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Forum Name: Groups Men (Brothers)
Forum Description: Groups Men (Brothers)
Printed Date: 16 February 2019 at 10:13am
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Posted By: shadyy6
Date Posted: 02 April 2007 at 8:28am


There is brother 1 who is freinds with brother 2.  There is also a non-muslim girl.  Brother 1 talks to this girl and gets her aquainted with brother 2.  He basically made the relationship between them happen.  Brother 2 and the girl are now girlfriend and boyfriend. This relationship is unlawful in Islam and is a sin.

The question is: 

The sins that brother 2 does with this girl are they also the sins of brother 1 considering the fact that he initialized this??

Posted By: rookaiya
Date Posted: 03 April 2007 at 4:14am
i think brother one shouldnt be held accountable for the sins of brother 2. all he did was the intorduction. brother 2 had an option to say no and reject the unislamic union. yet he opted to go for it. brother 2 had freeodm of choice at all times, so why should brother one now carry his sins. it doesnt seem fair to me. like i said its my view. i dont know the islamic position in this regard.

"so surely with every difficulty there is relief. Surely with every difficulty there is relief. Surah 94. verses 5 and 6

Posted By: .:: SoHaIB ::.
Date Posted: 05 April 2007 at 8:43am

I can't seem to find a reason to blame BRO 1 except if introducing two ppl counts as one.

each one is responsible for his own reactions but there might be a case here that if, BRO 1 knew this would happen and he deliberately hooked them up...then i think he is to take thre blame.....But looking at ur question BRO 2 is to take all the responsiblity of his actions.


Posted By: Megatron
Date Posted: 11 April 2007 at 10:56pm

I think brother 1 should watch where he is walking.  At any moment, Shaitan could burst out of the ground like a Walrus out of the ice, grab brother 1 and send him down to Hell with him

Be careful!!!  Shadyy6...I mean brother 1.

In all seriousness.  If your intention was to introduce your friend to this girl just out of courtesy then there is no sin on your head.  If your intention was to introduce her so your friend could pursue non-islamic relations then obviously you are in the wrong.   

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