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The Chinese Seeker Notes

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    Posted: 20 October 2006 at 3:41am

 The Seeker Notes and  Meaning Lights  of Chinese Characters:


 To teach, teaching, a school of thought, religion or a method/philosophy. It consist of two characters, one  a man holding a stick –symbolise authority and two-the action of a Master descending (pouring or transmitting) upon a disciple/child/murid.  So we had heard the familiar name for Islamic teaching as Qing Zhen Chiao in China or San Chiao-the Three Main Religions eg. Buddhism, Confuciusm and Islam. Deen al-hanif, al-fitra and al-qayyim ( the Pure , Natural and Original Way)


– Brightness, illumination or light. Consist of three characters , a cluster of Sun, Moon and Stars. Tai yang , Yueh and Xing. This deep meaning was captured nicely in several surah and ayats of Quran.

Allahu nurus-samawati wal-ardhi

(Allah is the  light of the Heaven and Earth)

Kaukabun durriyyun la syarqiyya wa la gharbiyya

( a glittering star neither East or west) Nurun alan-nur !

(Light upon Light and Allah whom He wills to His Light)

22. CHAI

 Fasting. One line of top cut off from food and a heart character below,  a Shi-warning or proclaimation . Cut, reduce, diminish, hence fasting. It also means abstinence, to rule oneself,so that one fit to receive the inspirations of Heaven and the heart become pure-shining.

23. HSIN

 – True words spoken , by extension the effect produced upon other men. Truthfulness, confidence and trust. Character of a man standing firm by his words.

Wa Allahu yaqulu haqqa

Wa yahdi sabil

( And Allah spoke the truth

and guide to the correct Path).

Ya ayyuhal lazina manu

taquLlaha wa qulu sodidan

(Oh you who have iman, fear Allah and speak truthfully… and He will give you knowledge, discrimination, blot out your wrong actions and forgive you..)


 the  supernatural beings of men, jinn or angels. Two combined characters of a man standing beside a mountain. A man whose rose high above mortals. Exalted spiritual station. People like to meditate on remote mountains to get enlightenment, purify their spirits. Refer to first Prophetic Revelation that occur in the Mountain Cave of Hira, more than a kilometer high at the outskirt of Mecca. Iqra bismi Rabbika khalaq. Khalaqal insana min alaq. Iqra wa Rabbukal-akram. Allama ma lam ya’lam.

( Read-recite in the Name of your Lord who created you. Who created man from a clot of blood/water. Read in the Name of a Generous Master.

He teach men what they have no knowledge before ).

 Nabi- A Prophet, someone who convey the truthful news or message from the Divine Presence. Transmit by word or speech or language. In surah ar-Rahman:

Ar-Rahman, allamal-Quran

Khalaqal insan, allamahul bayan.

( The Mesrciful who taught you

the Revelation of Quran , who created man and taught you speech/language !)


24. Quranic Verse  Hundred

 of Surah Ten:

No self can claim to have iman/faith except by the Will of Allah

( Ma ma kana li-nafsin an tu’minu illa bi-idzni’Llah)

25.  Verse  77 of Surah 22 :

Oh you who have iman

Bow, prostrate and worship

Your Lord and do good actions

That you may achieve success

(from Allah in the Akhirah)

26. Breaking Norms

 is the Path. Its fruits are witnessing and illumination – The Hundred Steps

27. Oh Friend

Tell me where you had found this Path and what the Teacher gave you and how you had crossed that Ocean and received this Noble Wird ?

Once upon a time in the Pantai Valley where University Malaya was located amidst the lake and green hills. A stranger found a colorful Journal of Darqawi Institute dated 1978 in the Pekan Buku just below the Library building. Many awe inspiring articles and pictures inside such as:

An Islamic Cosmology& Psychology

Ihsan Poem by Abdal Qadir as-Sufi

Making Bread – Saba Evans

Civilization and After

Hajj Issa Bryce in the desert

Ramadhan Discourse by Shaykh Muhammad ibn alHabib

Fuqara praying in Hyde Park

Abdal Samad Clarke

Hajji Abdal Aziz Redpath

Hajj Abdal Haqq Bewley

As-Siddique- by Harun Sugich

Ihsan –malay translation by Shamsudin Idris

Oh my poor judgement ! after I bought the magazine  for around RM8.00 quite expensive that time, someone borrowed it and never returned it. As Sidi Khairuddin related the  advice of a Sufi Shaykh :

Only fool lend their books out

And a greater fool who returned it !

28.  Maulana Jalaluddin

 Wote in his priceless Mathnawi extracted from The Seeker Third Diary (SME) dated sometime around 1999 ;

Empty your disbelief

or covering up of kufr

Ride the horse of Fana

And let it charge to Boraq

Keep moving toward its Friend

No hands or feet are required.


 30.     Are You A Seeker

 Is the title  of my poem printed in the Malaysian Chinese Muslim Association (MACMA) magazine  in 2001 or you are merely another reader

then your journey is on paper

until you meet the Tiger

Pao Chi from the Era

of Emperor Chiu lung

Lao Tzu wander to the West when

Nobody practiced the Tao

Left a book called Tao Te Ching

Just 6,000  characters so people after his age  will be thirsty again.

Mulay Darqawi dispense it generously and al-Alawi gave it free

Until it reached me.

31.  Mencius and Confucius

All men within the four seas

are brothers.

A Sage is the teacher of

A hundred Generation.

The Most Glorious Sage

Rasul is the  Teacher of a Hundred Generations (until the end of time)

Blessing and peace be upon him as long the wind blows and the sun rise.

32. I Ching First Hexagram

When the Sage is in a lowly position like a dragon that is concealed in the depths of water. At this stage, one cannot act on one’s own will. One should improve the self in obscurity while awaiting the proper time to act.

Khien :

a.The dragon appearing in the field.

 b. It will be advantageous to meet with a great man ( Awliya/arifun)

 c. Later it is the time to cross The great river

 d. Declaration of Knowledge, Tawhid, Islam and the Tariqa.

 e. He comes and seek me

 (it really happened when the Venerable  Master arrived in Malaysia in 1990. Secluded in a bungalow at  Bukit Tunku, Jalan Duta, he talked about Chinese philosophy and Dr.Itsutzu of Japan. You are more privileged than him despite having written an outstanding book on Taoism and Sufism where very few cloud digest what is the message)

f. he shows the mark of sincerity and being put forward to lead others.

g. I don’t instruct the troublesomes.

h. Dispelling of ignorance and use of punishment.

i. To remove the shackles of intellect who claim to know too much and make complaints.


j. Admitting the virtues of women-faqirat. Three of them flew to Europe and still there enjoying the adventures

Sayyidah Alawiyya of Umar Bey, Sayyidah Fauziah of Habib Dahigen and Sayyidah Salamah of Qasim. And we lost two ecstatic fuqara in Pakistan may be too much wild dhikr and extreme weathers there.

k. He will suffer the small injury of being spoken against, but in the end, there will be good fortune. We had meet Sidi Shaykh together with Sidi Ridha Lua  one year earlier at the Ritz Hotel at Bukit Bintang and also met Hajji Abdal Aziz Redpath and Amir Ahmad Angka of Riau.

 Hikam of Ibn Athaillah:

Idfin wujduka fil-ardhi khumuli

Fa ma nabata mimma la yudfan

La yatimmu natajahu

(Bury your existence in the earth

of moister obscurity

what coming out without

planted properly will not give fruits)


34. Book 12:1:1 of Analects

To subdue one’s self and return to Li (Rule of Rite/Shariat/Sunna/Taqwa)

 is perfect virtue (for superior man).

If a man can for one day

Subdue(annihilate his nafs) himself and return to the wisdom of the Rite.All under Heaven will ascribe virtue(praise) to him.


The disciple Yenyuan said: I beg to ask the steps to become a superior man.  Master Kung replied:

Look not what contrary to Li

Listen not what contrary to Li

Speak not what contrary to Li

Make no movements

what contrary to Li


35. The sayings of Prophet s.a.w

 as related by sayyidina Ali about the Sunna to be followed by the umma ecorded

 in As-Shifa of Qadi Iyad:


Marifa is my Capital

Intellect is foundation of the Deen

Love is my Treasure

Yearning is my riding beast

Remembrance of Allah


Is my companion in intimacy

Firmness is my hidden wealth

Sadness is my dear friend

Knowledge is my weapon

Patient is my contenment

Zuhud is my clothing

Yaqin is my strength

Sincerity is my blessing


Obedience is my measure

Jihad is my character and

The coolness of my eye

Is in the prayer.

 Fastaqim kama umirtu


The Words of Hikmah

Is the Lost Camel of the Mumin

(al-Kalimatul Hikmatu dhallatul mu’minin)

so wherever he finds it,

he has a better right to claim it.

Recorded by Imam Tarmidhi.


He who go forth in search of knowledge

Is traveling in the Way of Allah

Until he returns to his home.


abuzuhri shin
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