LaunchGood Uniting The Global Ummah For Ramadan

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This Ramadan LaunchGood, a global organization, has been successful in raising funds for various campaigns during Ramadan.

The global Ummah has contributed a generous $69m in donations. These campaigns include emergencies, Iftars, mosques, education, and orphans. Human Concern International raised over $5m, the Read Foundation raised close to $3m for Palestine with support from Shaykh Dr. Yasir Qadhi, and ICNYU Community raised $800k for their New Islamic Center in Manhattan with support from Imam Khalid Latif.

The Islamic Dawah Movement shared warm meals in Southern Africa for just $5, and Humanity For All sent medical and welfare aid to families in GAZA. Kijana Kwanza educated orphans in East Africa, and Filantra Official helped children learn the Quran. Darul Wahi helped West African kids become scholars of Islam, and Aneeqa Khan delivered food to refugees in Palestine, Syria, Bangladesh, and more. Al Mustafa Welfare Trust built eco-friendly classrooms in Pakistan, and Mohammed Raessa provided Zakat/Sadaqah scholarships for students from low-income families at Islamic School. 

The Ummah came together, with over 400k donors supporting 12k unique campaigns.

LaunchGood Shared Crowdfunding Tips Throughout Ramadan 

LaunchGood shared multiple resources where you can learn more about fundraising during Ramadan.

We will list some of them below: 

  1. Scheduled Giving: Maximizing your Ramadan blessings
  2. How to get organized for this Ramadan
  3. Maximizing Your Campaign's Impact: Understanding the Referral Program for Scheduled Giving
  4. Ramadan Fundraising: Motivation, Social Media Strategies, and Leveraging Zakat
  5. 6 Essential Strategies for Maximizing Ramadan Fundraising on LaunchGood
  6. Unveiling the Power of Ramadan Fundraising with LaunchGood: A Journey of Impact


  Category: Life & Society
  Topics: Muslim Community

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