Chapter Index:

Select the desired Chapter (Sura) from the Pull Down list, and all Verses belonging to that Chapter will be displayed. If you also type a Verse#, that Verse will be displayed.

Verse Search:

If you know the Verse references that you want displayed, just enter them in the format of : "C:V" where "C" is the Chapter Number and "V" is the Verse number. Separate the Verses by a SPACE. (Example  2:1 4:10 7:100)

To display a range of Verse, Enter the Beginning of the Range and Ending of the range separated by a "-". (Example  3:1-3:20)

You can also mix single Verses and range of Verses Like :  2:1 4:10 7:100 3:1-3:20

Word Search:  

Select the translation you want to search into, then enter the word(s) that you want to search for that appear(s) in the text of the selected Qur'an translation. 

  • Enter :"Allah" and you will get all the verses that contain the word "Allah".
  • Enter : "Allah Mercy" and you will get all the verses that contain the word "Allah" and the word "Mercy" in the same verse.

Phonetic Search:

  • With phonetic, you can now type in any portion of any Arabic Verse from the Holy Qur'an ( such as "innaa Ateyna" ) in anyway you think it is right. Simply guess its spelling and give it a try. It is 90% accurate.
  • Don't think you might make a mistake in the spelling, phonetic search will fix it on the fly.
  • HINT: When searching, try multiple words instead of single words. For example do not simply search for "DUNYA", search "FID DUNYA". Instead of searching simply the word "Rasool, qualify it a little more with "Rasool Allah". Sometimes, the more you type the better it is.

Topic Search/Topic Index:

Enter a topic that you want to search for or select a topic from the Index. All verses dealing with the selected topic will be displayed.