American Taxpayers Fund Corporate War in Sudan

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A story in the Washington Post by Nora Boustany and Alan Sipress broke the news that an American corporation is being paid to carry out yet another assassination of yet another Third World country, Sudan. The May 25 story reported that U. S. State Department confirmed that a first dribble of funding, $3 million, has been approved to oppose the Sudanese government. It is being paid to corporate giant, DynaCorp.


The Bush Administration has now opened the spigot for the first trickle of tax dollars for more war in Africa. But this is only the final act in the Israeli Patriot plot to destroy another in a long chain of independent governments that refuse to cater to the Israeli patriots in Washington.


The money will ultimately benefit John Garang's Sudanese People's Liberation Army (SPLA). Garang has been identified as little better than a terrorist, kidnapper and thug in the Canadian Government's prestigious Harker Report, as well as in other creditable sources, including our own. According to the story, the State Department has reached an agreement to supply $3 million in "logistical support to a Sudanese opposition alliance". The Bush administration will provide funding for confronting "Sudan's Islamic government, led by President Omar Hassan Bashir."

This money will benefit the SPLA, a rag tag band that has pillaged and terrorized the black people of southern Sudan for 18 years, while blaming it on the Government of Sudan (GOS). It appears that the role of DynaCorp is to dole out the funds to the corrupt Garang gang so they do not steal it too fast.

The bill continues what might be called the fascist practice of hiring cooperative warriors to carry out foreign wars, or more correctly, assassinations of "uncooperative governments". This practice has cost our taxpayers a billion dollars or more in Haiti for subsidies to Brown and Root Corporation and others who have received juicy contracts for everything from building posh barracks to washing underwear. Soldiers used to do these things for themselves. The result for the poor black Haitian majority has been unprecedented dictatorship, poverty, near starvation and total lawlessness for the first time in its history.

According to the Washington Post, DynaCorp has gained media attention as the leading U.S. government contractor for anti-drug work in Colombia, Bolivia and Peru. Most Americans have reason to doubt the veracity of the bloated and ineffectual "War On Drugs." They can expect more of the same in Sudan.

The $3 million Sudan program was initially approved during the Clinton administration, which imposed sanctions on Sudan by executive order in 1997. But now it is being carried through by Clinton's Republican successor, G. W. Bush. Senator Sam Brownback pushed a $10 million appropriation package for the Sudan Garang rebels through congress last year by hanging an amendment on the foreign operations appropriation bill. It was designated for logistical support for the SPLA and other groups in southern Sudan, but according to Brownback it has (fortunately) not yet been spent.

The Bush Administration has now opened the spigot for the first trickle of tax dollars for more war in Africa. But this is only the final act in the Israeli Patriot plot to destroy another in a long chain of independent governments that refuse to cater to the Israeli patriots in Washington. We can recall a dozen such deliberate human disasters, not the least is which is Palestine. This one will only help to reduce this independent, though of course far from perfect, country into the ruble heap of central African poverty, AIDS and international dependency, as in Haiti.

We Hold These Truths, a non-profit organization based in Arizona, sensed the stink of this when we came in possession of an amazing memo from Michael Horowitz's Hudson Institute Project for Civil Justice Reform memorandum dated October 16, 1997, to Virginia Congressman Frank Wolf. Horowitz wrote to Wolf: 'As you know, except for substituting Sudan for South Africa and "religious persecution" for "apartheid," Wolf-Specter (referring to the Wolf Specter Bill then pending before congress) adopts verbatim, the language of the anti-apartheid law.' The memo continues "As such, all coalition members believe that Wolf-Specter's Sudan provisions -- operating in concert with covert U. S. military aid already provided to overthrow the Sudanese regime -- should and will rapidly help bring down the Sudanese regime precisely as anti-apartheid laws happened to South Africa's former regime."

It seems Horowitz, an Israeli patriot, knew all about the coming war four years in advance. When the memo was released, many did not believe that the Government of Sudan was sufficiently important to justify a big league attack by some of the most powerful and prestigious men in on the globe. They wondered how Horowitz knew that the Clinton Administration was giving "covert" meaning secret aid to the Garang revolution. Time has proved us right. The plan is now overt. DynaCorp administrates the American taxpayer's money and the SPLA does the killing. In Palestine, the U. S. taxpayers provide the bullets and the Israelis provide the snipers. Doesn't that make you want to hug a DynaCorp executive?

This may not be the first corporate war, but it is unique in another way. The mail-order missionaries and celebrity Christians, under Israeli patriot Horowitz's tutorage, have funded the last four years of the war in Sudan. Horowitz wrote about this referring to "coalition members" and "religious persecution." This coalition included the most prominent celebrity Christians. This is the first war we know of in which religious organizations are funding a revolution to carry out the vendetta of a political elite against people. Worst of all, most did not know they were doing so.

A recent series by Cedric Mohammed, director of Black Electorate Organizations, "A Deeper Look" provides a quality examination of the motive of those in Washington who are casting events in Sudan. We Hold These Truths contributed.

It is time to stop all funding for war in Sudan, including corporate wars. If it is not stopped it will be another Somalia, Korea, Vietnam, Rhodesia, Bosnia, Nicaragua, Yugoslavia, Iraq or Palestine. This is not a war where Americans are at physical risk though the moral cost will be enormous. It is a sterile corporate rip off war where only the Sudanese will suffer.

If American Christians are willing to to fund revolution in the name of evangelism and phony slave redemption there is no way for us to stop them. Nor could we prevent them from taking up arms and going to Sudan if they wish. But tax dollars are something else. Say no to the House of Representatives: no funding for either side for war in Sudan.


Charles Carlson is director of We Hold These Truths, a Phoenix-based Christian educational organization promoting pro-life and religious freedom values.

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