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In the year 2000, the Muslim leadership in the United States initiated a bold political campaign of uniting the Muslims for political participation and casting a block vote in favor of George W. Bush. Due to the opposition to Muslim political participation from certain sections of the Muslim community, I have decided to address this neglected area and to provide intellectual arguments in support of our leadership. The combined effort of the Muslim leadership worked and the Muslim vote gave that needed margin, particularly in Florida, which brought "W" to the White House. The Muslim vote could have done better, had a similar majority of our indigenous Muslim brothers and sisters joined the effort. Let us pray and hope that in the near future all Muslims of the U.S. will be able to work in unity.

Muslim political participation in a secular society never meant a compromise with secularism and giving up the Deen of Allah for political mileage or material gains. It meant to gain recognition of the reality of Islam in America, respect for Muslim rights at all levels of American life, and protection of the Muslim Ummah worldwide from the devilish elements within the Super Power structure. Historically, only slaves and the illiterate have had no political or legal rights. Muslims in the U.S. are neither slaves nor illiterate. Voluntary non-participation in politics meant acceptance of the status of slaves by our own volition. Participation brings freedom and all the benefits that go with it. By casting a vote in the November 2000 elections, the Muslims of America have proven their maturity. It does not matter if a minority of the Muslims voted for Gore for this is unity in diversity, that is, agreement with the idea of participation, not detachment.

The question is whether President Bush will do anything for the Muslims of America and the Muslim world. In my opinion, expecting a complete turn around in American policy is foolhardy. It appears that President Bush is under the shadows of his father, therefore, many Muslims expect the same. Before I discuss the expectations from "W", I would like to speak briefly about his father, former President George H. W. Bush.


Somehow, it was my gut feeling that the Clinton administration, due to the inclusion of Gore, would be more harmful to the Muslim world than the Bush administration.


The Zionists see the world in black and white: either you are 1000% friend and a supporter of Israel or you are an enemy of Israel; only 100% support of Israel and neutrality are not acceptable to them. To the Israelis, friend means believing that the Israeli government is incapable of doing anything wrong anywhere in the world, particularly with the Muslims and the Arabs. Jimmy Carter and George H. W. Bush proved to be only 100% friends of Israel meaning that Israel could not have her way all the time. George H. W. Bush as Vice President was suspected by the Israelis as having had a hand in the arrest of Jonathan Pollard, an Israeli spy working within the American government. American Jews were angry with George Bush for catching an Israeli spy; it was unprecedented. In addition, George H.W. Bush reduced the power of American Jews in the way he ran his election campaign in 1988. The explanation of this point follows.

Since the establishment of Israel, American Jews had created a myth that no one could be elected to the presidency of the U.S. without winning New York, and winning New York meant winning the vote of the Jews who constituted almost twelve percent of the population of the state. It was, therefore, necessary for every presidential candidate to kowtow to Israeli wishes. George H. Bush removed New York from his winning strategy, and from the Jewish point-of-view, it was an unforgivable cardinal sin. Bush won the election and killed the myth forever. From then on, the Bush family has had to live with the stigma of the unforgivable sin of reducing Jewish-Israeli influence in the U.S. elections. The elder Bush was defeated in 1992 by the division of the Republican vote between Bush and Ross Perot, who volunteered with his billions to help out the Zionists. The Reform Party was the brainchild of the Zionists and Ross Perot was a tool. In addition, in 1992 the Zionists entered into a deal with Clinton in which he would get elected only if he nominated one of their own, Al Gore, as his vice president. It was inconceivable that Bush, who commanded a 90% approval rating only a year earlier (1991) would fall down to a losing position - "it was not the economy." It was not his "no new taxes" either, as these phrases were used in 1992. It has become obvious in 2001 that after the Gulf war the economy began to rebound. All economists agree that the recent economic boom lasted for 9 to 10 years whereas Clinton was president for eight years. It means that economic recovery began in 1991 or 1992 and Clinton cannot be credited for flourishing. It was Bush's "new taxes" and the Gulf war that brought deficits down and stimulus for economic recovery. It was the Zionist conspiracy cooked up in collusion with the Democrats and 90% of the media to use phrases like "it's the economy, stupid" and "new taxes" to deny a second term to the elder Bush in 1992. The Zionist plan was to enthrone Al Gore as President eventually and rule the world from Jerusalem - their ultimate dream would have been realized within eleven decades of the beginning of Zionism in the 1890s.

I was able to analyze the situation in 1992 and despite the horrendous crime of genocide and destruction of Iraq by the Bush forces, I voted for him. It was not an easy decision. Somehow, it was my gut feeling that the Clinton administration, due to the inclusion of Gore, would be more harmful to the Muslim world than the Bush administration. Time has shown that immigration laws to restrict Muslim immigration, the Secret Evidence Law, and profiling were passed and enforced. The only American citizen who was declared to be a "Special Designated Terrorist" happened to be Mohammad Salah by the signature of Clinton, perhaps at the behest of Gore and the Zionists. Immigration petitions from the Muslims, which were already approved, were rarely honored during the eight-year period of Clinton-Gore. Bush did not interfere in Bosnia nor did he put any arms embargo on the Bosnians whereas Clinton-Gore enforced a crushing arms embargo preventing Bosnian victory. Clinton-Gore intervened only after Muslim power and will to fight was reduced to zero and 49% of the country was awarded to the Serb aggression and genocide. In the remaining 51% Muslims had to share pow,er with their nemesis, the Croats. It was the Clinton-Gore conspiracy agains,t the Muslims. Similar tricks were played in Kosovo where the Serbs had a free hand in killing and exiling the native Muslims. In Chechnya, Clinton-Gore gave a free hand to the Russians to massacre the Chechens.

The World Trade Center bombing took place in 1993, but I believe that the WTC bombing was the work of the Israelis with the tacit approval of elements within the U.S. government. The same elements allowed the arrest of Sheikh Omar Abdur Rahman and others on concocted charges and spent millions of dollars to convict them. Had Timothy McVeigh done his bombing of a federal building in New York City, he would have gone scot-free and some Muslim would have been arrested and convicted instead of him just as Daniel Pipes, Steve Emerson, and Khalid Duran had wished it. The kangaroo courts of the Zionists of New York City were too happy to convict the framed Muslims. The purpose was to make the allegation of terrorism stick with the name of Islam and provide the ground to scuttle the growth of Islam in the U.S. All of this evil was camouflaged with the celebration of Eid and Iftar parties in the White House. Muslim leaders in the U.S fell for tokenism, allowed themselves to be fooled and proudly displayed it in their newspapers, magazines, faxes and internet publications. It was during the Clinton-Gore period that the anti-Islam or Islamophobia campaign was organized and coordinated world-wide beginning in 1993. Anti-Islam campaigns had existed before 1993 but were without coordination, central planning, and area specialization. By the time Clinton-Gore left the White House, anti-Islam campaigns were blooming with their devastating effects on the Muslim world. I do not believe Bill Clinton, unlike Al Gore, is an anti-Islam ideologue and a Zionist but he is morally bankrupt and an opportunist political animal. Al Gore and his father, Al Gore, Sr., on the other hand, have been strong Zionists and pro-India. They harbor ill-will for Islam, Arabs, Muslims, and particularly, Pakistan for the last fifty some years.

Events Leading to the Gulf War

The genesis of the Gulf war was in the Iranian revolution of 1979. The U.S. had made the Shah a regional Super Power from a military point-of-view. He was the hero of the West in the Muslim world who would do anything to suppress Islam, protect Israel, keep the oil flowing in order to maintain the West well-fueled and their economies oiled. He had the best of forces on land, air, and sea in the region. All of that fell in the hands of "fundamentalist Ayatullas" who were perceived and promoted as enemies of the West. The question was how to take Iran's armament away or have them destroyed. To destroy one regional super power without the U.S. involvement directly, the U.S. had to build another regional super power and pit the two against each other. Once the new super power destroyed the older one, a way had to be found to destroy the new one. The new power could not be allowed to take pride in itself for very long. The U.S. found that Saddam already had claims against Kuwait and that could be a bait to draw and beat him. Since Saddam was valuable to the West because of his anti-Islam activities, no one wanted to kill him - just destroy his regional super power status. The plan was presented to Reagan, who approved it. During the Reagan administration, the first phase of the plan was to build Saddam into a regional Super Power and use him to destroy Iran. The second phase of the plan was to destroy Saddam's power while keeping him as a dictator so that he could continue to kill Muslims and keep the kings and emirs of the Gulf states shivering with fear thereby keeping , them in obedience to the U.S. It fell in the hands of Bush to complete the second phase, which he did successfully. Bush should have been rewarded for his success and should have won his second term but the Zionist hatred of him brought him down.

In summary, it was pre-planned to use Saddam to destroy Iran and to use Kuwait to destroy Saddam's military might. It was a transparent plan of the U.S. and millions of human lives were "collateral damage" since in the eyes of American politicians, the lives of Third World people, particularly the Muslims, has no more value than the lives of mice. Even American dogs and cats are more valuable to American politicians than are the people of Third World countries. The destruction of Third World societies, the lives of millions of people, and the destruction of their infrastructure including industry and educational institutions are meaningless for the maintenance of the hegemony of the West, particularly the U.S. It proves once again that the Might is still right in the contemporary paganism-dominated world. The world's worst terrorist organizations are the CIA, FBI, and the Mossad of Israel, all funded by American taxpayers. Remember, Operation Phoenix in Vietnam was a CIA project to kill civilians and Bob Kerry of Nebraska was a member of this murder squad for killing Vietnamese civilians.

Secondary Benefits of the Gulf War for the U.S.

Technology Testing

President Eisenhower coined the phrase, "military-industrial complex", that is, the military and industry work with each other in a symbiotic relationship. Industry develops new technology and produces new equipment, which the military tests and buys. Ultimate testing in a live war situation was and remains crucial. Therefore, the government has to keep finding enemies against whom to wage a war and test the equipment. American foreign policy takes this requirement into view. It means developing (or growing) new enemies and keeping them in the pipeline for future use. The CIA is instrumental in the process of growing enemies, keeping them in the pipeline, and triggering crises for waging a war whenever such a need arises. Naturally, eliminating Saddam Hussein would not have served the purpose, whereas the maintenance of Saddam in power has allowed the military-industrial complex of the U.S. to continually test new arms development in the Iraqi fields. Why use Nevada or New Mexico or a remote island in the Pacific when there exists Iraq with her radar equipment available for live testing? Besides, there is increasingly vocal opposition to arms testing on American soil and her possessions. Iraq as an enemy is a necessity and valuable to the U.S. Under world pressure, if Iraq is no longer available, plans are already underway to make Iran and Afghanistan the next testing grounds. Pakistan may have narrowly escaped the hit list but remains on the American radar as a potential enemy. The slogan of terrorism is just a smokescreen. The American military-industrial complex cannot survive without an enemy. Islam and Muslim lands are the hated enemies and they are made more acceptable enemies to American voters through the hype of Muslim fundamentalism and terrorism.

Occupation and Control of Oil Fields

Ever since the development of oil fields in the Middle East, the U.S. has been salivating to occupy and control them. Control came through American oil companies but by the nationalization of the oil fields by the Gulf states, the occupation appeared to have sli,pped away. America was looking for ways to put her forces near the fields to control them in case hostile g,overnments took over after Iran-like revolutions. The Gulf war was that opportunity that presented itself in a silver platter.

Economic Needs of the U.S.

It is a well-known observation that a war rebounds the economy of the U.S., therefore, an economic depression demands a war. Reagan policies had sown the seeds of economic stagnation and increased deficits, which Bush inherited. Reagan economic policies were "voodoo economy", in the words of Bush in 1980 and Bush knew what he was going to inherit, yet he boldly faced the challenge. His solution was in the Gulf war and tax increases, which gave ammunition to his Zionist and Democrat enemies to deny him the second term.

Preventing Funding for Da'wah

In the early fifties the Christian churches of the West embarked upon a new ambitious project of Christianizing Africa by the year 2000. It was a field with open opportunities for all Christian denominations to work together in cooperation and coordination with each other. They pooled a billion dollars, trained over 75,000 missionaries and sent them to Africa. John Kennedy's Peace Corp was a part of the Christian-CIA mission. I believe that almost everyone in the Peace Corp was working either with a church or the CIA or both. They built schools, hospitals, houses, and performed a lot of other good works, but the African people received a heavy dose of mission message, a Bible, and a baptism, if possible. Muslims living in Africa became suspicious of these activities and they themselves became active in Da'wah. These Muslims had no money, no education, no training, and no central planning but they had the true message of Allah and the zeal that goes with it. Consequently, in the 1960s and 70s, Islam became the fastest spreading religion in Africa. This surprised the West. They blamed the petrodollars of the Middle East, the central planning and guidance of the Arabs, which, in reality did not exist. According to Muslim estimates, at its height no more than eight million petrodollars in a year came from the Arab businessmen to the vast continent of sub-Sahara Africa and the rest was local money and talent. Compare it with the one to three billion West-dollars that was allocated annually for the churches in Africa. The Gulf war had the net effect of transforming donor, oil-producing Arab states into debtor countries as a result of having had their economies shattered. These economic uncertainties stopped even those paltry donations for Da'wah. In addition, the U.S. and western governments began putting pressure on their puppet governments to make and implement regulations to stop private donations by the merchants and businessmen for Da'wah. It has worked and funding from the Middle East for Islamic causes worldwide has almost dried up. The hype of terrorism worked again as a smokescreen to give shivers to the loyal servants of America in the Middle East and they obliged their master.

Stopping Progress of the Muslim Countries

Around 1971 the Israelis passed a resolution that no Arab country or a combination thereof should be allowed to become stronger than Israel. This resolution was eventually adopted by the American political parties as their goal, too. Israel may have mentioned the word "Arab" but it evidently meant Muslim-majority countries and this is the way it is understood and applied. It was, therefore, not enough destroying the military of Saddam. It was necessary to destroy, the infrastructure and industrial base of Iraq, too. The strength of a country does not come just from purchased military ha,rdware but from the development of its infrastructure including the economy, social fabric, educational base, scientific research, technology development, industrial development, and domestic manufacturing of arms. Iraq under Saddam was progressing technologically in the arms development. Shattered economies of the Gulf prevented the flow of such money from the Gulf to developing countries such as Pakistan that has the most potential of becoming a Muslim power to reckon with. The U.S. uses every opportunity of keeping Pakistan backward by stunting the development of its infrastructure which involves destroying her economy, social fabric, educational institutions, scientific research, technological development, and the development of an industrial base. Terrorism is implanted with the help of India and Pakistani agents of the CIA whereby riots, random shooting and killing by CIA-hired Pakistani terrorists keep schools, colleges, and universities closed while corruption undercuts any progress. Pakistani bureaucracy is American hand-picked, heavily bribed or black-mailed, and loyal to the master doing its bidding. The whole idea is to keep the country backward. Perhaps the same pattern is repeated in many of the Muslim-majority countries. If any of the leaders do not fall in line, they are replaced one way or the other. Keeping corruption level high and destroying reform movements through implanted false rumors and innuendoes about their leadership are major tools of the CIA.

Scaring the Puppets

The Gulf war was a warning to those puppets who were fattened by the West that they should never dream of breaking the shackles and freeing themselves or their countries. Freedom for non-Muslim countries is acceptable to the West but the idea of the same freedom for Muslim-majority countries is abhorring. The West enforces economic and political slavery on the Muslims from the top and the masses are crushed and kept enslaved using western arms and intelligence technology.


The New World Order or Globalization is the hegemony of the American culture. The idea is to destroy every alternate culture to the West and force the western culture of alcohol, drugs, adultery, fornication, gambling casinos, dance clubs, homosexuality, AIDS, and incest upon the Muslims. As the West sees it, this is freedom for the Muslims and Islam is oppression. Whether anyone likes it or not, Uncle Sam wants Islam as a "Deen" destroyed.

The Solution to the Problem

What can the Muslims of America do to solve the problem? America is the only Super Power of the world and arrogant enough to use it to force her will on the weaker countries. Capitalism fears Islam and is fighting a cold and hot war against it. Muslims know that the fear of Islam is totally unjustifiable but the interests of a few in the U.S. have kept the masses fearful of Islam. Muslims in America live in her belly and they are in a position to do a lot to change the situation. This requires vision, planning, and strategies of success to change the American public opinion about Islam and Muslims. Unfortunately, the leadership of the Muslims in America is unable or unwilling to see beyond their noses. May Allah guide them and their blind followers. The only alternative to living under an anti-Islam environment is to change the public opinion in the U.S. and rest of the West from anti-Islam to neutrality, if not pro-Islam. For ,more details see my articles, The vision and one family a month at the following addresses, respectively:

Lesser of the Two Evils

Despite the knowledge of what I have written above, I worked in support of the election of George W. Bush because I saw him as the lesser of two evils. Nevertheless, his election is an evil for the Muslim world. Electing Gore meant rule from Jerusalem and the U.S. Administration becoming a proxy whereas electing Bush meant rule from Washington. The Clinton-Gore era was a period of transition for shifting the power from Washington to Jerusalem - many foreign policy, national security policy, and immigration policy issues during this period were directed from Jerusalem. Over 42% of the officials Clinton-Gore employed were Jewish-Zionists whereas their population in the U.S. is 1.5%. Bush has employed very few Jewish-Zionists in his administration.

Muslim Expectations from President Bush

The policies of the American government have been tilted for a long time against Islam and causes dear to the Muslims. The Republican Party has an extreme right religious group that also holds strong anti-Islam, anti-Muslim, and pro-Israel bias. It is not possible for a president or another politician to turn completely around and become pro-Muslim without committing political suicide except where there is a strong Muslim/Arab constituency. An obvious example is Congressman David Bonior who has dependable Arab constituency in his district. Even former Senator and current Secretary of Energy Spencer Abraham could not muster enough votes in Michigan to get re-elected in the year 2000. Muslims have to do their homework if they expect a complete turn around in the U.S. government policies to favor Muslims. The long-term results will come only from working on public opinion to change it from anti-Islam to pro-Islam. This means the massive education of the people through a direct approach and to work against the media effort of keeping public opinion anti-Islam. In this work every Muslim living in the U.S. has to contribute through reaching out to his American neighbors, colleagues, and fellow students and educating them. Muslims should work with the goal of reaching out to every resident of America. This approach will produce permanent results. A short term approach that can produce some results, at least some of the time, is to register to vote and cast unified Muslim ballots in every election cycle. In addition, Muslims should become politically active through participation by giving time, talent, and money.

For the moment Muslims should demand the following from George W. Bush during his first term:

1. Removal of the Secret Evidence Law from the books and the release of all those who became victims of this stupid and unconstitutional law passed by the American Zionists in 1996. This includes the government getting off the back of the Qur'an Literacy Institute and Mohammad Salah and returning both their properties and their civil liberties.

2. Removal of the barriers from the natural and legal growth of the Muslim population in the U.S. because of its own merit, plus the incentive that it would be helpful for his own re-election in 2004.

3. Application of pressure on Israel to remove tyranny against the Arabs in Palestine in which they would stop building new Jewish settlements and come to terms with the Palestinians to broker a real peace deal instead of attempting to render Palestinians permanent subjects of Israel as Clinton, tried to do.

4. Movement of American policies towards even-handedness between the Israel,is and the Palestinians.

5. Termination of the campaign of Binladin-phobia worldwide and the cooling of the environment. Muslims worldwide do not see Osama Binladin as a terrorist. Only U.S. policies may force him to become a terrorist, which he is not.

6. Formulation and execution of just and evenhanded policies in the Muslim world including Kashmir, Sudan, Chechnya, Kosova, Bosnia, and other trouble spots messed up by the Clinton-Gore administration.

7. Fulfillment of all promises made during the campaign about domestic programs and policies, such as taxes, education, environment, prescription drugs, patient's bill of rights, social security, and others.

8. Stop the talk of nuclear defense shield, which will waste over 100 billion dollars. This money is better used by paying back the national debt.

9. Paying back national debt should be one of the top items of the Bush administration agenda.


M. Amir Ali is a Muslim American activist with the Islamic Institute of Information and Education. You can read more of his articles at

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