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By: robert c. koehler Soul Murder


By: ismail i. nawwab, paul f. hoye, peter c. speers Islam and Islamic History and The Middle East


By: robert c. koehler The War To End All Wars


By: tim fernholz The Cost of One Man


By: dafer dakhil Take Action for Libya


By: m. shahid alam A Eurocentric Problem


By: patrick j. buchanan Why Are They at War With Us?


By: tamim ansary Hijra: Start of Islamic history


By: nimah ismail nawwab, p hoye, p speers History of Hijrah: Migration for Peace and Justice


By: abdullah yusuf ali History of Imam Husain And His Martyrdom


By: huda dodge Sunni – Shia: Brief History


By: alastair mcintosh, wayne a.m. visser History of Usury Prohibition


By: karen armstrong Real history of Islam and the West


By: sonia nettnin Islamo-Christian Civilization


By: ahmad h. sakr Non-Muslims in Muslim History


By: sister rose pacatte History lessons on a complex period


By: lillian nakano 1942 Style Bigotry Targets Muslims


By: ihsan aslam Ramadan: Islamic history month


By: daniel estulin A fondness of memory


By: james brooks How Did We Become So Hateful?


By: mohammad omar farooq Tyranny and the Tyrants: lessons unlearned