To live with it all the time!

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"And recite the Quran in slow measured rhythmic tones." [73:4]

Let us remind ourselves that Quranic recitation is but only one aspect of our love toward the Quran. The Quran defines itself as "This is the Book; in it is guidance sure, without doubt, to those who fear Allah." (2:2)

With equal ease, this amazing book soars a child's imagination, furthers the ardor of an aspiring youth, answers a young man's search for a meaningful life, and provides answers to an adult's complex life. 

For over fourteen centuries, this amazing book continues to be as alive as when revealed. The message in it is for the guidance of the entire humanity until the end of time. It has in it not only amazing scientific facts and ancient historical facts, but a code to live our life to be able to bring harmony, peace and justice to all mankind for all times.

Modern lifestyles adapted by most of us have made Quranic reading, recitation and memorization a rarity. A short passage reading with consistence and with understanding is far better than the ceremonial speed-readings. How unfortunate would it be to part from this temporal world without even attempting to understand the very purpose of our creation?

We pray that we be blessed to continue to read, recite, memorize, understand, practice and share the noble Quran. And more important live by it. To truly live, we must live by the Quran, else we only exist.

  Category: Faith & Spirituality
Views: 696
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