American Muslims for Palestine: Date Boycott Campaign

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The "Date Boycott Campaign" of American Muslims for Palestine (AMP) marks Ramadan with a vital effort for solidarity with the Palestinian people. Dates have profound cultural and religious importance in Palestine, particularly during the sacred month of Ramadan, and as a staple for breaking one’s fast for Muslims worldwide. However, this traditional consumption of dates is overshadowed by Israeli colonial profiteering off of the date industry on stolen Palestinian land, and the troubling realities surrounding date production in Palestine.

Israeli date farms sell their produce around the world and are primarily situated in illegal Israeli settlements and operate under conditions of exploitation. These farms thereby rely on stolen land and natural resources, notably water, while subjecting Palestinian laborers—often compelled by economic necessity—to endure grueling work environments. Compounded by lax enforcement of labour laws, Palestinian workers find themselves underpaid and lacking proper compensation or protection for arduous and sometimes dangerous labor in extreme weather environments.

Furthermore, the suffocating Israeli siege on Gaza has severely hindered the exportation of locally grown dates, such as the renowned dates of Deir Al Balah, with data revealing a stark absence of date exports from Gaza to the U.S. since 2021. In stark contrast, Israel continues to maintain its status as one of the leading exporters of dates to the United States, generating millions of dollars in revenue from this industry. AMP has researched the industry of Israeli settlement dates to identify the brands complicit in this injustice.

The boycott of Israeli dates is a critical stance against the exploitative practices and theft inherent in their production. By refraining from purchasing Israeli dates, individuals contribute to the collective effort to dismantle structures of apartheid, exploitation and injustice perpetuated by this industry, in solidarity with the Palestinian people for long term peace and self-determination.

What We Can Do To Support Date Boycott Campaign

Below we will list what AMP suggests we can do to support this campaign. 

  1. Share this page with your family and friends, and ask them to sign our pledge and join in solidarity with this boycott of Israeli dates to support justice for the Palestinian people.
  2. Download the campaign poster here. Print and share with your local stores.
  3. Follow AMP on social media and share our campaign posts using the hashtag #BoycottIsraeliDates.
  4. Find alternative date companies that you can buy from! Palestinian dates are often labelled “Grown in Palestine,” and there are a plethora of Algerian, Tunisian, Emirati, and Californian varieties to choose from.

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  Category: Americas, Life & Society
  Topics: Boycott Israel
Views: 544
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