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Nail Polish:
why is nail polish haram?
1904 Dear Sr. A. As-salaamu alaykum. Nail polish as a product is not 
Haram. However, there are two issues you should know about nail polish. 
1-A woman can pray with nail polish, however, when she takes her 
ablution, she should have it off, otherwise, both her ablution and her 
prayers donít become valid. However, if she removes the nail polish, 
takes her ablution, and then puts the nail polish back, then she can 
pray with it. As to the second issue, nail polish is an ornament. 
Therefore, like all other ornaments, it cannot be worn in public in the 
presence of the opposite sex (men). A woman can only have it in front of 
her husband, children, and all other women or men who are her Mahrams 
(those she can never marry like her father, uncle, etc.). If a woman 
really wants to put nail polish and go out, then she should cover her 
hands with gloves. Hope this makes the issue clear. Thank you for asking 
and God knows best.