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Al-A'raf (The Heights) - 7:73   
وَإِلَى ثَمُودَ أَخَاهُمْ صَالِحًا قَالَ يَا قَوْمِ اعْبُدُواْ اللّهَ مَا لَكُم مِّنْ إِلَـهٍ غَيْرُهُ قَدْ جَاءتْكُم بَيِّنَةٌ مِّن رَّبِّكُمْ هَـذِهِ نَاقَةُ اللّهِ لَكُمْ آيَةً فَذَرُوهَا تَأْكُلْ فِي أَرْضِ اللّهِ وَلاَ تَمَسُّوهَا بِسُوَءٍ فَيَأْخُذَكُمْ عَذَابٌ أَلِيمٌ (7:73)

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Waila thamooda akhahum salihan qala ya qawmi oAAbudoo Allaha ma lakum min ilahin ghayruhu qad jaatkum bayyinatun min rabbikum hathihi naqatu Allahi lakum ayatan fatharooha takul fee ardi Allahi wala tamassooha bisooin fayakhuthakum AAathabun aleemun

Topics discussed in this Verse:
[Allah:serve Him] [Camels] [Salih] [She Camel as a symbol to Thamuud] [Thamuud]

AND UNTO [the tribe of] Thamud [We sent] their brother salih He said: "O my people! Worship God alone: you have no deity other than Him. Clear evidence of the truth has now come unto you from your Sustainer. "This she-camel belonging to God shall be a token for you: so leave her alone to pasture on God's earth, and do her no harm, lest grievous chastisement befall you. - 7:73 (Asad) -   

Al-Isra (The Journey by Night) - 17:59   
وَمَا مَنَعَنَا أَن نُّرْسِلَ بِالآيَاتِ إِلاَّ أَن كَذَّبَ بِهَا الأَوَّلُونَ وَآتَيْنَا ثَمُودَ النَّاقَةَ مُبْصِرَةً فَظَلَمُواْ بِهَا وَمَا نُرْسِلُ بِالآيَاتِ إِلاَّ تَخْوِيفًا (17:59)

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Wama manaAAana an nursila bialayati illa an kaththaba biha alawwaloona waatayna thamooda alnnaqata mubsiratan fathalamoo biha wama nursilu bialayati illa takhweefan

Topics discussed in this Verse:
[Allah's signs:not to be treated as a jest or falsehood] [Camels] [Fear ( as motive for reclamation ):in signs of God] [She Camel as a symbol to Thamuud] [Thamuud]

And nothing has prevented Us from sending [this message, like the earlier ones,] with miraculous signs [in its wake], save [Our knowledge] that the people of olden times [only too often] gave the lie to them: thus, We provided for [the tribe of] Thamud the she-camel as a light-giving portent, and they sinned against it. And never did We send those signs for any other purpose than to convey a warning. - 17:59 (Asad) -   

Ash-Shu'ara (The Poets) - 26:155   
قَالَ هَذِهِ نَاقَةٌ لَّهَا شِرْبٌ وَلَكُمْ شِرْبُ يَوْمٍ مَّعْلُومٍ (26:155)

Basit -   Hussari -   Minshawi -  f

Qala hathihi naqatun laha shirbun walakum shirbu yawmin maAAloomin

Topics discussed in this Verse:
[Camels] [Messengers:rejected by their people] [Salih] [She Camel as a symbol to Thamuud] [Thamuud]

Replied he: “This she-camel shall have a share of water, and you shall have a share of water, on the days appointed [therefor]; - 26:155 (Asad) -   

Ash-Shu'ara (The Poets) - 26:156   
وَلَا تَمَسُّوهَا بِسُوءٍ فَيَأْخُذَكُمْ عَذَابُ يَوْمٍ عَظِيمٍ (26:156)

Basit -   Hussari -   Minshawi -  f

Wala tamassooha bisooin fayakhuthakum AAathabu yawmin AAatheemin

Topics discussed in this Verse:
[Camels] [Messengers:rejected by their people] [Salih] [She Camel as a symbol to Thamuud] [Thamuud]

and do her no harm, lest suffering befall you on an awesome day!” - 26:156 (Asad) -   

Ash-Shu'ara (The Poets) - 26:157   
فَعَقَرُوهَا فَأَصْبَحُوا نَادِمِينَ (26:157)

Basit -   Hussari -   Minshawi -  f

FaAAaqarooha faasbahoo nadimeena

Topics discussed in this Verse:
[Camels] [Messengers:rejected by their people] [Salih] [She Camel as a symbol to Thamuud] [Thamuud]

But they cruelly slaughtered her - and then they had cause to regret it: - 26:157 (Asad) -   

Ash-Shu'ara (The Poets) - 26:158   
فَأَخَذَهُمُ الْعَذَابُ إِنَّ فِي ذَلِكَ لَآيَةً وَمَا كَانَ أَكْثَرُهُم مُّؤْمِنِينَ (26:158)

Basit -   Hussari -   Minshawi -  f

Faakhathahumu alAAathabu inna fee thalika laayatan wama kana aktharuhum mumineena

Topics discussed in this Verse:
[Messengers:rejected by their people] [Salih] [She Camel as a symbol to Thamuud] [Thamuud]

for the suffering [predicted by Salih,] befell them [then and there]. In this [story], behold, there is a message [unto men], even though most of them will not believe [in it]. - 26:158 (Asad) -   

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