Israel is a Threat to the Palestinians, Not the Other Way Around

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United Nations (UN) resolution 242 demands that Israel return lands captured in 1967 Wars, but Israel refuses to obey international law. Many Americans do not respect the UN and think we should not pay its costs; but Israel was created by the United Nations on November 29, 1947 by a vote of 33 to 13 with 10 abstaining, in the General Assembly. Israel owes its existence to the UN and it signed the Partitioning plan that gave it the original land it possessed. Israel should respect the UN as its Godfather. The story of the creation of Israel by the UN is detailed in Andrew Hurley's superb book, One Nation Under Israel, available from


One of the reasons for the bitter feelings for Americans is our subsidy of Israel, allowing it to colonize the Middle East with an imperialistic record of expanding its borders by conquest and usurpation.


The United Nations Human Rights Commission, the Physicians for Human Rights, Amnesty International, and the Israeli peace makers, have all condemned Israel for killing many Palestinians, for destroying Palestinian, Syrian and Lebanese homes and villages; for shooting and killing ambulance drivers while picking up the wounded; for refusing food and medicine for victims, and for torture and imprisonment of Palestinians, many of them children, without trials.

Disarmed Palestinians are no match for Israeli defense forces using U. S. made helicopter gun ships, missiles, rockets, napalm and tanks, all paid for with U.S. Foreign Aid. Palestinians, living in disarmed ghettos called resettlement camps, have responded in desperation with suicide bombers.

Nurit Peled Elhanan, a Jewish mother whose daughter was killed by a suicide bomber, told her story in the September 1997 Atlanta Journal-Constitution. This mother is a professor at a Hebrew University. She blames the Israeli government for her daughter's death, not the Palestinians. She said "Israel breeds the terrorists, they start them, they fertilize them by invading and destroying their property, starving them, humiliating them, oppressing them and when you put people in holding pens and force them to grow up in garbage, this is what happens," she said. We are the strong ones, we have the air force and the army."

This brave mother invited Palestinians to her daughter's funeral. She is a relative of the late General Mattitiyahu Peled. He helped form the Israeli Defense Forces, but resigned in 1969, upset that Israel was not trying to make peace with the Palestinians.

Columnist Charley Reese asks, "How can any decent person argue that Jews - 50 years after the fact - deserve compensation for property lost to the Nazi government but Palestinian refugees, whose property was taken by the Israel government have no right to compensation?"

World hatred of America prevails. The United States was recently voted off the UN Commission on Human Rights in a rare secret vote. The US received only 29 votes, less than half the votes Sudan received. One of the reasons for the bitter feelings for Americans is our subsidy of Israel, allowing it to colonize the Middle East with an imperialistic record of expanding its borders by conquest and usurpation.

From 1949 to Oct 31, 1999, total U.S. Aid to Israel was $91.8 billion - as a free gift, without accountability of any kind. This amounts to over $75,000 for every Israeli family of five. How many American families of five ever received $75,000 from our government? How can we justify the inflationary cost of this giveaway with many of our fellow Americans dependant upon two jobs per family, with 44 million without health insurance, with many of our military accepting food stamps, with 11 million American children underfed and with many of our senior citizens making choices of food on the table or fuel to keep warm or medicine to stay alive?

Israel has continuously sold American war material and technology to China since 1976. The American plane recently forced down in China was attacked by a Chinese fighter carrying US missiles that it had purchased from Israel. Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld released a photograph showing the same Chinese F-8 fighter plane, on a flight previous to the fatal one, carrying missiles China bought from Israel. Isn't it time all foreign aid to Israel was halted?


Carl Greeley is a researcher from Barefoot Bay, Florida. This article was re-published with permission from the Web site of We Hold These Truths, a Phoenix-based Christian educational organization promoting pro-life and religious freedom values.

  Category: World Affairs
  Topics: Occupation, United Nations
Views: 994

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