Science in Quran: E04 - Air Pressure

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In this lecture, we tackle our first example of a “scientific verse” in the Quran, 6:125.  This verse, in and of itself, is sufficient to prove that the Quran could not have been authored by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), as the science it alludes to, in terms of the relationship of altitude to air pressure, was not discovered for another millennium.  The point is to show that many verses which we may not consider “scientific verses,” in fact are, but we need the right background knowledge to appreciate their miracle.  This will be a recurring theme in our course (Insha Allah).

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  Category: Nature & Science, Videos
  Topics: Islam And Science  Channel: Science In Quran Series
Views: 5236

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Older Comments:
RAVIL said:
Hello, Could you please elaborate, how do we know that it is not about well known short of breath /not enough air situation, which you have at any physical activity, like when you just run up-hill, or stairs up, or climb any mountain? No science is required to now this for me. And I don't see that the verse is talking about expansion of chest. Rather opposite , tight means "narrow", isn't it? Thank you, Ravil

RAVIL said:
Hello, Isn't it well known fact that when you are climbing mountain or stairs, this is quite strong physical activity and so you feel short of breath? No science is required to notice this. And why do you assume that chest being "tight" is equivalent to the chest becoming expanded like balloon? I would think that "tight" means rather opposite, i.e. narrow? I could understand if it is mentioned that a person standing still starts to fell breathing issues, but here it is assumed that a person is climbing. Thank you, Ravil