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Ash-Shura (The Consultation) - 42:11  [read in context] 
فَاطِرُ السَّمَاوَاتِ وَالْأَرْضِ جَعَلَ لَكُم مِّنْ أَنفُسِكُمْ أَزْوَاجًا وَمِنَ الْأَنْعَامِ أَزْوَاجًا يَذْرَؤُكُمْ فِيهِ لَيْسَ كَمِثْلِهِ شَيْءٌ وَهُوَ السَّمِيعُ البَصِيرُ (42:11)

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Fatiru alssamawati waalardi jaAAala lakum min anfusikum azwajan wamina alanAAami azwajan yathraokum feehi laysa kamithlihi shayon wahuwa alssameeAAu albaseeru

Topics discussed in this Verse:
[Allah:there is none like unto Him] [Allah's attributes:Hears all things] [Allah's attributes:Maker of the heavens and earth] [Allah's attributes:Sees all things] [Cattle]

  • The Originator [is He] of the heavens and the earth. He has given you mates of your own kind just as [He has willed that] among the beasts [there be] mates - to multiply you thereby: [but] there is nothing like unto Him, and He alone is all-hearing, all-seeing. - 42:11 (Asad) -   


    Al-Ikhlas (The Purity) - 112:4  [read in context] 
    وَلَمْ يَكُن لَّهُ كُفُوًا أَحَدٌ (112:4)

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    Walam yakun lahu kufuwan ahadun

    Topics discussed in this Verse:
    [Allah:there is none like unto Him]

  • "and there is nothing that could be compared with Him. - 112:4 (Asad) -   


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