A Turning Tide: Modi's Struggles in the 2024 Indian Elections

Modi's political prowess in India took a hit in the 2024 elections, with his party, the BJP, losing ground in 62 parliamentary districts compared to 2019.

Struggling to secure a clear majority, he now relies on two secular parties to cobble together a coalition government.

Traditionally, the party holding 273 parliamentary districts forms the government. However, the rise of a secular alliance, clinching a significant win in 232 districts, disrupted this longstanding norm, reshaping the political landscape.

Modi's campaign, marked by anti-Islamic and anti-Muslim rhetoric, yielded consequences. With not a single Muslim candidate fielded by his party, his warnings to his Hindutva base about perceived threats may have contributed to losses in certain districts.

His self-deification, echoing among his supporters as they hailed him an incarnation of Hindu gods, faced irony in Faizabad, where his government led the demolition of a 500-year-old mosque to erect a temple honoring the Hindu prince Ram.

The Congress-led alliance, focusing on national security, unemployment, price hikes, farmer issues, and women's safety, secured stunning victories. From the south to the east, and even in the north and west, Modi's party suffered significant defeats.

Now, Modi's survival hinges on three parties that could play kingmaker in the coming months. Despite Modi's efforts, Indian voters, including a substantial Muslim population, overwhelmingly favored secular candidates, thwarting the dark specter of dictatorship.

Ironically, a community often vilified as "intruders" delivered a landslide victory to a parliamentarian, setting a record in Indian electoral history. Among the youngest members of India's legislature is a 28-year-old hijab-wearing woman, Iqra Hassan, symbolizing the diverse face of Indian democracy.

Modi's discontent with the results reflects his desperation to cling to power, resorting to lies and manipulation. However, the power of the people, evident in the election's dramatic outcome, remains an indomitable force against authoritarian ambitions.

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