Science in Quran: E16 - Einstein's Special Relativity (VII)

In this lecture series, we get to one of the crowning jewels of modern science, Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity. The spirit of this course is that we have to try our best to immerse ourselves in the part of science we are studying, because the deeper our knowledge, the deeper will be our appreciation for the Quranic reflections on related verses.

The first few lectures are basically pure physics – a simple introduction to the Special Theory of Relativity. We believe this theory so profoundly changed the way humans understand the universe that it is incumbent on those truly interested in science to have some understanding of its implications. Those implications are then reflected against a number of verses in the Quran, with the hope that those verses will be seen in a new light.

Topics to be covered include the universality of the speed of light and its implications for our understanding of time, a brief overview of the Lorentz transformations, and a simple derivation of the time dilation effects in Special Relativity.

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