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Learning how to pray properly

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Topic: Learning how to pray properly
Posted By: adamwert
Subject: Learning how to pray properly
Date Posted: 21 July 2018 at 7:26pm
Assalamu Alaikum.  I joined this forum because I wish someone to check for me that I am praying correctly.  I am a revert and I have put together a powerpoint for myself to guide me through learning the prayers.  I only speak English so it also helps me to learn the Arabic. I followed some guides however some of the instructions are a bit confusing sometimes, so I am not sure if I am doing everything perfectly in each step.  

Here is my powerpoint" rel="nofollow -

it goes through each of the prayers, from fajr to isha and it does each step in order.  I'd be very grateful if anyone could tell me if all is in order properly with nothing important missed out, or with nothing repeated too many times.  Or if I need to change any parts.  As you can see I'm not completely sure for example in how many rakats I should include the dua we choose for ourselves after surah al fatiah (I put this in all the sunnah and nafil and only in fard for the first 2 if fard comes first and not in fard at all if sunnah comes before fard), or if I am saying things like subhanaka and tashahhud the correct number of times and in all the correct places.    

Thanks for your help.  

Posted By: asep garut
Date Posted: 25 July 2018 at 6:15pm

My brother Adamwert, because of the power point of you so much, I did not have time to read it all, however, recitation of surah al fatihah is mandatory in prayer (salah), may I know about any part that makes you confused? thanks.

Posted By: MIAW
Date Posted: 26 July 2018 at 12:09pm


Unfortunately your powerpoint has a few (important) mistakes. Here are some examples:

Slide 12: remove the word 'Sujood' from the top of the slide, because sujood is when you are prostrating on the floor.

Slide 16/17: you are missing the second sajdah.

Slide 18: you do not need to do the Niyyah again. You only do it once, at the very beginning of each Prayer. (and may I add: you do not need to say it loudly either, you just 'think it'.)

Slide 18: Saying 'Allahu Akbar' here is correct. but it is not called Takbiratul Ihram anymore. Takbiratul Ihram is only the first one at the start of the prayer.

Slide 19: remove the word 'Sujood' from the top of the slide, because sujood is when you are prostrating on the floor.

etc... and so on... and so forth

There are many youtube videos to show you how to pray correctly... just follow them. You will find some examples in my post here:" rel="nofollow -

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