrote.

WFAA reported that the raid could take as long as two to three days, as agents might seize massive amounts of company records.

Bayan Elashi, the owner of Infocom, told reporters he did not know why the FBI was there.

"We are just waiting for them (the FBI) to tell us what this is about," Elashi said.

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