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Masjid Community Plan (New)

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    Posted: 25 July 2018 at 12:24pm
This writing is not a contract and do not believe or follow cultures/beliefs that have the belief.

As Salaam Alaykom Sister, Brothers,

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The Masjid Community Plan try to use the example of the Prophets community to build full community that gives quality, work, security, quality food, water and shelter resources to all Muslims.

The Masjid Communtiy Plan is a effort to being all Muslims of all ethnic group and school of fiqh(sect) together to share community.

The Community plan follows the clear command that Muslims are a Ummah(people/nation/community), that Muslims have a way of life, ISLAM, and Muslims are commanded not to divide. Sharing community Muslims can create:

Quality employment(work): The goal is to hire millions of people in quality work that will give people time: self, family and community and faith.

Security and safety in community, at businesses, in neighborhood and living spaces including protection form harm/assult, negative social agendas, supernatural problems, and electromagnetic torture and harm.

Direct Trade: Muslims buy most products from commercial groups and wonder why they do have not work or unity. Commercial infrastructure are independent businesses and they have their merit and people will continue to buy from these sources; but each business exist to achieve their goals and not the goals of faith and the development of the Muslims community.

-- If Muslims brought crops directly from Muslims living in the Holy Land, they would be directly increasing work and money for people in that location. The Muslims community would get crops at the lowest price and can then sell them at a low price people can afford. More people will buy and the community and businesses can make a profit. It will help all communities increase their resources, business and trade.

Local and foreign home community: The community plans can improve the quality of life and enjoyment, improve buildings and structures. Muslims of all peoples-ethnic-groups can share community. Muslims of the many sects/schools of fiqh can share community. Local and foreign home communities can be rebuilt, healed and progress. By Muslims opening home communities to safe and responsible interaction, direct merchant-work, building, education, travel and halal free marriage between Muslims from all ethnic-groups they can create progress and continue free movement of people and resources between their lands. Allah earth is for all people and with respect and care Muslims can have unity.

Travel: Support inexpensive-quick and safe travel. In State/Between State - Van/Bus-Taxi.

Lower-International travel cost. Example - Muslims live in 5 States-all need to travel to the same destination. Muslims in 4 of the States, going to the same location can take a flight/transport in the States 5 Air/ Seaport this will lower the cost of flight/travel to that location. Or deals can be requested for groups.

Motor-poolThe community can manage van, bus and taxi with a motor pool of smart cars. Small compact cars some times fold-able. Insurance, registration, maintenance and repair would be take care of by community. Muslims other pay low a monthly fee of a small amount to rent daily, per month other. The cars can be made of natural and biodegradable plastic, wood and metal. Be safe. People can own them or use the cars circulated at set points.

Train Bus: A large Bus that pulls cars and the smart cars like a train. Can help Muslims /people that live at long distances.  

Restoration of ship and trade: Respect nature, safety can use existing ships and docks and modified alternatives.


What is the Community:

The Muslims Community is open and is anywhere Muslims schools, businesses, Masjids or other structures are in a State. Masjid Communities in State are connected and Share resources. Communities in different States do not always share resources. They stay connected by communication, transportation, trade, community members travel and work. But if needed can share resources between States.

The Messenger of Allah, the Prophets community was made up of many ethnic groups. People of different colors and appearances, languages and ways they see and experience the world. The people lived in tribes of their people, and share the community together; Ummah(a people/Nation/community). The community group will help each ethnic people feel it has a place in the community.

Agro-Farm Business: All communities will have a nature based business that is at least 50% of all work in the community. This is necessary because no economy can have sercvice work as the primary part of the economy(50 or more) without being able to generate large amounts of currency money from some other source. Populations also become depandant on other to eat because most human labour works in the service sector. This can quickly leave people with little real resources to live with and palaces over the necessities of life in the power of corperations, governmnets and other. By communities having a large part of work from nature. The community will naturally have a direct connection to the true resources for living. By supporting foreign home communities the Muslims community as Muslims respect each other, trade freely and travel freely amoung Muslims.
-- Fair work, 5-6hrour work days, many different work areas including business, labritory, processsing, engineering and technology, mechining, automotive/mechanical, health, vetrinary, herbology, botany, foruntieer and many others.
Money Potential: the farms use multiple crop-per acre to produce more diverse crops and increase money.
-- Halal, quality inspection, check all meat markets and vendors for halal and zabaha of all animals. Allow farm animals a life and free pasture. All education levels.
-- People of all ages; Strong bodies, character; responsibility.

----------------------------------------Community Work to be made Available: 

Management, Ethnic-guidance, Imam and Faith staff Masjid, Education, Communications, Family-individual-help, Water, Sanitation, Market open air-inner-shope, Merchant-trade, Caravan, Health, Technology-eco, Farming, Security, Travel, Land-nature manage, inspection, finance, administration.

Wages: $9-10,000 with higher wages possible. Will allow immediate hiring of thousand/millions of people. Farm resources will lower the cost of all products in the community and housing redevelopment will make all things affordable. No resume required, most work areas open to all.

Apply for work: online before project start or in person at a Masjid. Adults of all edu/skill levels. Work needing Higher edu/skills hired or rotated-in when gained.Positions rotate seasonal/other. People should take work available and be rotated into desired area; next season. Security will be one of the first structures built.

Work days: 5-6 hrs, two or more shifts. Time for faith-family. Ethnic groups equal/equivelant presence in all work areas. Already hired-no resume. Health-Check before work. Minor backgroud check but not affect work-status; near immediate start.

Free-movement: Similar work in many States. People can travel and work in other States locations where the work structures is built. Communal Work: To all many people to experience working in the many work areas, people can rotate into almost-any work area-Seasonal. But will work 1 other work area at least 1 season annual or every other year.

Community Leedership Group: Made up of the head manager from each work are. The Man or Wombman can be of any education level, because helped by staff of all skill level from their work area and, the Leedership group, make decision together. (From the way the Prophet managed leadership and equality).

Sect/Schools of Fiqh: All Muslims agree that there are standard beliefs in Islam all Muslims must accept to be Muslims. All Sects/Schools of Fiqh can agree to make these commands of faith, the standard all group agree to honor and use to share the Masjid.

Imam and Faith staff: Each Ethnic community group will have workers from their group work in the Masjid other structures. Learned people and Muslims that want to help from each group. The Each Ethnic community will rotate work. That Many people in the community can work in the Masjid. Bimonthly, quarter/semi or other annual based on work and position. Staff that have a salaried position would work other work-areas until their rotation in the Masjid responsibilities are needed again.

The Imam Position will be share by Learned Muslims from all ethnic groups. The Imam position will be rotated. In each group learned Muslims will rotate the Position with each other. In the Masjid all ethnic communities will rotate the head Imam position. A Muslims from every ethnic group can serve as the Imam. This is not confusing or to large because the share group will work together be visible and people can approach any learned or staff they want and that can give them a service or help.

The Muslim chose as the head Imam for the rotation will work with the community leedership group.  

Share Community: All Ethnic Group and Each work area will hire a manager from each ethnic group. The manager, works directly on site, in other work duties or at  the main office.  Managers from each work area are chosen to be the Ethnic guidance group team of their Nationality in the community. The responsibilities will be rotated every four months/semi annual or other. Rotation allow many people each community to share in community important responsibilities. Not leeders -  help ethnic group see people or their group in Masjid responsibilities and all areas of community. All groups have a place in the community  and represented in all community areas. The Ethnic Work Group Work together in a united office with all other ethnic-groups. Help with And for guidance; keep unity, solve ethnic bias, ethnic exclusion, unfair monopoly. Muslims of any ethnic group can be helped by any Muslims or Muslims from same ethnic group. When people feel secure in their identity, family, they will interact and feel more comfortable in the larger community with many different peoples. 

The Muslims community will invite Muslims of the different ethnic groups and sects to share the same Masjid, community structures and resources.

The Muslims community will invite Muslims of the same ethnic group to form small but sizable community groups within the Masjid and Masjid Community group. The size of the community will help people stay connected to halal culture and language. People many times want to marry people of their ethnic group. Muslims can with large and healthy ethnic communities. Islam command marriage and the community following pure Islam can increase and improve marriage. Stop unfair practices and demands. 

-- People in any community that want to marry with Muslims of other ethnic group are free to marry the Muslim they choose. Each community will be large enough to not feel their ethnic group is being diluted, diminished, changed. All Muslims are Ummah and should not feel prejudice to marriage between community. The Ethnic guidance groups will stop haram ethnic opportunism, racial bias, sexual cultural hierarchies and racial grafting-using people for their group or their body to help another group gain wanted qualities. These practices are not followed in Islam. Islam calls for Family of all Muslims and free marriage and interaction. Islam have solutions to all people needs.

Islam is the final divine guidance sent to all People. And Islam give all people a way of life, a culture, identity and all Muslims put Islam before the tradition they come from. 

Education: Talk about options. Girls and Boys share classes at younger ages and separate classed at sexual maturity. Youth begin work at 10 and up. And real work at 13-15. At-16 graduate-full work, higher study. Prepare and ready for marriage. 

Metaphysical Culture of Initiation

The Muslim community respect all people and their culture and people are free to live as they choose if it does not harm the rules of the Muslims community that all Muslims in faith agree to and that people of other group agree to in respect to their own religon or in respect to not harming other people in benifit of the community.

The Metaphysical culture over thousand of years infiltrated family, groups, cultures and religon and have tried to recreate all in the image of its beliefs. The Muslim community will teach all Muslims that the practice of the magic of Babel is not to be practiced or believed in as commanded in the Quran. This will be told to the community in Kutba, in School and at work and other important places.

------------------------------Security: security at centralized and many location throughout the State and places people live. Security to prevent stalking, harassment and social agenda demands to follow secrete socializing rituals and seasonal ritual events including expected sex. Protection from-electronic frequency harasment and torture. Including sensor identification of source-proof that it is unlawful to harm others. Wired phone/internet and shielding built into many structures. Edu working with othe communites/faith seeking safety.

-----------------------------The Guided Caliphate

At the end of year after paying community needs governors sent remaining money to the treasury in Madina. The money was used on important works and/or given equal/equivelant to communities across the world. If communites choose to send remaining moneys. Not political-like existing charity offices there. Rotate the duties that people of all education/skill/color-group can help this work. Office work: Administration, shipping/receiving, accounting, Inventory, traditional/modern Caravan, nature-restoration, community healing.
Umra/Hajj: Guides sent ahead of Masjid group going to the Umarh and Hajj; all communities can show their respect for the holy places by having community members present every year. Some can serve as guides from the same community.

Marriage: Hawa/Eve(as): is actually called Zuwajika; Prophet Adam's(as) married partner. Showing the importance of marriage to a healthy society and Man-WombMan relationships.
– Muslims marry with free choice and preference, at healthy ages.
– Marriage is not a privilege all Muslims with logic, are part of the community and at times of health and opportunity marry.
– Muslims do not stop people from being able to marry or accept social agendas that demand people not be married or marry in harmful or abusive way.
– Men and wombman are in healthy numbers and there is no need to accept social agendas that demand people follow other ideas of relationship. Muslims must not accept social agendas that could be intentionally trying to create imbalances in the number of men and Wombman for force other ways of living. And stop traditional cultures that make people marry for the benefit of families and communities. Unfair and harm justice and happiness in life. The community following the example of the prophet improve life. Parents, family and community do not have to submit to corrupt practices to live better. And help foreign home community. Marriage in Islam is to help the youth, Man and Wombman of any age live in purity and should not be abused but honored as sacred, spiritual, sexual and always to find agreeable matches that satisfy both.
Health Rehabilitation: Not new. The Community support holistice living. Designed into the community structure at work, school and other will help people rebuild their health, vitality and social feelings of good. Holistic community can help people feel ready for marriage, improve pure character with Allah in mind to keep marriages together.
– Respect early-sexual maturity in mind/body for youth to improve helping youth marry when appropriate. At the age of sexual maturity and up. Families that have accepted the secular cultures image of religion as backwards, unfair to Wombman and other do not know the secular world follow a agenda that support people having sex at younger ages. The Muslims world trying to balance or compromise faith to not appear corrupt have delayed youth marriage allowing sever corruption. Marriage help all people balance the self and guard from the sexual excess the world struggles with. 

Healthy community can help people be protected from negative influences. Marriage is a powerful protection for youth.
- Other options for marriage are helpful and when used correctly can help many and help the next generation of youths Men and Wombman to be better able to marry as 1 man and 1 wombman.
Healing harm: The community is to help people that have experienced harm in family, community or agendas heal and be able to live a satisfying life. Improvement is designed into community. First with support for Islam that allow all people to have the opportunity to practice their faith with less stress and corruption.
Spiritual Balance: The Muslims community respect all people natural experience with the supernatural world. Islam give all Muslims a way of living that, if practiced with true desire to believe in Allah, creates balance in body, mind and spirit. This can be found in the united Muslims community and the true practice of Islam.

False ideas: Magic, vision/emotionalism as power over others. Islam teach people to not follow superstition, ego/arrogant or illogical ways of thinking. 
Safe food: Magic rituals/fluids/sex; poison safe food is part of trust, love and respect in families. The community will talk about problems in families, cultural accepted ways of thinking. In the time of the Prophet people came from many experiences. People did not hid their struggles, times of emotional/mental vulnerability of faults. Including fears of magic, supernatural influence, Jinn other. People talked about their troubles trusted in the guidance of the Messenger of Allah and the Quran for guidance on how to stop abusing their self and others. 
Communal Kitchen: Families can use a communal Kitchen a portable house that blend in with suburbs, can be placed on roof of apartments or near apartments, in the Masjid, community centers and other places. The communal kitchen can help people stop tainting food. And give people pure and traditional socializing. Expert baker/cooks can teach people to bake and cook. Locked boxes can keep food safe until unlocked by family. And the Kitchen can educate people about food safety and food in Islam; each year/other if necessary.
Other: Kitchens free of all toxic chemicals and all chemicals far from kitchen. Solutions can include Man and WombMan married partners preparing meals together. Mature children or family watching meal preparation. Private cameras in the Kitchen that can be viewed by family.


Communication is using the Message Boards:,,, IslamiCity/, and others will be on the instant messaging.

Is the web-address: free, open, instant messaging talk on the Masjid Communtiy Plan or any subject. You can keep Shiachat open in one window and and open the  instant messanger in a separate window.
tell your family, community and friends.
Inshallah, Brothers and Sisters from
The project could use other instant messaging service boards in the future.
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