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┐Who is Antichrist "ad Dayyal"?

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Topic: ┐Who is Antichrist "ad Dayyal"?
Posted By: Jesus Isa
Subject: ┐Who is Antichrist "ad Dayyal"?
Date Posted: 22 September 2007 at 10:39am

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Based on the "Hadices of the Antichrist ad Dayyal and the signs of l complete day".
Source-The Garden of the right ones of An Nawawi.
 There is no better sword than the word that corners to the mentiroso and benefits to Just. Where soon escondera that is not discovered?
 Dear friends I am called Isa(Jesus), is the name that it adopts, after my conversion to the Islam, with the intention to learn and to study the truth, although todavia I have left much that to learn and failures that to rectify, is for an honor, power to share with which pleases to read profecias, transmitted by the Sagradas Scriptures. Since we lived epocas profeticas and agrees to pay attention to the events, that certain personages atravez of their acts wake up the peculiar mind of the believer or student. Although nobody is the one who stops to judge nobody, because single to Allah, our Creative Father belongs such act. The Almighty was work of the same Allah to transmit Mohamed prophet, La Paz is with, on the visit of the Antichrist to the Earth, and of I throw is noticed to us by different profeticas sources, of the arrival of a being who caused much damage and of that it agrees to be cautious. Mohamed prophet says, that Allah keeps in its glory. "it is not the antichrist which but scares me for you, because if it appears being I with you, sere I who are against to, and if only appears when I not this with you, each one defendera asi same and only tendra to Allah like protector". It seems that it gives to understand us of the great cleverness and power of conviction to deceive that has the antichrist, serious like a disguised wolf of lamb, that when it speaks of the garden, in fact speaks of the fire. It hurts of those to which the antichrist is able to catch with its deceits, because in the day of the judgment, Allah dira to its angels, "you remove to those from the fire" and Los Angeles asked to him whatever? and Alla them contestara;de each 1999 saldra one. A data exists that although escapes to the islamicas writings, but for that reason it does not stop being peculiar, of which called Mr. Nostradamus in one of his profecias, notices that in 1999, maldades.El walked the antichrist by the Earth doing his to be able of Allah does not have aim, and this gentleman reune a great one I number of successes. The study and to manage to decipher the message that contains one profecia, having in account that has been Vista by the eyes of Allah the Almighty and transmitted to choosing to communicate it to a world, where each individual has its own point of view, dificil task that in a considered phrase profecia, each word has own life and can lock up a meaning world, and as son of Maria said to us to Isa, that habia that to be as a boy to enter the kingdom of cielos;eso implies to use the imagination to manage to decipher the message that annoying Allah in giving us, by means of its Chosen ones; Blessed it is by his mercy. Although profecia on the antichrist is very extensive and podria to be speaking of eya, paginas and paginas, me remitire to the precise data but, like qualities that identify this being and to whom I humbly try to give explanation, respecting any other opinion, I believe that it is my obligation like believer, to take in serious the word of Allah before a warning of this type and who Allah takes the accounts of each one since he is our creator and everything we must to.
 Say that the antichrist is a young man of hair crespo, tuerto of the right eye and that its eye seems like a prominent grape, that takes to writing between the eyes the unfaithful word (ra-fa-ka), that has the quality to start off for a man by half, to take a walk among his two halves, to return it to unite and above this man he returns smiling towards the antichrist, as if nothing was pasado.Dice that its reign of sera badness of about 40 years, that exerts to be able on the nature, that until the hidden treasures saldran of their hiding places and they seguiran to him, and that arrived algun site says it, but also it takes a cane. The data are many that occur us, possibly goes some to me, without mentioning others profecias outside the islamicos writings that also contribute some data, but but confused and not less worrisome. Clear this that stops to compare and to study this subject, is necessary to find a person who approaches the profetico profile. I have discovered recently to Sir that me sorprendio to oir to say him, that careceria of importance is Dios;eso if nobody did case to him, but is not asi. This gentleman is called Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda, is in the pagina of Internet and in another one of its paginas, leads a evangelista church, call "growing in grace" and assures that they follow one hundred million to him people in the world, this evangelista movement has seat in but 25 paises, having the operational base in Miami.Posee a satellite in Colombia and from that satellite leaves to but of 200 cable channels that it has world-wide, transmitting the signal 24 hours to the day gratuitously, they move a considerable amount of money in donations, that say to invetir in communications.
 1¬ _ Dicen the Sagradas Scriptures, that the antichrist is tuerto of the right eye and that its eye seems a prominent grape. This profetica phrase, to apesar of its simplicity, locks up an ample meaning, and each one can see it its way, say that four eyes see but that two. I compare the satellite that has east gentleman, with the eye that if she sees and I compare to a traditional television set with the eye that that does not see and if you pay attention either to the screen of a television set, this almost seems a grape prominente.Ambos eyes belong to same cuerpo.Que in this case the body very or structured and or is one organizacion.En the one that this gentleman has crowned head and God of all the men. Watching it under this point of view, also it is necessary to obserbar, that the eye that if it sees, is the left one, since single it can see the material, does not reach to see the spiritual thing with that eye, to see our thoughts uses other tacticas, quizas for that reason it invests so much in communications, that better way to observe to us without being seen. Under this obserbacion I if I see tuerto of the right eye in this Mr. Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda, although both has normal eyes in the face, and that one of its eyes seems a prominent grape.
 2¬ _ Dicen the Sagradas Scriptures that the antichrist, part to a man by half, takes a walk among its two halves, that return it to unite and that this go towards the smiling antichrist. This parrafo is very cruel and speaks of the damage that can causar.Yo I see it of the following way. When one talks about for that it leaves to a man by half, I imagine what it has passed me to my, that better form to start off for a man who undressing of all whichever master and everything to him reason why fights, until the point to lead it to an extreme solitude, which denominates "the death in vida", the man I am not created so that was single, Alla I create the woman so that this helped the man and of course so that It was loved, soon when a person lives the solitude long time, becomes but vulnerable, making increase its faith in God, or the opposite case arriving at Now aprobecha assumes that man estaria started off, when says that the antichrist takes a walk between its two halves, that is as a ridicule, when these suffering, to reir itself of you, "putting to prueva your patience." _ already single us quedaria unite to the the man that be partido;tras one epoca of solitude, if the the person be believing, end up hacercando by some church evangelista, like the one that lead east Mr. Jose Luis of Jesus Miranda, that aside from say that be Jesus Christ man, also say that be God. I ask myself who referiria Isa son of Maria, when they approached to him and they said to him, "Se˝or,se˝or,que we cleared demons in your nombre;e Isa son of Maria contesto:"Apartaros them of my hacedores of badness ". Guardaos of the false prophets, that dresses with skin come from ewe and on the inside they are wolves rapaces. Perhaps grapes of the hawthorns, or the thistles are harvested higos?.Pues by their fruits them conocereis. Then much of which it seems to be sure this corrupt one and much of which it seems to be corrupt, this clear one. And once you admit of thought and word that Jesus Christ is God, raisins to be baptized by means of a blasphemy, since all we know that Isa, La Paz is with, never I am called God to if same, that conduct entered within his humildad.De I throw the oration that I teach to us was de:"Padre ours that these in cielos", and since all we are brothers, Allah our Creative Father, is enough with an Angel, like was it the Angel Gabriel, to give the knowledge who Allah allows him, to who creates worthy. Apartir of ahi, the man who was divided by half, that better way to return it to unite that looking for a pair to him its measurement that devuelba to this man alegria, and of this nonsingle form returns again towards the smiling antichrist, if that separate this not creating what the flame "super raza", that assumes that a day dominated the world. And as they reveal the "hadices to us of the Anticristo"segun profecia. It speaks of which to the children it seems as if blanco;un became to them the hair white hair, reflects the oldness, the grey hairs, sabiduria. Soon that "super raza"de young that this forming this Mr. Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda, is distinguished by the high inculcado knowledge, of such form that knows the memory bible and completely forgets what they are, "children". This characteristic is visible and comparative, to tendriamos children of blanco.Por hair what another accidental data. Asi that or we have seen a form different to start off for a man or a woman, of an imaginary form, to give explanation profecia.No has but that to see reality of day day, whichever marriages destroyed and whichever deviation sexual, that above makes see that that is normal.Al I exercise of ad Dayyal maintains the fear to it united, not the love you.
 3¬ _ Dicen the Sagradas Scriptures that the antichrist takes writing between the eyes, the unfaithful word "ka-fa-ra". It does not specify to that eyes talk about, also the unfaithful one is possible to be represented with I number. I considering revelation of Fatima, loved daughter of prophet Mohamed, La Paz of Allah am with, does us to see eye in palm of hand and segun other studies, hands are eyes of blind person and who but blind that a man who is made call God asi mismo.Aparte the hands have a high level of perceccion, appreciated by some videntes.Por which I resemble the hands form eyes imaginativa;luego this Mr. Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda takes both tattooed in forearms I number of the beast the 666, inviting to its followers to tatuarselo.Haciendoles to see that that I number is not satanico. Single study is necessary to have minimo on numerologia, segun the Bible if same it extreme between if, its result he is a man and if we added 6+6+6=18, I number 18 segun the letters of the tarot, is the moon, represents disappointment, delay and falsification among other things, for my is equivalent to the unfaithful word "ka-fa-ra", indeed in the Tarot, is the letter of the moon, and usually they appear dogs laughing, that aperte to mean, friendships falsas;la mission of the antichrist is similar to the one of the dog of a shepherd who reune the ewes, single that in this unfaithful or confused case reune. That I live does not make the monk, and although they are whitened by outside as the niches,ya we know as they estan on the inside. Soon the appearances can be deceptive. If we took the hands to similarity from eyes and I number of beast 666, like the word infiel.Tendriamos another chance.
 4¬ _ Dicen the Sagradas Scriptures, that sera of 40 years the mandate of the antichrist, this period of time, not this very clear if it goes since it is born until it dies, or if sera the time that estara by the Earth doing its badnesses. This Mr. Jose Luis, says that comenzo its race as evangelista shepherd in the church "growing in gracia"en the year 1966 and that in year 1973 appeared to him two angels that were those that gave the ministry him, happening to be called Jesus Christ man, since time atras and having had problems with the heroina, decia to be apostol Pablo, soon step to be called "the other already" and once it is made call Jesus Christ man, says that the Father lives within and who for that reason he is made call God, when the oration that Isa, La Paz is with, teaches to us to say "Father its children, and watching it asi, we cannot happen through stop that the Earth that us acoje, does of our Madre.Por which also was said to us, "it loves your Father and your Mother" the Mother earth, that represents the matter, what it has principle and aim, by where the time counts and our acts are alavez studied by Allah, our Creative Father, and to saver what it hides in our hearts, takes advantage of the confusion that the lie offers to us as a tentacion.Por which serious sin to make damage to the Earth, like the contamination that this giving rise to the climatico change, is by those that comes detras you would seran who judge ". Asi as They accept I sin by means of Eva, the preservative man who was humble, being satisfied to the natural thing, let myself surround by an impurity of uncertain future, complying between tecnologias, that if by a side advances, by another one are slow. Ateniendonos to the echos and returning to the comparisons on the antichrist; if we counted from year 1966 to now, go 41 years like which I have and noncoincidaria the 40 exact ones and if we counted from the 1973, todavia is left 6 years to do the 40, reason why todavia promises to apesar that there is to hope.
 5¬ _ Dicen the Sagradas Scriptures that the antichrist is a hair young person crespo;el hair crespo is a dificil to comb, curly and coarse hair. When one talks about a young person, referira to that it does not have grey hairs or to that it does not have beard? The hair represents the ideas, the thoughts, esperanzas.Es peculiar that some people after a depression is lost hair, of the same form that perdio hopes,ya that the face is the mirror of the soul. And if we spoke of a dificil hair to comb like is the hair crespo, podria to say itself that it is spoken of a dificil to dominate by his ideas and therefore convincing person, and this characteristic also reune this Mr. Jose Luis, which at sight this who is taking terrain with a bible of doubtful origin and discutible.Que although no matter how much they wanted to add to him or to clear to him, cannot be denied that son of Maria speaks to us of a great Chosen man of called Allah Isa, that spoke to us of a God Unico, like Mohamed prophet, agree in the same, La Paz is with them. That Isa son of Maria called Father and 600 years to him despues Mohamed prophet, La Paz is with, called to him to the Unico God Allah, I do not believe that he is that a reason for discussion, when to Allah the Almighty, 99 names of purity are attributed to him. It seems that the problem this in which somebody I interpret of incorrect way the found gospels, confusing to Jesus Christ with God, when Isa son of Maria dijo:"yo I am the way that dejalo leads to salvacion, everything and sigueme". And if we followed to him, first it was in a desert 40 days with his nights and aside from returning alive, volvio with powers, prophet Mohamed IVA to mountains, where permanecia so many days that until doubted that it survived, and volvio with the Coran Asylum. Soon Isa son of Maria reunio to his apostoles to give testimony of its acts, that of between eyos the main testimony that deberian to give is, that Jesus Christ dirigia towards that serious and crucificado tortured wise the place that, including the resurrection, that also is debatable of the form that could be. And that to apesar of saver that they crucaficarian it I do not flee to another place, demonstrating not to fear to the death, because defendia the Espiritu. Like Mohamed, prophet and soldier of Allah, La Paz are with el.No temio to the death, nor the consequences of sufferings, persecutions and problems that it had to surpass, with the aid of Allah the Almighty, taking to I dig its mission of Prophet and Messenger of Allah our unico creative Father. Reason why that that defends espiritu, the existence of a Kingdom in skies where the pleasures of espiritu are greater than those of the meat, not fearing to the death to become aware peacefully to be making correct, temedor of Allah the our creator; that this following the prophets, who did of way and of light to save ours almas.La meat is material and has principle and aim, the Espiritu is eternal. And when I speak of the Kingdom of skies, I ask myself; who and so that, they have commanded to construct great bells, with the intention to send them to the moon?
 6¬ _ In the subject of idolatria, quizas was necessary to ask itself that he is idolatria? to my to understand idolatria is the deceptive adoration towards the matter, like adoring an adorned statue or the love to the material wealth. I think that humility is demanded to us, giving passage to the generosity to share with which tiene;y of course nothing does not have to do with admiracion that we pruned to have, on algun to martir or prophet, since it is thing of love between brothers and Allah as good Father is enjoyed by eyo, when it is known clearly that single there is a God, Allah the Almighty. And if idolatria is the deceptive adoration of the matter, that says me to my, that that that presumes of necklaces and precious metal ring, but own of a woman who of a man, this not committing that lack. This Mr. Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda, has collection of clocks rolex, takes a walk in sport and not detail lacks him, idolatria not understands if it is given or bought, Isa son of Maria like all the prophets, gave humility example us, that when Christ I enter backs of a donkey jerusalen, being good horses, she made to give it indeed example, and to make think us, whereupon intention hizo?, if the wise person with the problems that alli encontraria. Nobody can serve to two se˝ores;porque or aborrecera to the one and lands on water to the other, or it was interested in first and it despised to the second. It is not possible to be defended at the same time to espiritu and the matter. Kizas for that reason, called Christ Isa, La Paz are with, dijo:Dejalo everything and sigueme. Separate the followers of this Mr. Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda, do not doubt either at the time of putting with another religion or prophet. Soon another chance exists, when decia that the hidden treasures go after the Anticristo.Este Sir is received much money in donations.
 Also said to Isa son of Maria, La Paz is with, that vendria like "ladron by noche", and ladron tries that they do not discover to him, does not announce the its arrival, soon sera Isa son of Maria that discovers to the Antichrist, since Isa dijo:"yo I am luz"y for that reason hara to see us where enconde the antichrist that stands out to its wide ones by the world, refujiando themselves in hidden it and using the lie like shield. Soon one says that Isa son of Maria, La Paz is with el."Vendra on white wings", to that wings referira, to the wings of an airplane? or to the wings of the communication. If Isa son of Maria, La Paz is with, dijo:"no mataras", of which it forms pensais that killed the Antichrist? Perhaps nonsera by means of the word, or palabra?.La is not a sword truth wins to the lie. Also hara is said that to visible Isa from skies, with the degollado neck, executing the Wrath of Allah, doing to shake to the unfaithful one. Refiriendome to the bible, the one that I say that it is his cane, him dire that was printed in 1454 by Johannes Gutemberg doing one recopilacion between but of 80 gospels and leaving 4 of eyos single, pleasing of some with the aim to create a business to coast del suffering of Just and that where to interpret that Christ is God, gave much sense to few, creating asi the separation of the brothers, by ridiculos reasons for egoismo and ambition. Isa that La Paz is with, escribio the bible and when somebody asked to him, Isa son of Maria him respondia with no need not to use ningun written, unlike the antichrist that everything what does is to walk the bible and its form to respond, is putting the finger in algun versiculo of this, reason why I deduce that it uses the bible as a cane and that without eya, this clear one that tropezaria, the unico versiculo found and supposedly written by the same Isa, that La Paz of Allah is with, says: Divide to a log by half and sides, raise a stone to me and ahy I am, that that includes/understands these words not morira jamas. The stone is not God, since it needs which can send it, and that somebody is Allah, our Creative Father. It was not the case of Mohamed prophet, La Paz is with, that recibio the message directly of Allah, creating the Coran Asylum, writing it on palm leaves, homoplatos of camel and using everything what it served to him to be able to write the transmitted revelations, to offer it to the world without deceits, nonsingle was the message for the Muslims, since all we are brothers and children of same Allah Father, the Almighty, when Allah offers a warning or a way of salvacion, does for all, because to all creo.Allah is very Great. Soon if the cane of the bible were manipulated, podra not to support to the Antichrist the weight of its falsifications. That when a son asks a father bread, this he does not give serpents him in his place. If escuchais that Jesus Christ this aqui or alli, him creais, that the true one was not called it to if same, does not hope that we recognize to him by its fruits. It loves Allah, to which it has not generated, nor to generated, to that nor the somnolencia, nor the dream affect, to which neither nobody has anybody ahead detras, to to him that does not have igual.Amale on all the things and to projimo like a you mismo.Respetando to their Chosen ones.
 Translated of Spanish to Ingles

Posted By: sulooni
Date Posted: 10 October 2007 at 1:11pm
http://WWW.INSIGHT-INFO.COM/forum - a bad translation...what can i say?



Posted By: Nur_Ilahi
Date Posted: 26 February 2008 at 6:42am

The worshippers of Dajjal had indeed been very busy. They are now paving the way for their 'god' to make an appearance. They are trying their best to make people to forget the Real God - any God for that matter. They want all humankind to be immoral, disregard family values, break up the family unit, be materialistic etc in fact they support the opposite of  'amal makruf nahi mungkar. (encourage good and forbid evil). Killing ,raping, torturing is their pastimes.

From my understanding, the enemy of Ad Dajjal is Imam Mahdi. And from the books that I read about the Imam's coming, is that he will appear in Palestine and will unite the Islamic countries. The reason why the evil Zionists are trying to eradicate the Muslims from Palestine, so that the chances of Imam Mahdi appearing will be nil. However even how smart they are, Allah is indeed above all.

Ilahi Anta Maksudi, Wa Redhaka Mathlubi - Oh Allah, You are my destination, Your Pleasure is my Intention.

Posted By: rememberallah
Date Posted: 25 November 2010 at 2:27pm
peace be on you
the system of dajjal is too intelligent to be recognised, truly it stands behind us and points out there is dajjal there is dajjal.
dajjal system does not fear anything but Quran, guess where shall it be?
dajjal has come long ago, its feet are firm in the ground, it will not let Quran be implemented and will do everything to disract and keep muslims from doing tawassum tadabbur tafakkur for if we do so we will realise its trick
we muslims are very innocent and dont understand dajjal.
may Allah give us understanding.

The whole world is like Hazrat Umar but no one is like his sister and brother in law.

Posted By: IssaEl999
Date Posted: 20 April 2011 at 12:41am
In the latter days he shall appear in The Flesh His Companion ,  the Sign  of The Concealers Of The Truth . Only to the eyes of the Purified Ones  . His Mark  will be in Your Right Hand ; the symbol of The Evil One . Six Hundred And Sixty And Six . The Number 666 , Three stages of the Number Six . 666  a gift for the barterers with Azazl  , rather than accepting the Truth , The 613 Commandments . In reality the facts must be found only with the realization that there are No Numbers In Ancient Hebrew . But rather the Ten First Letters , Thus 6 , 6 , 6 , Is Zaiyn , Zaiyn , Zaiyn , Simply Zionist , The Rothschilds .
Benjamin Disraeli , Moses Montefiore , Rabbi Kalisher of Thorn , Moses Hess , Karl Marx , Arnold Ruge , Jacob Venedy , Frederick Lassalle , Gabriel Risser , Lord Reading Isaacs , Hebert Samuel , Asher Ginsberg , Nathan Birnbaum , Theodore Herzl , Mack Norday , Chaim Weizmann , Nahum Sokolow , Louis Brandeis , Alfred Mond , Samuel Untermeyer , Leon Blum , Albert Einstein , Helen Blavatsky , Adam Weishaupt , Martiner Pasqualy , George Felt , Albert Pike , Adolph Hitler , King Saud , Richard S . Nixon ,
30 in all and their many Sons and Daughters and Devotees . Zion , zion , zion , 6 , 6 , 6 , Ze - iyon , the nucleus of light and fire . He , Azazl , led into ignorance those that dwell on The Planet Earth  by way of his signs , which he , Ant - Christ , does right in front of the Beast .
This Is Saying To All Who Dwell On The Planet Earth , That They Should Make A Picture Of The Beast , Which Was Hit With A Sword But Live . He Had Power To Give Spirit To The Image Of The Beast , And That The Image Of The Beast Should Both Speak And Cause As Many Of The People Who Would Not Worship The Image Of The Beast Would Be Killed . The Beast Caused All Nations Of People . Both Big And Small , Rich And Poor , Free And Slaved , To Get A Stamp In Their Right Hand , Or In The Space Between Their Eyes . So That No One Would Be Able To Buy Or Sell Except For Those That Had The Stamp Or The Name Of The Living Beast , Or The Number 6 , 6 , 6 , Of His Name . This Is True Wisdom , So Let Him That Has A Good Mind Count The Number Of The Living Beast . For It Is The Number Of A Human Being And The Number Is 6 , 6 , 6 ,
After that I saw another Anunnagi '' Those Who Anu Sent From Heaven To Qi , Earth '' descending down from the Kesiyl , Orion , Skies and he had great authority . And the Planet Earth was lit up by his brilliance . He cried with a great voice saying Babylon , The Big Is Fallen and it has become the dwelling place of Demons . And the Prison Of Every Unclean And Hated Bird . Because all Nations have Drunk of the Intoxicant of her Punishment of her Fornication . And The Rulers of the Planet Earth have all become very Rich by way of her Luxuries . And I heard another voice from the Kesul , Orion , Skies saying .
Leave her . O my kindred , so that you don't become a Binder Of Partners With Her In Her Sins , So That You All Will Not Get Her Plagues . For Her Sins Have Piled On Top Of Each Other So That They Reach Right Up To The Kesul Orion , Skies  , And The Thehos , Remembers Her Wrong Doing
More In Next Post <>>>>>

El's Holy Qur'aan , States In Chapter 17 ; 81 , '' And Say ; Truth Has ( Now ) Arrived , And Falsehood Perished ; For Falsehood Is ( By Its Nature ) Bound To Perish (81 ) .

Posted By: Douggg
Date Posted: 26 May 2011 at 12:43am
[QUOTE=Jesus Isa]

Miranda is a antichrist, but not the Antichrist.

Posted By: Douggg
Date Posted: 26 May 2011 at 1:27am
666 is the number of the Antichrist's name (Revelation 13:18).

I have studied the subject of the Antichrist for thirty eight years.   I am an expert.   

First of all, the Antichrist involves two separate persons that unify as one.   I will explain.

The Antichrist "man" will be an end times figure who will be of Roman blood, which is of the people who destroyed the temple and sanctuary, Daniel 9:26-27.    Specifically, he will be descended from the Julio-Claudian family.

He will be a Jew.  Which means his mother has to be a Jew.   He will initially be embraced as Judaism's king messiah.   Jesus referred to him as another coming in his own name, they the Jewish religious leaders would accept.    Judaism currently views Jesus as a failed king messiah.

He confirms the covenant with many for 7 years, Daniel 9:27.   In Deuteronomy 31:10-11, there is a requirement that the Mt. Sinai covenant, the law, be confirmed every 7 years.   7 years is right in the text.

I inquired of a Jewish (Judaism) well qualified counter (Christian) missionary if the Jews were following those instructions.   He told me, no, because it has to be done at the place of God's choosing which is the temple mount.    Of course, muslims control the temple mount, so the Jews are prevented from following their religion in that respect.   The same goes for why the Jews don't make the animal sacrifices.

I know muslims here aren't going to like to hear this, but the Gog/Magog war of Ezekiel 38/39 is going to remove the muslim control of the temple mount. 

When that happens, the Antichrist man is going to show up and will deceive the Jews as being their messiah by setting the 7 year interval of confirming of the law (Deuteronomy 31:10-11) back on track.

Half -way through that 7 years, he will betray the Jews and go into the temple and declare that he is God (2Thessalonians2:4).   The Antichrist man will be slain for doing so.   He is represented by the wounded head on the beast in Revelation 13:1.

In Revelation 13:3, it indicates that the Antichrist man recovers miraculously.     It is during that recovery process, that the Antichrist man become the Antichrist beast.   Or just "beast".

What happens is that the slain Antichrist man will be incarnated by the beast spirit of another individual coming out of the bottomless pit.   That beast was in the bottomless pit even back in John's day (Revelation 17:8), indicated by the phrase "was, and is not".

The bible doesn't say who that individual is.   imo, it is Nimrod, because he founded the tower of babel, in rebellion against God.  He was also an Assyrian.  In Genesis 10:8, it said he became a giborim which indicates that he underwent some sort of biological change to be the like nephilims.

In Revelation 13, the Antichrist beast (the slain/recovered Antichrist man incarnated by the spirit of Nimrod) reigns with terror for 42 months.  The 666 requirement is found Revelation 13:18.    No-one knows the name of the Antichrist man.   The number of his name is "666".     In the ot, Adonikam coming out of the Babylonian captivity had 666 descendants.    In Ezra 8, the last three sons are listed by name - Eliphelet, Jeuel and Shemaiah.   One of those is number 666.   The Antichrist man's name could be that name. - 13And of the last sons of Adonikam, whose names are these, Eliphelet, Jeiel, and Shemaiah, and with them threescore males.

imo, based upon some information in Daniel 7 and 8, the Antichrist man's home country of origin is Macedonia  - not a guarantee.

Doug L.


Posted By: islamispeace
Date Posted: 26 May 2011 at 1:43pm
666 was most probably a code for Nero, the Roman emperor who persecuted Christians.  On another note, one early manuscript of the NT (P115) states that the number of the Antichrist is not 666 but 616.  It seems the "inspired" authors of the NT could not agree as to the correct mark of the Antichrist.  How shocking!

Say: "Truly, my prayer and my service of sacrifice, my life and my death, are (all) for Allah, the Cherisher of the Worlds. (Surat al-Anaam: 162)

Posted By: islamispeace
Date Posted: 26 May 2011 at 1:44pm
Also, what an amazing coincidence it is that God's chosen people are the...Jews, the Messiah is a...Jew and the Antichrist is a...Jew.  Anyone else seeing a pattern here? Geek

Say: "Truly, my prayer and my service of sacrifice, my life and my death, are (all) for Allah, the Cherisher of the Worlds. (Surat al-Anaam: 162)

Posted By: Samuel
Date Posted: 16 August 2015 at 3:46pm
there are some that would argue that the destruction of the temple may have been done under a roman army banner but it is lkely to have been made up of more local peoples to the middle east so that would not rule out anther origin some argue for syrian or jewish from tribe of dan

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