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A story of a hindu Brahmin into folds of Islam

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Topic: A story of a hindu Brahmin into folds of Islam
Posted By: seekshidayath
Subject: A story of a hindu Brahmin into folds of Islam
Date Posted: 21 June 2008 at 7:18pm
As'Salamu Alaikum,
Dear brothers and sisters, here's an other intresting story. I was reading it at  And thought to share it here as its worth reading and reviving our Imaan
Here's the story
Allah’s grace that I'm blessed with deen of Allah, I’m Mohammed Umar Rao from India, I embraced Islam 6 years back at age of 18.I wanted to share my story with you all perhaps this would make a difference for non Muslims to really think over to know what is the truth .I shared my story with 2 brothers, Allahamdulillah, they were convinced that my decision and choice is best, they started reading Quran and also embraced it few days back.
My Background:
I come from middle class orthodox Brahmin family; my parents worked in private firms (Mother: teacher, father: textile engineer). My religious education was at my maternal uncle place, that's how I became orthodox and whole family education was always been against muslims which was nailed in me deeply.
I was associated with RSS { RSS is a group of extremists of hindus. They hate Islam very much and try to always attack muslims. This is my note - seekshidayath }  for few years, I always hated Muslims to extent that, In all public functions I wanted to give high volume for music sound boxes to ensure that Adhaan should not be heard at all. I use to go round the town visiting all temples to complete my worship everyday. I was liked, appreciated in family for being orthoduct and encouraged to do more.
My Meeting with Islam:
In my summer my mother asked me to work for a Muslim business firm, which I disagreed because from childhood I always hated Muslims. My mother stopped forcing me on this; I worked few summers with non-Muslim so I was able to satisfy my parents. Later, I quit that part time job because I did not like the job and started concentrating more on studies aiming for better job. Meantime, my mother, sisters worked 2 months in part time for this Muslim brother, They were highly impressed with him.
I always hated this person because I did not like the fact my people praising a Muslim whom I always hated. I was pushed/insulted of not being useful to family so I started working for same Muslim brother though I hated him before going. After getting in his shop I started hating more because the non Muslim employees of that shop embraced Islam, I took this challenge to teach him lesson claiming my religion is true from there I started doing comparative study with whatever common sense which Allah had blessed me then.
By now, in the verge to know more about Islam, I started reading English translation of holy Quran (Abdullah Yusuf Ali). This changed my entire student life; I was stuck with fear, doubts, I realized the fact that whatever I’m doing is wrong, my religion is all about imaginations/myths and false stories. I had many questions, doubts like where am I heading to, what should I do? What is my duty? Why message of truth has not reached all of us? So many things came in my mind, my entire student life went in this hunt of truth, I did not do that well in study but Allah's blessings that Allah made me score Good in all my exams.
I started digging more in what I use to believe on, I started questioning my parents, people around that who has seen God almighty to paint /make images of God, all answered me that none has seen God which is so true as its mentioned in many places in Quran, I started asking what is the origin of god? The 3 myths stories, which we use to believe broke my faith down, I would like to explain it here:

1. I was always use to do very Great shirk for Lord Ganesh who was my favorite (may Allah forgive it) . I started digging the origin of Ganesh who enjoyed my shirk, here it goes: he was created by "so called Goddess Paravthi" who is the wife of "so called Lord Shiva" ,one fine day Parvathi wanted to take bath and she creates this ganesh as her watch man giving him instruction as to not to allow anyone inside, ganesh is supposed to follow her orders at any given cost, ganesh agrees to this.
Now "so called Lord Shiva" comes home and finds this stranger standing at door, Shiva questions him, asks him to give way to get in but Ganesh do not allow Shiva as he was supposed to follow order of his mother Parvathi, "so called Lord Shiva" gets angry and chops the head of ganesh.
Now so called goddess comes out of bath and see that her son is killed,she gets angry and asks "so called Lord Shiva" to bring back his life,but  "so called Lord Shiva" says he cannot do that but he gets head of elephant and gets the life for ganesh, so this is the origin of so called God Lord Ganesh.
I started questioning, why does goddess need bath? Goddess parvathi only wife of "so called Lord shiva" needs watchman while taking bath? Anyways,Lord Shiva who is creator of world can’t get life for which he killed ? how can such a god will resolve my problem ? If shiva did not know who comes to his home how will he know what happens to me in this world ?
If ganesh was not even able to save his own head, how can he protect me? Why should I belive and worship someone's fancy story ?

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: �All the descendants of Adam are sinners, and the best of sinners are those who repent."

Posted By: seekshidayath
Date Posted: 21 June 2008 at 7:21pm
 I was born in mysore and schooling was in same city, after failing with above I was disappointed, but I always went by history, so there’s hill in mysore I thought this Goddess will help me defeat this Muslim, so went ahead to collect some points to score, "so called Goddess Chamundeswari : 

There was a demon in Mysore known as Mahi Sha Sura , he gets boon from Brahma who is creator of entire world after demon impresses so called Brahma with his meditation for many years,

Brahma asks demon what boon he wants ? demon seeks boon that he must be strongest on world and must live forever, none existing can kill him , brahma agrees and blessed this boon. Now this demon starts troubling entire world which includes other "so called gods", saints as well, now all so called gods council meets to get a resolution for this demon, brahma says he cannot take back the boon , now shiva gives a solution that , so called god Vishnu should become a girl, Shiva Vs Vishnu will have intercourse,therecomes the product "so called Goddess Chamundeswari , she kills him.

What a wild imagination ? so God can be fooled then ? so God can’t over power a demon ? what illogical belief we have.

I did same analysis with so called God Ram, he was unable to save his own wife ? how can he protect me ?

All these analysis made me realise God Almighty is high above our imagination and beyond our perception.

It made sense to come to this resolution after many years,that I'm created for a purpose with limited calliber,capcity, I can't imagine or grasp Almighty God as I've limitation.

I had little knowledge of Vedas which I learnt from my uncle , Vedas do not have any such things as we believed in all this images/idols, so now I was wondering whether we are following our religion as it has to be followed , Vedas says idol worship is forbidden , says “Na Kasya Prathima Asthi”, no where in Vedas says/teaches us to worship idols,though its corrupted now but to some extent it has similar teachings as Quran like oneness of God.

I also ventured in knowing what Christianity says, so that atleast I can defeat and get away with all these and get back to my studies to live normal life, when I heard Jesus is Son of God , I thought these Christians are our brothers as well , they are doing shirk too in one way , I did not take much time to stop wasting my time knowing it more,thought my journey so far finding truth I kept reading Quran , all answers were like as though it hit right me , few instances like :

When I asked my parents if Vedas is not saying to worship idols/images , why are we doing this ? my mom scolded me saying we are supposed to do it as our forefathers did it, the next day I read Quran I see a ayah in Al – Baqrah saying “ If truth has come to you ,will you still follow footsteps of fools who went before” , “we will not ask you about what they did , nor ask them about what you do , every soul has will get it has earned “ , (It may not be exact quote but it’s the summary ) ,when I read this I was shocked how can there be something which I just questioned my mom last night ? I did not disclosed to anyone about all these , this ayah seemed like directly hitting me deep inside.

First I stopped doing shirk as Allah says in Quran "I will forgive every sin to whom I want But Shirk has no forgiveness”. I stopped doing regular pooja what we do at home but I decided to make no further progress to become Muslim as I hated them. When I stopped doing pooja, My family strongly opposed me and questioned me, there use to fight between me and mom everyday at home for not doing pooja became everyday issue, though none in my family had ghuts to physically touch me, as I was very violent, angry young man, My Family (including my parents) humiliated me with all horrible words for not doing pooja, anyways they gave up after sometime thinking its issue with my age of Adoloscence, Though I decided to not make any progress to become Muslim, I wanted to know what more is there in Quran? Which I can do by not becoming Muslim.

There were few quotes from chapter Al Baqarah in which Allah says " There are few, who accept Islam wherever it profits them and not whole heartedly these are hyprocrites", Also chapter Al Maidah " I perfected your religion this day, I choose Islam for you, no other religion will be accepted by your Lord, Know that Allah is All wise”. I might not have worded the lines of Quran perfectly but the jist of those ayah, Then I was feared in myself that what thought runs in my mind is just in the book, This made my faith strong day by day that none can write this except the creator, As my feelings are only well known to my Almighty Creator, It did not take much time to climb next step of learning surah in english and start offering Salaah, fasting.

By grace of Allah, I started conveying message of Allah at my home with little knowledge I had, I wanted to complete my degree meantime I can buy time for conveying truth will make easy on long run to me and my family, But after my final year of diploma I was pushed to wall, when time came where I had no choice but to quit my family, my sister also embraced Islam,Allah made our ways easy to be firm on truth.

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: �All the descendants of Adam are sinners, and the best of sinners are those who repent."

Posted By: seekshidayath
Date Posted: 21 June 2008 at 7:23pm
I isolated myself from the outside muslims, after my study on Islam, hindusim and little about Christianity, I decided to declare my faith to society keeping above sayings of Allah in Al maidah, I went to my principal of college asking his help so as to understand the impact of changing my name/certificates, I thought; since my principal of college is Muslim he will help me in some ways on this regard, But Allah knows what that person is, he came and told to my mother that I'm gone mad, crazy that I want to become Muslim and etc,which made my mother go really mad, she lost her control on mind, she became more of like mad with this shock of her only son getting out of family, grace of Allah, she was normal in day or 2, I was moved with emotion and I sweared my mother a lie that I will never become Muslim, I decided within me that I will never talk to any other Muslim on this regard, I knew very few muslims I thought good people are very very few and more muslims are like my principal, this is the reason I isolated to myself and decided that I cannot declare my faith because this would impact my mother to an extent  that she will loose her life,During festivals my mother forced me with both emotion and threat so I used to conduct poojas but only I use to keep saying “Lanath Ullah” all the time while performing it, I had to do all this only for my mother’s sake, When I completed my study and after getting job, I said no for everything which is related to shirk, now my parents made a situation to either follow what they say or quit the house.... I had no fear of quitting my home and living without house/money or any such thing but I had fear my mom loosing her life or going mad again...I made duwah to Allah in language I know saying " Allah you take care of my  mother as I have no choice but to move out of house now”, Grace of Allah, me and my sister quit the house this way.

 Allahamdulillah, Almighty Allah has kept my mother very healthy, this boosts my faith more and more every time I see my mother, As I take care of them and visit them almost every weekend, She respects me a lot for what I’m today.

My namaaz, fasting was all hidden from society, parents etc, I did my prayers in my room without knowing what's the direction for qiblah, I prayed to Allah saying " I know nothing about Islam, but Allah u ordered in book to pray so I want to do this”, fasted without sahr, did not know when to break fast.... sometimes I forget I'm fasting I use to eat mid of day then I continued fasting consoling myself its a mistake and just seeing the sky and saying my lord a word of sorry, I did not knew time of sahr but I knew I can eat till I do not see difference between black and white, So I use to got to my terrace and keep eating bread/fruits with 2 (black/white, sometimes my T shirt helped me) threads in my hand, I never knew for 3 years what is taraweeh, I never knew for 3 years that I must get circumcised, I missed my jumma for 2 - 3 years, I use to make wudhu like I saw that person doing in his shop, I only knew that I must put water after attending nature call ...I continued like this for almost 3 years, I did not know what is qibalh for 2 - 3 years, had none to guide on all such things, I did namaaz hoping Allah will listen to me regardless my direction and place.Allahamdulillah, No doubt Almighty has listened my prayers otherwise I wouldn’t have had come out of house and be Mohammed Umar today, this is how my progress been till date with grace of Allah.

By grace of Allah, I started conveying message of Allah at my home with little knowledge I had, I wanted to complete my B.E meantime conveying truth will make easy on long run to me and my family, But after my final year of diploma I was pushed to wall, when time came where I had no choice but to quit my family, my sister also embraced Islam and she joined me. We had to live out of our house for 1+ year without job, regular source of income, Allahamdulillah, Allah made our ways easy to be firm on truth.

As Allah says in Quran " If they say we believe, don't you think they will be tested".

Grace of Allah, Almighty Allah has choosen us there's nothing more required,

Over a period, Allahamdulillah, Allah opened doors of opportunities for us, I had quit my previous job as I was unable to perform my five times prayers, All opportunities came my way was from mechanical industry which demands me to work in shift and compromise my prayer, even jumma most of times.

After quitting that job/mechanical profession for 1+ year I did not get any job where I can perform 5 times prayers, Grace of Allah, I started working as faculty for 2000 rupees for a year and now I'm blessed with a better Job.

Allahamdulillah, As Allah says in Quran "My help will come on my servants in unexpected ways”. The word of Allah is so true that I'm living example.

May Allah accept  my sister and me ..Ameen

May Allah bestow best of Imaan and Islam to my Sister and me …Ameen

May Allah bestow immense mercy on us ..Ameen

May Allah save us from being hypocrites…Ameen

May Allah bestow grace on us that we live every moment of life as Allah wants us to live…Ameen

May Allah Forgive all our sins...Ameen

May Allah save all of us from hell …May Allah bless us with Jannah…Ameen


Mohammed Umar Rao

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: �All the descendants of Adam are sinners, and the best of sinners are those who repent."

Posted By: mdrizwan
Date Posted: 02 February 2009 at 6:19am

Watch him share his experience here..

Posted By: culturewatch
Date Posted: 25 February 2015 at 5:39am
Dont worry, you are still in the same idol worship but with a different name and interface :). Kaaba = Lord Kabaaleshwara TEmple, lingam in Kaaba, circambulation, moon just like on Shiva's head..etc ;)

Posted By: Janjaweed
Date Posted: 09 May 2015 at 4:45pm
great story

Posted By: muni36
Date Posted: 05 December 2017 at 12:34pm

Posted By: AHMED22
Date Posted: 10 January 2018 at 8:25am
MashAllah Great Story Brother to learn more about Isalm Please Visit

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