ICJ orders Israel to end Rafah assault: Arab ambassadors react to ICJ ruling

In a recent press conference held at the United Nations, Ambassador Riyad Mansour, speaking on behalf of the Arab group, addressed two critical topics of concern: the recent Security Council resolution regarding the protection of civilians in Gaza and the provisional measures issued by the International Court of Justice (ICJ) regarding Israeli military operations in Rafah.

Ambassador Mansour began by emphasizing the Arab group's firm stance on the necessity of protecting civilians and humanitarian workers in conflict zones, particularly in Gaza. He condemned the Israeli forces' violations against humanitarian workers and civilians, stressing the urgent need to halt the fighting in Gaza and ensure the delivery of necessary humanitarian aid.

Regarding the Security Council resolution, Mansour expressed gratitude to Switzerland and other supporting nations for endorsing the resolution, which calls for an immediate cessation of Israeli aggression, protection of civilians, and accountability for violations of international law. He highlighted the unanimous support for the resolution, signaling widespread international concern for the situation in Gaza.

In response to the ICJ's provisional measures, Mansour welcomed the court's decision to halt Israeli military operations in Rafah and called for the opening of humanitarian corridors to provide aid to those in need. He emphasized the importance of holding Israel accountable for its actions and urged compliance with the ICJ's directives.

Throughout the conference, Ambassador Mansour reiterated the Arab group's commitment to working alongside other international bodies to ensure the implementation of resolutions aimed at protecting civilians and achieving peace in Gaza. He thanked the media for their role in amplifying the truth and urged continued pressure on Israel to abide by international law.

The press conference concluded with Mansour expressing hope for swift action by the Security Council to address the ongoing crisis in Gaza and reaffirming the Arab group's dedication to advocating for the rights and safety of Palestinian civilians.


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