Biden’s Gaza Plan, Balancing Genocide and Ceasefire Mediation

Al Jazeera’s senior political analyst, Marwan Bishara, discusses the US's role in Gaza's war and the geopolitics behind the recent UN Security Council (UNSC) decision. He noted that the US, emerging as the dominant power, will dictate future negotiations.

Bishara highlighted the US's historical support for Israel, which includes backing military actions in Gaza. He pointed out that the US has now shifted to proposing a ceasefire, reflecting its strategic dominance. This shift underscores the geopolitical balance of power, with the US continuing to influence the diplomatic process and potentially reshaping Israeli leadership dynamics.

He also discussed Hamas's reception of the UN Security Council's ceasefire vote. Hamas welcomed the proposal and expressed readiness to engage in indirect negotiations on its implementation. Bishara emphasised that while Hamas seeks to achieve national rights for Palestinians, Israeli leadership remains cautious, not yet publicly endorsing the ceasefire roadmap.

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