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Why does Islam disagree with Judaism ?

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    Posted: 17 September 2021 at 7:12pm
As Salamu Alaykum I have not posted here for a while I have been busy I have a question I am a Convert or a Revert I used to be a Christian I used to believe in Christianity therefor I know why Islam disagrees with Christianity. My question is why does Islam disagree with Judaism a Jew told me that the Jews claim to believe in one God the Jewish Religion does not believe in the Trinity Three in One God or they believe that, God is One in Three like the Christians do the Christian Religion which believes that Jesus is the Son of God who became a Man to die for the Sins of the World of Humanity. A Muslim Friend and other Friends told me that, the Jews believe in One God but they believe that a Rabbi their Rabbis can Make and Break Laws therefor the Jews believe that the Rabbis Share in God's Dvinity. According to, the Bible in the New Testament the Jewish Establishment Jewish Priest Jewish Priests Scribe the Scribes the Pharisee and the Pharisees believed in Man Made Laws in Man Made Commandment Man Made Law in Man Made Commandments the Pharisees believe in the Oral Law the Talmud during the time of the Pharisees it was called the Tradition of the Elders the Sadducee and the Sadducees the Sadducees Denied the Resurrection of the Dead and Life After Death Heaven and Hell the Hereafter the Afterlife the Sadducees I know there is one Sect of Judaism of Jews that Sects the Talmud the Karaite known as the Karaites they rejected Rabbinic Judaism the Karaites only believe, in the Old Testament the Karaites the Judaism believes that the Oral Law is the Word of God given to Moses the Prophet and the Messenger and that it is valid like the Written Torah the Oral Torah. They believe that written down by the Rabbis which is known as the Talmud there are Two Talmuds the Jerusalem Talmud and the Babylonian Talmud I ask these questions because I have heard Christians tell Converts or Reverts to Islam why did'nt you Convert to Judaism since Judaism also rejects the Trinity. I know it is possible to Convert to Judaism but Judaism is not a Missionary Faith it is not a Missionary Religion Judaism believes that the Gentiles or the Non Jews should follow the Seven Laws of Noah the Noahide Laws today, followers or believers are known as Noahides this, is what Maimonides taught. I am asking because I need, to know why Islam rejects, Judaism I need a reason besides the claim that the Jews are a Race I am not posting this this to Debate if the Jews are, a Race or a Religion or a Nation or a Ethnicity also the Quran says that the Jews took, Ezra as the Son of God Ezra was a Prophet and a Messenger of Allah does this mean that all Jews believed this at one time or only a certain Sect also it says that the Jews took their, Rabbis as Lords. My last question is I know, Christians believe that Jesus was foretold in the Old Testament in Prophecy my they use; it to prove he was God not only the Messiah my question is can Muslims believe that, Jesus was foretold in the Old Testament in Prophecy as a Prophet as a Messenger as the Messiah. I know in Islam the Bible was; Corrupt but I heard from Muslims that it still has some truth. I ask since Muslims quote the Bible both the Old Testament in the Torah and the Psalms and; the New Testament in the Gospel to say that Muhammad was foretold the Bible as a Prophet and a Messenger is the Talmud like the Hadith my understanding is that the Hadiths are Saying are the Sayings of the Prophet Muhammad and Teaching his Teachings I know my post is long, but I had a lot to say on this thread thank you today for your time ?

ISLAM is the only Religion That Worships God(Creator)ALONE with out giving anyone or anything in creation a share in his divinity. God Alone is worthy of All praise..

Doesn't Judaism also worship One God (Creator) like Islam does ?

Somewhat .but they believe their rabbi's can make and break laws..and that they share in Allahs divinity. .making their rabbis Lords

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Originally posted by truthseeker2006 truthseeker2006 wrote:

As Salamu Alaykum ...My question is why does Islam disagree with Judaism ...because I have heard Christians tell Converts or Reverts to Islam why did'nt you Convert to Judaism since Judaism also rejects the Trinity...

WaalaikumusSalam wr wb,

In Islam, it is part of our faith to believe in previous scriptures (Bible, Torah, Psalms...), but only the original ones, because they have all undergone loss, alterations and corruption in later centuries... and that is admitted even by Jews and Christians themselves!... it is fascinating what you find out with a little research!... I have sources and evidence for this.

If you research this subject (like I did), you will find that our Qur'an cannot possibly be 'compared' to earlier scriptures, because:

  1. Qur'an is the actual (literal) Word of God (Allah SWT), containing Allah's instructions to all of humanity on how to live and abide by Allah's Laws... whilst other scriptures are (Mainly) historical and mythical accounts and stories authored (mainly... apart from the few original chapters/books) by people and destined for certain nations and peoples only... these are not my definitions, they are theirs! (I am aware that there are 'disputed' reports that prophet Moses pbuh may have written the first 5 books of Torah himself, GenesisExodusLeviticusNumbers and Deuteronomy... i.e. the first 5 books of the Old Testament... but this copy was lost and later versions were transmitted orally and recorded 1000 years later!... i.e approx. 500 years before the birth of prophet Jesus pbuh)
  2. When prophet Jesus pbuh started preaching the new religion 2000 years ago, Judaism ceased to be a valid religion, and all Jewish people should really have converted to the new religion (let's call it 'Christianity' for argument's sake, because it wasn't called that until much, much later)
  3. Similarly, as soon as prophet Muhammad pbuh started preaching Islam (1500 years ago), 'Christianity' ceased to be a valid religion, and all 'Christian' (and Jewish) people should really have converted to Islam.
  4. Islam is a Universal religion (for all mankind), but other previous religions were never meant to be that., they were sent to 'specific' people.

Some examples of corruptions, alterations and lies that have been added to previous scriptures, and fabricated against Prophets May the Peace and Blessings of Allah be Upon them all are:

1.The Jews claimed that the Prophet of Allaah Sulayman pbuh (Solomon) was an apostate and that he worshipped idols, as mentioned in I Kings 11:5.

2.The Jews claimed that Loot (Lot) – peace be upon him – drank wine and committed incest with his two daughters, as mentioned in Genesis 19:30.

3.The Jews claimed that the Prophet of Allaah Ya’qoob (Jacob) committed theft, as mentioned in Genesis 31:12.

4.The Jews claim that the Prophet of Allaah Dawood (David) committed adultery, as a result of which Sulaymaan (Solomon) (pbuh) was born to him, as mentioned in II Samuel 11:4.

-- and so on...

Please note: Corruptions and alterations like these examples above are an insult to God (Allah SWT)... because He chose His prophets to be most decent and honourable... i.e. those who corrupted the previous scriptures (and those who believe in them) are indirectly accusing Allah SWT of making mistakes and bad choices and therefore have to answer for this on the Day of Judgement... Rise He above what they say! سبحانه وتعالى عمّا يقولون عُلُوًّا كبيرًا

As for Ezra, our Qur'an says that the Jews claimed that he was the son of God, and we believe that, because we believe in the ENTIRE Qur'an, even if only 'some' Jews said that, and not all of them, exactly like: there are some Christian sects nowadays who don't believe in 'Trinity'.

I hope that answers your questions.

Finally... the following Youtube video (about a Jewish man who converted to Islam) is really worth watching to the end:

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The biggest problem with the jews when it comes to the Quran
is they like to take the exclusivity of being the 'children of Israel'
Israel is a prophet and his seed was promised the Holy Land, keyword here is 'seed'

In the Quran GOD shows that the Children of Israel is a seed and not a religion
so within the Children of Israel there are Jews, Christians, Muslims, and non-believers
Just like how when GOD refers to Children of Adam; it's not a religion

Jews try to convince the world and went as far as convincing muslim scholars that they are the children of Israel; when it's not the case. 

When the message of Muhammad reached the people in the Holy Land and some of them believed and started to follow Muhammad; they don't magically stop being the seed of Israel.

GOD made a covenant with the Children of Israel and they keep breaking it; especially the Jews.  That is why the Jews are frowned upon by Islam.  They keep breaking a very important covenant.

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Wa'alaykum salam,
Sorry for the late reply,
I'm a muslim, but I consider myself as a noahide, or bnei noach.

I read the Quran, and I read the Bible. I read islamic books, and I also read noahide books such as The Path of the Righteous Gentiles 

I believe that Judaism is the closest religion to Islam today. Both religion reject the idea that JC is incarnation of God. 
I believe that the Quran does not abrogate the Torah. In fact, the Quran confirms the previous Scriptures. The commandment to observe the Sabbath is still valid for the Jews (ref Quran Sura 16:124) Both Scriptures (the Quran and the Torah) are still valid. The Torah is for the children of Israel, and the Quran is for the rest of the world.

About prophecies in the Bible about Jesus and Muhammad, I think they are best provided by the Qumrans in Dead Sea Scrolls 4Q175 (Testimonia). Deuteronomy 18:18 is about Prophet Muhammad, and Det 33:88-11 is for Jesus. (And also Numbers 24 for the royal messiah).
I believe that the Quran alludes that Jesus is from the tribe of Levi (instead of Judah), especially from the descendant of Aaron (Quran Sura Maryam 28). The Gospel of Luke also alludes that Mary is a cousin of Elizabteh from the House of Levi. How come the Messiah is from Levi, not from Judah? Because they are more than just one messiahs, as the Qumrans put it, Messiahs of Aaron (priestly messiah) and messiah of Israel (royal messiah). Of the two, the priestly messiah is greater than the royal messiah (ref: The Testament of the Twelve Patriarchs). That's why David called Jesus as his lord, not his son.
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