International Women's Day: IslamiCity's Tribute to the Women of Palestine

In between conflict and chaos, where the death rate has been increasing day by day, problems are recurring, there stands out a group of women who have been brave enough to report all the details and broadcast the cruelty happening in Gaza.

These courageous group of women as young as 17 and as old as 40 have been fighting non-stop with the evils of Palestine-Israel war. They have been documenting the harrowing realities of life under siege, despite facing threats to their lives and the loss of their loved ones.

Plestia Alaqad, a 22-year-old journalist, stand out among these brave reporters. With millions of followers on social media, primarily Instagram, they share videos in Arabic and English, offering a glimpse into the stark realities of the conflict. Their accounts are filled with images of destruction, from bombed-out buildings to the heart-wrenching scenes of grieving families.

Bisan Owda, a 25-year-old journalist and filmmaker, provides updates with unwavering courage, even as she witnesses unspeakable atrocities. Her videos capture the desperation and suffering of the people of Gaza, from long lines for basic necessities to the heartbreak of losing loved ones in the bombings.

Despite the overwhelming challenges they face, these women journalists remain steadfast in their commitment to truth-telling. They endure the constant threat of violence and the anguish of loss, yet they persist, driven by a determination to shine a light on the plight of their people.

Tragically, some have paid the ultimate price for their courage. Haneen Ali al-Qutshan, a Palestinian journalist, was among those killed in Israeli airstrikes, adding to the toll of women journalists who have lost their lives in the conflict.

Moreover, among the brave voices silenced by the conflict is also Shireen Abu Akleh, whose unwavering dedication to truth-telling echoed through homes across the Arab world. As a journalist for Al Jazeera, she chronicled the persistent struggles of the Palestinian people, amplifying their stories to a global audience.

Tragically, her life was cut short in the very conflict she tirelessly reported on, shot dead during an Israeli raid on the West Bank town of Jenin. Her untimely death in 2022, sent shockwaves through the region, drawing attention to the ongoing crisis and prompting calls for justice. Abu Akleh's legacy as a fearless advocate for truth and justice will continue to inspire generations to come

As the world watches in horror, organizations like the Coalition For Women In Journalism and Women Press Freedom condemn the targeting of journalists and civilians, calling for accountability and justice.

In the face of adversity, these women journalists stand as beacons of hope, their voices amplifying the cries for peace and justice in Gaza. IslamiCity stands with them, offering support and encouragement for their invaluable contributions to truth and humanity.

On the International Women's Day We at IslamiCity stand in solidarity with the courageous women journalists in Palestine and around the world. Your resilience in the face of adversity inspires us all. We recognize and appreciate your tireless efforts to bring truth to light and advocate for justice.

IslamiCity encourages and supports your invaluable contributions to the pursuit of peace and equality. Together, let us continue to amplify your voices and stand united in the fight for a better world.

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