Messages from IslamiCity Donors

     Aisha S.
Zakat to reduce islamophobia and to bring hearts closer to Islam

     Zenobia G.
All children are innocent and should be helped and nurtured at all cost.

     Omar R.
I'm so grateful to God for I mean that. It has been has been a valuable tool in my journey of faith, the Quran search in particular for Muhammad Asad being the key thing I've used over the years. May God reward all of you abundantly and thank you.

     Ahcene A.
Thank you all for your great service to the community!

     Hamidah B.
I've read many inspiring stories of reverts to Islam n as a muslim i would like to support whatever i could . Keep up the good work n may Allah accept all our deeds n give us blessings n grow n strengthen the ummah..Aamiin

     Hatem D.
May Allah reward you and bless your efforts

     Marwan El N.
I have used your Quran search EXTENSIVELY while writing my upcoming novel and graphic novel, Jinn Warriors, over the past 7 years. When I started out I had difficulties reading the Quran in Arabic and limited understanding. I primarily used the website for research and references. Now I can read the Quran in Arabic with great ease and complete it at least once a year and have acquired in depth knowledge and understand of the Quran largely due to usage of this site. Thank you!

     Jameela Y.
For the sake of Allah, may Allah accept my Zakat and good deeds, Aameen. Pls keep me and my family in your Duas.

     Farhana A.
Salaam, I am donating this amount for Zakat-al- Fitr on behalf of family.

     Muhammad F.
Keep up the good work. May Allah swt reward you in all your good efforts.

     Zarpana B.
For the sake of Allah...He is almighty, generous & merciful. What He has given us freely we should distribute to those is greater need,

     Zakaria E.
Make duaa for us. May Allah bless all of us, and bless you in your efforts to help serve Allah through the help that you are providing to the needy. Jazaakoum Allah khair.

     Marlene Hafeeza M.
We pray that Allah Most High continues to bless your efforts.

     Jamil M.
Islamicity has scholarly material that can be used for khutba preparations.

     Muhammad J.
Just performing one of the 5 pillars of Islam.

     Mary B.
Thank you for the helpful articles and useful information your site provides.

     Nafisa C.
Jazak Allah khair for providing the best search engine for the Holy Quran, I miss the hadith search though.

     Khadijah M.
Ramadhan Mubarak, Eid Mubarak ... Insha Allah

     Thembisa M.
Zakat is my favorite pillar of Islam and I am so glad you offer it!

     Lisa S.
I always get my prayer schedule from your website, I read your articles and I recommend your website to people. I can at least contribute something for the benefits I receive.

     Tatiana S.
Psalm 91 the message (msg) 91 1-13 you who sit in the high god’s presence, spend the night in shaddai’s shadow, say this: “god, you are my refuge. I trust in you and i’m safe!” ...

     Muneeb M.
Allaahumma taqabbal minni innaka anta al-samee’ al-‘aleem (O Allah, accept from me, for You are the All-Hearing, All-Knowing).

     Shad A.
For the upkeep of Quran and Hadeeth online sections. Please make Quran search free for everyone.

     Ehite A.
Ramadan Zakat for me and my daughter

I have been truly blessed and if I can share my blessing with others, I am happy to do so.

     Kushtrim D.
Our relegion is based on helping others, being honest and caring for eachother!

     JESUS A.
For my Muslim brothers and sisters. It is my obligation to ALLAH and pray to strengthen my faith.

I have always been excited about your work as i read of it from your mailings, my hope is that soon we all people of the world can worship in peace and offer a heart of acceptance to all our brothers and sisters. I sense this also is part of your goal! thank you

     Abdul S. It is encouraged to give charity. Allah( SWA ) ask a question{ Who will loan Allah a beautifull loan?

     Shafi K.
What an asset has been over the years, alH! Muslims are yet to really discover the virtue of this tried and tested, unique platform.

     Muhammad Y.
I use your web site to locate Masjids and prayer times when I travel

     Mohammed R.
I prefer a silent donation to help out our muslim brothers and sisters.

     William B.
Because it is the right thing to do for all,& it is our duty as Muslims to continue to help all of mankind & womankind,plus Allah has decreed this for all Muslims & all peoples regardless of there religion,because Allah is the God of all peoples. Allah Akbar

     Maryam A.
May Allah Keep showering his blessings upon us. Ameen

     Bilal R.
I'm donating because I use your Qur'an search feature quite often when preparing Sunday School lectures. I also find good articles sometimes.

     Apurva J.
Islamic City has made my journey into Islam so much easier. May Allah bless and reward your efforts. JazzakAllah Khairun.

     ANAS A.
Zakat - Fee Sabilillah, In the path of ALLAH.

     Craig H.
hopefully it will help someone some how...

     Sherrel J.
May Allah swt reward you all for the tremendous services you provide for our community. Ameen

     Nancy S.
I have learned so much from your website and wish to donate so that others may be helped as I have been. May Allah continue to bless your work.

     Syed M.
I have been using your site for more than 10 years in order to find prayer timings, important updates etc. I wish you a great success.

     Yusof D.
Please make dua for my people from the Philippines

     dima O.
To support Islamicity spreading awareness of the true nature of islam, especially in these times. Also donations to Islamicity are a great Sadaka Jariyeh. Thank you for all your efforts :)

     Atoumane M.
Islamicity has been a very helpful tool for my faith. I've been a dedicate fan since the early 2000s Ramadan Kareem Uthman

     Roselyn D.
Ramadan mubark isiamicity has been there for so many people. Thank and praise to allah! That there is a place where you can find so many thing's, to help other's thank you! I will always give to help other's and pay my zakat. It's easy and this is my act of charity. Please keep being there. as-salaamu-alaikum

     Alireza C.
God has blessed me with money..even if it is a little amount.. it is still a blessing ..because there are people who don't even have a fraction of it.. may ALLAH bless those PEOPLE ..and INSHA ALLAH they will receive this...

     Ahsan S. Ahsan Shaikh
May Allah make you of those with sound hearts, increase your knowledge and give you guidance to invite others to Islam. May All protect you all and your families from sadness and misery, from debt and poverty and being overcome by men. Ameen.

     Mahamadu S.
I am donating seeking Allah's favours.

     Muzaffar S.
The Quran Search Engine helps me a lot with mu khutbahs and talks.

     Aisha O.
May Allah forgive all our sins and may He make us and our loved ones part of the people of Al Janah. Amin.

     Faisal A.
I am donating this money for everything Muslim person that need help. And I want Dua for my family and my grand father and mother .For me i Dua so that Allah will show me the right way inshallah

     Nahed E. K.
I look up your site sometimes I found it useful , it gives good information Thank you.

     Shaik Noor R.
This donation is in respect of Allah keep peace upon my Father

     Muhammad Z.
May Allah Bless all the Muslims around the world.

     Kais Al-A.
This is zakat for money. Can be spent in any of the 8 ways mentioned in the aya.

     Mohammed M.
Excellent effort. Real good re

     Nancy T.
This is for zakat. Please use for zakat as intended in quran. Thank you.

     Latif M.
My first born natural son, a twin, passed away 3 years ago this June. He was 29 years old, a beautiful son who had some medical issues from birth, but I never fully understood. May Allah forgive his sins, and place in in paradise among His righteous servants.

     SYED S.
Fidya or zakat for not fasting due to illness

     Sheooael A.
The holy Koran put it on my BlackBerry Z10 phone happy Ramadan

     L H.
I am proud of your site and the information and efforts you give and make. Thank you!

I want to do good here. I want to be kinder and generous. I am not a religious person, but I have relationship with Allah. I hope to find some peace within.