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Topic: Morocco
Posted By: hat2010
Subject: Morocco
Date Posted: 13 October 2006 at 10:00pm

I am interested in sharing the brilliant and complex life of Muslims within

If there are Moroccans out there...We could open some minds about the
If you have travelled to Morocco and are confused or excited or inspired,
etc.... your thoughts could be enlightening...

The post shall begin with this...    from the onset of Morocco's history -
the creation of the Moorish empire and the great Moorish scholars,
doctors, religious thinkers - there has been music here. Music - which
seems to be a source of controversy and inspires the cutting and pasting
of massive condemning hadiths.

A Moroccan muslim can natively teach to pray, read and breathe the
Quran, speak in the classical Arabic - living in an almost entirely Muslim
country... living Islam.   

These people have been Muslim for almost as long as there has been
Islam (Fes, for example, was being built around 708... Muslims came in
683 AD)

In the face of such a history, does it ever give the Muslim critic of music
pause - to suspend judgement?

Posted By: abuzuhri
Date Posted: 05 March 2007 at 8:42pm

Warmest peace My dear Jamal Morelli,

Morocco is never absent from my heart and my being as long the winds blow from Atlas mountains and the spring waters of old Fez flowing to the fountains and wash the faithful souls there day and night. Now I have to establish my pedigree with this blessed Maghrib and land of many Awliyas and Shuyukh :

a. My shaykh first master was Sh.Muhammad ibn al-Habib of Meknes from the Shadhili Darqawi Tariq which still got many muqaddims across the whole of Morocco. We in Malaysia still sing his beauntiful Diwan/Qasida Bughyatul salikina muridina wa Tuhfatul Salikina Arifin.

b. I still read the Dalailul Khayrat of Sh Jazuli very famous in Morocco and also sometime the Burdah of Sh Busiri.

c. I had met four Malaysian fuqara who visit many parts of Morocco including Fez, Meknes, Tafilalet, Casablanca etc where they eat coucous and honey and arrived at Sidi Muhammad Kursi zawiya at a remote desert village.

d. I shared many fond memories with Abdal Hayy Daniel Moore who gave us deep insight with his posting Amin Journey To Qalbiyya.

e. During my hajj in 2004 in Makkah and madinah , we met, embraced and kissed many Moroccoan hajjis and sang a few qasidas to them, this from the land of my teacher Shaykh.

f. We cannot forget about the great sufi Shaykh Mulay Arabi ad-Darqawi who influence, fuqara and teachings spread as far as Malays islands in the late 1700s. A malay translation of Rasail Darqawiyya was printed in 1980 and we heard a Darqawi zawiya do exist in Bangkok many years ago.

g. My close friend Dr.Fuad Yeoh an engineer married a beautiful wife from Maghrib and now got 3 children and he polished his arabic very well.

h. I bought many dozens of Darqawi/black moroccan tasbih in Makkah/Madinah as gift to my friends as reminder and baraka of the holy land. Each tasbih was brought daily into Masjidil haram or Masjid Nabawi to partake the zikr and prayer there. At least the air, dust and wind or aura of this blessed place were united with my tasbih and passed on to unsuspected hands later.

Rumi sings: Come, come whoever you are

never despair and the Friend is there

waiting for strangers and seekers ..oh my Morocco.


abuzuhri shin

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