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IslamiCity QuizGame
Inspired by: Who wants to be a millionaire!

Topic Focus: Try Now!

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Islamicity-QuizGame is inspired by the famous TV show "Who Wants to be a Millionaire!

Just like the original show, there are 15 questions. Question start easy but then become more advanced. Each question double in rewards as you weave your way up. For example, question #1 is worth 100pts, while question #2 is 200pts, and so on ... The final question (#15) is worth one-million points!

Before you play this game, please be aware that your first wrong answer not only ends the game but can possibly wipe away the points you may have collected till that time! Playing smart is a must!

To play smart, know the rules! Use your lifelines and walk-away when necessary! That's the best way to maximize your take-home points.

At the end of the day, what matters is the average and who ever finishes the month with the highest average becomes the ion of the month.

About Lifelines:

Lifelines are excellent ways to get help when you feel stuck. Instead of risking an answer and lose all the points you collected, use the free lifelines and get the help you need. Each lifeline is different in nature. Know how they work by simply reading the next few lines.

50% Lifeline:
You can use this lifeline to eliminate two incorrect answers from the available set. This will leave you with one correct and one incorrect option.

Ask the People Lifeline:
You can use this lifeline by asking the community to find out what's their most common answer. Please be aware that this answer turns out to be true many times, but not always. The answer is computed based on the previous players' average response.

Use the Internet Lifeline:
In this lifeline, you are allowed to use the Internet, Google, Bing... But from the moment you choose this lifeline, you will have only 75 seconds to mark your answer or the game will be over!

Double-Chance Lifeline:
This life line is available after question #6. With this lifeline, you get 2 shots! If your first wrong answer turns out wrong, you will be given a second chance to try another answer.

About Walking away:

In your journey to the final 15th question, there are 2 milestones you pass. Question #5 and question #10.

When you pass the first milestone, (question #5) you will gurantee to take home AT LEAST 1000 pts, regardless of what happens down the road. Similarly, when you pass the second milestone (question #10), your minimm take-home amount will be increased to AT LEAST 32,000 pts. These are called fall-back points. For example, if you answer, question #12 incorrectly, instead of leaving the game with 0pts, you will leave with 32,000 pts.

Once you pass question #10 (your 2nd milestone), you will notice that the excitement will be growing dramatically. That is because, the question rewards will reach significant amounts, such as 64,000, 125,000, 250,000 poins and so on. The question #14, for example, is worth 500,000 pts. And reaching question #14 means, you already have 250,000 pts in your pocket (thanks to question #13). Here is the thing you do want to know: If you attempt to answer question #14, and answer it incorrectly, you will end the game with only 32,000 points, loosing the 250,000 collected till that time! And this will definitely affect your average. So, knowing when to walk-away is key!

Remember, your average matters. End the games with as many points as possible so your average stays high! When you play the game under a login account, we will be able to record your scores and compute an average. We then use that average to set for your ranking. Your ranking will allow you to see how you are doing among all of the other players just like you. Just keep playing and try to hold on to your points and try to be the ion of the month!

Our championships is a month long. When the month ends, a new championship will start and rankings will be reset.

If you have any feedback or a question, please send them by cliking .