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Inquiry on the authenticity of the Quran

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Topic: Inquiry on the authenticity of the Quran
Posted By: Joseph98
Subject: Inquiry on the authenticity of the Quran
Date Posted: 25 December 2018 at 8:05pm
Merhaba fellow believers in God I hope you and your loved ones are well and heavenly blessed. I ’ve been in into theological studies in diverse periods of my life the past twenty years and am currently reading the Quran and other theological writings from the first millenium .What strikes me from this book is that its claims of supremacy when it comes to truth and divine revelation and not say the least its declaration that anyone not submitting to its commands and outlines is hellbound. So since I am highly adamant to find salvation for my soul and assurance of the heavenly kingdom in the after-life , I need to come to a conclusion with this book. Either it is the Superior Gospel that nullfies the other gospels in other previous writings (i.e Old-and New testament and the apocryphas) or it’s inevitably yet another piece of work written by a spiritual and political author in the 7th century. So I’d like to embark on two questions to begin with: 1) How do one attain assurance of salvation according to the Quran? 2) What is the basis of the Quran’s supremacy over the New Testament ?, related to clear different story lines , e.g the Quran clearly matches gnostic and apocryphal scriptures rather than with the old/new testament

Posted By: asep garutea
Date Posted: 13 August 2019 at 12:19am
God Bless you Joseph98,
I will try to answer the two questions from you.
The answer for number 1:
Allah has informed and explained in the Qur'an that whoever worships only to Allah, he will enter heaven, but whoever does not worship Him will go to hell.
We as intelligent beings will be able to draw the conclusion that someone will enter heaven or hell depending on how he/she follows His commands or not. Thus, God cannot be blamed because He has told us beforehand.
And all human beings who follow the teachings of Tauheed (absolute monotheism) of the Prophets before the Prophet Muhammad, they will get a guarantee to enter the heaven too.

The answer for number 2:
The Quran is a Holy Book that explains about previous Prophets and Books that they were people who only worship to Allah (one God).
And the relation to the New Testament is that the Quran will be difficult to be faked its contents, both added and subtracted.
Apart from that, the Quran contains verses that can provide information and that have been adapted to the development of human reason and civilization, such as verses related to science and technology, whereas in the previous Books there were none because human civilization had not as it is now.

This shows that Allah is All-Compassionate and Merciful to mankind. He will not send down His word except it has adjusted to the needs and circumstances of His creatures.

I apologize if this description is unclear, please ask again.
Thank you.


Posted By: muhammad_isa
Date Posted: 13 August 2019 at 3:08am
Originally posted by Joseph98 Joseph98 wrote:

What is the basis of the Quran’s supremacy over the New Testament ?

!. It is more recent
2. It is not an author's words, it is the words of G-d "put into Prophet Muhammad's mouth / mind"
3. It has only one author .. God Almighty

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