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Narrated 'Abdullah bin 'Abdur-Rahman

that Abu Sa'id Al-Khudri said to him, "I see that you like sheep and the desert, so when you are looking after your sheep or when you are in the desert and want to pronounce the Adhan, raise your voice, for no Jinn, human being or any other things hear the Mu'adh-dhin's voice but will be a WITNESS for him on the Day of Resurrection." Abu Sa'id added, "I heard this from Allah's Apostle."

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Narrated Jundab

That he WITNESSed the Prophet on the Day of Nahr. The Prophet offered prayer and then delivered a sermon saying, "Whoever slaughtered his sacrifice before offering prayer, should slaughter another animal in place of the first; and whoever has not yet slaughtered any, should slaughter a sacrifice and mention Allah's Name while doing so."

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Holding Fast to the Qur'an and Sunnah - - - -

Narrated 'Ubai bin 'Umar

Abu Musa asked permission to enter upon 'Umar, but seeing that he was busy, he went away. 'Umar then said, "Didn't I hear the voice of 'Abdullah bin Qais? Allow him to come in." He was called in and 'Umar said to him, "What made you do what you did." He replied, "We have been instructed thus by the Prophet" 'Umar said, "Bring proof (WITNESS) for this, other wise I will do so-and-so to you." Then 'Abdullah bin Qais went to a gathering of the Ansar who then said, "None but the youngest of us will give the WITNESS for it." So Abu Said Al-Khudri got up and said, "We used to be instructed thus (by theProphet)." 'Umar said, "This tradition of the Prophet remained hidden from me. Business in the market kept me busy."

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Holding Fast to the Qur'an and Sunnah - - - -

Narrated Abu Said Al-Khudri

Allah's Apostle said, "Noah will be brought (before Allah) on the Day of Resurrection, and will be asked, 'Did you convey the message of Allah?" He will reply, 'Yes, O Lord.' And then Noah's nation will be asked, 'Did he (Noah) convey Allah's message to you?' They will reply,'No warner came to us.' Then Noah will be asked, 'Who are your WITNESSes?' He will reply. '(My WITNESSes are) Muhammad and his followers.' Thereupon you (Muslims) will be brought and you will bear WITNESS." Then the Prophet recited: 'And thus We have made of you (Muslims) a just and the best nation, that you might be WITNESS over the nations, and the Apostle a WITNESS over you.' (2.143)

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Holding Fast to the Qur'an and Sunnah - - - -

Narrated Al-Mughira bin Shu'ba

'Umar bin Al-Khattab asked (the people) about the Imlas of a woman, i.e., a woman who has an abortion because of having been beaten on herabdomen, saying, "Who among you has heard anything about it from the Prophet?" I said, "I did.'' He said, "What is that?" I said, "I heard the Prophet saying, "Its Diya (blood money) is either a male or a female slave.' " 'Umar said, "Do not leave till you present WITNESS insupport of your statement." So I went out, and found Muhammad bin Maslama. I brought him, and he bore WITNESS with me that he had heard the Prophet saying, "Its Diya (blood money) is either a male slave or a female slave."

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Holding Fast to the Qur'an and Sunnah - - - -

Narrated Al-A'mash

I asked Abu Wail, "Did you WITNESS the battle of Siffin between 'Ali and Muawiya?" He said, "Yes," and added, "Then I heard Sahl bin Hunaifsaying, 'O people! Blame your personal opinions in your religion. No doubt, I remember myself on the day of Abi Jandal; if I had the power to refuse the order of Allah's Apostle, I would have refused it.

We have never put our swords on our shoulders to get involved in a situation that might have been horrible for us, but those swords brought us to victory and peace, except this present situation.' " AbuWail said, "I WITNESSed the battle of Siffin, and how nasty Siffin was!"

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Judgments (Ahkaam) - - - -

Narrated 'Abdullah bin Dinar

I WITNESSed Ibn 'Umar when the people gathered around 'Abdul Malik. Ibn 'Umar wrote: I gave the Pledge of allegiance that I will listen toand obey Allah's Slave, 'Abdul Malik, Chief of the believers accordingto Allah's Laws and the Traditions of His Apostle as much as I can; and my sons too, give the same pledge.'

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Judgments (Ahkaam) - - - -

Narrated Abu Qatada

Allah's Apostle said on the Day of (the battle of) Hunain, "Whoever has killed an infidel and has a proof or a WITNESS for it, then the salb (arms and belongings of that deceased) will be for him." I stood up to seek a WITNESS to testify that I had killed an infidel but I could not find any WITNESS and then sat down. Then I thought that I should mention the case to Allah's Apostle I (and when I did so) a manfrom those who were sitting with him said, "The arms of the killed person he has mentioned, are with me, so please satisfy him on my behalf." Abu Bakr said, "No, he will not give the arms to a bird of Quraish and deprive one of Allah's lions of it who fights for the cause of Allah and His Apostle." Allah's Apostle I stood up and gave it to me, and I bought a garden with its price, and that was my first property which I owned through the war booty.

The people of Hijaz said, "A judge should not pass a judgment according to his knowledge, whether he was a WITNESS at the time he was the judge or before that" And if a litigant gives a confession in favor of his opponent in the court, in the opinion of some scholars, the judge should not pass a judgment against him till the latter callstwo WITNESSes to WITNESS his confession. And some people of Iraq said,"A judge can pass a judgement according to what he hears or WITNESSes (the litigant's confession) in the court itself, but if the confessiontakes place outside the court, he should not pass the judgment unless two WITNESSes WITNESS the confession." Some of them said, "A judge canpass a judgement depending on his knowledge of the case as he is trust-worthy, and that a WITNESS is Required just to reveal the truth.The judge's knowledge is more than the WITNESS." Some said, "A judge can judge according to his knowledge only in cases involving property,but in other cases he cannot." Al-Qasim said, "A judge ought not to pass a judgment depending on his knowledge if other people do not knowwhat he knows, although his knowledge is more than the WITNESS of somebody else because he might expose himself to suspicion by the Muslims and cause the Muslims to have unreasonable doubt. "

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Judgments (Ahkaam) - - - -

Narrated Abu Huraira

A man came to Allah's Apostle while he was in the mosque, and called him, saying, "O Allah's Apostle! I have committed illegal sexual intercourse." The Prophet turned his face to the other side, but when the man gave four WITNESSes against himself, the Prophet said to him, "Are you mad?" The man said, "No." So the Prophet said (to his companions), "Take him away and stone him to death. "

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Judgments (Ahkaam) - - - -

Narrated Sahl bin Sa'd

I WITNESSed a husband and a wife who were involved in a case of Lian. Then (the judgment of) divorce was passed. I was fifteen years of age,at that time.

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Afflictions and the End of the World - - - -

Narrated Abu Bakra

Allah's Apostle addressed the people saying, "Don't you know what is the day today?" They replied, "Allah and His Apostle know better." We thought that he might give that day another name. The Prophet said, "Isn't it the day of An-Nahr?" We replied, "Yes. O Allah's Apostle." He then said, "What town is this? Isn't it the forbidden (Sacred) Town(Mecca)?" We replied, "Yes, O Allah's Apostle." He then said, "Your blood, your properties, your honors and your skins (i.e., bodies) are as sacred to one another like the sanctity of this day of yours in this month of yours in this town of yours. (Listen) Haven't I conveyedAllah's message to you?" We replied, "Yes" He said, "O Allah! Be WITNESS (for it). So it is incumbent upon those who are present to convey it (this message of mine) to those who are absent because the informed one might comprehend what I have said better than the presentaudience who will convey it to him.)" The narrator added: In fact, it was like that. The Prophet added, "Beware! Do not renegade as disbelievers after me by striking (cutting) the necks of one another."

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Tricks - - - -

Narrated Abu Humaid As-Sa'idi

Allah's Apostle appointed a man called Ibn Al-Lutabiyya to collect theZakat from Bani Sulaim's tribe. When he returned, the Prophet called him to account. He said (to the Prophet, 'This is your money, and this has been given to me as a gift." On that, Allah's Apostle said, "Why didn't you stay in your father's and mother's house to see whether you will be given gifts or not if you are telling the truth?" Then the Prophet addressed us, and after praising and glorifying Allah, he said: "Amma Ba'du", I employ a man from among you to manage some affair of what Allah has put under my custody, and then he comes to me and says, 'This is your money and this has been given to me as agift. Why didn't he stay in his father's and mother's home to see whether he will be given gifts or not? By Allah, not anyone of you takes a thing unlawfully but he will meet Allah on the Day of Resurrection, carrying that thing. I do not want to see any of you carrying a grunting camel or a mooing cow or a bleating sheep on meeting Allah." Then the Prophet raised both his hands till the whiteness of his armpits became visible, and he said, "O Allah! Haven't I have conveyed (Your Message)?" The narrator added: My eyes WITNESSed and my ears heard (that Hadith).

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Tricks - - - -

Narrated 'Aisha

Allah's Apostle said, "It is essential to have the consent of a virgin(for the marriage). I said, "A virgin feels shy." The Prophet; said, "Her silence means her consent." Some people said, "If a man falls in love with an orphan slave girl or a virgin and she refuses (him) and then he makes a trick by bringing two false WITNESSes to testify that he has married her, and then she attains the age of puberty and agreesto marry him and the judge accepts the false WITNESS and the husband knows that the WITNESSes were false ones, he may consummate his marriage."

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Tricks - - - -

Narrated Abu Haraira

Allah's Apostle said, "A lady slave should not be given in marriage until she is consulted, and a virgin should not be given in marriage until her permission is granted." The people said, "How will she express her permission?" The Prophet said, "By keeping silent (when asked her consent)." Some people said, "If a man, by playing a trick, presents two false WITNESSes before the judge to testify that he has married a matron with her consent and the judge confirms his marriage,and the husband is sure that he has never married her (before), then such a marriage will be considered as a legal one and he may live withher as husband."

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Tricks - - - -

Narrated Abu Huraira

The Prophet said, "A virgin should not be married till she is asked for her consent; and the matron should not be married till she is asked whether she agrees to marry or not." It was asked, "O Allah's Apostle! How will she(the virgin) express her consent?" He said, "By keeping silent." Some people said, "If a virgin is not asked for her consent and she is not married, and then a man, by playing a trick presents two false WITNESSes that he has married her with her consent and the judge confirms his marriage as a true one, and the husband knows that the WITNESSes were false ones, then there is no harm for him to consummate his marriage with her and the marriage is regarded as valid."

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Dealing with Apostates - - - -

Narrated Abu Bakra

The Prophet. said, "The biggest of the great sins are: To join others in worship with Allah, to be undutiful to one's parents, and to give afalse WITNESS." He repeated it thrice, or said, "....a false statement," and kept on repeating that warning till we wished he wouldstop saying it. (See Hadith No.7, Vol. 8)

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Blood Money (Ad-Diyat) - - - -

Narrated Hisham's father from Al-Mughira bin Shu'ba

'Umar consulted the companions about the case of a woman's abortion (caused by somebody else). Al-Mughlra said: The Prophet gave the verdict that a male or female slave should be given (as a Diya). Then Muhammad bin Maslama testified that he had WITNESSed the Prophet giving such a verdict.

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Blood Money (Ad-Diyat) - - - -

Narrated Hisham's father

'Umar asked the people, "Who heard the Prophet giving his verdict regarding abortions?" Al-Mughira said, "I heard him judging that a male or female slave should be given (as a Diya)." 'Umar said, "Present a WITNESS to testify your statement." Muhammad bin Maslama said, "I testify that the Prophet gave such a judgment."

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Blood Money (Ad-Diyat) - - - -

Narrated 'Aisha

We poured medicine into the mouth of Allah's Apostle during his illness, and he pointed out to us intending to say, "Don't pour medicine into my mouth." We thought that his refusal was out of the aversion a patient usually has for medicine. When he improved and felta bit better he said (to us.) "Didn't I forbid you to pour medicine into my mouth?" We said, "We thought (you did so) because of the aversion, one usually have for medicine." Allah's Apostle said, "Thereis none of you but will be forced to drink medicine, and I will watch you, except Al-'Abbas, for he did not WITNESS this act of yours."

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Blood Money (Ad-Diyat) - - - -

Narrated 'Aisha

We poured medicine into the mouth of the Prophet during his ailment. He said, "Don't pour medicine into my mouth." (We thought he said that) out of the aversion a patient usually has for medicines. When heimproved and felt better he said, "There is none of you but will be forced to drink medicine, except Al-'Abbas, for he did not WITNESS your deed."


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