Yemen: The War on Children

For more than two years, Yemen has been wracked by a war. The conflict has taken a devastating toll on the country’s children.

The war has been between forces loyal to the Sunni government of President Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi and factions allied to the Shiite Houthi rebel movement. To support the government, a coalition led by neighboring Saudi Arabia has been bombing cities and villages.

Thousands of civilians have been killed in the air strikes. Parts of Yemen have been reduced to rubble; the infrastructure and healthcare system have all but collapsed. Millions of people cannot afford to buy food, 500,000 children face starvation. In part fueled by a power struggle between regional rivals Saudi Arabia and Iran, the conflict rages on but has been largely ignored by the international community. The UN and aid organizations such as 'Doctors Without Borders' have appealed for donations so that they can at least provide food and drinking water. The food security crisis recently has been compounded by a rapidly spreading cholera epidemic. The conflict has taken a devastating toll on the country’s children, who every day face the threat of air raids, hunger and disease.

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