No more nonsense `Inshaa Allah`

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Muslims often express their faith by invoking the blessed name of Allah in all actions. One of our most important invocations: 'Inshaa Allah' is a linguistic jewel: a simple yet powerful expression which bonds a Muslim to his/her promises. This heritage of truth began with all the messengers of Allah; prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, never broke a promise and stressed the damnation that would befall on those who failed to keep their word.

This simple phrase - 'Inshaa Allah' - is central to the character of the Ummah. It defines our ideology (Aqeeda) that no atom will fidget without the express permission of Allah; it also expresses our hope that every action we take will be accepted and blessed by the Most Merciful. History proves that when a Muslim would say 'Inshaa Allah' the entire world could be certain that action would take place. Omar, may Allah be pleased with him, promised that Islam would always uphold justice. Thus, when the people of Samarkand complained to him that Muslim soldiers had captured their city without permission, Omar ordered his troops to withdraw and move on. The people of Samarkand witnessed the justice of Islam. They also witnessed the Amana of the Mujahedeen who respected their city and did not destroy or pillage. Instead of jeering at the departing Muslim troops, every single person in Samarkand gathered in front of the departing Muslim army and took his/her Shahada. 

It is the now the year 1422 of the Hijra Calendar. Much has changed since the time of the Prophet, peace be upon him, and his companions. Today, when someone uses the words: 'Inshaa Allah', he may not be taken seriously. He may even be ridiculed. Muslims have recoiled violently from their original heritage of truth to the point where many of their promises are no longer taken seriously. In the Arab World, European businessmen now use the word 'Inshaa Allah' as a sly way of referring to things that will never happen. In the presidential palaces of Muslim capitals, the world 'Inshaa Allah' has entered diplomatic vocabulary as a reference to what will never be done.

It is a pity to see such a noble phrase tarnished by those whose hearts are weak. Yet, nobility does not die in Islam. Muhammad, peace be upon him, has promised: 'Jihad will continue until the day of judgment.' And true to his word, Mujahedeen continue to show the real meaning of 'Inshaa Allah' - they show it on the battlefields of Chechnya, Palestine and Kashmir, where they challenge impossible odds and say: "We will be victorious inshaa Allah." Some even say it to the legal system in America: "Justice will be done Inshaa Allah."

On Friday August 4, thousands of Muslims around the United States participated in a national prayer day in support of Imam Jamil Al Amin, a charismatic Muslim leader who cleared his neighborhood from drugs, helped thousands of people convert to Islam and practiced the truth of the deen with his words and actions. His activism attracted the attention of his enemies, and he was quickly thrown in prison on murder charges which most legal observers admit are dubious. And his people, we the Muslims, have promised to come to his aid. Inshaa Allah.

If the 'Inshaa Allah' we invoked today was similar to the 'Inshaa Allah' we used during the past year, we may as well take Imam Jamil Al Amin to the electric chair ourselves. Unfulfilled promises of support from leaders and laypeople have plagued the effort to free Imam Jamil Al Amin. Today is our chance to effect a change - not just for the sake of Imam Jamil, but also for the sake of reestablishing Muslim promises as meaningful and asserting that a Muslim call to action must be taken seriously. 

On September 15 Muslims from all across the country will demonstrate to free Imam Jamil Al Amin. They will gather in Atlanta, Georgia, to make a stand for freedom and for the type of justice Muslims deserve to have, and are expected to upkeep. Let us remember the promises of the Prophet and his companions. Let us remember the integrity of the Mujahideen and the honor of the people of Samarkand. And when we say, "We will free imam Jamil Al Amin, inshaa Allah," let us really mean it. And let us achieve it.  

To join the Atlanta march in support of Imam Jamil Al Amin, please visit: and

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Views: 2079
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