Sitting President to Sitting Duck - Egregious Follies to Lead to Downfall

Given the long term, repeated, unconscionable barbarism in Falasteen, what has unfolded since Oct 7, 2023 is but déjà vu all over again.

However, in at least two aspects, it has surpassed all previous roguishness, aka piracy on high seas or highway banditry, by the ‘tiny island of civilization’ in a sea of sub-human nation states: scale (approx. 40,000 dead or missing to date and 90% of homes and physical infrastructure decimated) and duration (six months and counting)! Using Israel’s own occasional verbiage, what’s been happening is not war but super-charged, maniacal ‘periodic mowing’.

As of now, the disproportionate and indiscriminate choices made by Israel will forever live in infamy in The Halls of Arrogance, Immorality and Dastardliness. Today, Israel’s true nature stands undeniably exposed - Non-inclusive, Classist, Godless, Vain and Obfuscating. Also, fully exposed, beyond being accused of Anti-Semitism and for having used tropes, is Israel’s Deep State center-client relationship with the USA, the UK, and most Western nations.

Through superlative planning, relentless implementation, hair-splitting monitoring, threats, assassinations and crying vulnerability, and regularly announcing under-dog status while using artistic vehicles and doling out free passage to the Holy Land to all and sundry groups of people, spying and honey-trapping, Israel has co-opted these vast territories, and made Co-Dependent of their otherwise informed, thoughtful, kind peoples! Truly, the political and administrative seamlessness between Israel and the West thus achieved is nothing short of spectacular.

But it would be unwise and incomplete to leave it at that. The West has also willingly submitted itself in partnering in this dysfunctional relationship. In the beginning, and for a long, long while, the West accepted the occasional blitzkrieg death and destruction of Arab Muslim populations in the hands of Israel because it lacked empathy for them and because the Western population was deliberately left in the dark.

In recent decades, the West has directly fought proxy battles on behalf of Israel led by false flag operations. Its remote munition delivery capabilities have kept its casualty low and popular knowledge and assessment in abeyance through the emplacement of neutralized embedded journalists. Millions upon millions perished chalked up to fair game (the late Madeline Albright’s statement on 500,000 dead Iraqi children) or facile claim of incidental casualty, i.e., collateral damage.

However economically fecund Israel may be, it’s limited human size puts a damper on its resources to accomplish its expansive social and aggressive military endeavors. The Balance of Payment (BOP) gap it would otherwise have generated is mitigated by the year-in-year-out, unquestioned, unaudited, generous largesse from the USA.

Whereas the US economy is going belly-up as it relentlessly nose-dives with its own BOP issue! This, despite various US institutional and legal checks and balances in place when dealing with and providing for foreign entities. Normally, it would be embarrassing that Israel has the US in a chokehold! However, that the US does not even care and that it’s submitting voluntarily to exploitation explain why this abysmal relationship reeks of classic co-dependency.

Now, in the current turn of events, culpability is at the forefront. With or without the actions of the International Court of Justice (ICJ), in the court of human fellowship, of sensitivity and empathy, and of anger and defiance, Israel stands indicted, tried, convicted. But what of its co-dependent, the USA, in particular the POTUS?

In the current odious mission of vengeance, POTUS and his Secretary of State have set themselves apart from previous holders of these positions. Like a peacock and a Don Quixote-like hero, Biden has repeatedly exuded exuberant Zionism rooted in his unquestioned boyhood fancy for his father’s inclination. Blinken, standing side by side with Netanyahu in Jerusalem, has not minced his Judaism. So, religion forms the bedrock of Biden Administration’s support for death and destruction being meted out in Gaza and West Bank.

Three Strikes and Out

And that brings me to the point of this article. How are the Americans to deal with the current incumbent?

Biden is already set to face the first strike when the ICJ convicts Israel for genocide. There could be an associated rendering against the US and the UK, and against their high officials. Regardless of whether there is a formal binding condemnation of the US, this Israeli mantle will be also owned lock, stock, and barrel as a heritage by Biden.

The beginning of the second strike came in the recently concluded Presidential Primaries when Muslim and some disenchanted Gen X/Z voters in several swing states identified themselves as ‘Uncommitted’ or ‘Uninstructed’.

The Electoral College system is about to give Muslim votes a humongous clout against big money supporting Biden. As an ill thought-through reaction, the President is trotting out two former presidents, Clinton and Obama, to counter the tide. But there may be a blowback when people identify the two as previous nefarious killers of Muslims abroad.

People may demand that Bush Jr. join the trio of past and present presidents and complete the quartet of marauding Crusaders, who launched grievously long invasions on innocent, defenseless Muslims on the say-so of Israel in the presence of dual citizens in high places.

The bombing of Yemen and continued war-like embargo on Iran are matters also bubbling at the surface in people’s consciousness. Concerned citizens are now connecting the dots about Kennedy assassination and inconclusive findings, attack on US Liberty gone unchallenged and rapid removal of evidentiary debris to China from buildings downed during 9-11, and the freeing of foreign citizens then held in police custody due to the intervention of a high official - a dual citizen Zionist no less.

Even the launching of Space Force – a new branch of the US Military - likely came at the behest of Israel because it would foresees using US military to neutralize Muslim satellites during war time. Finally, with the takeover of Tik Tok on the horizon and consequent muzzling of 170 m American members of Tik Tok through a Zionist-led fire sale and subsequent takeover, the November election will become wide open.

The third strike against Mr. Biden may be charted thus. Has he violated the US Constitution? If so, could he be sued in the US Courts? What would be the possible charge? It appears he has violated the First Amendment contained in the Bill of Rights that guarantees the separation of Church and State.

In particular, the very first protection afforded therein reads: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or…” He has used the tools of governance under his control to project his religious values in the conduct of an illegal attack by a foreign ally, not war, on innocent civilians.

He has repeatedly marked himself out as a Zionist, lied in a press conference held at the White House that he had seen non-existent photos of beheaded children, given cover to Israel during his morale-boosting visit there following October 7 about not knowing who bombed a hospital in Gaza, and for repeatedly signing off on flushing the IDF with money and arms despite a whole chain of people in his administration advising him against doing so.

Based on multiple reports, he has acted as a lone-wolf holdout that can only be explained as rooted in his fanatical, uninformed religious values.

De facto, his behavior and decisions have acted like religiously biased enacted law with egregious consequences on distant, non-threatening to the US, non-combatants. It has, in effect, compromised the high esteem and value with which US Citizens view the First Amendment.

In fact, his decision may turn out to be material in the future in unnecessarily endangering American citizens and military personnel abroad. It has, without the shadow of a doubt, sullied the reputation and standing of the US in the World as a leader of democratic form of governance.

He has thereby violated the solemn Oath of Office that he took.

Regardless of whether Biden is reelected come November, he will fully bear the cross of expected ICJ ruling of genocide against Israel. However, he should also face domestic legal consequences for violating the US Constitution which he was sworn to uphold. Now, can a sitting president be sued?

Yes, Jones v. Clinton was settled in the US supreme Court in a civil case brought by Paula Jones against then President Bill Clinton. Hence, those civic-minded citizens who have led the drive to cast ‘Uncommitted’ or ‘Uninstructed’ vote during the ensuing primaries should take heed about how Biden has stiffed the US Constitution’s haloed First Amendment. They should then duly proceed to file a formal complaint in the US Court.

Shafi A. Khaled, a free-lance commentator, is a Labor and Development Economist with substantial contribution to the Theory of Islamic Finance. He also promotes dependency relief for non-Muslims through ’Totally Personal Total Choice - Standing Up To Addiction’, located at

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