Sahih Bukhari English Hadith Translation
(by M. Muhsin Khan)
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Prophetic Commentary on the Qur'an (Tafseer of the Prophet (pbuh)) - - - -

Narrated Musab

I asked my father, "Was the Verse:-- 'Say: (O Muhammad) Shall We tell you the greatest losers in respect of their deeds?'(18.103) revealed regarding Al-Haruriyya?" He said, "No, but regarding the Jews and the Christians, for the Jews disbelieved Muhammad and the Christians disbelieved in Paradise and say that there are neither meals nor drinks therein. Al- Hururiyya are those people who break their pledge to Allah after they have confirmed that they will fulfill it, and Sad used to call them 'Al-Fasiqin (EVILDOERS who forsake Allah's obedience).

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Military Expeditions led by the Prophet (pbuh) (Al-Maghaazi) - - - -

Narrated Salim's father

That he heard Allah's Apostle, when raising his head from bowing of the first Rak'a of the morning prayer, saying, "O Allah! Curse so-and-so and so-and-so" after he had said, "Allah hears him who sendshis praises to Him. Our Lord, all the Praises are for you!" So Allah revealed:-- "Not for you (O Muhammad! )......(till the end of Verse) they are indeed wrong-DOERS." (3.128) Salim bin 'Abdullah said' "Allah's Apostle used to invoke EVIL upon Safwan bin Umaiya, Suhail bin 'Amr and Al-Harith bin Hisham. So the Verse was revealed:-- "Not for you (O Muhammad!)......(till the end of Verse) For they are indeedwrong-DOERS." (3.128)


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