Clinton: A Roadway from Hate-monger to Total Submission

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To Allah belong both the East and the West: He guides whom He wills to a Way that is straight. (2:142)

Islam has called upon the hearts and minds of millions of Truth seekers around the world. These seekers are flocking from different nations, ethnicities, ages, races, and social and economic backgrounds. The fact that Islam is the fastest growing in the world is NOT due to the missionary activities of Muslims, for little do they get engaged in them. Instead, the submission to Divine is due to the universality of His message which has satisfactorily presented solutions to all the intellectual, spiritual, social, political, and economic questions and injustices in our civilizations.

This week's eCast focuses on the journey that former Ku Klux Klan member Clinton Sipes (not to be confused with former U.S. President Bill Clinton) took in his search for the Truth. The following are excerpts from a longer article found in the book: The Sun is Rising in the West: Real Life Stories of People Embracing Islam in North America.

Br. Clinton (now Abdus-Salam) narrates: 

'I grew up in a dysfunctional family setting in the atmosphere of alcoholism and physical and emotional abuse ... I was basically developing anti-social behavior and an inclination to violence ... Nothing was exempt from the sadistic outporing of pent-up anger and rage! ... Violence and racism were honed to razor sharpness. ... Searching for a point of focus to release this rage, I became associated with a paramilitary racist group of young adults. I participated in regular assaults on people and engaged in various criminal activities. ... I began correspondence with the KKK and, I was a full-fledged card-carrying hate-monger

For the next three to four years, my activities were heavily involved in Klan cross-burnings, media appearances, night raids of beatings, property desecrations, etc... My parole was violated for possession of weapons and suspicion of robberies.

... At the age of 20, the search for peace began ... but I was still involved in crime. I took part in possession of explosives and was arrested by the Federal Government and sentenced to 35 months in Federal prison.

It [the search for truth] began upon my arrival at Federal prison. An African American offered to assist me in my cosmetic needs...  He said he was a Muslim and Muslims are commanded to help those in need ... It struck my interest to check this Islamic thing out... I was thinking, no way can I become a Muslim, I am White! I was given the Quran, and as I read the translation I felt the purity of it, the truth of it. When I heard the adhan, I felt a closeness to God that penetrated my heart and soul...

After some research and study of the Quran, I discovered its total infallibility, no contradictions in it. There are religions based on believing in certain sciences, multiple deities, the religion of three-gods-in-one. I was a thinking man and none of them made any logical sense to me. ... Thus, I was sold on the oneness of God and the unity of Islam'

Thus is the story of Clinton Abdus-Salam Sipes, and the story of millions of people willfully and freely embraced Islam. May Allah guide humanity to the right path. May He make the Muslims appreciate the blessings He has bestowed upon them. Ameen.

  Category: World Affairs
  Topics: Bill Clinton
Views: 2376

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