Zakat Foundation (ZFA) Shares Insights on the Importance of Qurbani Sacrifice in Islam

Qurbani is a ritual sacrifice of an animal as an act of worship of the true and only Allah, the Sole Creator of all beings. 

Muslims offer it after the Hajj pilgrimage, on the days of Eid al-Aḍḥa, the Feast of Sacrifice. Qurbani marks the gratefulness to Allah for guiding His prophets Abraham and his eldest son Ishmael to the religion of perfect submission, opening that original way of divine submission to all of us. The Arabic word qurbanah, from which qurbani comes, describes what should happen when slaughter is an act of worship. The Persianate word form qurbani derives from the Arabic of the Quran, qurbanah, emphasizing the intention of ritual sacrifice, "drawing near."

Article Reference: Zakat Foundation of America

Zakat Explains Why, What and How Qurbani Should Take Place? 

Allah tells us in the Quran the three most significant aspects of Qurbani: what, why and how our Qurbani (uḍḥiya) should take place, the spiritual value of the act of Qurbani sacrifice, and the expected outcomes from the meat of the Qurbani sacrifice. Feeding those in need and our own families is a clear priority, and the Prophet, on him be peace, specified this divine command in the Quran with clear instructions and examples of how to distribute our Qurbani (uḍḥiya).

The Qurbani sacrifice should be distributed in equal thirds to three categories: the poor as charity, neighbours, relatives, and friends as gifts, and one's household for celebration and sustenance. Wealth affects the meat distribution, with the slaughterer keeping most for their household. If a relative is in dire need and their household is not, they should give most of the meat to satisfy their need. If the sacrificing relative and their relatives are wealthy, they should provide most of the meat to charity. Charity is considered one of the best acts of worship, especially during the holy month of Hajj. The Zakat Foundation of America supports the charitable distribution of Qurbani sacrifices.

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